The Best UFO Sightings, Videos & Encounters Of 2020

First Published: January 31, 2020 Written by: Marcus Lowth Estimated Reading Time: 9 minutes Posted in: Editorials

As we did last year, we will be documenting the best UFO and alien encounters as they happen each month throughout 2020, so make sure you bookmark this page and check back at the start of each month to see the best of what has been happening in the UFO community the previous four weeks.

As well as the best actual sightings themselves, we will also examine any relevant or appropriate news items in relation to the UFO community. And that is where we will start the January 2020 round-up.


We begin with a brief look, and appreciation of just how busy 2019 actually was in terms of UFO sightings and news, and what might may ahead over the next 12 months.

2019 Into 2020 – What A Year For UFO Sightings, And What Another Potentially Active Year To Come!

According to an article from ABC News, North America saw a “jump from 3,395” official UFO sightings reported in 2018 to 5,791 sightings in 2019. Peter Davenport, who runs the National UFO Reporting Center who compiled the data stated that there is a normal “fluctuation” in UFO reports, stating that “some years it’s been low, but it’s gotten higher recently”.

Incidentally, California would prove to be the state with the highest number of UFO reports with 485, with Florida taking second place with 100 fewer sightings. What is perhaps interesting is that the top two states sit opposite each other on the west and east coast respectively, which as we have highlighted previously, are home to UFO “hotspots” or “windows” with seemingly increased activity in each of these destinations.

In the interests of balance, it is perhaps wise to include the comments of Rick Fienberg from the American Astronomical Society, who noted that “Space X launched 180 new satellites into space” in 2019 which could very well explain at least some of the increased sightings.

On the other side of the Atlantic in the United Kingdom, there is an expectation that what is left of the RAF’s UFO files will soon be unleashed into the public domain. Although there is not an exact date at the moment, information in the press release claimed that the anticipated files would likely be available online “sometime within the first quarter of 2020” following a Freedom of Information Request. Whether it will be much of interest or not remains to be seen, with the files “comprising entirely of correspondence with members of the public” according to the RAF report.

They would further notice that the “MoD has no opinion on the existence or otherwise of extraterrestrial life and does not investigate UFO reports”. Should a member of the British public wish to make an official report, they will be directed to the police to do so.

Orange Balls “Moving In All Directions” Over Scottsdale, Arizona, 1st January

Perhaps one of the first sightings of 2020 occurred only 10 minutes into the new year in Scottsdale, Arizona. On the evening in question, after “all of the fireworks had finished”, the witness had ventured into his backyard when he noticed “3 very bright orange glowing lights” in the night sky overhead.

Due to the fact that he lived near the airport, the witness was familiar with most of the aircraft that would normally fly overhead. As he continued to watch he noticed that the three objects were suddenly heading toward him at around 700 to 800 miles per hour.

It was at this stage that the witness would head inside briefly to obtain his mobile phone. As he was beginning to record, “all three of the orbs went streaking in different directions”. During this display, the witness had the impression that the lights were “in synch with each other”. Then, without warning, the object suddenly disappeared, as if they just faded away.

Incidentally, the Multiple Anomaly Data Automated Recording (MADAR) did not show any records or signs of any abnormal readings on the night in question. You can view the footage below.

Saucer Appears From The Clouds In Newton Abbott Devon, UK, 3rd January

In the middle of the day, at around 1:30 pm over Newton Abbott Devon in the United Kingdom on the 3rd of January, the witness was in their backyard so they could test out their new Nikon P900 camera. They were pointing it at various different places in the sky and “zooming in and out” trying to find something to focus on.

As he was doing so, he focused in on a saucer-shaped object and immediately began viewing it through the camera. He quickly pressed down on the button before the object disappeared on more into the clouds of the afternoon sky.

He remained where he was hoping the object would reappear. However, after several minutes he decided to head inside to examine the pictures to see if he had indeed managed to capture the aerial anomaly on camera which, of course, he had.

You can see a picture of that object below.

