Falcon And Condor – Where Do Their Claims Belong In UFO History?

First Published: November 24, 2017 Last updated: March 15th, 2019 Written by: Marcus Lowth Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes Posted in: Editorials

It is begrudgingly accepted in the UFO and conspiracy communities that along with the genuine pieces of valuable information, comes a tidal wave of purposeful and strategically placed disinformation.

This is done in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons. Sometimes there may be a desire to establish a certain mood within society, perhaps with a consistent predetermined enemy. Or perhaps there is a desire to release genuine information tied to a paper trail that will lead those that follow away from the real prize.

Aliens in the shadows.

There are even cases of these types of projects gauging how the population at large might react to a certain scenario. Some point to the “War of the Worlds” incident of the late-1930s as being such a purposeful exercise in researching response. Needless to say, when the wider population believed they were under attack from beings from outer space, the reaction was one of panic. So much so that some people even took their own lives or crashed while attempting to flee the cities.

It is perhaps interesting that there is some discrepancy if this incident actually played out the way we now remember it. If there is any truth to the insinuation that there is a desire for us to collectively ‘remember’ how the masses had reacted to a radio show in a certain way, then maybe we have to ask, why? Might it be in the interests of people to be able to point to such an episode as proof of not causing panic by revealing such secrets?

Before we explore more specific cases of apparent disinformation in more detail, check out the short video below. It looks at the War of the Worlds incident in a little more detail.

The “Art” Of Disinformation

We have written on several occasions of how intelligence agencies manipulate information and then deliver that information repeatedly and precisely. Essentially these are very basic forms of mind control.

Intelligence agencies – more specifically the CIA – have long maintained a presence in Hollywood, for example, and although that presence is officially advisory, that advice is often in the form of what message or angle they might wish a certain film or program to take. Sometimes this is to “re-write” history in favor of the United States (as many wartime epics appear to do). At other times, the claims are that there is a desire to “test the waters” somewhat as to how the population would react to certain notions or incidents.

There is even the Fairy Tale Theory of fact hidden in fiction. This dates back to antiquity, with real-life accounts and esoteric knowledge being “hidden” within the storylines of fairy tales, legends, and myths. This practice, those who subscribe to it will tell you, continues today with plots and details of blockbuster movies or popular television shows.

Many high-ranking producers, directors, and writers have connections to equally high-ranking politicians and government officials. Perhaps a good example would be Gene Roddenberry, the creator, and writer of the Star Trek series. Roddenberry would take part in the secret Project Penguin sessions where mystics and psychics claimed to have made contact with an entity calling itself “The Nine”.

According to the reports, this entity revealed a wealth of information about the universe and the history of time itself. Roddenberry would use the title “Deep Space Nine” when writing his Star Trek stories. Who knows how many of those ideas came from his imagination? And how many may have come from this psychic sessions?

The video below looks at the “Council of Nine”.

Falcon and Condor

Whether there is any truth to these theories is up for debate. Interestingly or not, though, at least for those in the UFO fields, is that several whistle-blowers have made statements alluding to the fact that well-known science-fiction films were in fact “closer to the truth than most people think!”

In the late-1970s and early-1980s, two apparent high-ranking agents who worked deep within the secret UFO projects of the US government would come forward.

Falcon first came into the public arena when UFO researcher, William Moore, released the book The Roswell Incident, referring to his source for much of the content as ‘Falcon’. It would later come to light that Falcon was a one-time high-ranking CIA employee by the name of Harry Rositzke. He was, along with others in the intelligence services “tired of the secrecy surrounding the UFO subject. And were eager to release more information to the public!”

The official news story from the Roswell Daily Record

The official news story from the Roswell Daily Record

According to the author, Greg Bishop, in his book Project Beta, the information given to Moore would come with conditions. That Moore would “plant particular ideas into the UFO community, sowing truth with fiction, and to monitor and report back on how this information was being received!”

It was also through Falcon (Rositzke) that Moore would establish contact with another whistle-blower – Condor. Condor – who time would reveal to be Richard C. Doty, a Special Agent with the Air Force – would soon become Moore’s main source of information.

The Interview

As part of a 1988 television documentary ‘UFO Cover-Up Live!’, both Falcon and Condor – each with their face obscured – would reveal apparent secret information regarding the ongoing UFO conspiracy. William Moore became involved with the project through his research partner, Jamie Shandera’s Hollywood connections to the documentary producer, Michael Seligman. And in so doing, would provide the bridge to his secret sources.

Shandera incidentally was also the “Hollywood producer” who received the strange roll of film that would become known as the MJ12 documents. Coincidentally or not, another piece of apparent genuine information shrouded in disinformation. Micheal Seligman is also a person of “considerable influence in Hollywood!”

The documentary would not only look at the nuts-and-bolts side of UFO crafts, their materials and capabilities, and details of their propulsion systems but would also confirm the existence of alien beings. Furthermore, several of these beings are alive and “worked with” the government in a secret location. Projects are ongoing in an attempt to understand the technology and to open communications further.

They would speak of many things including a considerable breakdown of their biological make-up, their diet, and materials of their crafts. The details were precise and to the point, and spoken about in a serious manner. They lived for around three-to-four hundred years and their IQ would score over the two-hundred mark. They also had a high appreciation for art – in particular, music.

Then, the whole mood would change.

Disinformation In Motion?

The following is perhaps a good example of how disinformation works. Falcon made a statement that likely made everyone watching completely discount everything he had just said when he stated, “…..their favorite snack is ice-cream – especially strawberry!”

