The 1993 Braunschweig Incident – Another Paranormal-Like Abduction Case?

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The apparent alien abduction of one-time German military pilot, Erwin Lohre in March 1993 is another case that displays activity similar to ghost or poltergeist encounters. We have examined these kinds of details before, and so we know how often paranormal activity arises in cases of alien and UFO activity. Especially, it would appear, in cases of alien abduction.

Furthermore, although they were not officially recognized as such, it would appear that the incident would involve alien implants. Either placed in Lohre’s body on the night in question, or at some point previously.

Leading UFO researcher, Timothy Good would write about the incident in his book Unearthly Disclosure. As Good himself points out, there are also similarities in this case and that of Kelly Cahill, which we have also examined previously. Such cases suggest that what many believe to be paranormal activity is, in fact, signs of alien abduction. And what’s more, the line between the two might not be as clear cut as some people might wish.

Many researchers have asked whether the line between alien activity and such things as ghosts and demonic forces is, at least in some cases, blurred so much that they are essentially, one and the same? Might this be the case with the incident involving Erwin Lohre? And as always, we have to ask the question that underlies them all. Why?

A “Metallic” Humming Outside The Bedroom Window

On the evening of the 8th going into the 9th March 1993, Erwin Lohre was sleeping with his wife at his home in the town of Braunschweig in northern Germany. At some time around half past midnight, he awoke to a sudden and intense pain in his spine. He would get up and hunt down a strong painkiller before returning to bed in an attempt to get back to sleep.

However, by this time, his wife had also awakened. She quickly pointed out the reason to her husband – a strange humming noise coming from outside. Lohre would later describe the sound as “metallic”.  Then, a “bright, round, shining object” became clearly visible through their bedroom window. It simply hovered just above a group of birch trees.

Even though there was a full moon already providing extra night light, their house and most of the street outside was now bathed in the brilliant artificial light from this apparent craft hovering overhead. The light was mostly white with a tinge of blue “like neon lightning”.

It was as they were both staring out of the window in fascination that they noticed a strange “metallic” taste in their mouths. Lohre would later recall:

Up until then, I had scarcely given a moment’s thought to UFOs. But it was now quite clear to me that I was looking at an unknown flying object!

He would turn to his wife and ask aloud if “they were going to land” outside in the street? It was then, as he tried to stand and get back up from the bed, that he realized he couldn’t move his legs in order to do so. He turned his head to face his wife and realized she was feeling exactly the same thing.

A Silver Disc “Shimmering All The Colors Of The Rainbow!”

Perhaps even more surreal were the couple’s two kittens who were sitting at the foot of the bed “as if they are had turned to stone”. It would appear, they too were caught in whatever had paralyzed the Lohres.

As the encounter progressed a bright yellow light began to flash “on and off” outside, completely illuminating the Lohres’ bedroom. This would go on for a little over half a minute. All the while Lohre would claim to not feel any fright or fear. Instead, there was a strange disconnected feeling. As well as “annoyance” at not being able to move.

Furthermore, around 30 seconds later, each of them could see the disc-shaped craft zip by their window and disappear into the night sky. As soon as the craft vanished, the paralysis ceased, and each could move once more. While Lohre himself remained calm, if unnerved, his wife would burst into tears at the shock and overwhelming absurdity of the incident.

Neither of them could even entertain the notion of returning to sleep.

It was as they were sat discussing the bizarre events around 30 minutes later that the metallic humming sound returned. Only this time, it was coming from the other side of the house. Each of them rushed to the second window in the bedroom which overlooked the back of the property. There, about 300 meters away, the strange disc was flying straight at them.

Although the craft was a very distinct silver, it was “shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow” as it headed in their direction. On the underside there appeared to be three distinct and separate lights.

Multiple Witnesses, But None Willing To Speak!

Lohre would estimate the craft to be approximately 10 meters across by the time it was almost at the property. And it showed no signs of slowing down. Then, much to the relief and absolute shock of the husband and wife, it simply “dissolved into thin air” right in front of them. In less than a second, it was gone. The night was now quiet once more as if nothing out of the ordinary had even happened.

The witnesses simply stood there for a moment contemplating the truly bizarre events that had just transpired in front of their eyes.

Lohre would make a report of the incident the following day to a local newspaper who would run a story of the sightings shortly after. In the days following its appearance, 25 people would contact Lohre with similar sightings on the same evening. These would include “one whole bowling team that had been traveling home” on the night in question.

That the husband and wife might have had some kind of strange and unlikely joint hallucination was now not even a slight possibility. Something was most definitely over Braunschweig that evening. Of that, there was no doubt.

