UFO Lands For Repairs On A Suburban Housing Estate?

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Shortly after finishing an overtime shift at Brydon’s Garage in Leeds, West Yorkshire in the north of England, fifty-seven year old, Jan Siedlecki locked up and walked the short distance to his home around the corner. Before the morning announced itself, he would be a part of one of the strangest extra-terrestrial encounters on record.

UFO On Housing Estate

What is perhaps stranger still, while most UFO researchers who would investigate the case believe the mechanic to be of sound mind and truthful, he was the one and only witness to the encounter. This despite events unfolding in the middle of a busy housing estate, next to an equally busy double carriageway.

Mark Ian Birdsall would investigate the incident initially for Quest International, as well as highly-respected UFO researcher, Timothy Good in later years. As we will see, all would suggest the account credible.

Bright Lights and The Landing

It was a little after 1am when Jan Siedlecki set off for home. However the warm August night in the summer of 1976 brought little chill to it. Besides, he would be on the street for a minute or two at most, such was the short distance to his home, just over the dual carriageway (York Road).

It was likely only a matter of minutes after Siedlecki turned into bed when the bedroom suddenly lit up. At first, he feared an explosion outside – possibly from the garage. He dressed and rushed downstairs, eager to make sure he was not responsible for the bizarre events. As he looked out of his window however, he quickly realized he wasn’t. There, across from the house, a dark blue saucer-shaped craft was descending into the middle of the street.

Quickly dressing, he ran from his home and back over York Road, all the while keeping the object in view. He would later report, despite the carriageway being a particularly busy one (even at 2am), there was rather oddly no traffic whatsoever. He would even state as to looking around the street for other witnesses, but there appeared no sign of anyone other than himself.

Just when he believed the scene couldn’t get any stranger, a translucent tube began to emerge from the bottom of the craft. It continued its descent until it reached the ground. Shortly afterwards, two humanoids appeared out of the tube. Each stood at around four feet tall and adorned an orange bodysuit and a helmet with dark visor.

Before he could summon his legs to move out of sight, one of the beings motioned to him to come forward. Not fully understanding why, he did so.

On Board

As he approached the two humanoids, he could hear them engaged in conversation, although in a language he did not understand. It was then he noticed the two beings pressing buttons on a tablet on their chests. Within moments, they began speaking to him in English. Siedlecki believed these tablets enabled the automatic translation somehow.

They would tell him the reason for the landing was to repair their ship. They explained as soon as they did this, they would “be on our way!”

Asking how their ship worked, and what the problem was, the humanoid offered, “If you want to come, we go in now!”

They turned and went back inside the craft. Siedlecki followed. As he entered the smell of “rotting grass” assaulted him straight away. As he scanned the room in which he stood, he noticed a mini, makeshift lake going around the side of the room. On top of this there appeared to be some kind of unknown type of grass growing.

The humanoid informed him the room was the “cooling system”. The two humanoids progressed forward about to go to another room. For reasons he couldn’t explain he felt they were about to enter the engine room of the ship. Asking about the propulsion system, one of the humanoids replied they used “B-13” as a source of power.

Then something even more strange would unfold.

Bright Light

Space Bugs?

Before the conversation could progress further, a bright orange orb – around the size of a soccer ball – appeared in view. It would bounce off the walls of the room and would send the two beings (and other crew from the sound of commotion he could hear) into panic.

One of the beings motioned that he should leave, and would make the rather bizarre statement of there being “space-bugs” in the ship. He was told to run to the place he was when he first saw them so that he would be a safe distance from the ship. As before, he did as instructed.

Once near his garden from where he watched the craft descend, he could now see it rising into the air. On the underside a bright red glow was evident. A whistling sound steadily increased as if in sympathy with the speed of the craft. At the point when it vanished into the night sky at speed, a loud thunderclap would sound out. Then everything appeared normal, as if nothing out of the ordinary had ever happened.

Looking at his watch he estimated the entire incident to have lasted no longer than half an hour. He returned home, gathered his thoughts, and then woke his wife who had remained asleep through the entire incident. He relayed to her what had happened. She was unconvinced and went back to sleep.

An Authentic and Credible Witness!

One area that many UFO researchers, and indeed Siedlecki himself would ponder, was the fact that only he appeared to have witnessed the event. This despite the sprawling streets of full houses and the normally busy dual carriageway that overlooked the estates.

Other reports of a similar nature have wondered whether the alien craft (or something on board) was able to manipulate the surroundings, including the people in those surroundings, so they remain unaware of their presence. That is perhaps an outlandish suggestion, but it is certainly not too much of a stretch of the imagination to think such advanced beings might have knowledge of a technology we have yet to even comprehend.

Even finer details of the craft that Siedlecki would later give – such as there appeared to be three different levels and of the presence of other, unseen, beings – also match many other UFO reports.

Jan Siedlecki himself would pass away in 1992. He would however, never deviate from the initial report of that evening. Many other neighbors and work colleagues would vouch passionately for his credibility. In short, as strange as that evening undoubtedly was in August 1976, on a housing estate in the north of England, most who examine the account suggest it to be authentic.

Check out the video below. Although it doesn’t look at the Siedlecki case, it does look at ten of the most convincing UFO sightings on record.



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