The Latomaen Aino Account – Alien Abduction In Finland, 1917?

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A strange account would appear in a little-known local Finnish newspaper in the summer of 1978 telling of what appears to be one of the first recorded cases of alien abduction, certainly in Finland, if not in Europe. The account tells of the 1917 encounter of a Finnish woman who after vanishing for several days (thought to be around the Easter period) came back with a fantastic story of her disappearance. It was written by Latomaen Aino and has since been researched by several UFO investigators.

UFO Finland

What’s more, the account appears to be wrapped in absolute truth. Records of the time and region show that the named witness existed, and the descriptions given by her – long before the age of “flying saucers” – were credible in their simplicity. It is an interesting account, to say the least, perhaps even more so given the fact that war raged on the main European continent at the time. We know, for example, UFO sightings dramatically increase during times of conflict. While the area of the sighting was largely unaffected by the trench warfare that needlessly snuffed out millions of lives on both sides, the encounter looks to have happened just before Finland was declared independent of the Russian Empire, itself on the verge of its eventual downfall.

Several other UFO encounters are on record in Finland in the years before the UFO waves of the second half of the twentieth century. Perhaps it is even more amazing then, that many of these sightings feature not just lights in the sky but contact and near-contact with strange humanoid creatures. We will look at some of these subsequent sightings shortly. First, however, we will turn our attention back one-hundred years, to the south-east part of modern-day Finland.

A “Wash Basin” From The Sky

Although the exact date is not known, sometime “between January and Easter, 1917”, Anni Lattu (some sources spell her name as Enni) would disappear for several days. Anni lived in a small house in what is now the North Karelia region of Finland. The newspaper account claims her home was several miles away from the Church in the town of Kurkijoki.

Local villagers, although thinking it strange that she had left without telling anyone in the village, assumed she had gone to visit her adult daughter. However, when she returned, she did so with a fantastic and mesmerizing tale of her adventures.

One day while performing her usual duties a “large apparatus, like a big washing basin” descended from the sky near to her home. Incidentally, at the time in Finland, wash basins had the appearance similar to large soup plates. This strange object would land close to her house and after several moments a ladder emerged from the craft to the ground. Several small creatures made their way from the craft (she would later refer to these creatures as “little devils”) and approached her.

She knew they wished her to go with them on board their ship. She didn’t wish to go, however. Despite her efforts to resist, the creatures would forcibly take her on board. Once inside the craft, which “shone inside” they “traveled very quickly” and “many wonders” were shown to her. She would also state that the craft was silent and “did not make any noise as in the train”.

These details would prove to match the many details given by alien abductees decades later. This perhaps not only lends an authenticity to the encounter but suggests a continued and persistent presence on Earth by entities unknown.

“Above The World” and “Between The Stars!”

She would continue that she was taken “above the world” and “between the stars” during the encounter. She also claimed she could understand their language, although she didn’t know why. There is no mention as to whether these creatures physically spoke to her, or whether this communication was of a telepathic nature.

Anni would apparently tell her story to anyone who would listen initially. However, most of the village would assume she had hallucinated the encounter. Some would insist she must have suffered an intense fever due to the coldness of her house. For her part, Anni Lattu would remain steadfast in her account.

Following the unearthing of the incident, Finnish UFO researcher, Mauritz Hietamaki, would travel to the region. His journey was worth it, it would seem, as he managed to locate a living witness who could at least vouch for the existence of Anni. And that she did indeed make such claims.

Although she wished anonymity – she was given the title Mrs. NN – the witness claimed to have been seven-years-old at the time of the encounter. Her mother was a neighbor of Anni’s and Mrs. NN remembered the details of the conversations the two women would have in her home. She would claim that Annie Lattu was born in 1873, and although the newspaper reports would state she was a widow, she was, in fact, married with a husband. It is, however, likely he was often not at home, and Mrs. NN recalled Anni was “always alone” when in the village. She would pass away in 1930.

