Flying Disc Over San Francisco – Alien Ship Or Black Budget Vehicle?

Marcus Lowth
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December 16, 2019
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September 1, 2020
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California, much like the entire pacific west coast of America has more than its fair share of UFO activity and strange encounters. And what’s more, these strange otherworldly incidents continue today into our contemporary era.

In 2006, an anonymous witness would report a disc-shaped craft hovering in the sky in the middle of the day. What’s more, he and his son would view the object with the aid of high-powered binoculars that allowed them to make out the craft in intricate detail. We will examine his account in a moment as it is just one of many sightings of apparent alien spacecraft in the Californian skies.

A superimposed UFO over a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge

Did an alien craft fly over San Francisco in 2006?

Might they, however, not be the result of extraterrestrial visitation but top-secret military projects? After all California is littered with such bases. And is home to the so-called “Silicon Valley” where by and large, the future is made. Add to that the close location to states such as Nevada and New Mexico, and it is perhaps important to maintain in our minds the possibility that what many of us believe are signs of aliens might actually be highly advanced military hardware. Maybe even derived from the reverse engineering of alleged recovered extraterrestrial vehicles that have crashed here.

We have examined previously, for example, several sightings of triangular-shaped crafts over California at around the same time as the following sighting. And, given that some believe, the TR-3B is a top-secret military aircraft, might some of the (relatively) recent sightings over California also have a similar backstory?

The following incident would enter the public domain via the NUFORC website. It was reported and submitted by the witness a short time following the encounter.

A Strange “Black Speck” Hovering In The Distance!

The main witness, an anonymous 48-year-old resident of Tiburon in California, was at home at just before noon on the 5th November 2006 preparing to help his 10-year-old son with his book report when the young boy alerted him to something strange in the distance that he could see from the back door of the room. The door opened out on to a third-floor balcony, and the witness scanned the late morning skies in order to pick out the object his son was looking at.

Several seconds later he could indeed see a “black speck” moving in the air. However, after realizing that the object was not losing any altitude but was, in fact, hovering more or less at the same position, he discounted his first thought that the anomaly was a parachutist.

Several UFOs superimposed onto a night picture of the Golden Gate Bridge

There are many UFO sightings reported all over California

After several more seconds, the witness went to retrieve his binoculars and quickly refocused on the object using them. He would provide himself with a “stable platform” on the rail of the balcony. Then, he finally focused in on the strange shape in the distance.

He would describe the object as a “perfectly round dark-colored disc” which had “no bulges” and was completely flat. Furthermore, although hovering, it was in “constant motion” performing “figure eights, tilting and banking, and turning slowly”. Further still, he could make out no markings, symbols, or any other detail of interest on the craft’s exterior. He would also notice how the sun appeared to reflect off the craft’s surface. This suggested a metallic material for the exterior.

The “Unmistakable Sound Of Military Jets!”

The witness would estimate the object to be between 2,000 to 3,000 feet above the sea level. He would further estimate it to be between 30 and 50 feet in length.

When the witness passed the binoculars to his son to view the object, he would notice how it became difficult to pick it out again without them. However, every so often, the metallic exterior would reflect the sun. With the flash of light would alert you to its location.

He would further note how there was no noise whatsoever accompanying the object. Given the number of aircraft that would fly over the area, both commercial, military, and private, it was surprising to them not to be able to hear at least a faint rumble of an engine. This would suggest, like many other UFO sightings, that the object was completely silent and not simply out of earshot.

They would continue to watch the object for around 10 minutes before it eventually disappeared from sight. The witness and his young son would come inside shortly after. They would then begin work on the planned book report.

A picture claiming to show a UFO

Does this picture show a real disc-shaped UFO?

However, around 20 minutes later they could each hear the “unmistakable sound of military jets” nearby. As they both ran back to the balcony, two jets were clearly visible in the skies where the strange object had been only minutes previously. Each was circling the area as if looking for something.

Incidentally, when the witness would make tentative inquiries as to what the jets might have been doing he was informed they were part of a flyover at a nearby San Francisco 49ers’ football game. However, records show that the 49ers were not even playing that weekend as they were on a bye week.

No Further Witnesses, But An Intriguing Account Nonetheless!

Although he doesn’t know what the object was, the witness is adamant that he and his son witnessed something. An object shaped like a flying disc that was not a conventional terrestrial aircraft. Furthermore, due to the incident occurring when it did – just before noon – the witness also believes that other people must have witnessed the object also. No one, however, has stepped forward to offer corroborating witness testimony to the best of our knowledge.

That isn’t to say the account should be dismissed. There are multiple air force bases in the San Francisco area and, more specifically, the greater California region. As well as, several navy bases along the pacific coast.

