The El Pedregal Farm UFO Landing

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Quite possibly for a variety of reasons, many of us don’t always think of the Republic of Cuba as having UFO encounters. However, like everywhere else, there are several intriguing accounts on record from the islands that reside just short of 100 miles off the south Florida coastline.

Perhaps one of the most interesting is one of the most (relatively speaking) recent. In 2004, multiple people witnessed a strange, glowing, mirror-like object appear out of nowhere over the EXPOCUBA fairground attraction. What’s more, it would then calmly land in a clearing in a nearby field before taking off again and disappearing. Even more, there was, according to the report, physical evidence left behind from the incident.

A depiction of a UFO over a Cuban city

Did a UFO land at El Pedregal Farm?

Perhaps what is also interesting, and as we will examine shortly, the sighting has very similar details to another UFO incident that took place over Cuba less than 5 years earlier. Furthermore, as we will also examine later, during the Cuban Revolution that would have consequences throughout the world, even Castro himself along with several of his freedom fighters would make claims to have had a close-up encounter with one of these strange objects.

Might Cuba have a similar importance to the UFO and alien question as other countries in the Latin American region? Such countries as Puerto Rico or Brazil, which we have examined quite extensively before? And why might these regions be seemingly awash with UFO and alien activity?

We will begin, though, with The El Pedregal Farm account. Which was translated and put into the wider UFO community and public arena by UFO researcher Scott Corrales.

A Sudden Flash Followed By A Glowing, Mirror-Like Object!

The report claims that the incident was first reported in the Juventud Rebelde newspaper, in the location of the EXPOCUBA fairground in the Boyeros region of Havana in Cuba. On the morning of 8th May at around 10 am several visitors to the fairground and locals to the area witnessed a “small oval-shaped, silver-colored” object descend and land in one of the El Pedregal Farm’s fields.

One witness, 17-year-old Raul Beltran claimed to have suddenly noticed a flashing light through the window. When he looked out, he was amazed to see “a glowing ball with a tail in its lower section”. He would call out to his mother to get her attention so she too could witness this most bizarre event. Then, he made his way outside.

A superimposed UFO over a Cuban town

Cuba has a long history of UFO activity

However, by the time he arrived the object was taking off back into the air. It eventually disappeared out of sight “through the palm trees”. Raul would recall how the object “didn’t make any noise nor issue any smoke”. He would further recall that it was, from his position, the size of a “pick-up truck tire”.

His mother, Odalis Beltran, incidentally, did arrive outside in time to also witness the strange object. She would state to the newspaper how she believed what her son was seeing was “a kite or a parachutist, since skydivers drop over EXPOCUBA every so often”. However, after seeing that “it glowed a lot (and) it looked like a mirror” she quickly dismissed any thoughts that it was to do with the fairground.

The mother and son were far from the only witnesses to the strange events that morning. And at least one other person also saw the same events from afar.

Another Case Of An Advanced (Or) Extraterrestrial Drone?

Another witness, and friend of the Odalis family, Remigio Sanchez, was actually a short distance away at the school where he worked as a warehouseman. At approximately the same time as the witnesses at the fairground, at around 10 am, he would witness a “powerful glow in the sky” which he at first believed was a flare. However, when he later arrived at the Odalis’ home, he was informed of the strange landing near the opening in the trees on the El Pedregal Farm.

By this time, several other witnesses had ventured over to the landing site. Based on reports in the previously mentioned newspaper article, they would discover burn marks as well as damage to the vegetation. This is certainly in line with many other UFO landing incidents. And the report also mentions that, at least the damaged vegetation, could be due to a brief drought in the area at the time.

A superimposed UFO on to a picture of the Cuban coast

Are extraterrestrials monitoring humans?

The sighting remains unexplained. However, what should we make of the details of it? While it certainly sounds as though the object was made from a futuristic-type or unknown (to us) material, it also appears that the object, given its apparent smaller size, could have been a drone. This should lead us to ask whether such a drone would be of extraterrestrial origin for an extraterrestrial agenda? Or whether such drones might be connected to military projects, either internal or external to the republic?

A sighting several years earlier, although from a much further distance, has at least some similarities. And it is there that we will concentrate on next.

A Similar Account In 2000?

In November 2000, another similar report would unfold and is available for our examination. How authentic it may or may not be is open to debate. However, it would amiss to not at least include it here.

According to the report, the unnamed witness, along with a friend, was sat in a deck chair overlooking the bay of Santiago de Cuba. It was just short of midnight and the skies were quite dark. As they both sat looking up they suddenly noticed a strange red light in the distance. They would estimate it was around 300 yards away and thought at first it was the taillight of road vehicle.

However, the more the pair watched the strange red light, the more they realized it wasn’t behaving how they might imagine a taillight to. Not least as it would hover, disappear for a moment, and then reappear once more. However, when they finally realized that the direction the red light appeared was over the water, there was no doubt in their mind that what they were seeing was “a UFO”.

