The Best UFO Sightings, Videos & Encounters Of 2020

First Published: January 31, 2020 Last updated: May 3rd, 2020 Written by: Marcus Lowth Estimated Reading Time: 32 minutes Posted in: Editorials
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As we did last year, we will be documenting the best UFO and alien encounters as they happen each month throughout 2020, so make sure you bookmark this page and check back at the start of each month to see the best of what has been happening in the UFO community the previous four weeks.

As well as the best actual sightings themselves, we will also examine any relevant or appropriate news items in relation to the UFO community. And that is where we will start the January 2020 round-up.



Whether to be expected or not, UFO sightings have seemingly exploded during April 2020. And what’s more, some schools of thought claim that the coronavirus outbreak is responsible for the increase in sightings, something we will examine shortly.

However, we will start with the video footage that was recently released to the world’s media by the Pentagon. Footage that some believe, rightly or wrongly, was intentionally timed to be buried within the mountain of news on the continuing COVID-19 outbreak.

The Pentagon Release

Whatever the motivation for the timing of the release, three videos that have, in reality, been in the public arena for some time (having been leaked between 2007 and 2017) were officially released by the Pentagon under the official description of “unexplained aerial phenomena”. The Pentagon would further state that their decision to release the footage was to “clear up any misconceptions” on the public’s part in light of the leaked footage.

Whatever the truth of the footage proves to be, it is clear by the pilots’ reaction in the videos that they are truly shocked and stunned by what they are seeing. One pilot is clearly heard stating in an awe-struck voice, “look at that thing…it’s rotating”.

The fact that only the three videos that have already been leaked have been officially released should tell us all we need to know about the intentions of US military and their claims of UFO transparency. It is highly likely that many other pieces of footage such as those released exist. And it is very likely that they will show us a lot more.

You can check out that “released” footage below.

The Coronavirus Effect?

According to a recent article, the coronavirus outbreak has led to “the highest number of (UFO) sightings since Belgium’s UFO Wave of 1989”. There are several apparent reasons for this increase in UFO reports.

Firstly, the simple fact that many people are at home and currently not having to think of such things as their job and “getting up for work” means they have more time on their hands. Essentially, life has slowed somewhat meaning more people are simply looking upward than they were doing before in the ultra-fast-paced world of before the outbreak.

Add to this that because of the dramatic decrease in travel, the skies have seemingly become clearer, meaning what is traversing the skies is simply more visible to those below. Then, of course, we can add to that the recent satellite launches from Elon Musk, which initially caused a small stir before news stations began publicizing them more and educating people as to what, in this instance, they were actually seeing.

However, as we will see, UFO sightings not mistaken for Musk’s satellites have continued in abundance.

Strange Object Over, New Iberia, Louisiana (March)

Although the sightings occurred at the end of March, it wouldn’t enter the public arena until early April. The incident was captured on video on the afternoon of 12th March at just before 5 pm. Just before the 30 second mark, a fast-moving object enters the frame from the top-left hand side.

As the witness states they are “silent and almost invisible” and move at “incredible speed”. So fast that they only in the shot for 2 seconds at the most. The witness goes on to say in his report that he and his wife have witnessed several strange objects flying over the region in the last few weeks, including a “glowing orange orb (that) turned into a plane”.

This mention of an object morphing into another object entirely is perhaps of interest to us. When we examined the bizarre and disturbing claims of the Black Helicopter sightings, many of those reports would state that these helicopters often appeared to change into an entirely different craft right before the witnesses’ eyes. Might that be the case with the previous sighting of the witness in New Iberia?

You can see the footage below and make up your own minds.

More Strange Markings Discovered, Florida 5th April

We have documented several cases of strange red dot-like markings being found by unsuspecting victims in various places around the United States going back to last year (and they likely have been occurring for a lot longer).

Another case of these strange markings surfaced in April in Wellington in Florida. This time, however, the markings were in a bizarre diamond shape.

Only when the parent of the young boy concerned became aware of the strange markings and looked up similar marking on Google, did they become aware of similar markings and so uploaded a photograph to a UFO reporting website (which you can see below).

The parent also made it clear that due to recent medical attention required for the young boy (who suffers from bipolar and autism) the parent has been with him almost nonstop in the run-up to the strange markings occurring, meaning that such possibilities as self-infliction or of “leaning against” something can be ruled out.

Mothership-Sized Objects Near The Moon?

An extremely intriguing piece of footage surfaced on the 4th April claiming to show “something massive” moving close to the Moon. The footage was taken “during the daytime” and does indeed appear to show something coming out from the dark side of our celestial neighbor. What’s more, it is highly unlikely that these objects are planets in the distance that have been captured.

The footage would travel around social media rapidly, bringing with it a whole host of theories, ranging from human-built spacecrafts leaving a secret base on the Moon, or the arrival of alien visitors who are observing us from a safe distance.

One particularly intriguing offer, however, came from one social media member who claimed that some of the craters these objects appeared to emerge from are approximately 350 miles in diameter. This would mean – give or take – that the objects themselves are around 30 miles wide. Others would state that the footage looked authentic, pointing to the shadows apparently left by these mothership sized crafts.

The footage is certainly interesting. And will be no doubt further studied for some time

You can see that footage below.

Glowing Object Hovering Over La Romana City, Dominican Republic, 14th April

During the late afternoon or early evening of 14th April, a glowing orb-like UFO was filmed moving over the La Romana City in the Dominican Republic.