Huge Craft Hovering Over Wisconsin Emits Laser Beam, 4th January

The following day at around 10 pm on 4th January, on the other side of the Atlantic in Fond du lac in Wisconsin a “huge silent craft” was witnessed hovering silently overhead. What’s more, the witness would claim to see the craft “send a laser beam to the ground”.

While this is quite an outlandish claim, there are many records of encounters featuring crafts that act in exactly the same manner in UFO reports across the decades. The witness did manage to capture a picture of the alleged object, but not of the actual laser beam.

We should note that some who have viewed the picture have expressed their belief that it is, in fact, an out of focus shot of the moon.

You can see the picture in question below and see what you think.

“Circular Object” Hovering Over Slidell, Louisiana, 6th January

At around 7 pm on the evening of 6th January in the town of Slidell in Louisiana, footage was captured of a “circular-shaped object” hovering overhead before simply flying into the distance.

Although the video itself gives the impression that the object is moving it was, in fact, hovering in one place with the movement being a result of the witness zooming in and out. Although it is a possibility that the object was Venus, records indicate that the planet was much lower on the horizon than the object appears.

Furthermore, the way the object disappeared into the distance would further suggest that the object was a machine-like, nuts-and-bolts type of object as opposed to a planet.

You can check out the video below.

Large White Lights “A Bit Like Batman’s Signal” Moving Over Reading, south England, 4th January

Two nights previously at around 10 pm on the evening of 4th January over Reading in southern England, local residents would report strange lights “moving randomly across the sky”.

One witness, Charlotte Butterworth would claim the lights were “visible for around 20 minutes” as she drove along the M4. Another unnamed witness would describe the lights as looking a “bit like Batman’s signal”.

One resident, identified as Jake New in the newspaper report of the incident, would even manage to snap several pictures of the strange glowing orbs, although what they might be, currently remain a mystery.

Several nights later, a similar sighting would unfold. Before moving on to that incident, though, you can check out one of the pictures below.

“Large Bright Lights” Over East Hertfordshire For Almost Two Hours, 8th January

At a little after 6 pm on the 8th January, also in the United Kingdom – this time in East Hertfordshire – witnesses observed a “large bright light” hovering in the skies for around two hours. The main witness and their father were outside when they noticed a “large, bright light in the night sky”.

What’s more, the object changed shape on several occasions, including triangular, spherical, as well as several displays of lines and circles. The witnesses would even have time to view the bizarre anomaly through binoculars and would further note that it changed colors on several occasions also, changing from red to yellow, to blue, and to green.

Eventually, by around 8 pm, the lights had vanished from their sight. The witnesses would also state that several reports of strange lights were issued in the neighboring times shortly after the lights vanished from their sight.

You can view one of the pictures captured below.

Security Guard Captures Footage Of Craft “Soaring Away” Over Cathedral City, California 11th January

On the evening of 11th January in Cathedral City in California, a 48-year-old security guard at a construction site, Douglas Benefield would capture several seconds of video footage of a strange craft “soaring away” into the night sky.

Benefield would explain who he was sitting at the site as he normally would be when “everything just felt weird all of a sudden”. He then noticed something moving in the distance and immediately grabbed his phone and filmed in that general direction.

He would immediately play the footage back, not able to “believe his eyes” at what he had managed to capture on video. In the footage, he could see something come into the frame, hovering a little way above the ground. Then, without warning, it zips skyward and disappears in a matter of seconds.

You can view that footage below.

Pulsating Object Hovering Over San Francisco, California, 14th January

Also in California, in San Francisco at a little after 5 pm on the 14th January, a resident not only witnessed a “pulsating light” hovering overhead but managed to obtain several seconds of footage. The witness was traveling home in his car at the time and was sat waiting for the lights to change to green. After noticing the object he would quickly reach for his phone and pressed record on the video setting.

What’s more, after taking the video footage, the motorist went on his way, eventually arriving at the home of a friend at around 6 pm who managed to capture a picture of what they believed to be the same object still hovering overhead.

You can see the footage below.

