The Mattagami River UFO Incident

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The alleged encounter from the winter of 1963 from the Mattagami River region of northern Ontario in Canada, on the day following the assassination of President Kennedy, is one that comes to us from one-time director of Houston, British Columbia, Canada UFO research (HBCC UFO), Brian Vike, whose is widely known and respected in the UFO research community.

The two witnesses – of which the main one is unfortunately unnamed – were young boys at the time. That combined with the apparent anonymity of the main witness makes the account a little easier perhaps to dismiss. The backstory to their account, however, would appear to provide authenticity to their claims.

The main witness’s father, for example, was in charge of a construction crew building three hydroelectric power dams. Given the location and the timing of the incident, it is likely these dams were built by the Otter Rapids Generating Station, who was indeed in the northern Ontario region at the time.

Did the two young boys witness something out of this world that morning while most of the adult world sat in shock at the brutal murder of the President of the United States in broad daylight in the middle of a busy street? And was it the same object that would later terrify three construction workers so much they refused to return to work?

What is perhaps further interesting, as we have examined with other bodies of water such as Lake Michigan or Lake Eire in the United States, the extensive water networks Ontario have a long history of UFO sightings and activity.

A School-Free Day On A Cold, Bright Ontario Morning

It was around 10 am on the morning of 23rd November 1963 when the main witness and his usual school walking buddy and friend, Robert, arrived back at Robert’s house. They had been to school that morning as they would every morning.

However, even though it was a Friday, the school had made the decision to remain closed for the day in honor of the assassinated US president the previous afternoon. An assassination that shocked citizens of the world as much as it upset many Americans across their country.

For the young boys, however, the occasion was a surprise day off where they could do as they wished. So, under the bright sunshine but still wintery crisp cold conditions, they made their way to the temporary community of construction workers near the Mattagami River, around 80 miles out of the James Bay region who were working on the hydroelectric power dams in the northern Ontario area.

Indeed, the community was cut off from the outside world by road – all goods and people arrived and left by train. However, an internal road network between the dam sites was regularly used by the community themselves.

Once there, the boys took up residence on the back step of the property. Robert was practicing his guitar while the other witness gazed into the distance towards one of these internal roads – Smokey Falls Road.

On both sides of the road were trees, as well as several ditches and dirt lanes. He would estimate they were around 70 feet away from the start of the road. Then, despite “never hearing or noticing it arrive”, he could see the glittering object just above the trees.

Sat In Silence “Watching It, As It Watched Us!”

The witness would later recall how the craft was “just sitting there” around 30 feet from the ground, and about ten feet higher than the trees themselves. Without taking his eyes off the hovering object he nudged Robert, who was still strumming away on his guitar. He stopped when he saw what his friend was pointing to. Each of them sat “in silence watching it, as it was watching us!”

They would later estimate it was just short of 100 feet across and very much “saucer-shaped”. Although it did catch the sun on occasion, it appeared to be made from a “dull aluminum” material. Around the middle section of the craft, appearing to go right the way around it, were evenly spaced, black windows.

Then, the craft suddenly tilted forward with the “closest side down and the rear of the saucer up”. The boys had the distinct impression that the reason for this sudden tilt was to allow whoever was inside to “get a better look” at them.

After several moments, the craft would settle back down to its motionless, hovering position, as if sitting on an invisible base. Then, it began to slowly move to the west of the boy’s location. After several seconds, it had disappeared behind the trees.

In total, from first noticing the craft to it vanishing from their sight, the witnesses would estimate it was visible for no more than a minute. Each, however, would also state how it appeared much longer than that. Whether that was merely how the human mind perceives situations, or whether there was some kind of employment of a time-distorting technology is perhaps open to debate.

Although the two boys would not see the saucer themselves, it was not the last they would hear about it.

“Attacked” By A Low Flying Saucer!

Several nights later, the main witness’s father received a phone call from one of the construction sites he was overseeing which, incidentally, would continue 24 hours a day, seven days a week, featuring a constantly revolving workforce working in shifts.

On this occasion, there was a problem at the site as three of the electricians, whose presence was paramount in order to maintain the electrical light generators providing the workforce with light, had suddenly quit and refused to return to the location. Perhaps of more interest to the two boys, though, was the reason the three terrified electrical workers had given. According to them, they had “been attacked by a low-flying saucer”.

One of the workers would even claim to have thrown his hammer at its underside. And of even hearing a thud as it made contact.

After requesting another unit of electricians to transfer to his location, the witness’s father would drive the original electricians back to the camp. However, it was a journey that took longer than usual due to the several stops he made to allow one of them to get out of the car to be sick. In fact, none of the three electricians looked well at all.

