The Bizarre And Chilling Black-Eyed Girl Of Cannock Chase

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Of all the urban legends, particularly of the Internet age, perhaps those of the Black-Eyed Children are most well-known. In fact, in the United Kingdom in 2014, accounts of a black-eyed girl in Staffordshire, England even made the front pages of one of the popular tabloid papers.

The claims of encounters with such beings have been on the rise sisnce the mid-1990s. With theories that they are children possessed, aliens in disguise, or even some kind of zombie-come-vampire type creature, they are both preposterous and chillingly intriguing at the same time.

Black eyed children.

Black eyed children.

While there is no way to prove the authenticity of a lot of the sightings, many of the details are similar. Many speak of an instant “uneasy” feeling in their presence. Others speak of the feeling that these strange children can “read their minds!” Even the way the black-eyed children talk is in a monotone “zombie mind-controlled” way. They will often repeat the same seemingly rehearsed line, regardless of the question.

Perhaps most spookily, most of the sightings happen in quiet, often rural, areas, or in abandoned forgotten about buildings. There are several reports of sightings happening in the middle of the night when most people are asleep and unaware.

Check out the video below. It gives a basic overview of the legends of the Black-Eyed Children.

The Cannock Chase Sightings, 2014

When reports of The Black Eyed Girl of Cannock Chase and Lee Brickley’s investigations into the sightings made the front page of The Daily Star several times in September 2014, it was the first time that many in the mainstream had heard of such beings. Many other mainstream newspapers would also carry reports of the story. National and regional television news even ran short pieces on it.

The most recent account involved a local woman and her young daughter. While walking along Cannock Chase a blood-curdling scream tore through the air. Sounding like that of a petrified child to the pair, they scanned the area, eventually noticing a strange girl in a white dress standing behind them. The girl remained quiet and motionless, disturbingly with her hands covering her eyes.

The woman slowly approached the young girl, asking aloud if she was okay. In response, the child took her hands away from her eyes, causing the woman to gasp out loud. When she focused back to where the girl was stood a second later, she had vanished.

According to Brickley, the woman told him during his investigation, the girl’s eyes “were completely black. No Iris, no white (just) nothing!”

Check out the video below. It is from a drone and appears to show something in the woodland. Is this a hoax, or did they catch something genuine? Make of it what you will.

Similar Sightings Three Decades Earlier

Brickley states that the sightings of the black-eyed girl go back at least three decades, if not longer. According to the front page story, Brickley’s own aunt would witness the same girl in the summer of 1982. After hearing a young girl crying out for help, his aunt, then a teenager herself, saw “a strange girl in white!”

She was running away from where his aunt stood. She ran to catch up with the girl, and as she did so, reached forward to put a hand on her shoulder. When the girl turned to face her, she could see her eyes were totally black with no white at all. The teenager would freeze momentarily. By the time she had regained her senses, the young girl had disappeared.

Brickley believes that Cannock Chase is a particularly interesting place for such sightings. According to the research, he has carried out, it is the only place that has “consistent daytime sightings” of such beings. Many locals remain convinced of the black-eyed girl. And the area itself is rich with numerous strange legends, reports, and sightings.

Check out the video below, which features an interview with Lee Brickley and the research he carries out.

The Infamous Account of Brian Bethel

The first report of the internet age is largely agreed to be that of Brian Bethel. In 1996, Bethel claimed to have had a chilling encounter with the Black Eyed Children.

According to his report, he was sitting alone in his car on a quiet road outside of Camalott Communications. A knock at the window caused him to notice two children staring intently at him. He brought the window down, but only slightly. For reasons he couldn’t explain, he had a sense of fear come over him.

The boys, each dressed in hooded tops and around twelve-years-old, claimed they needed a ride to their mother’s house. They had left their money, they said and wanted to attend the movie theater over the road.

Bethel declined to take them, offering various reasons until he couldn’t take the feeling any longer. He reversed the car so as to avoid the two children, and then moved off. As he did so, one of the boys banged on the side window. According to Bethel, it would be the boy’s last words to him that stuck with him long after the encounter.

“We can’t come in unless you tell us it’s ok!”

By the time he had driven only yards forward, a look in the rearview mirror would show they had seemingly vanished.

Below there is a two-part interview regarding Bethel’s encounter.

Legends of The 2000s

As the first years and the technology of the twenty-first century progressed, so did the stories of encounters spread equally wide. While undoubtedly some of the accounts are made up, some appear to have a little more credence. However, largely due to witnesses wishing to remain anonymous, it is hard to differentiate between the two. Indeed, all accounts should be taken with a pinch of salt. That is not to say they are not interesting, or that they shouldn’t be subject to further investigation.

