The “Suit Study 48 Armageddon” File – More Alien Disinformation?

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Anyone familiar with ufology and the UFO community is also familiar with disinformation, and the acceptance that to get to the small pieces of truth, a wealth of such purposely inaccurate and misleading data has to be waded through first. This was never truer than during the decades of the Cold War, particularly in the 1950s, when it would seem the paranoia mixed with the space race, as well as the sudden explosion of sightings of strange crafts and overall sudden interest in the UFO phenomena would blend into a particularly murky time. So murky, that the true facts were so intertwined with half-truths and outright lies that complete separation is almost impossible.

Suit Study 48 Armageddon

With that in mind, then, as outlandish as the following account is of a top-secret US intelligence file regarding alien technology, we can’t afford to simply dismiss it, lest a similar claim or file should surface in the future. After all, in the world of espionage, bluffs, and double-bluffs, perhaps we should remember such notions of a “lie hidden between two truths”. With one lie so outrageous, highlighting the actual truth becomes even harder.

The account comes to us from the book Area 51 by respected UFO researcher and author, Nick Redfern. In it, an insider, who Redfern names “John”, would inform him of an incident and documentation thereof of one of the most bizarre accounts of reverse alien technology on record. Incidentally, John would claim his belief that the documents were intentional disinformation. Given what we have just said, and while John’s assessment is probably accurate, perhaps we should ask, which part?

Strange Yellow Suits From A UFO Crash In Nebraska?

According to John, one of the most bizarre files with regards to secret government experiments on alien technology was titled “Suit Study 48 Armageddon”. What is interesting is the file deals with a “garment” or item of clothing allegedly found on several crew members of extraterrestrial crashes. We have seen, in apparently unrelated reports, of crashed UFOs containing “grey alien” crew members, but their grey skin is, in fact, some kind of tight-fitting body armor.

John would claim that these experiments took place in Nebraska, the state the crippled craft came down. According to the files, which John would find during his time working at Area 51, these occupants were “large-headed humanoids”. They each donned a tight-fitting yellow suit. However, with no zips, buttons, or visible fasteners, it would take scientists a significant amount of time to figure out how to remove these bizarre garments.

Eventually, they happened upon a discreet fastener that appeared similar to Velcro. When they twisted this, the entire suit came away. As they watched this happen, though, scientists would notice how the fibers of the suit acted as though they were aware and unique to the wearer. When they would experiment further, not only would they discover this to be exactly the case, but it offered an insight significantly more frightening.

Visions Of “Armageddon-Like” Destruction!

By far the most insightful development into this mysterious pilot’s suit came when a military volunteer made attempts to wear it. Already much too small for an adult human, the soldier at first struggled to squeeze into the tiny clothing. However, in an instant and fluid motion, the suit suddenly took on a life of its own. It would alter to the test-subject’s size, fitting him as tightly as if it was his own skin.

At the same time, visions and “memories” would fill his mind. Not his own memories, though. It would seem, he would state later, that he was seeing the thoughts, memories, and even the desires of the suit’s previous owner.

This should perhaps fill the rest of us with dread as the soldier revealed these visions were of “Armageddon-like” destruction. Cities left in ruins, and the dead, of which there were billions, scattered everywhere. The volunteer believed the ruins and the cities were those of the Earth.

By this time, the soldier was becoming panicked and disorientated. They would remove the clothing, immediately freeing him from its influence. And its visions.

Suit Study 48 Alien

Suits That Were “Alive!”

It is unclear, if we accept for a moment the authenticity of the account, as to where these strange suits went. Or if any further research or experimentation went ahead with them. John would recall that both NASA and the CIA had an interest in them. And given the ties both have to “shadow governments” it perhaps wouldn’t be surprising to see some kind of top-secret joint operation set up around the technology.

According to the documents, wherever the suits did ultimately end up, it was determined by those who had studied them up to that point, that they were not mere clothing. They were “alive”, although in a way that was not understood by the scientists experimenting with them.

More unclear, are whether these visions were a foretelling of the future fate of Earth, or whether they were, in fact, alien memories of a planet somewhere far off in the vastness of space. As is, of course, the authenticity of these alleged leaked documents. Are they, as Redfern would ultimately determine, nothing more than the propaganda-type disinformation documents of the Cold War? And if so, are they completely false in their entirety? Or might there be a small aspect of the files that are absolute truth? If that is the case, which parts are false trails and which details are genuine?

According to some researchers, the author of the Suit Study 48 Armageddon file is the same as some of the other “leaked UFO documents”. And what’s more, if the claims are true, she did so at the behest of the CIA.

Disinformation? Or A Convenient Dismissal?

A good demonstration of the twists-and-turns, secrets-within-secrets nature of UFO conspiracies, are the claims of “Chapman” an apparent former British Minister of Defense who claimed that many of the apparent leaked UFO documents were actually the result of purposeful disinformation. What’s more, this disinformation was purely for the Soviet Union. And then having them explore scenarios the United States knew to be completely false. Indeed, we have examined briefly the Boshich Space Wreckage conspiracy, which many believe is the same thing, but aimed at the US by the Soviets.

It was the view of Chapman, and indeed many other researchers tend to agree with him, that Alice Bradley Sheldon was the author of such documents. The CIA would employ her, and Redfern states, “many aspects of her work with the agency remain unknown”. However, some believe her espionage work involved such disinformation-type documents. Interestingly, in the early 1970s, she would publish several science-fiction stories. Whether her fictional work was the result of her fruitful mind or a consequence of the very real encounters she witnessed is perhaps open to debate. After all, as unlikely as it is, it is a good way to bury such leaks. By merely insisting they were just “disinformation for the Russians”. In a bizarre way, the influence of the Cold War may still be succeeding in suppressing information even today.

Incidentally, perhaps we should take note of Sheldon’s death. On 19th May 1987, she would kill her husband, himself with CIA connections in the past. The reason for her actions is, officially at least, her husband’s “failing health”. We do not know for sure, however, as she “shot herself” in the head in the immediate moments after. Between them, they would have known many secrets of the intelligence services.

Suit Study 48 Agenda

A Small Piece Of Much Larger And Unfinished Picture

As we mentioned in the opening, there is an acceptance of disinformation. And the need to sift through it. Most UFO researchers begrudgingly tolerate this. Indeed, it might be the only way to move information about. After all, many on the “other side” of the UFO wall of secrecy think likewise. And also wish to see what little information they know, released to the public. However, let’s accept that such secrecy exists as fact for a moment. It is easy to appreciate, then, how such people would worry about their own safety. Should they become too vocal, for example, or too visible.  Indeed, the subject is likely very compartmentalized. So much so, very few people know even most of what is going on. While there are many who know snippets of specific projects and agendas.

And what might these secrets be? Might they be, as many believe, that the shadow governments of the world are hiding, suppressing, and denying knowledge of extraterrestrials? And furthermore, visitations to our planet from such alien races? There are, after all, many reasons as to why such knowledge would be kept from the public arena. Rightly or wrongly.

Or might, as other researchers suggest, the UFO and alien phenomena cover up something far more terrestrial? But certainly no less sinister? Secret projects and experiments on the world’s populace that we are unaware of. And should anyone begin to question such strange activity? Maybe an advanced, mental “defense” suggesting “alien abduction” or strange “space-ships” begins playing out in their minds? All highly speculative, and all highly outlandish notions, no doubt.

For now, such accounts are another piece of the jigsaw puzzle to keep on the board until its rightful place in the big picture becomes clear.


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