Rudolf Hess: Tortured For Trying to Bring Peace?

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When you hear the name Rudolf Hess, there is only word that can come to mind; monster. As a prominent part of the Nazi party, Hess is one of the most infamous names from the Second World War. He was appointed Deputy Fuhrer in 1933, and served until 1941. In 1941, he was captured and tortured after flying – alone – to Scotland.

His intention was to try and negotiate a peace treaty with the British during the Second World War. Instead, Hess was flown into a trap, taken prisoner and eventually convicted for life of various atrocities.

Serving in the First World War as an infantryman, Hess grew up a corrupted soul. He won an Iron Cross despite injury and at this point began to move into a career in aviation. He saw no action in the aviation department, and eventually left in 1918 to enroll in university, to study Geopolitics. Hess studied under Karl Haushofer, who was a prominent believer in Lebensraum, a major part of Nazi policy in the future.

Rudolf Hess

Rudolf Hess

In 1920, Hess joined the Nazi party and was by Hitler’s side in 1923 for the Beer Hall Putsch. In jail for their failed coup, Hess and Hitler began work on Mein Kampf. Mein Kampf became a prominent part of the political growth of the Nazis, and these two demons were prominent in its creation.

At his peak, Hess was just two ranks down from Hitler and Hermann Goring. He was a major part of law creation, and signed into law many of the legislation such as the Nuremberg Laws of 1935. These stripped the Jewish people in Germany of more or less their rights. This was, as we now know, the beginning of the tragedy that became the Holocaust.

The Monster Unveiled

Hess continued to develop his love for aviation in his spare time. This love would eventually become his undoing, though. On 10th May, 1941, Hess flew over to the UK, to Scotland, where he intended to meet the Duke of Hamilton and continue peace talks. He believed that the Duke was a prominent opponent of the British government, and would hear him out.

Rare copy of Mein Kampf original publication.

Rare copy of Mein Kampf original publication.

However, he was arrested and held in custody when he arrived, held until the end of the war. Then, he was flown to Germany and tried during the Nuremberg Trials in 1946. He claimed to be an amnesiac at this point, later admitting it to be nothing more than a game.

He served a life sentence in the Spandau Prison. He died via suicide, aged 93, in 1987. The prison was then demolished to make sure that it never had the chance to become a shrine to the remnants of Neo-Nazi thinking.

With all of this information in mind, it’s easy to see that Hess was a monster, part of one of the sickest and most brutal regimes in the history of the human race – but was Hess nothing more than a pawn to Hitler?

The Big Game

The reason why we say this is, according to various websites such as The Truth Seeker, Hess was just a pawn in the game.

When he flew over to Scotland alone, he was under the impression that he was flying over to try and secure some kind of peace treaty. However, he was apparently being betrayed by Hitler to be provided as a war prisoner.

Hitler, upon his capture, declared Hess insane. Rather than fight for his release as you would expect – having seen a peace emissary in wartime captured – to fight for his release. However, Hitler was merely clearing the way to get rid of Hess. He had outlasted his usefulness and was to be replaced by Martin Bormann. According to TSS, Bormann was – like Hitler himself – a British agent.

The same source claims that the British tried to drive Hess insane, using sleep-deprivation techniques to try and make him go insane. He even claims to have been attacked using poisons, according to his memos used during the Nuremberg Trials themselves.

Hess claimed to have been locked up for years with lunatics, subject to torture and without any form of way to stop the torture from continuing. He also claims that his abuse was hard to prove as nobody would listen to him – he even claims he tried to try and “enlighten the lunatics” about their actions with no success.

His believe was that the abuse he suffered was worse, because his abusers believed that it was justified to treat him in this manner. They had justice in their hearts, apparently. Going through “the most refined of tortures” Hess was seemingly subject to horrible abuse from the doctors specifically. The doctors made him worse, not better, and done everything they could to make him weaker, ill or worse.

The Harrowing Tales of Hess

In these same letters, Hess claims that he was given inaccurate accounts of the treatments of Jews in Germany. That the reports were in fact formed by Jews. He even goes as far as to claim he was tortured merely for coming to try and end the war.

The most harrowing part of the memo, though, is this;

“The Hungarian Bishop Prohaska , left, had found this already after the Bolshevik domination of Hungary in 1919. He reported that during that period whole truckloads of mutilated bodies were driven on to the bridges over the Danube in Budepest to be pushed over into the river; that priest had had their caps nailed to their heads, that their finger nails had been pulled out, and that their eyes had been gouged out, and the current joke was why should they go into the next world with their eyes open.

All those responsible, with Bela Kun at the head, were Jews.

The world press had been silenced. However, when, after the collapse of the Bolshevik government, some of the guilty were to be judged, the same world Press cried out about the white terror in Hungary. It has always been like this, Prohaska concluded, whenever a people had to fight against the Jews…

If I asked myself what the reasons were for the crimes perpetrated on me, I suspect the following:

  • First, the British government had been hypnotized into endeavoring to change me into a lunatic so that I could be paraded as that if necessary, if they were to be reproached that they had not accepted my attempt at an understanding whereby England could have been spared many sacrifices.
  • Secondly, the general inclination of Jews or of non-Jews whom they whom they had gotten into their power to maltreat me and to revenge on me the fact that national Socialist Germany had defended itself from the Jews.
  • Thirdly, revenge on me because I had tried to end the war too early which Jews had started with so much trouble, whereby they would have been prevented from achieving their war aims…

Apart from the chemical that caused toothache, there was unmistakably a strong laxative and a poison that irritated the mucous membrane in the strongest possible manner.

The last was responsible for my nose stopping itself up with congealed blood, that I had a hemorrhage in my mouth, and that my bowels burned like fire. The doctor could not hide his satisfaction when there were signs of a haemorrhage in my intestines.

They had been hypnotized to torture me until I became crazy and finally to kill me; to do everything in such a manner that nothing could possibly be proven and that my complaints could be explained by auto suggestion, at the same time expressing their regret about my suffering. Any pity was completely eliminated; while trying to achieve this aim my torture even gave them satisfaction….”


Hess on trial at Nuremberg. Credit:

Hess on trial at Nuremberg. Credit:

Our Views on Hess

Now, at no stage do we believe what Hess says – how could we believe such a monster? – but it’s a terrifying revelation, if true. We find that many of the stories that you find regarding Nazi treatment borders on the perverse, to be honest. The majority of the time they try to and proclaim innocence whilst at the same time talking of “the Jews” as some ethereal foe.

Antisemitism runs at the very heart of what Hess is saying. It’s not something that we want to agree with, nor is it something that we can possibly ever endorse as a legitimate version of world events.

Every single group on this planet has been at the heart of brutal, evil actions. Rather than the Nazi party being the victims of the greatest misunderstanding in human history, though, we believe that Jewish were the ones to suffer.

To even try and sell Hess as some kind of political pawn or prisoner – given the poisonous rhetoric that he spouts – is crazy. He might have been treated equally horribly by those who captured him, that could certainly be the case, but at no stage can we possibly try and defend Hess; it goes against everything we know and believe in.


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