Night Fishing Trip Turns Into Journey To Underwater Alien Base

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The case of Orlando Jorge Ferraudi is perhaps little known by comparison to other (in some cases) less credible accounts. Which is a shame, due to the “irreproachable character” of the witness. At least according to UFO investigator, Hector Antonio Picco, who would lead a small team in investigating the claim over an eight-year period, culminating in 1965. He believed Ferraudi to be trustworthy to the core.

UFO Over Water

Furthermore, details he revealed would appear to corroborate the Ancient Astronaut Theory, which was still several years away from mainstream popularity. In short and as overdramatic as it might be, the late-night fishing trip taken by Ferraudi that evening, may, in time, prove to be one of the most important decisions, in terms of the yield of historical information, ever taken.

As we will see shortly, Ferraudi is not only a credible witness but almost two decades later, further details of his testimony concerning the incident in question, would be proven in the theories and writings of a Nobel Prize winner.

Somewhere On The Coast Of Argentina, August 1956

Although the dates are sometimes confused, it was August 1956 when Orlando Jorge Ferraudi sat on the beach shortly before midnight. He was setting out his fishing equipment and enjoying the peace of the late hour (incidentally, the case didn’t become public knowledge until 1965, after being reported for the first time by the aforementioned Hector Picco – this is likely where the confusion on dates occurs).

It was then he heard something behind him and reaching for a pack of cigarettes he turned around. He was expecting to see a homeless person who frequented the area, and who he sometimes gave cigarettes to. However, upon looking in the direction of the noise, he could see a tall, strange humanoid being, watching him.

Ferraudi would tell Picco that the being was at least two meters tall. Furthermore, “his skin was very white and he had very light-colored eyes!” He had “very neat” hair, but no facial hair to speak of. He also adorned “some kind of tight-fitting overall!”

The humanoid would speak directly into the witness’ head, telling him not to be scared. He would also tell him he wished him to join him for a “long trip!”

Using a “strange box” that would light up the area when opened, Ferraudi followed the humanoid a little way from his fishing area. He noticed that the “overalls” worn by the humanoid had a hood at the back of the neck, but otherwise, it contained “no zippers or buttons!”

As he looked forward into the light, he could make out a “strange inverted saucer” heading towards the pair, gliding over the water. It came to a stop in front of them and a ramp extended forwards. Another humanoid emerged from the craft, making a welcoming gesture to Ferraudi to follow.

Tall Humanoid

On Board

As he walked inside, he noticed a young girl, around twelve or thirteen years old. He could tell that she was human, and not one of the strange visitors.

The girl immediately turned her attention to him and said the humanoids “were good!” Furthermore, he shouldn’t be afraid. She introduced herself as Elena and informed Ferraudi that she only been on board for a short while. She was at home, she went on, when she heard a noise outside. Thinking it was the family cat she went out to bring it in, when out of nowhere, a brightly lit “glass tube” came down, and brought her up into the craft.

As she finished, more telepathic communication came, apparently, into both of their heads. They were told they would have to change clothes due to “elements and germs that are alien to us!” Ferraudi noticed a female humanoid had entered the room, and she urged the young girl to follow her so that she could change.

Likewise, he was given a small overall to change into, and after stating it was too narrow for him, was urged by the humanoid to persist. As he placed his legs inside a small hole in the cloth, the material began to expand until it completely covered his body. He would state that although he had nothing on his feet, he felt as though he was wearing “a comfortable pair of shoes!”

His clothes would go inside a box “that looked like a television set” which then produced a thick, green smoke, presumably to clean them of the elements the humanoid had mentioned.

Underwater Travel “To Avoid Radar!”

After a short while, the craft would submerge itself under the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and travel under the water for some time. According to Ferraudi, his host informed him this was to “avoid radar!”

They arrived a short way away at Samborombon Bay, where the ship emerged from the water. It would glide over the ocean at extremely low altitude. Upon reaching the coast of Uruguay, the craft crossed the Atlantic to Africa. From here, according to Ferraudi, the saucer “went up” and into outer space.

He would describe how the Earth looked (“blue, enormous, round, with white spots”) before the widespread pictures we know of today. He would also describe the moon as “opaque grey!”

Some of the details of their encounter in space are of particular interest, given that they would very much appear to describe similar UFO propulsion methods as later described by such people as Bob Lazar. Perhaps the most specific detail was when Ferraudi offered, “Then ‘they’ told us: ‘we will now project a force field that will attract us as if we were inside a tube….’ And – immediately – the Earth became as small as an orange!”

This almost perfectly describes how Lazar would assert such other-worldly crafts travel almost thirty years later.

Following their experience outside of the planet, the craft returned to Earth, and again entered the ocean. They were in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. In a short while, they realized they were within a giant underwater dome.

Alien Base Under The Water In The Gulf Of Mexico

It was like nothing either he or Elena had ever seen before. Ferraudi would later describe it as “a giant igloo!” Furthermore, an entire city, with tall buildings and ample activity, was contained within it. He could also see several saucer-shaped crafts – the same as the one they themselves were in. As if sensing his questions, the humanoid said into his mind, “It is a base to recondition our ships!”

