The 1980 Foxboro Light Beam Incident

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An incident that took place in Foxboro, Massachusetts in December 1980 is described by those who investigated it as a “very convincing case” and a “watershed…of the nature and reality of UFO (and) human interaction”. A young teenage boy would witness a huge UFO overhead followed by a strange beam which then struck him.

Indeed, the use of lasers or light beams by these mysterious crafts is well documented in incidents around the world, several of which we have examined previously. Many of these also involve temporary paralysis and what appears to be some form of telepathic communication.

What is perhaps particularly interesting about the Foxboro incident is that just over a decade later in Florida, an almost identical incident occurred, right down to the age of the witness. While it is, admittedly, a speculative leap, might this suggest some kind of covert black budget or even extraterrestrial program?

The incident was investigated by Edwin Fogg Jr. and Joseph Nyman of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) almost immediately following the encounter.

An Object “Bigger Than A House” Appearing From Nowhere!

The evening of 5th December 1980, according to the report, was a “bitterly cold” one. And for the anonymous 13-year-old witness, a disturbing and life-changing one. At around 6:30 pm he burst into his family home from the back yard. As he did he would claim that he had witnessed a UFO that was “bigger than a house”.

His mother and stepfather, although a little dubious perhaps for obvious reasons, found his story quite compelling. Not to mention the look of fear and display of agitation on his part. This was surely too fine a display for one so young.

The object had, he claimed, suddenly appeared “from nowhere” and hovered overhead. Then, a light beam emerged from the underside of the craft and seemingly struck him below. Almost immediately he found he couldn’t move while at the same time a strange “mumbling in his head” began. This would continue for around 10 minutes before he believed he lost consciousness.

Even stranger, when investigators spoke to him shortly after they discovered a “painless, sunburn-like redness” on his upper torso. The witness himself was unaware of the marking. Furthermore, he couldn’t remember any more of the events. Following losing consciousness, the next thing he remembered was walking from the garden toward the house.

However, his parents would suggest leaving a small tape recorder by his bed that night. They would claim that during times of stress he would often talk of the events in his sleep. It would prove to be a move that was crucial in attempting to understand just what took place outside their home that evening.

An Abduction From Afar And Paranormal Happenings!

Over the course of several nights, the parents and investigators would be able to, albeit partially, piece together the incidents of the night in question. According to these recordings, shortly after the beam of light hit him, he could hear a voice inside his head giving him instructions. Furthermore, the voice would state that they “wanted to examine him”. While also promising him that no harm would come to him.

While it isn’t clear if an abduction took place in the sense we might readily understand it – in that he was somehow physically transported to the ship above – or if the examination took place somehow via the beam of light that had temporarily ensnared him.

What is also interesting is that in the days and weeks following the incident the family would notice many paranormal-type incidents taking place around the family home. Most often in their son’s presence.

Lights would suddenly switch on and off of their own accord, for example. As well as the apparent invisible manipulation of other gadgets and devices around the house. We have noted before that there would appear to be a correlation, at least in part, between close contact UFO and alien encounters and such paranormal activity that one would more readily associate with a ghost or a poltergeist.

The Chances Of A Hoax Are “Nonexistent!”

As the MUFON investigators write “attempts must be made to gauge the motivations” of those making such claims. Most often a desire for money or fame being among the motivational reasons of those who would fabricate or outright manufacture such claims.

However, in this instance, it would appear that nothing could be further from the truth. According to the notes in the report, the boy’s mother was “in the middle of a custody battle with the boy’s natural father”. Therefore, she feared any publicity. Or even anyone else outside of her family and the investigators even knowing of the claims. Fearing it would result in her losing the custody case.

With this in mind, then, it is highly unlikely that such a risk would go ahead on her part by allowing investigators to examine the case. In short, that the account and the recordings that came after it was a hoax were “nonexistent”. With regard to the plethora of paranormal activity that occurred in the aftermath of the incident, investigators would suggest that the boy was likely being used “as an agent”.

This would suggest that further alien encounters would likely occur during the boy’s lifetime. However, we do not know if this is the case. What we do know, however, is that many who experience such close contact encounters that we would essentially categorize as an abduction encounter, often do so throughout their lifetime stretching back to their childhood.

Perhaps it is interesting then that a little over a decade later, another very similar account would appear in the public arena.

The Chicopee Incident

A very similar incident occurred on the evening of 30th December 1980, several weeks after the Foxboro incident in the Chicopee region of Massachusetts. On this particular evening, around half an hour before midnight, the witness was asleep in their bedroom when a sudden “noise like thunder” woke them rudely.

They left the comfort of their bed and ventured over to the window. To their disbelief, outside they could see an “orange fireball” which was “gliding” over the top of their home. The witness made their way to the kitchen window. On their way, they awoke their sister thinking that a “meteor was falling into the back yard”.