A superimposed UFO hovering over a Cuban city

UFO sightings continue in Cuba in the 21st century

With this new realization in mind, they quickly ruled out the strange light being a boat. Not least due to the complete lack of any other lights. They would further estimate that the light was approximately 10-20 feet above the water’s surface. Interestingly, especially if we factor in the “drone-like” details of the 2004 incident above, this might suggest a surveillance or reconnaissance mission. It would remain in sight for approximately half an hour.

Perhaps most interestingly, the witness would end the report by stating they had had several other incidents of witnessing floating “red balls” over country roads or fields. However, most often they didn’t remain in sight for very long, and certainly nowhere near as long as 30 minutes.

The 1952 Dolores Farm Incident

An incident from the late summer of 1952 from the files of Orestes Girbau Collado and translated by UFO and humanoid encounters researcher Albert Rosales, is perhaps also of intrigue, if only as it perhaps attests to a UFO and alien presence in pre-revolution Cuba.

The main witness was a worker on the farm by the name of Caridad Martinez. She was working on the afternoon in question of 14th September. Suddenly, and seemingly out of nowhere, a “strange winged humanoid” appeared from above and landed in a field nearby.

Almost immediately the strange winged figure walked toward Martinez and began speaking in a “strange language”. She couldn’t understand what the figure was saying. Although she did, for reasons not known, manage to make out the word “Tierra”, which she claimed meant, Earth.

A superimposed UFO over a Cuban city

Do UFOs have a particular interest in Cuba?

It was as this humanoid continued to approach, all the while speaking this strange, unknown language, that Martinez noticed a “luminous object” in its hands. This object appeared to emit a “strange gaseous substance” which, whether coincidentally or not, began to make the witness extremely dizzy. In fact, she began to feel as though she was only “semi-conscious”.

She would recall several other details first, though. The strange creature was at least 7 feet tall and had a glowing yellow skin with a round face. Furthermore, the wings that it used to descend were seemingly attached to its back. And now folded like a bird’s might be. Then, with its message apparently complete, it would use the wings to take off “back into the sky”.

The immediate comparison is to how “an angel” might be depicted in ancient writings. Might it be that such claims that revolve around the ancient astronaut theory be correct when they claim angels are, in fact, extraterrestrials?

The Fidel Castro Sighting

Of course, several years after the Dolores UFO sighting Cuba would fall to Fidel Castro. And his regime has remained in power since. However, at least according to Castro himself, he would witness a UFO during the revolution that brought him to power.

The claims would surface in the book For Your Eyes Only by veteran UFO researcher, Juan Jose Benitez. According to the report, the incident occurred as Castro and his unit rested “in the middle of the night. With our rifles on our knees” when they witnessed a strange light “darting among the stars”. The light would then approach the group. Castro would claim:

It was round and enormous. The countryside and the mountains became illuminated as though it was daylight!

We have mentioned before how there appears to be a correlation between war and armed conflicts and UFO sightings. Such sightings occurred during the world wars of the twentieth century, for example. Furthermore, conflicts in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Falklands Islands are all on record. Furthermore, if we believe the interpretation of the claims, such sightings and incidents were also very prevalent during the American revolution. And the conflicts with the British that would follow.

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro

The main question that likely comes up in most people’s minds is are these strange crafts, and more specifically the intelligence in control of them, there in an observation capacity only. Or might they have a special interest in how such conflicts and indeed, revolutions go? And if so, why might this be? How do the conflicts of a race essentially trapped here on Earth have any bearing or be of any interest to an extraterrestrial that has, we assume, mastered the ability to travel the stars through space?

Is Cuba Another UFO Hot-Spot?

We have highlighted on several occasions how several countries around the South American continent are awash with UFO activities. And what’s more, they have been for some time. Might Cuba, although technically in the North American continent although still very march part of Latin America that perhaps acts as an unofficial bridge between the North and South Americas, be another such hot spot? If perhaps a little more discreet?

We have accounts on record stretching from, at least, the early 1950s right the way through to the opening decades of the twenty-first century. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to suggest such a UFO presence has remained over the islands indefinitely. And perhaps it’s location itself makes it favorable to those behind such incidents? In terms of access to both the South and North American continents. As well as, if we accept the claims, the several alleged underwater alien bases in the area. It all fits in very nicely with the plethora of accounts around the same (relatively speaking) region.

Perhaps what is interesting about the sightings in the 2000s is each appears to have a drone-like feel to them. Might it be, then, that we should also consider that the objects, possibly using recovered extraterrestrial technology, but certainly a technology of high advancement, to conduct espionage very much of a terrestrial kind? We should stress that this is pure speculation on our part, but surely not completely beyond the realm of possibility.

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