There is little else known about the sightings, and while it might be tempting for skeptics to suggest that what was filmed was nothing more than the setting Sun, it appears that the object is “in front” of the clouds as opposed to breaking through them.

What’s more, after just short of a minute the object appears to simply disappear, as though it has just gone out or been turned off. This is an intriguing detail as it comes up often in UFO sightings as opposed to how many people might imagine a UFO disappearing by physically shooting into the distance.

You can view the footage below and come to your own conclusions.

Strange “Plume Of Smoke” Over Cambridgeshire, UK, 16th April

At around 8 pm on the 16th April in Cambridgeshire in southern England, multiple people would witness a “mysterious plume of smoke” appeared in the skies overhead. What’s more, it appeared to be “spiraling” as it headed downward over the horizon.

Just one witness was 55-year-old Gerry Underwood, who was enjoying the spring evening air outside of his canal boat when he noticed the bizarre sight overhead. He would describe it later as looking like a “short, skinny cloud”. What’s more, it appeared to be moving slower than you might expect a falling object to move. He would continue that he was “pretty sure it wasn’t a meteorite”.

What makes the sighting even stranger are the further details offered by Underwood that there appeared to be “flames coming out of the back” of the falling object. It was thanks to Underwood that the pictures of the falling smoking object were entered into the public arena. There are also appears to be a strange red-orange glow to it.

The strange sight remained visible for between 10 to 20 minutes before it disappeared behind the trees in the distance. Just what the explanation might be for the strange incident remains to be seen. You can view one of Underwood’s pictures below.

Fast-Moving Ball/Circular Object Over Manchester, England April 19th

At just before 2 pm on the 19th April in the Saddleworth region of Manchester in England, a strange spherical object was filmed moving overhead. The footage is only 16 seconds long but is extremely intriguing. As is the fast pace if the strange craft.

It was shot at a time when the skies were completely clear and empty of any other activity. What’s more, the witness would also check out the flight plans over the area later in the day and confirm that no planes were in the area at the time the footage was shot.

The witness would estimate that the strange object – which enters the frame from the left – was likely at an altitude of around 3,000 feet. The witness was with his girlfriend at the time of the sighting, who also saw the bizarre craft.

The witness would further state that it was “100% not an airplane as it was initially stationary and hovering”. What’s more, the “zigzag style movement was nothing like a plane”. The object had a very clear round shape to it. Perhaps even more interesting is that there were no “visible rotors or exhaust gases”.

You can check out the footage below.

Disc Over Devon, 23rd April

On the afternoon of the 23rd April, shortly after 1:30 pm, photographs were taken of a disc-shaped object flying over the Devon region of the United Kingdom. The person who witnessed the object was in their back yard at the time and had originally noticed a helicopter moving overhead which they attempted to photograph.

It was after they had captured several shots of the helicopter and watched move off into the distance that the witness then noticed the strangely shaped fast-moving object. They quickly turned their camera to the object and focused in closer. It was immediately apparent that the object was shaped like a classic flying saucer. They quickly pressed down on their camera captured a single shot of the strange craft before it disappeared out of sight.

The witness would go on to claim in their report that the sighting was just one of many that take place in the area – many of which they themselves have witnessed. They would continue that it was their belief that this was because Devon has “close proximity to the sea”, where they believe that “aliens have underwater bases”.

As bizarre as that might sound to people outside of UFO circles, it is a theory that has circulated for many years. You can check out the video below that shows the picture of the craft over Devon.

Another CCTV “Orb” Sighting, California, 15th, 24th, and 25th April

We have covered several reports of CCTV footage captured strange moving orbs in the front yards of unsuspecting families around the United States and the UK. Just after midnight on the 15th April in Rancho Cordova in California, another such piece of video was captured, this time on a doorbell camera.

The two lights appeared to dance around in the driveway. When the witness looked closer at the footage, they would state how they appeared “mushroom or light bulb in shape”. What’s more, the glowing anomalies were much too large to be bugs. Although not very loud, the witness would also state that they could, at times, hear a “rumbling or robot sound”.

The incident wouldn’t be the only occasion when these strange glowing orbs arrived outside the witness’s home. On consecutive nights on the 24th and 25th April they were seen again.

While it is possible that the “lights” could be nothing more than a reflection, as the investigating website noted upon examining a screenshot of the footage, it was hard to see what the source of that reflection might be.

You can view that screenshot below.

Strange Objects Photographed In India and Italy On Same Date

Although there is not a lot of detail at this stage, two strange photographs have surfaced of very similar objects captured over Italy and India on the same evening of 26th April.

The object over Italy (which you can see below) was captured at a little at 8:30 pm (local time) and shows a disc-shaped craft with a blue glow. What’s more, both the Moon and Venus are clearly visible in the photograph eliminating both of them as an explanation, as well as providing perspective as to just how strange the object is.

On the same date, at around 5 am local time in New Delhi in India, a very similar object was captured in a piece of video footage. The object appeared to be cigar or disc-shaped, and appears to be in the distance compared to a bird that is also in the still frame of the shot. The witness would recall that “the thing passed with super sonic speed”.

You can see that still frame below.

Unknown Object Filmed Over Ontario, Canada, 26th April

At around 8:45 pm on the 26th April (the same date as the two photographs we have just examined) a strange object was filmed in the skies over Aurora in Ontario, Canada. As well as capturing several minutes of video footage, the witness would also manage to capture several photographs. The object in question was visible for around 40 minutes before disappearing from sight.

