The Disturbing Encounter Of “Mrs. Everett Steward”

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The encounter of “Mrs. Everett Steward” from Cincinnati in the mid-1960s is one that while investigated under the notion of close contact with an extraterrestrial entity, could very well sit within the research files of the supernatural. At least certain aspects of it. Furthermore, it also took place in the middle of a series of UFO sighting waves. And at a time when reports of alien abduction were beginning to increase.

The witness was referred to as “Mrs. X” in the initial stages of the investigation for reasons due to her wish for anonymity. She was eventually, however, given the pseudonym “Mrs. Everett Steward”. It is as this that we shall refer to the witness from here on.

The accounts were originally documented by UFO researcher Leonard Stringfield. Interestingly, and perhaps a testament to how unnerving such an encounter must be for the witness, Mrs. Steward would report her UFO sighting to Stringfield several weeks after it happened. However, it would be almost another decade before she reached out to the researcher a second time – this time, to tell him the rest of the account she had kept to herself since.

Incidentally, you can find Stringfield’s full version of this account in the book Situation Red: The UFO Siege!

A Strange Odor And A Feeling Of Being Watched

At around 8:20 pm on the evening of 2nd October 1966, Mrs. Everett was speaking on the telephone in her home in Cincinnati, Ohio. Suddenly, a strange aroma hit her nostrils as well as a very distinct feeling of being watched. She quickly brought her conversation to an end and made her way to her bedroom.

From there, she would peer out of the window. Outside was a huge “oval-shaped object with red, green, and white lights revolving around it”. She would also notice several portholes along the side of the strange craft.

Her husband was sleeping on the bed but the strange sight prompted her to wake him. He immediately went to the window and saw the strange craft also. After hovering for several moments, the object began to move away from their property. Then, however, it zipped back toward them at speed, stopping dead right in front of their window once more.

The couple would estimate it was hovering at an altitude of approximately 300 meters. It remained there for around ten minutes. During this time, Mrs. Steward would call her adult, married daughter, Janet, who lived nearby. As she told her of the bizarre craft outside their window, the pungent odor began to make her feel physically nauseous. It appeared to be getting stronger, causing her to dizzy.

An Encounter Very Much Out Of The Ordinary

Meanwhile, a short distance away, Janet would pick up her phone and listened while her mother informed her of the strange sight she and her father were observing. Janet would awaken her husband, Ken. From their first-floor window, they could also see the hovering craft. And what’s more, the object was now only 200 meters from their property.

As well as the brilliant lights along the edge of the saucer-shaped craft, Janet and Ken would describe the craft as of a metallic exterior. While they continued to watch the bizarre aerial anomaly, Ken would quickly dress and venture next door to alert their neighbor and research US Navy officer, David. He would follow Ken to his house, bringing with him his military-grade binoculars.

Through these high-tech binoculars, David was able to determine that the windows were square. Furthermore, they would “emit a yellow gleam”.

It was also around this time that the trio noticed that “all the dogs in the neighborhood were barking”. Whatever, the object was, all were perfectly aware that the strange vehicle was very much “out of the ordinary”.

They continued to watch the strange object as it began again to move through the air. Sensing that it was going to vacate the area, the two men made the decision to get into Ken’s car and follow it. They did so and began in the direction of Mount Airy keeping the strange object in their sights as they did so. However, the otherworldly vehicle would ultimately prove too fast for them, and they would lose sight of it.

Multiple Calls Placed To Authorities

While all of this was taking place, Mrs. Steward would place a telephone call to Cincinnati airport. She would report the sighting to them and then would proceed to contact the Cincinnati Police Department. According to what she would tell Stringfield several years later, their reply was that she was “the 45th to call tonight”.

Shortly after, her other daughter, Debbie, returned home from a night out at the theatre with her friend. As soon as they walked into the property the strange and powerful odor hit both of them. A smell they would later describe as a “repelling chemical odor”. What’s more, although this strange aroma had begun where she was speaking on the telephone, it was now evident through the entire house.

Perhaps because of this pungent odor, Mrs. Steward would soon be taken upstairs by Janet and put to bed with aspirin to assist a sudden aching head.

