The Encina And Acevedo Alien Abduction Cases

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In 1996 and 1997, two separate cases of alien abduction occurred just outside of Santiago, Chile. While both apparent abductees would wait until the early-2000s to talk of their encounters, both were extremely similar, despite being separated by several months. It stands to reason that the more UFO accounts we examine, the more potential patterns and connections we will see. And it would appear that activity in this part of the world is positively increasing.

Alien Abduction Chile

We have written on several occasions of how important the South American continent is to the UFO and alien question. And Chile, behind Peru and Brazil, is perhaps one of the most important countries in the region. UFO sightings have occurred here consistently for decades. So much so, that many local residents take such sightings as part of their daily lives. However, when these incidents turn into altogether closer encounters, even alien abduction, they are treated with a lot more urgency.

There are many reasons this part of the world may be awash with strange sightings of unknown aerial objects. If we assume these are intelligently guided crafts, then Chile being a coastal country perhaps gives such cosmic visitors access to and from the waters. Many researchers believe this is an important detail, with many consistent UFO sightings occurring in locations with such a large body of water nearby. Or perhaps it is due to the location, relative speaking, being close to Antarctica and the South Pole? A region of the planet that has a plethora of UFO and alien conspiracies to its name.

Regardless of the reason, Chile remains one of the most likely places to experience a UFO close-up. And for some, much like the main witnesses in the following encounters, that experience might become a little too close for comfort.

The Gabriel Encina Incident

Although he didn’t speak about it until 2002, the encounter of 47-year-old electrician, Gabriel Encina, occurred on 27th June 1996. It was a little after 8 pm and Encina was driving just south of Santiago, between Los Sauces and Angol. Although the skies were clear, the weather was cold and wet, typical of Chilean winter.

Suddenly, he noticed “a very bright light” appear behind him. It would descend a little and then begin to follow him. He estimated it to be around ten feet in diameter. He pressed down on the accelerator but instead of speeding up the car began to lose momentum. The light quickly caught up to his car and descended directly down on to the roof of the vehicle. The inside of the car lit up so brightly he could make out tiny dust particles floating in the air. A feeling of intense anxiety and pain washed over him before he blacked out.

He awoke, still in his car, around ten miles away from the where the light descended. The clock on the dashboard declared it to be just after 9 pm. The watch on his wrist, however, had stopped working at 8:05 pm. His legs ached terribly, and his head hurt worse than ever before. He would suffer from bone aches and migraine headaches for the rest of his life. Although he is convinced he was abducted that evening, he states that the object “wasn’t an airplane or a flying saucer. It was simply a very bright light that landed on top of my car”.

Interestingly enough, in April 2001 UFO researchers in the region isolated a stretch of around twenty miles of road where UFO sightings were rife. And increasing. We will look at this stretch of road in more detail shortly.

The Mini-Wave Of 1996

Indeed, it may, as far as the sightings in and around this region of Chile are concerned, be the location as much as anything else that is of importance.

Several other UFO encounters took place here in 1996. In the summer of that year, for example, a family were traveling back from Tocopila when they drove past an empty airfield. Seeing a strange, triangular shape on the ground, the driver slowed his car to a crawl. It was then the family heard the terrified screams of what sounded like a woman. They scanned the airfield and noticed a “humanoid figure” around ten feet tall which “shone like a brilliant metal”.

It turned its attention to the car allowing those inside to see its oval-shaped head and almond-shaped eyes, which appeared to shine with an intense light. Then, the figure moved towards their vehicle, making a motion with its arms that they should stop. As the creature looked directly at them, they could see a “brilliant beam of bluish light in each eye”. The driver pressed the accelerator down and left the creature behind.

In November 1996 several students at the Manuel Baquedano school made sudden reports of “gnome-like men” that hid in the trees and bushes. If the children approached them they would make “strange shrieking sounds”. The following month in December, a horse rider would report a sighting of a robotic humanoid. The creature approached him and startled his horse so badly it forced him to leave the isolated area. The rider believed the creature was some kind of demonic entity.

Beginning in February 1997, although, in reality, a continuance of the 1996 wave, several further strange other-worldly encounters took place.

UFO Chile

Disturbing Alien Encounters

On 1st February 1997, Claudia Fuentes would leave her home after feeling a warm rush of air enter the property. As she made her way outside, she was suddenly walking down a hallway, stretching and unfamiliar to her. After several moments a group of humanoid figures approached her. They had long arms (for the size of their body) and winkled mouths. She didn’t notice any other details as before she knew it, she was in a room that resembled a hospital suite. The next thing she knew she was laying on a stretcher. Then, one of the creatures “extracted a fetus” from her, placing it inside a jar filled with some kind of bubbling liquid.

