The 1971 Santa Lucia UFO Landing

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The account of a teenage girl whose father was a member of the Mexican military who lived on the grounds of the Santa Lucia military installation is one that is as intriguing as it is outlandish. Waking up one evening she would essentially stumble on to a UFO landing encounter that would turn into a trip on board a craft from another world to elsewhere in the Universe.

While we should take such accounts with a pinch of salt, it is yet another that incorporates seemingly throwaway but identical details to other accounts of a similar nature. And at a time when there were many accounts of “gray alien” contact and abduction, the incident at the Santa Lucia Air Force Base is one remarkably similar to the humanoid contact encounters of the 1950s.

It is an account that would enter the public arena via UFO researcher, Luis Ramirez Reyes (translated by Albert Rosales) and is just one from a rich history of UFO incidents and strange encounters from Mexico. If the claims of our main witness are indeed true, it is cause for us to reassess what we think we know about not only the universe and the life that might exist in it, but the history of our own planet.

A “Strange Stillness” Under The Silver Light Of The Full Moon

Late one evening in May 1971 at the Santa Lucia Air Force Base in Zumpango in Mexico, 15-year-old Dolores Martinez Briones got up from her bed to open the window in her family’s military home accommodation such was the stifling heat.

As she did so, she remained there for a while, taking in the beauty and serenity of the stars overhead. This particular evening, a full moon dominated the skyline casting its regal silver glow down to the ground. Dolores would later recall how there was a “strange stillness” to the scene.

Indeed, this strange atmosphere perhaps played a part in her sudden urge to turn to look at a field near to their home. When she did, a “metallic cylinder-shaped craft” was hovering just above the ground.

She continued to watch silently as this bizarre scene, around 200 yards from her, began to unfold. On the lower section of the strange craft, a sliding-type door suddenly opened. Two humanoid figures appeared, standing on a metal platform which then descended to the ground. Each wore a white uniform which reminded the witness of a doctor.

Then, the “men” suddenly noticed her watching them. She moved back slightly, a little more behind the window. The two figures, however, continued to stare towards her. After several moments, they set out in her direction, stopping only yards away from her.

A surge of fear was running around her body, likely to result in screams of hysterics any moment. Suddenly, though, and without warning, a “voice” entered her mind:

Relax! We are peaceful. Nothing will happen to you!

With this strange telepathic message, came an instant feeling of calm and control. Even stranger, was the distinct feeling, although she didn’t know why, that she knew these two men.

Walls And Ceiling Full Of Multicolored Lights

Delores left the window and made her to the front door of the house. She stepped outside into the night air, cooler than inside but still warm against her face. Then, following another message directly into her mind, she followed the two men towards the otherworldly craft.

She would later describe the two men as “human-like” with light olive colored skin, dark hair, and each around six foot tall.

The sliding door opened as the two men and Delores neared the waiting craft. As she went to step onto the metal platform that would lift her inside this metallic cosmic object, another figure appeared in the doorway. This one was the same as the first two men but decisively older, with white hair and a white beard. He motioned for Delores to enter the craft, which she duly did with the two other men following her.

As soon as she stepped inside, she was greeted by an array of multicolored lights that adorned the walls and ceiling all around her. The interior appeared much larger than the outside would suggest, with several “halls” – themselves lit with the dazzling lights – went off from this main room.

The older figure asked – into her mind – if Delores would like to know of their home planet, assuring her she would be returned unharmed. She accepted and the elder man walked to a metal desk in the middle of the room. He returned with a white suit similar to the ones they wore, indicated she should put it on over her clothing.

She did so, noting how transparent it appeared once she had it on. Then, her hosts would lead her to a “ledge” in the room and instruct her to hold on for the duration of the journey.

Heading Through Deepest Space

When she heard the sliding door shut behind her the reality of the situation hit slightly. The two men she had arrived with each stood next to her. The elder man positioned himself at the metal desk and began manipulating buttons and levers. Within minutes, he came over to her, informing her that they were in “deep space”.

He went on to divulge the name of their home planet and galaxy, but she could not recall them later. This is perhaps an interesting detail. As we have asked on several other occasions if the young girl was concocting pure fantasy, would we not expect her to concoct a name for such a planet and galaxy?

Despite apparently streaking out of the solar system and through the reaches of space, Delores would recall how she felt no movement whatsoever of the craft. After several minutes she asked if she might be able to look out of a window and see the stars. Without saying a word, the elder man pressed a button and a window opened on the wall.

However, instead of an array of glittering white specks all, she could see was black. This was, the elder man claimed due to a lack of light reflection and because of the sheer velocity at which they were traveling. Once more, although certainly not impossible, this detail sounds remarkably mundane to be manufactured.

It was at this point she realized that the elder man was talking verbally to her and not directly into her mind.

