Connections Between UFO Activity And Nuclear Facilities

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For reasons most of us can only guess at, sightings of UFOs near nuclear facilities have happened as long as such facilities have existed. Perhaps of more concern is their apparent ability to “turn off” nuclear missiles making them completely inoperable. While most of us would not wish to see any nuclear weapons deployed at any time, and as outlandish as this sounds, should a hostile alien invasion take place on our already fragile planet, without the ability to launch a retaliatory strike, we might prove to be very easy pickings. Furthermore, if these weapons can be shut down, what is to say they couldn’t be armed and launched?

UFO Nuclear

One of the most famous (and largely credible) UFO encounters, the Rendlesham Forest Incident also shares a connection to nuclear technology. At least according to former British Transport Police officer and UFO investigator, Gary Hestletine, who has spent considerable time reviewing and researching the case. According to a conversation he had with one of the main witnesses to that incident, Colonel Charles Halt, the nearby RAF Bentwaters (utilized by the US military) had “more nuclear missiles in the weapons storage area than anywhere else in Europe!”

Hestletine claims the conversation took place while walking with Halt in Rendlesham Forest. The UFO investigator’s wife was also present. She claims to have remembered the conversation due to the peace protests that were taking place outside Greenham Common at the time of the sighting. While Halt claims to have witnessed “beams” firing out of the craft and into the weapons storage areas, he would refuse to confirm making the statement to Hestletine about nuclear weapons.

Whether the conversation took place how Hestletine claims is open to debate. There are, however, many other similar sightings around some of the most nuclear heavy facilities on the planet. Whatever is behind the UFO phenomenon, that they have an interest in such facilities is beyond doubt. The short video below features footage of just one of many sightings still occurring today all around the planet. This footage is from 2014 and comes to us from Poland.

The Woomera Incident

On 15th July 1960, during the top-secret “Vixen” nuclear weapons tests came a report of what was one of many UFO sightings in the skies over the Woomera Prohibited Area. Details of the sighting and the military’s interest in it would enter the public arena via declassified documents in the National Australian Archives.

According to the report, the initial sighting occurred at Wewak “the site of the Vixen ‘A’ tests”. At 7.15 pm, Constable Hubert Dave Scarborough would report that one of the static instrumentation balloons stationed in Maralinga Village around 15 miles away, had “burnt in the air!” However, upon contacting the station, all such balloons were present and undamaged. A fellow officer would question Scarborough to obtain further details.

Just after 7 pm, while sitting in his caravan, a light came into his line of sight “the power of bright moonlight, playing on the ground”. He would watch the light from the doorstep of this caravan. As it came closer, it began to change from a white color to red. It remained visible for around thirty seconds, leading him to believe it was a balloon that had burnt out.

Investigations would soon discover other witnesses. Constable Richard Henry Maxwell witnessed the light from the roadside. From his angle, it appeared it was heading from the Wewak base’s direction. He didn’t have any other details to offer, however, as he didn’t believe it to be anything of consequence. In fact, it was only when asked by investigators that he remembered what he saw.

There were also several witnesses from the neighboring Maralinga Village. Each would report seeing strange lights at a little after 7 pm. They all would also state that it was heading towards them from the military base.

Nuclear Explosion

Many Theories Explored

After ruling out any weapons tests at Woomera investigators would look into the possibility that the light was caused by a low-flying “photo-flash” from a surveillance aircraft. This was also quickly ruled out. Aside from no records of a flight that evening, there was no reports of any sound, much less that of a low-flying aircraft. Furthermore, a photo-flash would be visible for mere seconds, and certainly not up to thirty seconds.

Another theory suggested that the incident might have been a case of “St. Elmo’s Fire” caused by static electricity of the standing balloons. Although the balloons were “earthed” the officer at the site would state that static electricity could “build-up sufficiently” so that the anchor vehicle would be electrified. Research would suggest that this was possible, although unlikely. And further to that, the phenomena is “commonly associated by a crackling or fizzing noise”.

Officially, the report would conclude that the strange sightings were the result of “a meteor or static electricity”. At least one investigator, however, would suggest that the incident wasn’t down to naturally occurring phenomena. Health Physics Officer, Oliver Harry Turner, would suggest that the source of the light was due to an artificial object. Perhaps a satellite cone, or even a “flying saucer”. The fact that the official report would see it fit to include this is more telling than we might think.

The sightings of such objects would continue throughout the years. In fact, such was the regularity of them, that the Royal Australian Air Force would provide all witnesses with standard “pro forma questionnaires”.

Furthermore, these sightings are happening at nuclear facilities around the world. Before we look at some of the other incidents, check out the video below. It looks at the Woomera incident a little further.

The Minot and Malmstrom Incidents

According to Captain David Schindele, UFOs were responsible for the deactivation of ten nuclear missiles on the evening of 6th December 1966. The episode occurred at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota. Although the local newspaper ran a story of the incident on their front page the following day, it quickly disappeared from the public arena. Those who witnessed the incident were told “never to speak” about it. It wasn’t until 2010 when Schindele finally decided he had to come forward with the truth before he passed away. He also learned of other incidents that mirrored his own.

Schindele would speak of the incident in his book ‘It Never Happened Volume 1’, where he also stated that “many of us experienced unworldly incidents” at the facility. He would also state, however, that most often than not, witnesses were warned individually to “keep silent”. Although some people took that direction seriously, even today refusing to speak, others, including Schindele, believe the gravity of the situation warrants such disclosure.

You can check out the video below which looks at this a little further.

There was a similar incident that took place only three months later on 16th March 1967 in nearby Montana at Malmstrom Air Force Base. As reports of a glowing red object over the base began to filter around the personnel, Captain Robert Salas noticed flashing lights on their control panel indicating a problem with the missiles on site. Then another report came over the radio. This time there was a “UFO just sitting there” outside the gates of the base.

It was then that each of the 10 nuclear missiles suddenly went offline. Like in Minot this made them inoperable.

The short video below looks at this incident a little more.

A Real Cause For Concern?

So, should there be a collective concern? Are these demonstrations meant to encourage us to abandon such nuclear weapons? Or might they be a flexing of the cosmic muscle by visitors from elsewhere with far from benevolent intentions towards humanity? The incidents are certainly not limited to the Cold War days, with reports as recently as 2012 from the aforementioned Malmstrom Air Force Base.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union and the declassified documents that have entered the public arena, we know that they too experienced such demonstrations of superiority by unknown intelligence.

UFO researcher, Robert Hastings, has conducted research on this particular aspect of the UFO question for over four decades. In that time, he has logged over 150 incidents, all with military personnel witnesses that have taken place at nuclear storage facilities, test ranges, and missile sites. He further states that he doesn’t “blame any government agency” with regard to the secrecy that surrounds UFO sightings and incidents. It is time, Hastings believes, for the public to know the facts surrounding this complex issue.

Hastings firmly believes these incidents to be a warning from intelligent extraterrestrials of the danger of such weapons. And the future of humanity in general. It is an interesting assertion. Not least because of the wealth of reports from abductees who claim to have received such direct information. As we have pointed out before, of more concern are the warnings of consequences should we not heed such advice. It would appear there is a concern about humanity reaching out into the cosmos. Perhaps we will take our warlike ways with us. It would also appear that such cosmic intelligence won’t allow that to happen.

The video below features Hastings speaking about his research a little more in-depth.


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