In 2009, an unnamed Marine would report an encounter with black-eyed children while alone in military barracks. According to the Marine, a knock came at his door in the early evening while he was watching a movie. Expecting his roommate had returned for his key, he opened the door immediately. On the doorstep, were two young children, each with black marble eyes, and each staring up at him.

A feeling of fear and terror swept through his body. Even more so when they told him they “wanted to come inside and read!” Just as they were going to step inside, the marine slammed to door shut, locking it for good measure. The knocking began again. After several minutes, however, it ceased and the menacing pair had left.

A year later, another anonymous witness, this time in Ohio, would report two teenage boys with “completely black eyes” outside the place of his employment while on the night shift at a data-inputting center. The pair would simply stare into the cameras at the front and back doors. The man would report he could almost feel them “reading his mind” as he watched them back from the apparent safety of the monitor room.

Louisiana Gas Station Incident 2012

Perhaps one of the more chilling encounters took place in November 2012, at an isolated gas station no less. In Louisiana “somewhere in the northeast of the state”, at around 3 am, while keeping himself occupied with “busy work”, the attendant would be plunged into total darkness. The power had gone out, probably due to recent high winds in the area, he thought.

Using his phone as a torch, the attendant would locate the backup generator, flicking it into action. The main court of the station and the till area now had limited, but adequate lighting. It was then he became aware of three strange children on bikes at the edge of the court light. Two of them came to the door and stared in at him.

Finally, one of the children, a young girl, asked to use the phone. He went to hand her his mobile phone to which she replied, “No! I need the real one!” As she did so, she motioned to the landline on the wall of the shop, and so revealing eyes that were “completely black!”

Sensing danger, the attendant refused to let the strange children in. They remained motionless at the door, continuing to stare in at him. Then, without saying a word, they turned and rode off on their bikes. Whether coincidentally or not, shortly after they dispersed, the power came back on.

The short video below looks at some of the unexplained phenomenon associated with the black-eyed children.

“I Let Them Into My Home!”

In January 2016, reports went around the internet of a woman who had “let black eyed children into her home!” Further to that, she believed in doing so, she had exposed herself to “something that is making her ill!”

As a blizzard continued to pound Vermont and the surrounding area into the early hours of the morning, a loud knocking came at the front door of the unnamed woman’s home. The knocking continued, and believing someone needed help due to the storm, her husband opened the door. In front of them both stood two children – a boy and a girl – neither older than ten-years-old. They immediately invited the pair into the house.

She told them to sit and get warm in the living room while she prepared some hot chocolate for them. When she asked what they were doing all alone so late, they replied only, “Our parents will be here soon!” It was as she handed each of them their drink that she could see their eyes were black. As if someone had placed two pieces of coal where they should have been.

Unnerved but attempting to remain calm, she directed them to the bathroom at their request. It was then that all the lights went out. At the same time, the woman’s husband’s nose began to bleed heavily. All the while, she could see the children stood at the end of the hall, watching her!

Suddenly, headlights shone through from the road outside, and a strange black car drove up. The children claimed their “parents were here!” and rushed outside and into the car. It then drove away, leaving the pair alone again, but terrified. Both have claimed to have suffered from extreme ill-health since the encounter.

Earlier Reports of Black Eyed Children

There are reports of encounters with these chilling children before the internet age. One of the earliest goes back to the summer of 1950, in Virginia. A sixteen-year-old boy referred to as “Harold”, would report a strange encounter with a menacing boy while walking home. According to Harold, the boy would demand that he “walk me to your house!” As he did so, he could see the total blackness of his eyes. Harold refused, and after coming to his senses pushed past the boy and made his way home. As he did so, the strange figure let out a scream that pierced his ears.

His parents would even go as far as to call a priest to “exorcise” their son upon hearing of the incident. His mother believed Harold’s encounter was “with The Devil!”

One of the strangest encounters took place in France in 1974. According to the report, two men (known only as Alain and Patrick), while driving their car around the village of Aisne, would witness several strange children with “black orbs” for eyes.

They had noticed them while executing a turn in the road outside of a menacing old property. Their strange long garments, each identical, is what first stood out to the men. As did the children’s waist-length hair. When they noticed the demonic black eyes, the driver of the vehicle sped away as fast as possible.

Although investigators, Joel Mesnard and Jean Marie Bigorne, went to the property with the witnesses, no further sightings of the children occurred. However, some of the local people they spoke would corroborate their claims, with reports of their own sightings.

Check out the video below. It looks a little more in-depth at the sightings of the Black-Eyed Children and what they might be.


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