Although excited and intrigued of just what they might have seen, the witness would then attempt to eliminate any other possible explanations such as planets, terrestrial vehicles, satellites and even the International Space Station. However, to their best of their reasoning, none of these is a plausible alternative from something a little stranger.

You can view parts of that footage below.

Slow-Moving Red Sphere Moves Over Lancashire Darwen, UK, 27th April

The next night on the other side of the Atlantic, in Lancashire Darwen in the United Kingdom, at around 9:30 pm, a red spherical object was filmed moving overhead. The witness – who would unfortunately offer little detail to the video footage – would state that the red object moved relatively slowly across the skies. What’s more, there was no sound whatsoever from the object. The sphere – whatever it might have been, appeared to disappear into the distance as opposed to being swallowed up by the clouds.

We should note that upon examination of the footage, while investigators could not identify the object, it was unlikely to have been a Chinese Lantern.

You can see that footage below.

Triangular Object Over New York, 28th April

Another intriguing piece of footage emerged online at the end of April appearing to show a triangular shaped object moving over New York. The footage was taken on the evening of 28th April and shows the strange object with lifts at each corner of what seems to be a triangular underside moving silently at what seems to be a relatively low altitude.

Of course, the strange craft could be nothing more than a military or police helicopter, although it certainly doesn’t appear as though that will prove to be the case.

What is also worth noting here is that, at least according to one viewer of the video, is that while to begin with at the start of the footage the object looks almost identical to the TR3B craft. However, toward the end it appears different. Is it simply the perspective of the camera in relation to the object’s moving position? Or might we again have a piece of footage showing these strangely morphing craft?

You can check out that footage below.

Bizarre Blue Spherical Object, Pennsylvania

At around 7:20 am on the 28th April in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, a strange blue orb-like object was captured in a photograph over the Susquehanna River. The witness who captured the photograph was on their usual morning walk and had simply stopped near the boat launch for brief rest when they noticed the strange object.

They would state that they noticed the orb moving away from the Shamokin Dam power plant toward the mountains on the other side of the river. They quickly reached for their phone in order to snap the picture. It is important to note that unlike many orbs and similar objects captured in pictures, this was not something that was noticed after the fact. It was the sighting of the strange object that caused the witness to take the picture in the first place.

What is also interesting here is that there have been several sightings of these blue/green orb-like objects over the last few weeks. Although I will not show the footage here, a friend of mine from California recently sent me footage of a blue-green orb clearly moving in the skies overhead. It is also clear that the footage is authentic and not the result of lens flares or anything of that nature. Even stranger, I was sent almost identical footage of almost the exact same orb from northern England only days earlier. And each appears to be the same, or very similar, as the object we have just examined in Pennsylvania.

You can see a picture of the Pennsylvania orb below.

Bizarre White Disc Captured In Photograph, South Africa, 1st May

Although this sighting took place on the 1st May, in Dwarskersbos, Velddrif, West Coast in South Africa, we will include it here as it is merely too intriguing to wait another four weeks to discuss.

The picture, which you can see below, was taken at a little after 6 pm and appears to show a very clear white disc-shaped objected overhead. The witness claims that they were attempting to simply photograph the clouds and didn’t notice anything unusual at the time.

However, when they returned home and was examining the photographs on their computer, they noticed the bizarre object to the right of the shot. Whether it is a genuine disc-shaped craft or whether it is nothing more than reflection of trick of the light is open to debate. It is certainly in intriguing photograph, though.


As we know, as March has progressed the vast majority of the world has come to, essentially, a standstill. However, while multiple city streets become empty and devoid of the usual hustle and bustle, UFO sightings and reports thereof have continued in abundance.

Here are the best of the videos, pictures, and accounts from March 2020.

Bizarre Jellyfish-type Object Witnessed Over Sao Paulo, Brazil (Mid-February)

We will start our look at the month of March with a sighting that was filmed in the middle of February but would not appear in the public arena until the start of the month.

The incident took place on the afternoon of 16th February when the witness, filming the blue skies ahead and over them. At first, they believed it was a balloon of some kind, but upon zooming in it appears to have tentacles hanging down from an octopus or jellyfish-like object.

It is a sighting that will excite those in the cryptozoology fields, many of whom have claimed before that at least some UFO sightings could, in fact, by strange lifeforms that exist high in the Earth’s atmosphere.

You can check out the video footage below and make up your own mind.

 “Silvery Object” Captured In Photograph Over South Bend, Indiana, 5th March

One of the most intriguing sightings of a strange object came from South Bend, Indiana, when a witness managed to capture a picture of a “silvery object” hovering overhead at a little after 4:30 pm on 5th March.

According to the report, the witness’s daughter was taking a picture of the late-afternoon sky when she inadvertently captured the strange object. At the time the picture was taken, neither the daughter nor the witness noticed anything unusual.

It is certainly intriguing, and while it very well might be something untoward and even extraterrestrial, investigators urged caution that it might be, on this occasion, nothing more than an out of focus balloon.

You can view that picture below., however, and make up your own minds.

Line Of Lights, Alum Bank, Pennsylvania, 5th March

At a little after 8 pm on the 5th March in Alum Bank, Pennsylvania, a witness who was watching what they believed was a plane moving across the sky managed instead, after quickly reaching for their mobile phone, to capture a “line of lights” moving across the night skies.

