The Bayamon Highway 2 Alien Abduction

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An apparent case of alien abduction in the summer of 1979 would go unreported for several years before the main witness would attempt to recover over two hours of missing time from one of the most bizarre nights she or her mother had ever experienced. Each of their regression sessions would corroborate the other. And each was as fascinating as they were mind-blowing.Bayamon UFO

The incident is, without doubt, one of the most bizarre, even outlandish claims of alien abduction. However, some of the details, as is often the case, mirror many other similar alleged encounters. Furthermore, the incident comes to the wider UFO community courtesy of Jorge Martin, who by and large is regarded as one of the best UFO researchers and investigators in the UFO field. And while the incident may require, at least for now, a small pinch of salt to be kept at the ready and on standby, it is one still very much of interest to UFO enthusiasts and researchers alike.

“Everything Seemed To Vanish From View!”

One evening during the summer of 1979, Myriam, and her mother, Sonia, were driving their car along Highway 2 near Bayamon in Puerto Rico. The journey was a relatively uneventful one. The lights of the other vehicles in front of theirs was a sea of red eyes, while to the side was the Bayamon Commercial Center. Then, however, everything changed.

Suddenly, the pair’s surroundings altered dramatically and strangely. Everything became “dark and obscure”. Even more bizarre, “everything seemed to have vanished from view”. The car itself suddenly felt “lighter” and a strange, haunting humming noise now filled the air around them. A lightheadedness came over the two women, leaving them in a strange and unsettling frame of mind. One of not quite being in control. Sonia would even appear to go into a trance-like state. She would simply stare straight ahead.

A blue glow, behind an intense white light, suddenly lit up the car’s interior. Then, everything changed again. The car was moving. They were back on the road. As Myriam slowly came to her senses, she noticed headlamps passing overhead. She was driving the car, only she didn’t realize she was doing so until now. Nor could she remember having traveled to their current location, the town of Arecibo.

Floating Through The Car Roof “As If It Didn’t Exist!”

After taking a few moments to clear her mind and check her mother was uninjured, Myriam would realize that over two hours had gone by since they encountered the strange humming in Bayamon. Only for them, it felt like only minutes ago. They had no recollection of that window of missing time.

It would be several years until Myriam would finally seek hypnotic regression as a way of unlocking those missing hours. When she did, though, the revelations were mind-bending, to say the least.

She would recall how everything went dark around her and she could “no longer see the road”. She could, though, see a bizarre mist forming seemingly out of nowhere around the car. There was also the humming sound – loud and menacing. It was at this point the blue glow filled the car’s interior. Then, an intense white light entered the car from the passenger side. In a moment, her mother was enveloped by this glow and disappeared from the vehicle. Myriam, now beyond scared, quickly scanned her surroundings through the windows of the car. Above her, was a “metallic silvery gray flying object”.

Before she could take in any more detail, however, another intense white light would enter the car. This time, it would wrap around Myriam who would float through the roof of the vehicle “as if it didn’t exist”.  As she glanced down, she could see the car was, in fact, floating high in the air (this would explain the “light” feeling). Above her, a door opened on the underside of the huge craft. She was heading towards it. In the opening stood a humanoid figure.

Bright Light

The Round Chamber

She would estimate the humanoid to be around six feet tall, with a particularly slim build and a pale, white complexion. The head was also somewhat “oversized” although the facial features, while differing in detail, were largely human-looking, and were obviously male. His arms, though, were longer than normal, as were the hands and fingers. The closer she got to the humanoid, and the entrance of the craft, she could see the skin was more of a gray-white color. As she “landed” on the ship, the humanoid’s voice entered her mind saying, “Come with me, don’t be afraid”.

He would lead her inside the craft, assuring her that her mother was safe and unharmed. As she looked around her, she noticed the walls and walkway was of a “pearly, silvery” color.

Suddenly, her memory seemed to jump forward. She was now in a “curved passage”. The tall humanoid was still here, as well as several other, shorter creatures. These were around three-to-four feet tall. The passageway would lead into a round chamber. She could see something moving out from one of the walls. When she managed to focus, she could see it was “a sort of seat that comes out from the wall itself”.