When they reached the kitchen window and pulled back the curtain, instead of a meteor falling into the yard, a nuts-and-bolts, black diamond-shaped craft with flashing green lights was instead settled on the porch roof. The craft was approximately 8 feet in height and around ten feet across. Certainly smaller than many UFO sightings, but still large enough to fit a single entity inside – in theory.

The object remained there for several minutes, seemingly causing the windows to rattle slightly. Although the witness had an urge to go outside, they forced themselves to remain where they were. Then, the object left the roof and hovered in the yard as the green lights went out. It would then take off into the sky and disappear into the distance. According to the witness, following the incident, several military jets passed over their home. What’s more, they were heading in the direction of the strange craft.

The Jared Lee Incident, 1991, Florida

Almost exactly 11 years later, one evening in December 1991, 13-year-old Jared Lee lived with his family in the Havana region of Florida. On this particular evening, at around 10 pm after returning from nearby Tallahassee to pick up a pizza, Jared would notice a strange light as he climbed out of the family car.

It appeared as though the lights were moving and were coming down to land from over the nearby trees. The young boy immediately called out to his parents so they too could see the strange event unfold.

They turned and watched for several seconds. Their first thought, due to the “sweeping” nature of the lights across the ground, was that they were night hunters looking for deer. However, when they realized the true height of the lights they had to all but dismiss this theory.

All three of the family watched. Each beginning to feel a little unnerved by the incident taking place in front of them. As they did the car horn suddenly sounded out. Then, a “large orange glowing ball of light” began to move independently of the others. This was followed by a blue-green ball of light. Then, they suddenly went out leaving nothing but darkness.

The family remained where they were before a “large beam of intense, glistening, white-gold light” suddenly cut through the sky and hit the ground. At the top of the light, a large metallic craft was clearly visible as the source of the light beam.

After around 10 to 15 minutes, the craft suddenly vanished and with it the beam of light.

Whether that beam of light was concentrated on an individual nearby or whether it would eventually find Jared only he hasn’t declared as such or simply doesn’t recall, the incident remains unexplained.

Laser Paralysis – A Discreet But Persistent Detail In Close Contact Encounters

It would appear that the idea of a light beam of some kind being used to induce paralysis (while causing no lasting harm to the individual) is one that comes up a lot in close contact UFO reports. So much so, in fact, that it would be irresponsible to ignore it completely.

What’s more, reports that feature such details as paralyzing lights or lasers, are spread out right across the reports of the modern UFO era. The fact that they can be found in reports from all decades of the second half of the twentieth century perhaps endorses the idea a little more that this detail is not one manufactured or elaborated in hoax reports (although there is no doubt that such reports and hoaxers do exist).

What we should ask, if we accept just the possibility that such accounts are true and this paralyzing technology is in the possession of these extraterrestrial visitors, is what is actually used for? Is it merely to incapacitate a person so they cause these alien entities no harm? Perhaps like we use tasers for the same reason? Or is there a lot more taking place while a person is under the control of these futuristic laser technologies?

Might, for example, these beams serve to upload certain information into the person’s mind? And in the same way, might some kind of download take place at the same time? After all, several accounts speak of hearing voices during this paralysis which most researchers put down to some form of telepathic communication. Might it, in fact, be a cosmic exchange of information?

Of course, perhaps above all else, we should ask, what is the reason and end game for these encounters? And where does humanity fit into such plans?

A Benevolent Light Or A Predatory Force?

What should we make of such encounters that seemingly suggest some type orb-like futuristic drone? Possibly manned, possibly not. Apparently seeking out predetermined and targeted individuals. Who are then subject to “examination” and most likely a wiping of their memories?

Are these encounters truly extraterrestrial in nature? Or might they be more in line with some top-secret black budget type project? One that sees certain individuals subject to all manner of tests and experiments most likely against their knowledge. Should they recall the events, however, they will be recalled under the guise of alien visitation? An outlandish suggestion, no doubt. But one no more outlandish than the plethora of claims that revolve around a similar notion.

Or might it be, as we have touched on before that, if we accept the idea of alien visitation to our planet, as well as the claims of some kind of “deal” between world leaders, specifically those of the United States, that these case of alien abduction is the result of some interplanetary treaty? Might such involvement explain, for example, why America does indeed appear to be at the center of the UFO storm?

Or might these apparent extraterrestrial visitors know much more about us? Both collectively and individually? And do so without any deals or assistance from a potential shadow government than we could imagine? If such a notion were true it should certainly be our hope that such an alien race is a benevolent one. For if it should prove not to be, the scenario takes on a distinctly dark and grim turn.

Check out the video below. It looks at some of the apparent reasons for these bizarre alien abduction encounters.


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