Might the disc that the witness and his young son saw have actually been a military black budget aircraft? Might that explain why the military jets appeared minutes after the craft had vanished from the area? Or might their presence actually indicate quite the opposite? That the craft was indeed from a place unknown?

A UFO superimposed onto a night scene of downtown San Francisco

Are these strange objects alien vehicles or secret military craft

We know that not just California, but the entire west coast of the United States is awash with UFO activity. However, several incidents that occurred at around the same time as the above episode are perhaps worth our examination here.

For example, although there is not much detail, and the incident appears largely unsourced, there are records of a UFO sighting only two months earlier in Roseville, Rocklin, California. At just after midnight, several motorists, including a mother and daughter, would witness a glowing object descending to the ground. At first, they would mistake the object for a meteor. Only when they saw the enormous size of the object, and realized it was not “falling” did they realize it was something more extraordinary.

Strange Glowing Ball Over Fresno

Although it took place almost a year previously, an incident from nearby Fresno from 1st December 2005 is also worthy of our attention at this time. The incident in question occurred in the early hours between 5 and 6 am. The witness was delivering the Fresno Bee newspaper when they happened to look up and see a strange ball of light in the skies overhead. The witness would later describe it as looking like a “moving streetlight”.

The object had a definite orange glow to it, and “moved about the pace of a slow helicopter”. The witness would stop what they were doing in order to fully watch the strange craft. Although it had a definite glow to it, the witness believed the exterior be metallic. This was, he would explain, due to the other reflections from the early morning atmosphere and haze.

Witness sketch of the incident

Witness sketch of the incident

The more the witness looked at the object, the more details they could make out. For example, on what they presumed to be the front, a “big headlight” appeared to be. Furthermore, while faint, the witness believed they could also hear the sound of a small engine, or certainly something mechanical. Of even more intrigue, despite the bright glow of the object, at the middle point of the underside, they could see a strange “dark spot”.

After several minutes the object disappeared and the witness finished delivering the rest of the papers before returning home. They would claim in their report that they do they same route every single morning at the same time. They had, however, never witnessed anything so strange as the object they saw that morning over Fresno. The sighing remains unexplained.

More Recently Captured Intriguing Daylight UFO Videos Of California!

There are also several sightings from the California region from more recent times. And what’s more, many of these have video footage to back them up.

On 12th January 2013 over Hilltop Park in Signal Hill, for example, multiple people would witness and film several strange objects. These objects were seemingly flying in formation. What’s more, the incident would unfold at a little after 1 pm in broad daylight. The main witness, and the person who shot the footage, would claim that three of the orbs “flew independently” of the middle orb. The central orb appeared motionless and “held in place” by the others.

While there is much debate as to what the objects might be, it is extremely interesting. You can view that video below.

The following year in October 2014 over Los Angeles, once again during the day, a resident of the city would film a “cigar-shaped object” from Mac Arther Park. Perhaps interestingly, particularly for those with an interest in the ancient astronaut theory, the person who captured the footage would describe the object as a “flying snake”. Many legends, folklore myths, and creation stories from around the world speak of such things. Might they really be describing a nuts-and-bolts aircraft?

Whatever the object that was filmed that 2014 October day might prove to be, it is once more, extremely interesting footage.

The Increasing Murkiness Of The UFO And Alien Question!

Whether the sighting witnessed by the anonymous father and his son from their third-floor balcony in California in November 2006 was a military black budget project or indeed an alien vehicle is open to debate. Maybe the fact that the incident occurred during the day might suggest a military operation? Like many aspects of the UFO and alien question, the waters are murky and ever-changing below the surface.

The fact is, that both possibilities are as likely or as unlikely as the other. This perhaps demonstrates the general state of confusion and double-bluff nature of UFO research and investigation. And further to that, both claims could contain truth within them?

What is absolutely certain is that the skies over California are extremely busy. And are so at the most mundane of times. From commercial airliners delivering batch after batch of tourists and those with business interests to the private and military pilots crisscrossing the skies for multiple reasons equally as regularly.

It is, though, this familiarity of air travel and aerial vehicles that perhaps makes many from California potentially good and credible UFO witnesses. When they do happen upon something strange in the skies overhead, they are immediately aware that what they are seeing is not just another aircraft that they have witnessed hundreds if not thousands of times before.

The sightings we have examined here may or may not share a connection with each other. That strange aerial vehicles are regularly traversing the skies of California, much like they are in other rampantly active destinations around the world, is surely beyond doubt. The question, as it has been since the beginning of the modern UFO era, remains the same. What are these strange craft? Where do they come from? And what do they want?

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