The Legnica Alien Abduction – The Wladyslaw Case

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The strange and bizarre claims of alien abduction by “Mr. Wladyslaw S.” from the Legnica area of Poland comes to the wider UFO community courtesy of Polish UFO researcher, Grzegorz Domanski. In fact, this was not a case of a single close encounter experience. There are several abductions that the witness is aware of. What’s more, these stretch over a decade, at least. Furthermore, as intriguing as the claims of abductions are in their own right, some of the most interesting aspects of this case revolve around the transferring of data to Wladyslaw through some advanced telepathic method. It would also produce potential physical evidence of Wladyslaw’s exposure to these apparently advanced extraterrestrial entities.

Legnica UFO

While the case is not one that is particularly well-known, it is one that would appear to fit many of the signs of recurring alien abductions. Abductions that further investigation often reveals strange activity going back to childhood. And in some cases, that appears to run through entire families, stretching back generations. What we know of Wladyslaw’s encounters are through meticulous recollection sessions with Domanski. He is, according to the UFO researcher, weary of undergoing hypnotic regression for fear of how it might “affect his psyche”, which perhaps tells how draining, overwhelming, and terrifying these experiences, if they are indeed accurate, really must be.

Missing Time, Intense Dreams, And Malfunctioning Electrics

The case of Wladyslaw S. was actually brought to Domanski’s attention by his aunt, who had dealings with the witness in question when she helped him rent a business property to operate his shop from. From this, they would become close friends. Close enough for him to share these most bizarre experiences with her. Wladyslaw was actually aware of his abduction for around eighteen months before the intervention of his friend which put him in touch with Domanski. The initial interview would take place in his aunt’s flat.

Wladyslaw would claim that in the late-1980s, he began to notice significant episodes of missing time. Entire windows of several hours for which he simply had no memory. At the same time, he also began to experience bizarre and intense dreams involving strange aerial craft. Crafts that he or anyone else would describe as a “UFO”.  He would often awake from these dreams with drops of blood on his pillow. This could suggest a nose bleed – a particularly ominous sign when combined with other symptoms such as missing time and strange dreams. And a detail that many alien abductees often recall.

Even stranger was the bizarre electrical phenomenon suddenly taking place in his home. He would “activate” electrical appliances simply by walking past them. Similarly, other electronics would suddenly fail in his presence. In short, even to someone with little experience of alien abductions or strange phenomena, it was obvious something extraordinary was taking place.

Abductions Experienced From An “Abnormal State Of Mind!”

After speaking with Wladyslaw at length, it was clear that his memories of the incidents were partial, at best. He could, for example, remember details from one incident, and then something completely different from another. He would also state that some of the encounters were experienced from “an abnormal state of mind”. This is a particularly interesting detail and one we have seen in several other apparent abduction encounters where the abductee would show signs of an out-of-body-experience.

Domanski, though, was able to recreate a typical timeline of what appeared to be regularly recurring abductions. Missing time episodes would usually occur a little after 6 pm when Wladyslaw was driving home from work. In a bizarre an unnerving change of events, Wladyslaw would suddenly find himself stood in a field near his home. Overhead a huge craft would hover. It was an oblong-shaped craft with several prominent blue lights on the underside. As he would look upwards in awe and fear, a large beam of light suddenly emerged from the craft. It would make its way down to him in a second.

His next memory is of finding himself in a “small, oval room filled with pale dim blue light”. Then, without seeing them appear, two strange entities are on either side of him. Both adorn a “blue, glimmering metallic jacket” as well as a cloak with a hood and a rectangle visor. As they moved, they appeared to glide “as if they had wheels on their heels”.  He also realizes he is paralyzed and unable to move. Perhaps bizarrely, he doesn’t feel any desire to.

Legnica Abduction

The Round Room And The “Superior” Voice!