The following morning, the worker who had been sick several times on the way back to the camp would seek medical attention such was the worsening of his condition. They at first believed he had suffered some kind of intense sunburn as they applied lotion to his blistered skin. Upon discovering the burns occurred while his clothes were on, at night, no less, it was the cause of much perplexion.

Whether the electrician mentioned his experience to the doctor is uncertain. However, the burns seem understandable given the close proximity to the craft.

Glowing Saucer Descends On Boating Couple On Lake Ontario

As we mentioned in the beginning, the entire Ontario region, particularly its water networks, have long been and remain an intense area of UFO activity. And not just near or around the water, but sometimes on it too.

Just short of four years later, for example, on the 18th June 1967, on the waters of Lake Ontario in the north of the province, “Mr. and Mrs. G” were out on the waters in their private boat. It was late in the evening as despite the season, the moon was full, bright, and visible.

As they began back to the cabin, they witnessed a glowing object hovering around 50 feet above the trees on the bank. The couple would slow the boat down. They then turned slightly to get a clear look at this bizarre craft.

As they did, though, the anomalous object began to speed up considerably. Of more concern to the couple, it was heading straight for them. After taking a moment to gather his thoughts, Mr. G put the boat into motion. As fast as it could go he headed straight for the water’s edge.

When they arrived, both of them jumped from the boat as if it were about to explode. They hit dry land and looked back. The object was now back above the trees. Hovering once more, as if it had never moved.

After several moments the couple would take back to the water. They would head to their friend’s house where they were spending the evening. Within moments of the vessel cutting through the rushing waters, the object descended towards them again. The couple would again put the boat at its highest speed. They would again beat the object to land and simply leave it on shore before running to the destination.

Brian Vike’s Intriguing (And Similar) Close Contact Encounter

Upon arriving with their friends, it was perfectly obvious to them that each of the G’s were “frightened to death”. Something very much unlike their normal character. If there was any doubt of their claims, however, that was removed when the G’s friends viewed the object also. Hovering above the trees for around 10-15 minutes before disappearing into the distance.

Perhaps of even more intrigue in relation to the Mattagami River Incident and the encounter above, is that of the previously mentioned, Brian Vike, who was responsible for bringing the former case to the wider public.

In the summer of 2002, while fishing with friends, a “silvery disc” appeared out of nowhere. It would then hover over their vessel. It was only overhead for several seconds but Vike managed to take in intricate detail such was the close proximity of this otherworldly craft.

Then, he would continue:

 …in an instant (it) shot straight up and disappeared into the blue sky!

Vike and his friends both simply remained still attempting to process their thoughts. They would then return to shore. Whether their minds have shut it out or not, neither would ever talk of the incident again.

Or perhaps their minds had been somehow “tuned out” of the sighting. We have examined before how people experience close encounter incidents while a partner sleeps next to them without waking, for example. With this in mind, Vike would recall how his friends did appear groggy. As if they were coming out of a trance-like state in the moments following the vanishing of the craft.

For Vike, though, the consequences of the encounter would seemingly be worse. Before we move on, though, check Vike’s first television appearance speaking of UFOs.

Another UFO Hotspot With Connections Across The Decades

Over the course of the following weeks, general ill-health began to hit Vike. He would lose hair and even experience a loosening of his teeth. His appetite was almost non-existent, and a constant feeling of sickness constantly hijacked his body.

He would eventually begin to question whether such ill feelings were the possible effects of radiation. This, due to the close proximity he and his friends were to the craft overhead. His friends would refuse to speak of the incident, however. With that in mind, he wasn’t sure if they too were having similar health problems.

Furthermore, Vike would state how he “couldn’t go to a doctor” for fear of being labeled “crazy”. He would ultimately “wait in silence” for the feelings to subside.

If we return to our first sighting, it would appear that would be the last of the strange sightings near the Mattagami River region of northern Ontario. At least during the construction projects of the early 1960s. And as undramatic as the incident was – at least compared to some incidents – it is perhaps this bare necessity of detail that makes it slightly more believable than we perhaps should. That, and of course, the location.

Was this craft – if we accept it was the same craft in each incident – attracted to the scene due to the constant construction work of the dams taking place? If so, was this merely a general reconnaissance mission or might the reasons for such interest be more specific? Might, as some UFO researchers claim, these vast networks of waterways provide these mysterious visitors with some kind of cover while they are here? Might they even house the much talked about underwater alien bases?

Check out the video below. It looks at this area of the world and its UFO sightings.


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  • Ronald Bee says:

    November 23, 1963 was a Saturday.
    Did they make Canadian kids go to school on Saturday in 1963?

    • Marcus Lowth says:

      I understand the point on this one. However, as that is in all of the original reports (which are Vike’s files) we can only assume that on this occasion these two children were in school, or the original date was wrong when given by the witness (who was a child at the time)!

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