The witness would claim that they witnessed “10 sets of 4 lights” and that each was in a “perfect line formation”. What’s more, they would disappear one after the other. This would continue for around a quarter of an hour. As we shall see, there are several similar sightings on record for the month of March 2020 of similar sightings.

You can check out that footage below.

Huge Object With “Very Bright Lights” Over Arkansas, 6th March

At 8:40 pm on the evening of 6th March in Texarkana in Arkansas, a parent and son were driving home from the movies when they spotted “very bright lights” overhead. The object was at a relatively low altitude, and what’s more, was seemingly completely silent. What’s more, the lights – seemingly on the underside of a solid craft – were so bright that the pair had trouble properly focusing in on them.

The pair would bring their vehicle to a stop in an attempt to capture photographs and video footage. However, within several minutes, it had disappeared into the night sky.

Interestingly or not, the witness would state in their report that their sister-in-law had seen almost the same type of object in the same exact location previously.

You can view a picture from the sighting below.

Leighton Buzzard, 6th March

An account of a sighting of a strange aerial object was reported by two young girls on the evening of 6th March was reported by the Leighton Buzzard Observer. 12-year-old Jasmine Ratore and her 11-year-old cousin Amelia Taylor would witness the “strange diamonds floating in the sky” at a little after 5 pm as they were walking along a road on their way to a grandparent’s home.

They would watch the objects for around 5 to 10 minutes, with each girl unsure of what the objects were but being perfectly aware that they were witnessing something a little unusual. Jasmine would recall to the newspaper that she at first thought the objects were birds but quickly realized that they were moving much too slowly to be birds. She would further recall that as opposed to flying they appeared very much to be floating.

It was at this stage that the two young girls began filming the sky on their mobile phones, now convinced that they were witnessing a genuine “UFO”. By sheer luck, an uncle of the girls happened to bump into them on the street, providing them with another corroborative, and more importantly, an adult witness.

The girls themselves were more than convinced they had witnessed something truly extraordinary, Jasmine’s father was a little more cautious, although he did state that the region of the country, after he had conducted his own research, had seen quite a few sightings over the years, adding that “you have to keep an open mind”.

What is perhaps interesting, at least according to Jasmine and her father, is that she has experienced other strange incidents, including a shared paranormal encounter with a friend while on a school trip.

String Of Lights Cowichan Valley, 17th March

According to a report in the Cowichan Valley Citizen, at around 9 pm on the 17th March, local resident, Jim Quayle spotted “a string of bright lights” moving across the sky. Quayle was stood on his decking in the back yard of his home at the time of the sighting. He would recall that they were “as bright as an average star” and were approximately 30,000 to 40,000 feet above the ground. Furthermore, they appeared to be evenly spaced apart.

He would call out to his son – who happens to live in the property next door – and the pair watched the bizarre lights for around 10 minutes before they disappeared.

Another local resident, Ian Purcell, would tell the same media site that he witnessed a similar “string of lights” the previous evening. He would claim there were “at least 100 of them” and they appeared to be getting smaller as if they were “gaining altitude”. He would even recall that he witnessed a similar display the following evening (and the same as Quayle’s sighting) although on this occasion, they appeared “side-by-side”.

Whatever the lights may or may not have been, the sightings appear largely credible. Many suggestions claimed they may have been satellites, while others dismissed such suggestions altogether. As we have seen, and as we will see later in this section, sightings of a line or string of lights appear to be in relatively ample over the last four weeks.

UFO Caught On Live Stream Of SpaceX Starlink, 18th March

On the 18th March when the SpaceX Starlink launched, many eagle-eyed viewers of the live stream of the event witnessed what appeared to be a round, disc-like object captured entering or leaving the planet’s atmosphere.

The object also appears to have a metallic exterior that is “reflective yet not mirror reflective”.

That the incident occurred during the rocket’s re-entry is also particularly intriguing given the danger the mystery object posed. Whether any public report surfaces or whether it is a sighting that swept under the carpet and forgotten about remains to be seen.

You can view the footage below.

Two More “Doorbell” Cases in California, 21st and 24th March

Only two nights later, this time in San Jose, California, another almost identical incident was reported. At around 1:45 am in the early hours of 21st March a home security footage managed to capture several glowing orbs, or spheres seemingly approach the property which somehow “triggered” the front doorbell to ring.

In fact, the witness would claim that similar incidents had been taking place for the past week, and while the video camera did manage to pick up “movement”, the orbs moved so fast it was hard to notice them properly.

The witness would state that this was the first time they had noticed such strange activity taking place.

You can check out that video footage below.

Three days later at just before midnight on 24th March in Santa Ynez to the south of Son Jose, an almost identical incident would unfold. The witness claimed that several strange orbs or lights appeared in CCTV footage after his doorbell was triggered “at least seven times” during the evening in question.

Perhaps interestingly, the witness would recall a “noise of hitting the door” sounding out before the doorbell was triggered.

You can view that footage below.

Orange Light, Florida, 21st March

On the same date but later in the evening at just after 8 pm, on the other side of the United States in Plantation, Florida, a local resident would witness an air force jet speeding across the skies. However, as they watched in awe, a bizarre orange light appeared and moved “faster” than the jet, moving across west to east.

It remained in sight for around 2 minutes before it “appeared to turn upward” and then disappeared into the sky.

The witness, while not managing to capture an image of the incident did manage to produce a replica to demonstrate how the strange looked to him from the ground below.

You can view that replica picture of the apparent sighting below.