Meanwhile, back at Janet’s house, further strange events were unfolding. She had initially remained inside the house following the two men leaving to pursue the strange craft. However, after several minutes, a sense of curiosity would overtake her.

She would venture outside and watch the object from the yard, content that the distance was safe enough for her to do so. However, a short time after, the craft would head back in her direction. And it was heading her way with alacrity.

The “Red Balloon” Object

As this craft neared the property Janet noticed how the yellow lights were flashing with a lot more urgency. As she watched this flashing light display, she noticed a second object emerge from it. Janet would recall several years later that the second object “looked like a red balloon”. At the same time, in the background but still clear in her vision, Janet could see the first, larger object moved away from the property once more, and into the distance of the night sky.

This red balloon-like object performed several zig-zag-type patterns overhead as Janet watched in amazement. All the while she noticed that no sound whatsoever came from the craft. Then, it came straight toward her. As it came nearer, she could see there was “on oval shape” to the craft.

Even more amazing, however, was the “ray of white light” that came from the underside of the object. As Janet continued to watch the craft, it appeared to use the ray of light as some kind of surveying device, she could see how the underside of it was “like aluminum foil, smooth and shiny”.

She couldn’t “evaluate the dimensions”. However, she knew the object was “larger than my house and its court (put) together”. Furthermore, it was seemingly so close she “could have touched it”.

Interestingly, although she didn’t feel any ill effects in the UFO’s presence, she did notice, and describe, the same foul odor that had first alerted Mrs. Steward to the strange goings-on less than an hour earlier. Janet would describe this unpleasant smell as “a dustbin odor”.

A Tale Of Two Reactions!

Perhaps one of the strangest aspects of the whole encounter, and one seemingly only experienced by Janet was the apparent emotional impact the UFO, or the intelligence inside it imparted on her. She would later state:

When that thing passed above me, any fear suddenly disappeared. It is the most fantastic feeling I ever experienced!

The effect on Mrs. Steward, however, couldn’t have been much more opposite. Although Janet managed to fall asleep, she lay thinking of the bizarre events that had taken place. What’s more, the foul odor made her feel nauseous.

Then, as she lay there, a “brilliant white light” suddenly came out of nowhere seemingly appearing in the room itself. The white light was present for several seconds before it suddenly vanished. In its place was a “luminous sphere” approximately the size of a television set. As she peered into the sphere, she was shocked to see “five nonhuman heads”. She would recall:

The five heads were similar. Instead of a nose, they had slits. They had neither mouth, neither necks nor arms!

She would further recall that their heads were hairless, and each contained “two almond eyes”.

Perhaps most bizarre of all was the notion that, without physically speaking to her, these occupants put the words “we made contact” directly into her mind. This would make her shout a reply which awakened Janet. By that time, though, the sphere was gone leaving only the two women in the room.

Another Account That Forces Further Multiple Questions

The incident involving Mrs. Steward, as well as the several other witnesses that would view the encounter from varying locations and perspectives, makes the case one of the most intriguing of the modern UFO era. Perhaps not least due to the reactions of two of the witnesses being at opposite ends of the spectrum.

While Janet had feelings of euphoria and well-being, Mrs. Steward’s encounter was one marred by feelings of physical illness during the incident and intense nightmarish recollections after. So much so, that she required several years of medical supervision with a psychiatrist following the incident.

Perhaps, then, with all of this in mind, it is understandable that Mrs. Steward would keep the vast majority of the incident to herself for almost a decade. Whether the times and their (slightly) more openminded perspectives after this ten-year respite played a part in convincing her to finally come forward is open to debate.

That she did, though, allows us to ponder several questions regarding such close contact encounters. Not least, are these apparent cosmic visitors a force for good or evil? Do they wish the best for humanity and seeking ways to assist us, perhaps even without our knowledge such is the human ego? Or are they studying us for weaknesses? Perhaps most interesting, are witness’ reactions as much based on their own individual perceptions as the external stimulation we otherwise refer to as reality?

Check out the video below. It features Leonard Stringfield speaking about UFO encounters a little further.


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