However, although all the witnesses were prepared to tell of their accounts to him, none of the corroborating witnesses would speak publicly of them. Perhaps most interestingly, Lohre was asked by UFO researcher, Dr. Hattwig if he believed the craft had targeted him. He would reply:

“Absolutely! For it was hovering there right outside my bedroom window as though they knew exactly where I was!”

As the developments would unfold following the sighting, it would appear much than a mere sighting had taken place.

Strange Activity And “Eerie Happenings!”

He would further state that, while both he and his wife suffered temporary paralysis, only he suffered from the severe pain in his spine.

However, it was perhaps some of the incidents that would take place in the days following the encounter that was most intriguing. For example, the following day, around 4 pm while he and his wife, along with their daughter, were watching television, there was a sudden “photo-flash” in front of the television. Immediately afterward a bizarre and ominous “crackling sound” filled the room.

Even stranger, several hours later, at around 10 pm, a “tremendous banging” started from one of the wardrobes upstairs. They would open the wardrobe in question, and each time, the banging would stop, but there would be no one inside. When they shut the door, the banging would soon start up again.

What Lohre would describe as “eerie happenings” would continue for several more weeks following the incident.

Perhaps of more concern, at least in the immediate aftermath, was the pain Lohre had in his spine. Then, several days later, he would notice two strange red marks right at the bottom of his back. Upon seeking medical advice, “two black spots” came to light underneath these red marks. His doctor would book him in for a CAT-scan in order to investigate the strange black markings.

However, before the scan took place, two “black-lensed shaped things” simply came out of his back. Lohre kept them in order to show his doctor the next day and so tests could be performed. However, the following day they had seemingly melted away into nothingness.

This is an interesting detail. And one that can be found in other similar cases. What’s more, those cases all involved alien abduction and alien implants.

Another Single Incident With A Multitude Of Possibilities

Indeed, what appeared at first to be a single bizarre sighting one spring evening could, in fact, reveal a lifetimes worth of incidents. Many times, when witnesses choose to go through hypnotic regression, for example, it comes to light that such sightings, and indeed abductions go back to early childhood. And what’s more, these abductions quite often go back across generations of entire families.

Incidentally, Lohre would decline to undergo hypnotic regression. We should note that, while many researchers do indeed endorse these methods to reveal information about such potentially terrifying ordeals, others remain steadfastly against their “unreliable” results and, on occasions, the methods of the hypnotist themselves.

We know that Lohre believed the object, or the occupants inside it, were seeking him out specifically. And while his wife did suffer paralysis during the sightings itself, she didn’t suffer from any back pain and didn’t appear to have any (known) implants or markings. This would suggest, if we assume that the incident was most definitely a case of alien abduction for a moment, that only Erwin Lohre himself was the subject of these strange abductions.

It is unlikely, unfortunate as it might be for researchers, that any further information on this case will become available. Especially considering Lohre’s decision not to pursue hypnotic regression to unlock any possible alien encounters.

And furthermore, if we were to discover any other connections to generational abduction, such tests would also need to include Lohre’s parents, children, and other family members. Such tests, in theory, may prove to be entirely fruitless. However, they could also show a pattern that may have been going on for some time.

We have to ask, then, why are these apparent alien visitors from elsewhere in the universe so concerned with implanting only certain individuals?

Might The Human Race Really Be A Cosmic Experiment?

The incident from northern Germany in the early spring of 1993 is certainly an intriguing encounter, though. And one that not only should shift us, if only slightly, towards embracing the idea that these alien abductions are most definitely real, but that they are also very much preplanned and targeted incidents as opposed to random and opportunistic strikes.

This, as speculative as it is and if it were to be proven entirely accurate, would be an important detail in the overall UFO and alien question. It is one thing, for example, to imagine a race of extraterrestrial visitors landing on Earth and taking random humans for study and such (as we might if we ever ventured out into the cosmos, rightly or wrongly). But to think that these abductions are the result of planned out and targeted operations should be of more concern.

Not least as we should ask just how to these visitors have such data with which to perform such operations? Does this lend a little credibility to the idea of a “deal” of one kind or another between this apparent alien race and the leaders of the world’s shadow government making decision on our behalf that we are totally ignorant of, no less?

Or, as bizarre and stomach-churning as it might be in equal measures, is the Earth nothing more than a big science laboratory for these alien visitors? And the human race the test subjects? Are we all under monitoring and tracking in ways we couldn’t even begin to imagine? Are we nothing more than a huge, cosmic experiment? Ultimately at the mercy of an extraterrestrial race, that we know nothing about?

Check out the video below. It looks at these ideas and theories in a little more detail.


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