“Nine White Orbs” Hovering Directly Over Central London, 21st January

London resident, Tristam Mayes would claim to have spotted – and filmed – “nine white orbs” floating over London from his position near Blackfriars Bridge on the afternoon of 21st January, which he would claim they were “not drones, not satellites, and not stars”.

Some people would offer that the lights were nothing more than Chinese Lanterns, while others offered they could be secret and experimental military drones. Mayes, however, was less convinced, and while stopping short of stating the objects were extraterrestrial in nature, he was intrigued as to their mysterious nature.

What is perhaps interesting, at least according to one London media platform, is that only the previous day were reports of a bizarre and unknown object “flashing all kinds of colors” almost directly over the Houses of Parliament, while yet another sighting on the same saw an object move defiantly across the daylit sky.

You can check out a still-shot from the video Mayes uploaded to his Twitter page below.

“Dazzlingly Bright And Beautiful” Object Over Wigan, United Kingdom 26th January

According to a 35-year-old man from Wigan, while in his loft room in the early hours of 26th January he noticed a strange formation of lights moving through the night sky. He would describe the bizarre glow as “dazzlingly bright and beautiful”.

He would manage to capture a picture of the anomaly and after watching it for several moments was confident that it was neither a conventional aircraft, a balloon, nor was it a Chinese Lantern. The witness would further state that he “knew straight away that whatever it was it wasn’t from Earth”.

In total, the object remained visible and within his sight for around 20 minutes. Then, rather than simply fading out of sight, the object would “rocket up out of view faster than anything I have ever seen”. He would further recall feelings of being “stunned” and “mesmerized” by what he had seen, and that it had given him “a whole new perspective on things”.

He would state to the local newspaper that he believed that other people around the town must have seen it, although at the time of writing it appears the 35-year-old is the only witness to the strange glowing craft.

You can view the picture below.

UFO Spotted Over Erupting Volcano In Popocatepetl, Mexico, 27th January

While we should perhaps treat such videos and claims with a pinch of salt, when the volcano that maintains a constant stranglehold over the residents of Popocatepetl in Mexico erupted on the evening of 27th January (which it does often), several eagle-eyed viewers believed they spotted a nuts-and-bolts craft making its way out of the chaos as they viewed the footage from the government webcams.

Of course, as we have examined several times, mountains, including volcanoes, are said by some UFO researchers to be home to all manner of alien bases and entrances into the “inner world” that many believe exist in cavernous open spaces many, many miles beneath our feet. Indeed, some researchers (including many from centuries previously) call this alleged area the “Inner Earth”.

While many remain skeptical of such claims, and the most recent footage in question, due to its particularly active nature the Mexican government maintains a regular 24-hour-a-day video vigil on the volcano, meaning that several strange anomalies and objects have been spotted over the years.

You can view the latest video footage below.

“Jellyfish-Like Object” Spotted Over The Great Wall Of China, 27th January

Although there is somewhat limited information about our last two cases of January 2020, they are nonetheless among some of the most intriguing of the opening weeks of the new decade.

The first would come from above the Great Wall of China on 27th January when the CCTV footage managed to unintentionally capture a “strange jellyfish-like” object hovering over the iconic construction.

What’s more, judging by several of the tourists caught in the frame who were pointing upward, it appeared the object was visible to those below. The strange object had appeared from out of the clouds and remained visible for several seconds before once again vanishing into the waiting whiteness.

You can view the video footage below.

Strange Cube Filmed From Plane Over Colombia, 29th January

There is even less known about our last footage, which comes from a pilot onboard a Viva Air plane making its way over Medellin in Colombia. Upon looking out of the window he noticed a cube-like object heading toward their plane.

The footage, short as it is, is quite compelling, especially as there are numerous sightings involving metallic, round, spherical objects. And if genuine, this footage could be some of the most dramatic and clear of these cube-like objects.

What is also intriguing is the sheer pace that the objects move with. Certainly a lot faster than any (known) conventional aircraft.

You can check out the footage below.


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