The Alien Abduction And Prophetic Visions Of Kathryn Howard

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The experience of Kathryn Howard is very likely a little-known case of alien abduction. It is one, however, that shares many features with numerous other cases across the world. Elements of substantial missing time, sightings of strange crafts coming out of the sky, and even being able to see the Earth below are all details that appear here.

In The Clouds

Furthermore, Kathryn would claim a deep understanding of life and the universe following the encounter. This suggests a more spiritual experience, and certainly not one marred by unexplained feelings of terror and confusion.

Although many believe the alien presence on Earth to be one far from benevolent for humanity, others firmly believe the opposite to be true. The case of Kathryn Howard could be proof of this beneficial intervention.

“Sitting In The Universe!”

In April 1969 in the Swedish countryside, Kathryn Howard and her two friends, Martin and Harvey (pseudonyms) sat discussing politics. All considered themselves part of the hippy movement, and all were very politicly aware. On this particular day, they were talking over the ongoing problems in Vietnam and Biafra.

The day was bright and sunny, and the skies were a clear, light blue. Perhaps that is why the strange, oval craft witnessed by Kathryn and Martin was so easy to see. It remained there in front of them for a moment, strange “leg-like devices” moving downwards from the underside.

Then it was gone. As was the blue sky and the ground, instead now replaced by a strange, grey fluid eternity that Kathryn and Martin were seemingly floating in. They could see the Earth and the Moon below them. Kathryn would later describe the encounter as like “sitting in the Universe!”

She could also feel a sense of inner peace and a “cosmic connection” to the consciousness of space and time. Strange images would pass before her eyes which seemed to be moments from human history. With these images came understanding. Martin would later speak of similar feelings.

Then, without warning, Kathryn and Martin, along with Harvey were sat on her sofa at home. It was 11 pm meaning over ten hours had passed. Nobody could remember coming home. And Harvey, unlike Kathryn and Martin, had no memory of anything strange happening other than the missing time. At first, he believed his friends were playing a prank, but soon realized they were serious in their tales.


Sixteen years later in 1985, Kathryn would undergo hypnotic regression to unveil the full story of that afternoon. Although small snippets of information had come back over the years, aside from the memories of the encounter – which Kathryn would refer to as a kind of “shared vision” – no more details had emerged.

Once under regression, however, memories of the missing time and just what they experienced came forth.

The craft had moved closer to them. So close, in fact, that the “legs” at the bottom of it would draw her up into it. As the object set off upwards, Kathryn could easily see through the transparent material below her. The Earth, huge at first, quickly became smaller, and eventually out of sight. This induced a panic in Kathryn, who feared she would never return home. However, for reasons she didn’t understand, a feeling of serenity soon overcame her anxiety.

Her last memory was of looking at the object from the ground, taking off and vanishing into the sky. The next thing she knew, she and her two friends were sat on the sofa.

One last point of interest is how she would describe entities around her as transparent. This is very similar to the claims made by the crew of the Salyut 7, who also spoke of feelings of euphoria and joy. Kathryn spoke of an intense feeling that she had a “message to convey” to humanity although she was not fully sure what that message was. Strange premonitions had also come to her through her dreams since the experience.


Why Only Kathryn and Martin?

What investigators would find strange, is why only Kathryn and Martin appeared to have these experiences. Two main theories exist as to why this might be.

Perhaps, as some people believe, the experience was intended only for Kathryn and Martin, and so Harvey was somehow “out” for the encounter. There are plenty of such accounts on record. For example, where an abductee is taken right from their bed, while their partner sleeps on beside them, seemingly unaware.

Others believe that it might be something within the minds or even the genes of Kathryn and Martin. Perhaps this made them susceptible to the experience. Kathryn believes this theory to be more accurate as she was “closer to Martin” and on a similar wavelength.

We have written before, for example, of Edgar Cayce and the Akashic Record. Whereas Cayce could seemingly control and access this cosmic knowledge bank at will, even describing the “journey” in a similar way, might Kathryn’s “premonitions” be the first steps to such an understanding?

It might also be worth noting, that John A. Keel, in his book, ‘Our Haunted Planet’, would speculate that UFO sightings could perhaps be the “energy” of psychics leaving their bodies and accessing such cosmic records. Many ancient texts, he would argue, describe such psychic encounters in such a way.

Crystal Headdress

Kathryn Howard herself, even following regression, would state while she firmly believes there was a “nuts-and-bolts” aspect to her experience, it was, to her, more of a “spiritual awakening!” The experience would cause an “opening up” of something inside her. It is perhaps interesting to note that she and Martin were staring at the craft before finding themselves in the strange “grey eternity!” Might this have been some kind of advanced hypnotic trance achieved in a similar way as a hypnotist would have their patient focus on something in front of them? Something which would open up avenues in the mind usually off limits?

She would claim to be able to see into her own, and others, past lives (again something Cayce claimed to do). She could also see terrifying visions of the future such as raging fires burning all over the Earth. This was, in her opinion, a glimpse at the “end of civilization” and it was these visions which would compel Kathryn to force people to “open their eyes!”

It is not clear whether any of the premonitions Kathryn had did come true, nor is it clear if she informed anybody of them. She would state during an interview in the 1990s that (other) clairvoyants often tell her they can see a strange “crystal headdress” around her head, like an aura. Interestingly, Kathryn would state during her regression sessions that she had a feeling of “wearing a crystal headdress or helmet” during her abduction experience.

Check out the video below. It looks at the notion of spirituality and alien encounters in a little more detail.


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