Given that it is well-established that Falcon was a high ranking intelligence officer, would he really have thought it wise to include such a statement at this time, even if it were true? Or is it more likely, the purpose of the comment was to intentionally discredit what he had just said. Perhaps upon orders, perhaps to protect himself?

Another interesting point mentioned was the idea that these aliens had a belief in a “supreme deity”. That the universe itself was such a being. We recently wrote of the account of Sid Padrick and his encounter with “Xeno”, an alien being who also spoke of a “supreme being” during the incident. The Air Force (to whom Padrick made his report) would publicly claim Padrick to be a fantasist. Might he have been truthful? Or might the whole account have been purposeful disinformation? And if that is true, what is the benefit of connecting a supreme being or deity to the UFO community?

You can check out the short clip featuring Falcon and Condor’s comments below.

The “Other” Agenda Of William Moore

Over the years, more details began to emerge concerning this “once-in-a-lifetime” live documentary – shown in both the Soviet Union and the United States at the same time.

The first concerned the aforementioned William Moore, who, the year following the airing of the documentary in 1989 made some startling revelations during a talk at the annual MUFON conference. He would talk about the arrangement between himself and his sources, and of the intentionally placed disinformation.

He would state that his plan was to “play the disinformation game. And to get his hands dirty enough to lead those directing the process into believing that he was doing exactly what they wanted him to do. All the while he would continue to burrow his way into the defense and intelligence matrix to learn who was directing it and why.”

Regardless of his intentions or sincerity, he was almost universally shunned by the UFO community. Other researchers and authors who had used the same sources also had their work, and in some cases, their character, come under scrutiny in the light of Moore’s admission.

Perhaps even more chilling were the 2014 comments of Tracy Torme, who was a producer in the ‘UFO Cover-Up Live’.

Tracy Torme’s Revelations

According to producer Tracy Torme, a hijacking of the ‘UFO Cover-Up Live’ documentary would occur when Moore became involved. The whole dynamic would change. Moore would hold “secret meetings” that did not include anyone other than himself, Seligman and the “source”. An apparent definite turning point happened after Moore took Seligman to a small island retreat in the Great Lakes. In order to meet Falcon and Condor.

“After this meeting took place,” Torme would state in 2014, “Michael Seligman came back and was scared of his own shadow!”

Torme would elaborate that he was suddenly “very paranoid”. And would tell people repeatedly to “keep their voices down when talking in the offices!” He would give the impression, according to Torme, that he was very much aware of people listening to them.

Seligman would further insist that people read from cue cards. Remember, the documentary was a live show and shouldn’t have required this. Torme would state that “he wanted to know what they were going to say!” This, Torme feels, gave the documentary or wooden, almost amateurish feel to it. It would also restrict greatly what the guests could say as everything said would require his approval.

Torme would highlight how a “select group of researchers” were receiving similar information from the two agents, Falcon and Condor. It is unknown if any deals similar to that of William Moore have taken place.

Check out the video below. It features respected UFO researcher (and ex-nuclear physicist) Stanton Freidman speaking on disinformation.

A General Atmosphere of Mistrust!

This program of disinformation didn’t stop with the revelations of William Moore. And the realization that such sources as Falcon and Condor, while certainly giving genuine information, were also mixing in their own angles and slants, and at times even outright lies, made for a reassessing of the wealth of information both essential and frustrating.

An atmosphere of uncertainty shrouds almost all aspects of the UFO conspiracy. So much so, even if a complete disclosure was to happen, be it by a lone government or on a global level, such is the wall of mistrust that has built up, even that might not be enough to satisfy people who, by intelligent agencies own creating, have learned to question, re-question, and then question again anything told to them.

This disinformation and hidden genuine information continue today. Whether woven into storylines of blockbuster movies or passed to the public through an otherwise trustworthy source. Themselves likely unaware of their own manipulation.

With this last point in mind, what should we make, for example, of Tom DeLonge? And exactly where is his place in the rabbit warren of UFO disclosure? Is he the latest source serving disinformation? If so, is he aware, or is he himself merely a pawn? Is this ‘project’ part of the drip-feeding of information to the public? A way of testing the reaction to this information? Or is it merely another attempt to satisfy those continuing to push for disclosure? Pretend to give them what they want, while really holding the genuine information away from the public arena.

There is certainly a feeling among some in the UFO community that we should perhaps be wary of DeLonge and his claims, even if his intentions are noble and sincere.

Check out the ‘UFO Cover-Up Live’ documentary.


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  • David White says:

    Marcus, your coverage of the continuing government-sponsored disinfo campaign is both in depth and revealing, and a welcome chance to step back and analyze just what “revelations” we are being asked to swallow.

    But you miss one key ingredient in the Falcon and Condor story: that during the live broadcast, they allowed certain previously unreleased (and highly classified) documents to be displayed, specifically a chart that outlined the chain of command for certain Top Secret units that before then had never been officially or publicly acknowledged, including the Parapsychology Research Unit, whose “No Foreigners” classification meant it could not be shared outside of the US.

    It’s long been speculated that this was an intentional and illegal release of info to the world, though it has also been suggested that it proves those units and the CoC chart was as fake as the strawberry ice cream comment that Falcon made during the show.

    Thanks for a very useful look at a significant moment in UFOlogy.

    • Marcus Lowth says:

      Thanks for that David. That is some excellent information there. Should we look at this case more in-depth in the future I will be sure to look into this aspect a little more.

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