As she moved her eyes around the room, she couldn’t see any joins anywhere. It was as if the room was “molded” into its current form, like a metal cave. She could see more of the smaller entities inside the room. She could also see a silver bed and silver table, like an operating table. Next to the table was a metal tray with “many strange instruments” on it, including something that looks like a compass. Then a voice in her head says, “we are going to help you”.

A Race Of Cosmic Watchers?

Suddenly she was on the table with the smaller beings, seemingly following the taller humanoid’s lead, conducting a variety of tests and examinations. The smaller creatures would insert “very fine, long metallic rods” into various points along her body. A voice in her mind would state this was to improve her overall health. They would also tell her that these rods will “take samples of her body”. They didn’t, however, explain why.

Suddenly, one of the smaller entities approached her with what appeared to be “clamps” of some kind. These would be attached to her legs. As soon as the device touched her, she could feel an intense energy enter her body and surge through her. She noticed two of the creatures manipulating controls behind a computer, apparently connected to the device on her legs. A voice would enter her head again. She had, it would claim, bone cancer. This procedure would cure her.

Shortly after, she would notice one of the smaller creatures pick up the compass-like object. They would place it onto her forehead which prompted “flashes” to emerge from it. The taller humanoid’s voice appeared in her mind. It would state that the device was to “deepen her intuition”. They were, according to Myriam’s claims in the regression report, part of a race who “watches over the continuity of the evolution of the worlds and the races that inhabit them”.

The humanoid would further disclose that there were “others resembling” them who had positions in various world governments. This is an interesting claim and one that was made almost two decades earlier in the little-known accounts of Albert Coe.

Bayamon Abduction

Not An Abduction But An Intervention?

Myriam’s mother, Sonia, would also undergo regression and her account was much the same, at least to begin with. As recalled by Myriam, separately from her mother, Sonia would recall a “powerful, cold blue-white light” glowing above the car. From her angle, she could see a “large smooth, dark bluish metal thing. Like a great big plate” hovering above their vehicle. The white light would overcome her, and she would find herself floating up towards a rectangular opening on the underside of the huge metallic object.

Once inside, a “little humanoid” would lead her to a room with seats that were part of the wall. The next thing she knew she was lying on a table in the middle of the room. She could now see two other humanoids in there also. Each donned “glowing white tunics” and each was much taller than the smaller humanoid. Each appeared to be male, and each offered “angelic-like” faces.

Despite the regression, neither woman could recall how they arrived back in their vehicle. Each of their next memories is of coming to their senses as the car, with Myriam driving, was approaching the town of Arecibo.

It is certainly an interesting account. And if we accept it to be genuine and accurate, it would appear the humanoids described would match those that some in the UFO community call “The Nordics” or “The Blues”. Assuming its authenticity for a moment, then, was this “intervention” in the two women’s lives a purposeful one? Or was their selection at random by this apparent “guiding race” of the universe? Might such “interventions” happen on a larger scale but are simply not remembered? Or in some cases, not reported? It is a thought worth contemplating.

The video below features Jorge Martin speaking about such cases.



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  • ALICE says:

    Very compelling story and creditable tellers

  • Winter says:

    Please send me news later when you have new articles or do you have a website?

    Why don’t you explore quantum physics too and the at icles of the wing makers and the top scientist only known as codename15 and the PDF book decoding the hive by Avalon Sol- it is a minefield of information.

    I think holographic universe is real and the aliens are inhabiting other dimensions and space in a multi verse creation.

  • Gary says:

    I always enjoy reading Marcus’ insightful articles. If there is any truth in this abduction report and there are aliens “watching” over humans on Earth, then there is also a chance that the “angelic” looking aliens could actually be the salvation of humanity, protecting us from global warming and nuclear annihilation.
    Maybe in the distant future humans will become the “watchers” and return the favor for other primitive beings. Pay it forward Alien Brothers!

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