Before much longer, another window opened in the wall. This time, a “brilliant silver sphere” was visible. And what’s more, it was getting larger. They were, evidently, approaching these men’s home planet.

Corridors With “Luminous Mirror-Like” Floors!

As the craft came down to land, a door against one of the walls opened, leading to an enclosure area. Delores, along with the elder man and the two men who she had entered the craft with all went into this enclosure, which appeared to be some kind of “sterilization” area.

Delores would remove the “spacesuit” and then enter into a transparent capsule. What felt like water and a breeze of cold air washed over her. Then, another door opened, and she was in another room again. This room had a metal ceiling and was aglow with a “tenuous light” which Delores could find no source.

This is an extremely intriguing detail which comes up repeatedly from witnesses who claim to have been on board such out-of-this-world crafts – that despite a light illuminating an entire room, there is seemingly no definitive source of this light such as a bulb or a tube, for example. This, again, is the kind of detail we would expect to be too mundane to manufacture.

Before long, the elder man appeared in the brightly lit room and handed Delores a white garment similar to the one which he adorned. She placed it on over her clothes and then stepped into a long corridor with “a luminous mirror-like floor”.

There were people scurrying this way and that all around her. She looked around at them. All were doing seemingly different activities. However, all of them dressed almost identically, in a blue or beige garment. Similar, in fact, to the white one which she had put on. Furthermore, they all had short, dark hair and all were of a similar, thin frame and build.

A Civilization Forced Underground!

She peered forward to the end of the corridor. In front of them, she could see “electric passageways” which the inhabitants would use to get from one place to the next.

She further noticed, as she watched what were essentially, to her, aliens going about their daily lives, that all of them appeared to be the same age, like the two men she had first seen from her bedroom window. Only the elder man, who she remained with throughout the experience was visibly and obviously older.

Perhaps even more intriguing was the fact that when others would speak to this elder man, there was an obvious respect for him. They would continue on one of these passageways until they came to a large auditorium-type room.

It was here that she noticed she could see no sky. She would ask about this and was told that they were indeed underground. Their planet, very similar to Earth, had become unlivable on the surface. They had since taken to living in huge underground cities.

They were, the elder man said, almost identical to humans aside from a few different internal functions. As well as such abilities as telepathy. Although they lived to be extremely old – at least compared to “Earth humans” – they were not immortal and would eventually die. When one of their race died, they were replaced – through insemination – by another person.

Claims Of God And Hieroglyphic Symbols

Perhaps one of the most interesting details was that this elder man would claim that their race did very much have a belief in “God”. They would further claim this was “the same in all parts of the Universe”.

It is certainly not the only case that eludes to a divine presence in the universe. Such claims, though, are not automatically associated with encounters with beings from other worlds. And while we should take such claims with a pinch of salt, they are very much worth noting.

There are also other details that crop up in other UFO encounters. For example, she would notice many symbols. As well as strange shapes on the walls near the computer systems. All of them were unrecognizable to her, aside from ones similar to “Z” and “X”. However, she also recalled seeing what looked very similar to “hieroglyphic-type symbols”.

Once more, several other UFO close encounter reports, and even alien abduction accounts mention these hieroglyphics and apparent connections to Ancient Egypt. Given the seemingly endless connections to the cosmos and extraterrestrial life and the Ancient Egyptian civilization, this connection is certainly intriguing.

As is the fact that these mysterious but apparently non-hostile hosts were essentially human. Might this connection, as tentative and speculative as it might be, suggest some kind of connection in antiquity? And might this be why, if we accept such accounts to be true, these extraterrestrial visitations take place today?

According to Delores, her hosts would offer the opportunity for her to stay with them. However, she would politely decline. She would return to the ship with the elder man and the two men who had brought her on board the craft.

A Victim Of Our Own Collective Conditioned Mental Restrictions?

One thing she found strange was that none of the other citizens of this faraway world ever smiled at her. Some wouldn’t even acknowledge her. It was as if they were preoccupied with their “duties”.

Upon landing the elder man advised that it would be wise not to tell of her encounter. People simply would not believe her, he advised. She adhered to this for some time before eventually making a report of her encounter. According to this report, she would later regret not staying with her hosts on their home planet.

The account of Delores Martinez Briones is fanciful and bizarre, of that there is no doubt. It is, however, so outlandish that one gets the impression there could be more to it than just the ravings of a mind desperate for attention.

Whatever we choose to make of it would be irresponsible of us to simply disregard it. Or to dismiss the incident without further contemplation and cross-referencing to other similar encounters. And we should remember, such claims may only seem “bizarre” and “crazy”. This, due to our own conditioned and restricted collective perspectives.

Check out the video below. It looks at similar claims of people who claim to have witnessed other worlds.


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  • Albert Rosales says:

    This case is from my humanoid encounters 1970-1972 series, translated by me, Albert Rosales

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