Orbs Over St. Petersburg, 25th March

One of the most intriguing UFO sightings of the last four weeks comes to us from St. Petersburg in Russia when several strange lights appeared over the region at a little after 8:25 pm. According to the witness, the objects were originally in a straight line before they began to “drop orbs to the ground”.

Upon the witness zooming in on the lights, it appears as though a triangular formation can be seen. Nothing much else is known about the sighting at this stage, but the footage is extremely intriguing.

You can check out that video below.

Devon, Disc Near Helicopter, 26th March

At just before 4 pm on 26th March over the skies of Newton Abbot in Devon in the United Kingdom, an eagle-eyed witness managed to capture an image of a disc-shaped craft hovering overhead. What’s more, the bizarre object was seemingly a short distance from a helicopter that was also in the sky at the time.

The witness had heard the helicopter near their home and rushed outside to watch it land nearby. They then went to grab their camera, ensuring that they waited for the helicopter to take back to the air so they could snap a picture of it.

After waiting patiently for several minutes, they did indeed see the helicopter rise into the air once more, at which point the witness raised the camera to their eye in order to take the picture. However, when they did, they noticed a strange “round object” to the left of the helicopter. A moment after pushing down on the camera to take the picture, the object “flew off at incredible speed”.

Incidentally, the witness has managed to capture several “quite compelling” photographs of strange aerial objects before, leading investigators to question whether he “must live in a UFO hotspot”. What’s more, investigators who have examined these photographs have “never had any reason to believe that he has ever fabricated any photos”.

You can view that image below.

Glowing Orbs Over California 31st March

Another sighting of a line of lights occurred over Laguna Beach in California in the United States on the evening of 31st March. Due to the lockdown measures in place through the state of California much like they are around the country and the rest of the world, the witness was walking their dogs with their partner near the North Laguna Beach area. It was late at night and the area was almost silent.

Then, as they were looking out at the beach and the encroaching Pacific Ocean, they noticed four lights hovering in a perfect line. As they watched, several more light appeared “one by one” until there was seven in total.

Even more bizarre, after several moments, they began to fade out, again one at a time until none of them were visible. The entire incident from them first noticing the lights to them completely vanishing was between 10 to 15 minutes.

You can check out a short video of the sighting below.


If UFO sightings in 2020 began with a surge in January, the same can be said for February where incidents continued in abundance. And, as in the previous month, they are as varied as they are intriguing. Indeed, it would appear predictions of an increase in UFO sightings in 2020 are proving to be, so far at least, very accurate.

As we will also see, there is another appearance of the strange, red, grid-like markings on an unfortunate lady from Illinois. You might remember we examined several such cases throughout 2019. Whatever is causing these strange markings, it would appear they are continuing. We will also examine several sightings of strange lights, saucer-shaped crafts, and even an encounter with the International Space Station.

We will start this monthly round-up, as we often do, with several reports that although they took place in January, have only recently been reported. And another sighting from a professional commercial airline pilot.

Green Orb, Thomaston, Georgia, Mid-January 2020

Around two weeks after the sighting over Colombia, at around 4 am in the early hours of 15th January in Thomaston in Georgia, another sighting occurred (although it wasn’t reported until early February).

The witness would claim to be a friend’s house – which was “in the middle of nowhere” – when they noticed a strange green orb hovering overhead when they went outside for a cigarette. It appeared to be hovering over the woodland which sat at the back of the house.

They would quickly take out their phone and begin recording footage of the strange light. It would “blink in and out” regularly and move sporadically. The sighting remains unexplained.

Red Grid Marks, Pittsfield, Illinois, 6th February

One of the most intriguing reports from February comes from Pittsfield in Illinois and features yet another case of strange, red, grid markings, something that we examined on several occasions during 2019.

In this instance, the witness (from want of a better word) would discover the strange, mechanical markings in the middle of her upper back. She would immediately begin researching what the strange markings could be, sure that there were “no objects in my house that could make these marks”. When she did so, she would begin to discover other people with almost the exact same markings. And what’s more, she would realize these accounts were almost always on UFO-related pages.

The witness would even visit her local hospital for medical advice but all she was told that the markings were not the result of a medical condition. And furthermore, that she “must have been shoved up against something sharp or laid on something for a long period of time”. However, the witness is certain that the marks were not there when she went to bed the previous evening. And nor should she have obtained them during the night.

You can see a picture of the strange grid-like markings below.

Amber Lights Over Dana Point, California 7th Feb

Maybe one of the strangest sightings would come from Dana Point in California at just before 9 pm on 7th February.

Although the report doesn’t state how the witness came to be looking at the sky at the time, they would notice “several amber lights” that were “stationary” in the skies over Dana Point Harbour. From their position in the sky, the witness believed that they were likely some way out, over the ocean.

They would remain “sustained” in the air for several minutes. The witness would suggest that it is possible the lights could be the result of a military exercise, but otherwise, they did not appear to be anything like a conventional aircraft.

You can see that picture below.

Strange Lights Over Daytona Beach, Florida, 9th February

At a little after 11 pm on the evening of 9th February in Daytona Beach in Florida, while watching a rocket launch at Cape Canaveral, an unnamed witness saw “extra lights” in the sky that they couldn’t explain.

They would manage to capture a picture of the anomaly but was unable to explain or even come up with a suggestion of what it might have been. You can view the picture below and make up your own mind. We should note that although the picture looks as though it was taken during the day, it was, in fact, the Moon that was illuminating the sky so brightly.