As they went past, the humanoid told them they would undergo a “test”. A tray of “strange eggs” were brought in to them. There were ten in total – five each. The “eggs” were different colors – red, yellow, brown, green, and a color Ferraudi couldn’t recall. They were to eat each one and also to drink a strange, clear, thick liquid. Ferraudi would recall both as having no taste.

Each was then asked to lay on a stretcher-type piece of furniture. A “U-shaped pillow” with lights in the colors of the eggs around it was at the top. Almost immediately, both he and Elena were fast asleep. Upon awakening, however, things got even stranger. Each could read the other’s mind, which as bizarre as it was, they found amusing.

The humanoid informed them that their tests had been of great importance to them so that they might learn of the physical and mental state of the human race. They were also told that each was very healthy and that they even knew the date of each person’s death.

Perhaps most interesting, particularly in regard to some of the “spiritual UFO” movements, was the claim that each was informed their pineal gland had been “reactivated!”

What the humanoid said next stayed in Ferraudi’s mind almost word for word.

Ancient UFO

The Pineal Gland – Links To An Ancient Race?

Ferraudi would claim they were told by the humanoid, “You will be useful to us in the future because this gland is the only legacy that remains here from us, since of the five races that inhabit this planet, none is originally from Earth. They are only remnants of civilizations from other planets!”

He would go on to state that the Earth, in cosmic terms, was a “zoo-type planet!” Furthermore, past genetic mutation and hybridization had “destroyed” the original race in its initial form. All that remained was the pineal gland, but even that was not “active!” Due to the reactivation of this gland, they would experience new sensations. One of which, would be a type of communication. According to the humanoid, “when we think of you, you will hear a hum in your heads!”

Interestingly, in mainstream scientific terms, although there is no definitive proof, many theories exist to suggest the pineal gland very well may be a vestigial organ – perhaps the remains of a “third eye!” These claims also resonate with many ancient astronaut theorists. Some have even drawn comparisons to the “Eye of Horus” and how it resembles the pineal gland.

We recently looked at the late conspiracy theorist, Max Spiers, who passed away in suspicious circumstances in the summer of 2016. He would speak of “pains in his pineal gland” in the BBC documentary “Fractured”. He also claimed to “activating his pineal gland”, and even of experiencing “astral attacks” from those who also had use of this forgotten human ability.

You can check out a short video Max Spiers below. It features him speaking in Poland several months before his death.

Other Similar Details And A Warning

Other details offered by Ferraudi again confirm future accounts from people on board very similar crafts. For example, he states the rooms were bright but there was no actual source of illumination. This is a detail that many repeat, often without realizing the apparent importance.

Ferraudi would also state that part of the “engine” ran all around the edge of the craft. Further still, other, differently dressed beings, with helmets and visors, worked at these stations.

Going back to the similarities to Bob Lazar and his claims of UFO propulsion, Ferraudi would state the humanoid told him, “We don’t fly! We simply slide along a force field!” Even more intriguing is the detail that this force field is due to the creation and control of “three energies!” And their crafts can travel in space by using “all three or only one of them!” Many close-up UFO sightings speak of seeing three bright lights on the underside of the craft. Bob Lazar would also assert the use of three such energies. And that they are located underneath the crafts.

On a darker note, there was also mention of nuclear energy, and more to the point, the way humans weaponize it. According to Ferraudi, the beings demonstrated the use of “pure energy” on a floating object. A small beam hit the object, obliterating it upon contact. Should the human race “threaten the stellar harmony”, this would “regrettably” be the fate of the Earth.

The Mention of “God” And More “Proven” Information

Although it is a detail rarely mentioned in UFO encounters, Ferraudi would also speak of “God” and interpretations of divinity. The humanoids would state that what humans imagine, or perceive as “God” is a form of “absolute energy” to them.

A very similar assertion came from Sidney Patrick, who claimed to board a similar craft in the late-1960s. Even more remarkable, the encounter took place on a secluded and quiet beach, this time in California near the Pacific.

Also, although it was a little-known detail at the time, Ferraudi would claim to have received ample medical information. He planned to use it to build a machine that would detect and cure cancer.

He would write a manuscript about this. In it, he would describe the cause of cancer to be down to “altered functions of the ductless glands!” He would further state that this leads to the “irrational formation of cells” which then travel around the blood. They seek out the “weakest organ” and attack it, in turn changing the cell formation.

The details that Ferraudi was aware of were not only ahead of his time, it was of a level that was simply above his mental ability in the subject of medicine. Almost three decades later in 1975, the Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi produced his “Electromagnetic Theory of Cancer”. The basic premise of this was almost identical to that of Ferraudi’s. Was this perhaps an attempt by the humanoid aliens to impart such knowledge to Ferraudi in the hope he could use it for the good of humanity?

Check out the video below, which looks at five alien species said to be living on Earth alongside us.


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