Outer Space

The Alastaro Farm Incident, 1914

There are several reports of “humanoids” from Finland on record prior to the 1950s. In fact, one dates back as far as the mid-1880s where a woman picking berries claimed to have seen a “small elf” carrying something similar to an ax.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing UFO encounters involving humanoid creatures occurred three years before that of Anni Lattu, in August 1914. At their farmhouse in Alabataro, Maria Falt and her ten-year-old grandson, Arvo Kuoppala, were sitting in the living room enjoying the bright sunlight from outside. Then, without warning a sudden darkness enveloped all around them and a “loud blowing noise” like an intense wind was audible.

Just as suddenly as the dark had taken hold a bright light shone from the east of them. It was so bright neither Arvo or his grandmother could see into it. However, after several moments a shining globe was clearly heading in their direction. It would continue directly towards the house, only stopping yards away from the window.

As the two witnesses looked on in quiet awe, a window opened in the side of the shining craft. Two humanoid figures were visible in this window. Only the top half was visible, but each could make out some of their features. Their heads, for example, were much larger than their frame would suggest, and were “broad and angular”.

Suddenly, the young Arvo began to worry they would enter their house through the window. His grandmother, however, remaining calm assured him not to worry. According to her, “they had something to say”.

They Are From “A Distant Place!”

Coincidentally or not, as Maria was assuring her grandson, the humanoid closest to the window of the craft began to smile at them. He looked as though he were speaking, but Maria and Arvo could hear no voice. Arvo looked to his grandmother, exclaiming “he is talking” but he couldn’t hear him. And then, just like that, the humanoid disappeared from sight back inside the craft.

As the pair continued to watch from the living room, a bright flash would suddenly blind them and a thudding sound was heard. The craft had risen upwards at great speed and was now moving away from the property. The young boy became suddenly very tired and would sleep right the way through to the following morning. This, despite the incident only lasting several minutes.

It is an interesting case, particularly when we examine what Arvo would later claim his grandmother would tell him of the incident. She would claim to have met the visitors before, and what’s more, they were “not from heaven”. Instead, she told him, they were from a “distant place” and they used a “big ship” to travel in space. Further still, they were a relation of humanities and would visit the planet regularly. Aside from the apparent ample amount of information – at a time when the UFO phenomenon was decades away – the sudden end and intense tiredness recalled by Arvo may be a tentative sign of an even closer contact encounter.

Sighting The Day Before The Winter War, Saarijarvi, November 1939

In the town of Saarijarvi on 29th November 1939, the day before the outbreak of the Winter War, came a sighting witnessed by a father and son as they gathered and chopped wood for the fires at home. They worked until darkness had taken control and then began their journey back. As soon as they did, Arvo noticed a “strange device” glowing on a hill in front of them.

He informed his father of this, and after he took a look for himself, he urged his son to continue homeward. They would later describe the object as looking like a kettle and stood on three small legs. Underneath the object was a small flame, while “different colored flames” would periodically come from the sides. They could also hear the sound of this emission of fire travel across the air towards them.

Outside the craft, however, was a “humanlike creature” dressed in clothes that we would attribute to an astronaut today. This humanoid held a strange box on which was its attention. It would appear as though this was some kind of “remote” as three robot-like machines apparently moved in synch with the “astronaut’s” manipulation of whatever controls were on it.

Despite his father warning him not to go, Arvo would sneak back to the spot of the sighting the following day. He instantly noticed a strong smell that would assault his nostrils for some time after. He also witnessed the markings of a triangular grid, which he assumed were the legs the craft stood on the previous evening.