Cross-Shaped Object Auburn, Washington, 12th February

Perhaps one of the most intriguing sightings of February 2020 took place at a little after 6 pm on the evening of 12th February over Auburn in Washington. The witness was merely walking out of her garage at her home when she noticed a strange cross-shaped object overhead. She would immediately alert her husband who would take out his i-phone and begin filming the strange aerial vehicle.

The witness would describe the object as “holographic” in her report. She would further state it had a “sporadic” quality to its movements. So much so, that she was certain it was not a plane, helicopter, or any other conventional aircraft.

They would continue to watch the strange craft until it disappeared from their sight into the distance. When the object had vanished from their sight, the witnesses could hear a strange drone-type buzzing sound that appeared to be coming from a short distance away from where they had seen the object. They would suspect that this was a terrestrial craft that was monitoring the strange and seemingly otherworldly craft.

You can check out footage of that sighting below.

UFO Fleet Over Pennsylvania, 16th February

Another strange incident was recorded from a highway in Pennsylvania – near the King of Prussia Mall – on the evening of 16th February. The recording shows a “fleet” of strange objects hovering overhead. What’s more, as there were many more cars on the road at the time the footage was filmed, it is highly likely that this incident has many other witnesses, perhaps some of whom might come forward.

Once more, as many people who witness such strange crafts, the witness would state that aside from a top-secret military aircraft experiment, the objects were unexplainable.

You can check out the video below and see what you think.

Silver Object Ascends Over South Shields, 17th February

At just before noon on the 17th February in South Shields in the United Kingdom, a local resident would manage to capture footage of a “silver object” moving overhead at great speed. What’s more, it appears to be ascending as it moves.

Even stranger, the object appears to “break into two” toward the end of the footage. Not much else is known about the incident, but it remains unexplained.

You can check out the video below. The object appears approximately 7 seconds into the footage. It also helps if you keep your focus on the phone line that runs across the screen.

Strange Sphere Over Winnipeg, Canada, 13h February

A strange sighting was recorded four days earlier on the evening of 13th Feb (although not reported until the 20th) on the other side of the Atlantic in Winnipeg, Canada.

The witnesses were at home when they noticed the strange object over their home, describing it as a “sphere of light in the sky”. What’s more, two more spherical objects appeared a short time after they noticed the first one. The witness would continue that these strange objects would “fade in and out”.

Then, even more intriguing, after a short time a military aircraft began in their direction. Before it arrived, however, the objects began to “fade to the west”.

There are perhaps two interesting things here. Firstly, there are countless accounts on record of objects disappearing once a military aircraft gets to within a certain range. Secondly, the way the witness described the objects as “fading” away as opposed to physically flying. This might have just been their way of describing the scene, but many reports of UFOs speak of the crafts fading out as opposed to flying away.

You can view the footage below.

Saucer Over Snohomish, Washington, 21st February

A picture of a saucer-shaped craft was captured over Snohomish in the state of Washington on the evening of 21st February. The sighting was made at just short of 11 pm when the witness saw “several white lights” hovering over their property.

In fact, they had witnessed them on several occasions during the days leading up to the incident when they managed to capture the picture of the glowing object. Although they at first believed the object to be a drone when viewed with the naked eye. However, when they used binoculars it very much appeared saucer-shaped. What’s more, it appeared to have several strange red and white lights on it.

You can view that picture below.

Strange Blue Light Santa Ana, California, 23rd February

At around 7:45 pm on the 23rd February in Santa Ana, California, a local resident would witness a blue, blinking light hovering over their house before moving directly upward. They would manage to capture a short piece of footage of the bizarre scene.

However, when they viewed the footage back, they noticed another “double white light” also in the shot. They had not noticed this when viewing the first light. What’s more – as you can see in the video below – the lights appeared to interact with each other before they disappeared out of shot and out of sight.

You can view that video below.

Bus-Sized Object Near International Space Station 25th February

On the 25th of February, a story broke concerning an apparent UFO that had come a little too close to the International Space Station. What’s more, it remained in the picture for around 20 minutes. We, like many other UFO researchers, have pointed out before how the International Space Station has been the apparent target of UFOs on numerous occasions. Normally, however, the live broadcast switches to a screen stating there were “technical difficulties”.

On this occasion, the cameras would “remain locked on it”. As the footage surfaced online it would spread like wildfire. As did the theories as to what it was in the first place.

Estimates of its size would largely agree it to be the approximate size of a bus and was likely traveling somewhere in the region of 7.8 kilometers-per-second.

As to what the craft might be theories ranged from the obvious claims of an extraterrestrial craft to a top-secret United States space plane (the X-37B, for example, is known to perform operations at such an orbit).

Whatever the object proves to be – if indeed there is ever an explanation offered – it will likely continue to be debated around the world for some time to come.

You can check out that footage below.


We begin with a brief look, and appreciation of just how busy 2019 actually was in terms of UFO sightings and news, and what might may ahead over the next 12 months.

2019 Into 2020 – What A Year For UFO Sightings, And What Another Potentially Active Year To Come!

According to an article from ABC News, North America saw a “jump from 3,395” official UFO sightings reported in 2018 to 5,791 sightings in 2019. Peter Davenport, who runs the National UFO Reporting Center who compiled the data stated that there is a normal “fluctuation” in UFO reports, stating that “some years it’s been low, but it’s gotten higher recently”.

