Winston Churchill UFO Letter Revealed: Discusses View on Aliens and Life in Space

First Published: February 19, 2017 Last updated: April 2nd, 2018 Written by Ian Stephens Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

Having been one of the most revered men in British political history, the opinion of Winston Churchill carries its own weight in gold. So, for anyone who has long doubted the idea of aliens being real, would Mr. Churchill help change your mind?

The wartime Prime Minister, then, was a massive believer in life outside of this planet. And it’s easy to see why, isn’t it?

This all comes from the recent finding of a wonderful letter that was written by the legendary PM in 1939. While facing off Nazi Germany and trying to make sure that the Allies would be victorious, it would appear that Mr. Churchill was a bit pre-occupied. On the brink of the breakout of the Second World War, Churchill penned an essay. That essay has sat dormant, unread, for the best part of a century. Now, it’s been released to the public – and we can see that, even in such challenging times, Churchill was open about extra-terrestrial activity.

Churchill in his office with cigar while writing.

Churchill in his office with a cigar while writing.

Indeed, he actually made some pretty startling predictions that have come to pass in the years to come since. Did he have inside info? Or did his intellect merely help him see what many would be pre-occupied to notice themselves?

One thing is for sure – Churchill was smarter than your average bear. The article that is in question here was produced in Nature and has gathered huge attention since the issue was released. This document had sat, stored away in the United States National Churchill Museum. Eventually, it was released by Mario Livio, a fantastic author. It was passed to Livio during a visit to the Museum when it was handed to him as an 11-page manuscript. Apparently, it looks like it would have been for the News of the World broadsheet, one of the most popular in the UK.

So, Are We Alone in Space?

The article that he wrote up, called “Are We Alone in Space?” has naturally gathered a huge amount of attention. For many younger people, Churchill has become a bit of a pariah as his darker elements have come out over the years. What this showed, though, was that Churchill’s thinking went a whole lot deeper than most presumed.

For anyone who is also a believer in extra-terrestrial life, though, knowing that Churchill was such a staunch ally can only help.

Churchill, remember, was more than just the Prime Minister. A deep lover of science, he wrote many pieces to do with space and elements of the world that we hadn’t yet grasped much understanding of – at least compared to today. Churchill was, according to Space, the first Prime Minister to have a science advisor; that alone should show you that his views on astrology differ from the majority.

This content has come to life after the work of Livio brought this to the public eye. Now, people are more engaged than ever about the thoughts and opinions of one of the most polarizing leaders of the 20th Century.

What is so striking about the piece, then, is that Churchill seemed to be ahead of the curve. Even the astronomers and scientific minds of his era did not have the same grasp as Churchill. Indeed, much of what the piece talks about tends to be the way that science today looks at the idea of alien life forms.

Despite the fact he was about to march into what has gone down in history as one of the most devastating moments our species has endured, Churchill kept writing. What he wrote, then, seems to be in line with what we know today.

The Lost Work of a Genius?

Since most of what is mentioned in the essay can be compared to what we believe today, it shows that Churchill breaks tradition. Most Prime Ministers – especially the most recent – have felt to be equally ignorant of major topics such as space exploration. Even when dealing with such a seismic event, Churchill still found the time to put great thought and interest into a matter of massive public interest.

Could you imagine David Cameron, or his successor Theresa May, creating the same kind of in-depth, exciting writing? Not a chance.

The fact that this has sat dormant in the museum for close to 40 years is actually a bit of a tragedy. Today, many people in British life are still deeply inspired by the mentality and ethics of Churchill. With his more open-minded opinions on such a topic spoken about, we might have a more open-minded public to discuss this with.

Maury Island with UFO

Maury Island with UFO

The UK public are notoriously uninterested in the prospect of alien life. If an icon of the last century was to have made clear his opinion on the matter, it might hold a greater level of interest in the public eye.

Indeed, science would hold a greater prominence in UK life. Given that we’re going through a period of dismissing experts as if they are clueless, instead, listening to populist politicians, it may have helped. There’s a widespread distrust of academics at present, seen as being for the establishment. However, Churchill clearly never felt that way.

Perhaps the people who spend so much time quoting the man would be more open-minded to the power of academia if they listened to what Churchill really thought. From being a major player in UK lab funding to technological development, Churchill cared.

What Can This Tell Us?

That perhaps the UK is a little too quick to dismiss things that seem a little ‘out there’?

That the speed of which we write off people with differing and alternating opinions is quite frightening?

Sadly, it would probably not make a big difference. Churchill, though, is still a figure of massive guidance to many in the UK. The fact that our political leaders ever since have been a bit, well, awful, probably does not help. He is seen as the last PM to pull off something remarkable in the eyes of many people.

However, when Guy Verhofstadt, the EU Brexit negotiator, quoted Churchill’s love of Europe, he was attacked in the press. If Churchill made the same comment – if he was heard to be saying that quote today – it would be taken totally differently. Since Verhofstadt is the kind of expert that the UK seems to hate today, there’s a massive distrust of anything he says. Despite being an actual quote, people distrust the man – just like we distrust most academics today.

Yet, people will be more inclined to believe in the idea of alien life purely on the basis that Churchill appeared to, also. A man of great logic and sound intellect, Churchill was the kind of person to take things at face value.

Therefore, it’s easier to buy into his assertion that it would be the complex discussions on the subject that take place at an academic level. Given that he isn’t the only wartime hero from Britain to buy into the idea of alien life, perhaps those damned academics aren’t so bad after all?

Many of the people that are seen as trustworthy in modern Britain try and use the same kind of rhetoric as Churchill. If only they carried his same intellect and gravitas, we might not be at the stage where we trust populist politicians over the people who actually gather the facts.

One thing is for certain, though. One of the most respected and revered men in British politics held opinions that, today, would likely have seen a change in the way that the public tend to look at certain subjects – specifically the chance of life outside of this planet.

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