Did We Really Just Find Terrifying Misshapen Skulls on Mars?

First Published: June 22, 2016 Last updated: March 10th, 2019 Written by: Ian Stephens Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes Posted in: Aliens

When you read about aliens on the web, it’s easy to find stories that make the eyebrows arch throughout the duration of the reading. Just take a brief look at what kind of concoctions are floating around today based on aliens and UFOs.

From reading about aliens abducting people in the night to whacky stories of alien interaction, it’s easy to find. What’s not easy to do, though, is believe these stories. It’s simply too common for alien-based stories and theories to be built on exceptionally contextual, rather rickety evidence.

Elongated Skulls

Elongated Skulls

One of the most recent stories that has happened to capture the attention of the public, though, is a little different. It seems to move a little further away from the normal stories in terms of what they usually show, in that this one might have something shocking in it.

It’s called “proof”!

What’s New?

Well, it would appear that UFO hunters have come across some terrifying elongated skulls. We’ve come across some rather odd shaped heads in our time, but these are something else. Elongated skulls are always something that draws a second glance, but these skulls appear to show heads out of a cartoon!

According to many conspiracy theorists, though, this is all the proof we need. This just goes to show how crazy science can be, though. Just recently we spoke of how it may take 1,500 years to be found by aliens as we are so unremarkable. Then, almost right after, we apparently find massive skulls on Mars!

So, what’s the story here?

Well, for many years we’ve all been reading alien hunters and conspiracy theorists tell us “this” is the big one. That the latest discovery is going to shatter the whole world’s knowledge of UFOs and the like. If these turn out to be true and aren’t a work of fiction then, yeah, it might finally be true.

The massive skills that have been found bear resemblance to the same kind of giant skulls we’ve been finding on ancient human civilizations for a long time now. People claim that these are actually an ancient alien species who visited years ago.

The Skull found on Mars

The Skull found on Mars

As the theories go, these creatures with the huge heads came to visit us when we were still developing. It was these people that showed us how to build incredible monuments that still trump anything we can build today, such as the Egyptian pyramids. Others claim that they left us things like Stonehenge and many other ancient pyramid-like structures found elsewhere.

Some believe these aliens might even have, at one stage, served as our rulers or being seen as Gods. Whatever the case, we’ve been finding weird-shaped heads for a long time now.

What Does This Mean?

Going on the old theories, it would be hard to say. There have been elongated skulls before found in the ruins of these amazing ancient structures, believing they came from ancient alien visitors. Now, this latest discovery – spotted on Mars – has UFO hunters even more certain they have a piece of gold.

This was discovered by popular YouTube channel, Paranormal Crucible. They spend hours checking out NASA imagery of Mars, and have since released a short film about what they found during their fine-toothcomb searches of the Red Planet. This short film, titled Alien Egyptian Skull Found on Mars, can be viewed on their official channel.

Not only is this video really exciting to look at, but it’s become very interesting in terms of its potential authenticity. They claim to have found a massive skull on Mars, and have spoken further about why they investigated so much.

Basically, they decided it would be important to have a closer look at what it may be once spotted. They enhanced the image and mastered it to try and get a closer, higher resolution image. The short blurb that comes with the video states that it’s “possibly thousands of years old”.

Another amazing find, though, was when the image was mirrored. This showed what could potentially be a skull-encrusted altar, with a pyramid sitting on either side. It’s hard to see exactly from the footage but, if you watch the video back, you’ll see it.

First off, having viewed it ourselves, we agree it looks nuts. This large rock that is shaped like the old ones found at Egyptian sites immediately caught the eye. However, there is one problem…

The Doubts

Like any other paranormal website and video channel, the team have come under immense criticism. One of the major critiques thrown at them was that they digitally manipulate discoveries to make it appear to look more like what they believe to have found. In this case, it appears that this might be what they have done. If so, that’s incredibly disappointing.

Not only does it create a false talking point, but it contextualizes evidence to the point of it no longer being worthy of discussion.

The idea seems to be that by using digital manipulation, they should be ignored. It makes it seem more appealing to those who aren’t into the paranormal, but it’s like edited photos of the Loch Ness Monster. It’s a waste of time.

This casts major doubts on the veracity of the images that have been concocted, and sadly takes away from the story somewhat. However, this does not mean that all imagery and bizarre images found on Mars are false.

Indeed, they’ve had strong academic support in the past. Dr. John Brandenburg, for example, believes that there is enough evidence to show that Mars was hit with major nuclear attacks in the past. Why? Because there are strong traces of both uranium and thorium found on the surface of the planet. This adds yet more mystery to the planet, but at least it’s not come from a doctored image – it’s come from a genuinely trustworthy academic source.

One thing is for sure, though; there is more to Mars than meets the eye. From weird boulders with significant carvings in them right through to odd structures that seem to protrude from the service, there’s plenty of imagery to look at. It’s not just this one group who have found some images – plenty of people, who aren’t doctoring pictures, post great legitimate shots of what Mars seems to look like.

Whether this is all one big hiding story by NASA or it’s all a major troll to hide “the truth” from us, we don’t know. What we do know is that there is plenty of misinformation out there, and we’ll always try and get to the bottom of any perceived finds or discoveries.

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