While that was disturbing enough, Claudia wasn’t even aware she was pregnant, nor should she have been. She remained in the chamber for three days. However, when she regained full consciousness she was laying in the town square and only three hours of time had passed. She was found by local residents. Furthermore, many people would report a “sudden burst of light” in the same area she was later discovered.

Just short of two weeks later on 13th February, Marta Montoya would have an equally unnerving encounter. She and her two young children were asleep in the bedroom. Suddenly a loud crackling noise woke Marta, who looked towards the television thinking it had been left on. However, instead, she saw a small entity, around four-and-a-half feet and wearing a tight-fitting outfit. On its head was a helmet with a visor, which connected to a backpack through two tubes.

She grabbed her two children and remained silent. The strange creature stared at them for several moments before turning and disappearing into the wall.

No Outward Light! – The Hector Acevedo Incident

On a cold evening on 5th February 1997, Hector Acevedo was driving his milk products van through the Ninth Region in Santiago after finishing work for the day. It was 8 pm, and he was currently on his way to pick up several appliances from a repair shop. Upon arriving and placing the repaired items in his van, the repair shop owner claimed that “strange lights had been flying overhead at lightning speed”. He looked up briefly seeing nothing but clear sky, smiling politely and going on his way. He paid little attention to the shop owner’s claims. A short while later, however, he would face a sight he had not seen before, or since.

He would speak of the encounter to UFO researcher, Erick Bellido. He would claim that a “circular object” appeared out of nowhere as he negotiated a bend in the road. The object was flying extremely close to the ground (relatively speaking) and looked to be over fifty feet in width. It would eventually catch up to Acevedo and remained, hovering over his car. From its underside, a “beam of light” enveloped the vehicle. Then, the car lost all power and began to move at no more than twelve miles per hour.

The object remained overhead for what Acevedo believed to be around ten minutes. He could recall seeing a red and violet shade of light within the bright glow. However, he would also recall noticing that despite the intense brightness of the light “it didn’t cast any light outward”. In fact, he would describe the light as so intense he couldn’t make out his shoe from the accelerator pedal. Then, things went fuzzy.

Smothering Light

“We’re Not Ready For This!”

Looking at his shoe against the accelerator was the last clear memory Acevedo had of the incident. The next clear memory is of arriving at his destination of Los Sauces at around 11 pm. However, he had no memory of any of the journey. It was as if he had simply appeared there. He would think about the incident for several years, only coming forward to report the encounter in 2004. It is Acevedo’s firm belief he was a victim of alien abduction.

He made the decision to come forward in case “this should happen to someone else”. He would speak of “becoming sensitized” to such things following his mysterious experience. It is hard to disagree with Acevedo here.  After all, if people before himself had made reports of their encounters to independent groups, more information would be available in the public domain. Although, it is perfectly understandable, though, why people would be hesitant to do so. Acevedo himself would stat that he was “even afraid to tell my wife of the experience”.

His wife, according to Acevedo, claimed he had the look of “someone who’d been hit by a train and survived”. Needless to say, she certainly believed “something” happened to her husband that winter’s evening in 1997.

Perhaps it is worth considering Acevedo’s response to the question as to why it is important that such UFO cases are put into the public arena. He would state, “It’s just that we’re not ready for this, and that’s the fact!” Whether Acevedo means we are not ready spiritually or intellectually, or whether he means we are not ready in terms of defending ourselves is open to debate.

Only through disclosure, debate, and serious unified research will we become “ready”.

The Flying Saucer Runway!

Although such numbers vary according to whose research they are based on, Chile consistently ranks in the top ten for UFO sightings and claims of alien abduction. As we mentioned earlier, the areas of the Encina and Acevedo abductions have been highlighted as a particular hot spot of UFO and extraterrestrial activity.

Known locally as the Flying Saucer Runway, the stretch of road runs for around twenty miles, with most activity witnessed in the mountain regions that run alongside it. Many UFO enthusiasts descend on the region. For many Chilean people, UFO sightings are almost commonplace. However, beginning in the early 2000s, sightings of strange creatures in the woodlands around Santiago (near the area) increased interest again.

An incident in February 2001 is also of interest. Three astronomy enthusiasts, Ingrid Sperberg, Patricio Vallejos and Maria Sepulveda had parked their vehicle close to the observation deck at Las Pinas. As they exited their car, however, a bright luminous, white-purple sphere was visible in front of them. It hovered for several moments before moving and disappearing behind the nearby mountains.

Several moments later, they heard a clattering of metal coming from the iron gate of Las Pinas. The three women turned their attention to the gate and saw two silhouette figures. They believed the mystery figures were children, at first. That was until one of them “leaked” through the bars. Ingrid would recall they were a “biological mass” although “without arms and legs”. After moving towards them for a moment, the figure returned through the bars. All the while they could hear incoherent noises which they assumed was speech. As soon as they could they turned and returned to the car, speeding away from the area as fast as possible.

Check out the short video below.


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