Another change of surroundings would appear to follow as he would find himself guided down a long corridor. The familiar soft blue lighting illuminating the long walkway. It opens out into a larger, round room. Inside the room was a plethora of gadgets and instruments. He couldn’t, however, recall any of them in any specific detail, other than many of them appear to be attached to the walls, themselves awash in the blue glow.

In the middle of the room stood a chair, similar to a dentist’s char but much more “rounded”. He would sit in it. His memories were hazy on the details that followed, but he would recall the strange entities approaching him several times. Each had one device or another with them and appeared to be performing a specific test or examination. One clear memory he did have, though, is that every time the creatures made physical contact with him, “their touch was piercing”.

Suddenly, a small tray would make its way towards him, as if floating in the air. He can’t explain why, but he would raise his arms and place his hands, outstretched with palms down, on to the shining board. Then, a voice appears inside his head. “Don’t be afraid” the voice states. Wladyslaw has a realization that the owner of the voice is not physically in the room. He also realizes, though, that he is very much in charge of the situation unfolding around him. And furthermore, is “superior” to the other entities in the room.

The voice orders him to turn his hands over so his palms are facing upwards. He would do so. The next thing he realizes, the “examination” is over.

An Uploading Of “Subconscious Stimulation!”

Wladyslaw would then recall receiving a flood of information ranging from global politics and the consequences of their decisions, ecological information, and a general wide-ranging surge of knowledge about life and the human existence. He would describe this information almost as an upload of data. No voice spoke to him, physically or in his mind. And no actual words entered his head. It was much more akin to a “subconscious stimulation” that brought about a sudden “knowing”. Like an extremely intense moment of clarity. At the same time, and in a similar way (in that there was nothing specific to see) a series of “3-dimensional images” appeared in the back of his memory.

The next thing he knew, he was back in the field. The huge craft now gone. He would walk to his home, and simply retire to bed. Too exhausted to examine the episode. Although he would, on occasion, have vague memories of his experiences the following morning, these memories would quickly fade in detail. Most mornings he would find his car, if not outside his home, then at least nearby. However, several times he couldn’t locate his vehicle only to find it parked outside his shop. This would suggest that, at least sometimes, he was abducted before he had even started his journey home.

At one stage, when they first began, these apparent abductions would happen on an almost weekly basis. However, they would soon begin to happen less and less. Going from weekly, to monthly, to several times a year, and then with an apparent gap of two or three years at a time. At the time of informing Domanski of his encounters, he hadn’t, at least to his conscious mind’s knowledge, experienced and abduction for several years.

There might, though, be a chilling reason.

Legnica Implant

“Mental Abduction” And Influence From Afar?

One particular morning after an encounter the previous evening, he would notice a small scar on his inner thumb. Underneath this tiny mark was a “mustard-seed sized protrusion” just under the skin. He couldn’t recall ever noticing it before that morning. It is Wladyslaw’s belief that alien entities have “tagged” him with some kind of highly advanced technological implant.

Perhaps unnerving was Wladyslaw’s response when asked if he had made any attempts to remove the apparent device. He would state that if he did so “they would be displeased”. Furthermore, they would find another “more unpleasant way” to keep track and interact with him should he remove it. Whether these were just his own assumptions or the result of more “subconscious programming” is open to debate.

As well as being able to track him with this implant, Wladyslaw would theorize that it might even allow these strange visitors access to his mind from afar. Perhaps they could implant more knowledge? Or even influence his actions? It is certainly an interesting thought. As we have examined previously, numerous implants have been recovered worldwide, particularly in the United States. Might these be more than mere tracking devices? Might they indeed, as Wladyslaw suggests, enable the intelligence behind them to control those of us who house one without the need for physical interaction?

Just to take this one stage further, as rampant speculation as it is, if we subscribe to the idea of a human-alien conspiracy for ultimate control of the planet and of the human race, might this be behind the drive to “implant employees” on a mass scale that appears to grow louder by the day from politicians and business leaders?

It is certainly food for thought. The video below looks at some examples of alien implants.


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