Incidentally, California would prove to be the state with the highest number of UFO reports with 485, with Florida taking second place with 100 fewer sightings. What is perhaps interesting is that the top two states sit opposite each other on the west and east coast respectively, which as we have highlighted previously, are home to UFO “hotspots” or “windows” with seemingly increased activity in each of these destinations.

In the interests of balance, it is perhaps wise to include the comments of Rick Fienberg from the American Astronomical Society, who noted that “Space X launched 180 new satellites into space” in 2019 which could very well explain at least some of the increased sightings.

On the other side of the Atlantic in the United Kingdom, there is an expectation that what is left of the RAF’s UFO files will soon be unleashed into the public domain. Although there is not an exact date at the moment, information in the press release claimed that the anticipated files would likely be available online “sometime within the first quarter of 2020” following a Freedom of Information Request. Whether it will be much of interest or not remains to be seen, with the files “comprising entirely of correspondence with members of the public” according to the RAF report.

They would further notice that the “MoD has no opinion on the existence or otherwise of extraterrestrial life and does not investigate UFO reports”. Should a member of the British public wish to make an official report, they will be directed to the police to do so.

Orange Balls “Moving In All Directions” Over Scottsdale, Arizona, 1st January

Perhaps one of the first sightings of 2020 occurred only 10 minutes into the new year in Scottsdale, Arizona. On the evening in question, after “all of the fireworks had finished”, the witness had ventured into his backyard when he noticed “3 very bright orange glowing lights” in the night sky overhead.

Due to the fact that he lived near the airport, the witness was familiar with most of the aircraft that would normally fly overhead. As he continued to watch he noticed that the three objects were suddenly heading toward him at around 700 to 800 miles per hour.

It was at this stage that the witness would head inside briefly to obtain his mobile phone. As he was beginning to record, “all three of the orbs went streaking in different directions”. During this display, the witness had the impression that the lights were “in synch with each other”. Then, without warning, the object suddenly disappeared, as if they just faded away.

Incidentally, the Multiple Anomaly Data Automated Recording (MADAR) did not show any records or signs of any abnormal readings on the night in question. You can view the footage below.

Saucer Appears From The Clouds In Newton Abbott Devon, UK, 3rd January

In the middle of the day, at around 1:30 pm over Newton Abbott Devon in the United Kingdom on the 3rd of January, the witness was in their backyard so they could test out their new Nikon P900 camera. They were pointing it at various different places in the sky and “zooming in and out” trying to find something to focus on.

As he was doing so, he focused in on a saucer-shaped object and immediately began viewing it through the camera. He quickly pressed down on the button before the object disappeared on more into the clouds of the afternoon sky.

He remained where he was hoping the object would reappear. However, after several minutes he decided to head inside to examine the pictures to see if he had indeed managed to capture the aerial anomaly on camera which, of course, he had.

You can see a picture of that object below.

Huge Craft Hovering Over Wisconsin Emits Laser Beam, 4th January

The following day at around 10 pm on 4th January, on the other side of the Atlantic in Fond du lac in Wisconsin a “huge silent craft” was witnessed hovering silently overhead. What’s more, the witness would claim to see the craft “send a laser beam to the ground”.

While this is quite an outlandish claim, there are many records of encounters featuring crafts that act in exactly the same manner in UFO reports across the decades. The witness did manage to capture a picture of the alleged object, but not of the actual laser beam.

We should note that some who have viewed the picture have expressed their belief that it is, in fact, an out of focus shot of the moon.

You can see the picture in question below and see what you think.

“Circular Object” Hovering Over Slidell, Louisiana, 6th January

At around 7 pm on the evening of 6th January in the town of Slidell in Louisiana, footage was captured of a “circular-shaped object” hovering overhead before simply flying into the distance.

Although the video itself gives the impression that the object is moving it was, in fact, hovering in one place with the movement being a result of the witness zooming in and out. Although it is a possibility that the object was Venus, records indicate that the planet was much lower on the horizon than the object appears.

Furthermore, the way the object disappeared into the distance would further suggest that the object was a machine-like, nuts-and-bolts type of object as opposed to a planet.

You can check out the video below.

Large White Lights “A Bit Like Batman’s Signal” Moving Over Reading, south England, 4th January

Two nights previously at around 10 pm on the evening of 4th January over Reading in southern England, local residents would report strange lights “moving randomly across the sky”.

One witness, Charlotte Butterworth would claim the lights were “visible for around 20 minutes” as she drove along the M4. Another unnamed witness would describe the lights as looking a “bit like Batman’s signal”.

One resident, identified as Jake New in the newspaper report of the incident, would even manage to snap several pictures of the strange glowing orbs, although what they might be, currently remain a mystery.

Several nights later, a similar sighting would unfold. Before moving on to that incident, though, you can check out one of the pictures below.

“Large Bright Lights” Over East Hertfordshire For Almost Two Hours, 8th January

At a little after 6 pm on the 8th January, also in the United Kingdom – this time in East Hertfordshire – witnesses observed a “large bright light” hovering in the skies for around two hours. The main witness and their father were outside when they noticed a “large, bright light in the night sky”.

What’s more, the object changed shape on several occasions, including triangular, spherical, as well as several displays of lines and circles. The witnesses would even have time to view the bizarre anomaly through binoculars and would further note that it changed colors on several occasions also, changing from red to yellow, to blue, and to green.

Eventually, by around 8 pm, the lights had vanished from their sight. The witnesses would also state that several reports of strange lights were issued in the neighboring times shortly after the lights vanished from their sight.

You can view one of the pictures captured below.

