The 1950 River Loire “Black Hands” Alien Abduction

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A sighting of strange lights over the River Loire in France in May 1950, followed by an alleged case of alien abduction the following evening is perhaps one of the most fascinating incidents on record. Not least as it occurred during a quiet flurry of activity, four years before the significantly better known and remembered 1954 UFO wave.

River Loire Black Hands

The case is also of interest as it doesn’t follow the plethora of abduction claims to come forth over the coming decades. Nor is it one that is typical of the times of glowing humanoid entities looking to impart knowledge and issuing warnings of humanity’s collective behavior. Furthermore, it brings up questions that lead us down avenues not immediately relevant to UFO and alien activity. But avenues that might indeed share a closer connection than we think.

Black Hands With “No Visible Arms!”

Late in the afternoon of the 19th May 1950, at a little after 4 pm, an unnamed woman witnessed a “moving light similar to a bright star” in the skies overhead the River Loire in Cours-les-Barres in France. It would suddenly stop before rising higher into the sky. Once more it stopped for a short while before growing “more prominent” and then vanishing at great speed.

The following afternoon, at the same time and location, the same woman witnessed a similar light show. This time, however, it would come much closer. So close, in fact, that it enveloped her completely. Even more bizarre, and chilling, were the two black hands that would reach out to her from inside the strange glow. Although the hands were a very dark black, there was a shiny yellow tint to them. They reached down from above and in front of her.

They remained in this position as if waiting for their chance to “grab” her. Even so, she took several steps forward. Then, the hands, with “no visible arms” grabbed each side of her head. Violently. They would squeeze hard on each side, while also pulling it back with a jerk. She felt it hit against someone’s chest, but one that appeared to be “made of iron” as opposed to flesh and bone. She could feel an intense cold around her. The squeezing on her head began again. Only this time much more gradually.

The fingers, which were cold and didn’t seem to be “made of flesh”, covered her eyes, nostrils, and mouth. As this happened, as well as a surge of panic running through her, she began to feel something akin to a “strong electrical discharge” like a “lightning bolt”.

River Loire UFO

“There She Is! We Got Her!”

She began to swing back and forth several times. She had the impression they, the black hands and she, were moving somewhere. Although she couldn’t see them, she could feel “two invisible arms” pressing against her shoulders. She could also hear “a strange laugh” which she assumed came from her invisible captor. It was strange in that she was (assumedly) immediately next to this entity, and while the laugh was close to her, it was also muffled and far away.

Suddenly the movement stopped, and she felt a sudden, sharp blow to her back as if from a knee. The impact would force her to the ground where further pressure would force her to lay down flat. Then she felt herself moving again, only this time she was being dragged along the ground. And what’s more, there was no concern for what might lay in her path. Suddenly she stopped. Then, she heard a voice, “There she is. We got her”. Another voice responded although she couldn’t hear this one clearly.

After a moment the movement started again, and she was being dragged along the ground once more. She was beginning to have trouble breathing by this point. She was beginning to panic and thrash for breath. Then, things stopped again. She was in a meadow, now released from the invisible grip.

Suddenly, They Were Gone!

She lay where she was for a moment. She checked the money in her bag. It was all there. Then, she got to her feet and looked around ready to view her captor or captors. However, there was nobody there. She could see branches moving in the wind. Next to her, sections of the grass pressed down as if by an invisible foot, but nothing reached for her. After a moment she realized she was very much alone. She began to stumble down the pathway in front of her.

Her arms, legs, and shoulders all had cuts and lacerations, while a pain in her back suggested a burn of some kind. Suddenly, still confused and with a metallic and bitter taste in her mouth and every muscle aching mercilessly, she could see houses of one of the streets near to the River Loire.

However, for a brief second, a “strong blinding white light” appeared to flash before her. She had the impression that something had taken off into the air, but she couldn’t see anything. She would make her way home, scared and completely unsure just what had happened to her.

The woman would report the incident, and investigation of the area would show that certain places on the ground were scorched black. Something caused by considerable heat. Some of the trees and branches were also broken. As were several wooden posts of a nearby fence. Just what the witness experienced that afternoon is uncertain. As is whether there is a connection to the strange lights, she saw the previous afternoon. It is certainly one of the most chilling and intriguing instances on record, of that there is little doubt.

River Loire Invisible

Extraterrestrial? Military Intelligence? Or Both?

Perhaps the wording “there she is, we got her” is worth examining a little closer. Given the incident occurred in France we can assume that the witness was a French resident. That she could understand what was said, then, would suggest it was spoken in French. Given also, that the comment wasn’t directed towards her or any consequence to her it is likely that this language was their own. For example, in other close contact cases, several witnesses have claimed these visitors use a device that automatically translates into a chosen language and besides communication often takes place in the mind. Incidentally, similar gadgets, devices, and apps are now available in our contemporary world.

Might this suggest, then, that the encounter was not one of extraterrestrial activity and possibly a clandestine operation involving the French military or intelligence agencies? Possibly involving extraterrestrial technology? And if so, for what purpose? It is hard to see what the end goal was in this instance other than just the testing of some kind of advanced technology or procedure. And, given the close, if little spoken of, relationship between the French, British, Canadian, Australian, and, of course, the United States’ intelligence agencies, might it be a program with much further-reaching goals? And part of another, unknown agenda?

Or might we also consider the “strange laugh” that was near yet muffled? As wildly speculative as it is, might the black hands be part of some bizarre out-of-body remote access experiment?

If the case is genuine, and it was subject to the respected UFO investigative skills of Jacques Vallee, then it could be this conversation that might prove crucial into opening up other avenues of information concerning the incident. Who said it? And to whom?

Invisible Captors (From Folklore Legend?)

The idea of an “invisible captor” is perhaps laughable to most. And it is easy to see why. Indeed, such a notion is most at home in the science-fiction b-movie section. However, there are continual experiments with such things. And that is just what is available in the public arena. What is happening behind closed doors is very likely mind-blowing.

One of the most bone-chilling cases in recent memory is that of Elisa Lam. And one of the theories surrounding her strange disappearance, from visual evidence no less, is that “invisible attackers” somehow restrained her. Whether those invisible entities were of a supernatural origin or indeed humans with some kind of technology rendering them invisible is open to debate. It is interesting, as we examined in our article looking at this strange case, that a company researching that very concept rented space in the same complex as Lam was staying in Los Angeles at the time of her death. Although we have shown this before, the video of Lam in question is worth examining once more. Particularly from two minutes.

With the idea of the above case in mind, let’s imagine just for a moment if the ability to make oneself invisible was something that had been available, albeit to a select few, across the ages. Might that explain ghost sightings and other strange activity? Or what about the vast number of bizarre disappearances? What’s more, numerous folklore tales tell of such entities that could, and most often would do just that. Again, as wildly speculative as it is, if we accept that many legends and folklore contain small trace elements of truth, it’s a notion perhaps worthy of remaining on the mental backburner. Especially in relation to the Loire River abduction.

Check out the video below.


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