Alien Humanoid

Several Humanoid Sightings During The Second World War

As the Second World War held much of Europe in its vice-like grip, several strange sightings of humanoids occurred in Finland. In the summer of 1940 at a summer camp, for example, a nine-year-old girl was awakened by a huge thunder-like sound. She instantly woke her friend, and they peered outside. They each could see lightning in the sky, only it was coming from the ground, behind a hill. They could also see a humanoid figure heading towards the shore area. The figure wore shining clothing like a diver, only it covered the entire body, apart from the eyes, which were covered with what appeared to be a glass visor. The girls then watched in amazement as the figure approached the water. It walked to the other side without breaking the surface. Even more amazing, the two girls claimed the figure would “disintegrate” into thin air.

A similar encounter took place in December 1944 in Ruovesi. An eleven-year-old girl, while watching the snow from the window of her family home, noticed two strange figures, around five-feet tall, emerging from the trees of the forest nearby. The snow was deep by now, and each figure held a torch which made their location easy to monitor. The young girl would tell her father. Along with her sister, all three ventured out into the snowy night to get a closer look. They could see the two humanoids moving around in the field beyond their yard. They continued for several minutes, before turning and heading back into the woods.

The following day, the young girl would speak about the sighting. Amazingly, a boy in her class claimed he too had witnessed them from his home. Further still, he had witnessed them enter a “flying vessel” and shoot off into the air.

Bizarre Creatures Out Of The Woods In Kotka

There were several sightings in the mid-1950s of strange, sometimes menacing, humanoids throughout Finland. Perhaps one of the most intriguing took place in the summer of 1955. An anonymous witness would report a near attack at the hands of three strange creatures. While driving along a quiet road near Kotka, around 10 pm, three humanoids ran out of the woods at the side of the road. They were slightly in front of him. As he approached the bizarre figures began to motion to him to stop. He began to slow his vehicle, and then had a sudden feeling of fear. That feeling would prove to be right.

Before he slowed completely he pressed down on the accelerator again. The creatures had descended on his car within seconds and were pulling at the doors on each side. Only by pure luck were they all locked. Although he was beyond frightened, he made a gesture that he would stop the car a little further ahead. This appeared to work as the figures let go of the car and allowed him to pull ahead slightly. When they did, he pressed down fully on the gas and sped away.

He would recall that the bizarre figures began to run to the vehicle once again. They couldn’t, however, keep up with it. The witness also had the distinct feeling of their “anger” at his tricking them. He came back to the area a little while later, this time with several friends for corroborating witnesses. Although the creatures appeared to be gone, they would discover a blackened circular shape in a vegetation patch. This measured over 25-feet wide and would suggest a landing and contact incident.

A decade later came another bizarre and unique encounter with a strange humanoid creature.

The Luumaki Encounter

In August 1965 in Luumaki, near Hermunen, the Kuningas family – father and mother, Matti and Maria, and their children, Tapani and Teuvo – were happily picking blueberries deep in the forest. It was around noon, and they were very likely the only people around for several miles. In fact, they were so alone, they spread quite far out from each other, keeping each other in sight, but looking to yield as many berries as they could.

As Matti picked blueberries he suddenly became aware of a strange “bubbling” noise coming from the top of a slope near where he stood. He quickly scanned his surroundings but saw nothing unusual so went back to the job at hand. He heard the sound again. Now, a little unnerved, he looked up once again. In front of him on the top of the slope, was a “man-like” figure. It looked directly at him, holding his stare for several moments before heading in his direction.

Matti would estimate the figure to be around three-feet in height, but with a decisively strong build. It adorned green overalls that were skintight (something mentioned repeatedly in such encounters), and the creature’s skin was red-orange. It continued towards Matti, who was unable to move through a combination of fascination and fear. Just as it was mere feet away, however, it simply disappeared. Try as he might, Matti could not locate the strange creature. It was as if it just vanished into thin air.

When Matti would tell his family of what he saw, his son, Tuevo, would state he too had witnessed the same creature as it ran towards his father. He too claimed that the creature simply disappeared.

The video below features several photographs from an apparent 2018 UFO landing in Finland.


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