Security Guard Captures Footage Of Craft “Soaring Away” Over Cathedral City, California 11th January

On the evening of 11th January in Cathedral City in California, a 48-year-old security guard at a construction site, Douglas Benefield would capture several seconds of video footage of a strange craft “soaring away” into the night sky.

Benefield would explain who he was sitting at the site as he normally would be when “everything just felt weird all of a sudden”. He then noticed something moving in the distance and immediately grabbed his phone and filmed in that general direction.

He would immediately play the footage back, not able to “believe his eyes” at what he had managed to capture on video. In the footage, he could see something come into the frame, hovering a little way above the ground. Then, without warning, it zips skyward and disappears in a matter of seconds.

You can view that footage below.

Pulsating Object Hovering Over San Francisco, California, 14th January

Also in California, in San Francisco at a little after 5 pm on the 14th January, a resident not only witnessed a “pulsating light” hovering overhead but managed to obtain several seconds of footage. The witness was traveling home in his car at the time and was sat waiting for the lights to change to green. After noticing the object he would quickly reach for his phone and pressed record on the video setting.

What’s more, after taking the video footage, the motorist went on his way, eventually arriving at the home of a friend at around 6 pm who managed to capture a picture of what they believed to be the same object still hovering overhead.

You can see the footage below.

“Nine White Orbs” Hovering Directly Over Central London, 21st January

London resident, Tristam Mayes would claim to have spotted – and filmed – “nine white orbs” floating over London from his position near Blackfriars Bridge on the afternoon of 21st January, which he would claim they were “not drones, not satellites, and not stars”.

Some people would offer that the lights were nothing more than Chinese Lanterns, while others offered they could be secret and experimental military drones. Mayes, however, was less convinced, and while stopping short of stating the objects were extraterrestrial in nature, he was intrigued as to their mysterious nature.

What is perhaps interesting, at least according to one London media platform, is that only the previous day were reports of a bizarre and unknown object “flashing all kinds of colors” almost directly over the Houses of Parliament, while yet another sighting on the same saw an object move defiantly across the daylit sky.

You can check out a still-shot from the video Mayes uploaded to his Twitter page below.

“Dazzlingly Bright And Beautiful” Object Over Wigan, United Kingdom 26th January

According to a 35-year-old man from Wigan, while in his loft room in the early hours of 26th January he noticed a strange formation of lights moving through the night sky. He would describe the bizarre glow as “dazzlingly bright and beautiful”.

He would manage to capture a picture of the anomaly and after watching it for several moments was confident that it was neither a conventional aircraft, a balloon, nor was it a Chinese Lantern. The witness would further state that he “knew straight away that whatever it was it wasn’t from Earth”.

In total, the object remained visible and within his sight for around 20 minutes. Then, rather than simply fading out of sight, the object would “rocket up out of view faster than anything I have ever seen”. He would further recall feelings of being “stunned” and “mesmerized” by what he had seen, and that it had given him “a whole new perspective on things”.

He would state to the local newspaper that he believed that other people around the town must have seen it, although at the time of writing it appears the 35-year-old is the only witness to the strange glowing craft.

You can view the picture below.

UFO Spotted Over Erupting Volcano In Popocatepetl, Mexico, 27th January

While we should perhaps treat such videos and claims with a pinch of salt, when the volcano that maintains a constant stranglehold over the residents of Popocatepetl in Mexico erupted on the evening of 27th January (which it does often), several eagle-eyed viewers believed they spotted a nuts-and-bolts craft making its way out of the chaos as they viewed the footage from the government webcams.

Of course, as we have examined several times, mountains, including volcanoes, are said by some UFO researchers to be home to all manner of alien bases and entrances into the “inner world” that many believe exist in cavernous open spaces many, many miles beneath our feet. Indeed, some researchers (including many from centuries previously) call this alleged area the “Inner Earth”.

While many remain skeptical of such claims, and the most recent footage in question, due to its particularly active nature the Mexican government maintains a regular 24-hour-a-day video vigil on the volcano, meaning that several strange anomalies and objects have been spotted over the years.

You can view the latest video footage below.

“Jellyfish-Like Object” Spotted Over The Great Wall Of China, 27th January

Although there is somewhat limited information about our last two cases of January 2020, they are nonetheless among some of the most intriguing of the opening weeks of the new decade.

The first would come from above the Great Wall of China on 27th January when the CCTV footage managed to unintentionally capture a “strange jellyfish-like” object hovering over the iconic construction.

What’s more, judging by several of the tourists caught in the frame who were pointing upward, it appeared the object was visible to those below. The strange object had appeared from out of the clouds and remained visible for several seconds before once again vanishing into the waiting whiteness.

You can view the video footage below.

Strange Cube Filmed From Plane Over Colombia, 29th January

There is even less known about our last footage, which comes from a pilot onboard a Viva Air plane making its way over Medellin in Colombia. Upon looking out of the window he noticed a cube-like object heading toward their plane.

The footage, short as it is, is quite compelling, especially as there are numerous sightings involving metallic, round, spherical objects. And if genuine, this footage could be some of the most dramatic and clear of these cube-like objects.

What is also intriguing is the sheer pace that the objects move with. Certainly a lot faster than any (known) conventional aircraft.

You can check out the footage below.


The stories, accounts, and discussion in this article are not always based on proven facts and may go against currently accepted science and common beliefs. The details included in the article are based on the reports and accounts available to us as provided by witnesses and documentation.

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