Real Life Manchurian Candidates And Further Evidence Of Mind Control?

First Published: January 17, 2017 Last updated: January 22nd, 2019 Written by Marcus Lowth Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes

In November 2016 we ran an article concerning MK ULTRA and the arguments as to whether the program, and indeed mind control was a reality we should be concerned about. Since that article ran, there have been several interesting news stories in both the alternative media and the mainstream news, that albeit loosely and mostly in conspiracy circles, appear to be connected to such programs.

While it would be irresponsible to treat these cases and claims as anything other than speculative theories, it would be equally irresponsible to completely ignore them and not take them on board, if only for another perspective, regardless of how crazy they may sound.

While in the aforementioned article we looked more exclusively at celebrities who were rumoured to have been victims of CIA mind control programs and the overall Hollywood connections, there is a still darker side to the programs – one where the “mission” is much more chilling than to merely influence impressionable youth.

Mind control.

Mind control.

We included the below video in the Hollywood article, but it is worth watching again, if only as a demonstration of how far some people believe such programs reach.

VIDEO: Why The CIA Kills Rock Stars

Kanye West’s Latest Bizarre Behaviour

Before we look at some of those dark sides of mind control though, one recent episode involving another “celebrity” melting down in full view of the public is just too strange to ignore.

While Kanye West is a circus unto himself for the most part, when he began to enter into strange rambling rants on stage in November 2016, it was bizarre even for him. Not least due to some of the content of these ramblings, in particular, that he was an alien starseed who was “on a mission to help the Earth!”

He was quickly hospitalized, said to be suffering from sleep deprivation. He entered the facility handcuffed to a gurney, which was quickly seized upon by conspiracy theorists and celebrity culture writers alike.

Perhaps not surprisingly then, some believed his admittance for medical attention was likely more in line with him being “reprogrammed”, possibly for attempting to speak out on certain issues, or even just to repair a mind ravaged from past programming.

Indeed when he appeared with the president-elect, Donald Trump, shortly after his release from hospital in December 2016, he seemed to be a little removed from the reality around him. He appeared more than dazed, and the appearance itself was questionable, if only for its apparent randomness. While it is known that Trump likes to surround himself with well-known people and celebrities such as West, and despite as his claims that they were “old friends” and spoke about “life”, the meeting did come across as “staged” purely for the world to see.

While it is not at all beyond possibility that the pop star simply “lost his mind” for a little while and was in desperate need of treatment, the similarities of other “breakdowns” of suspected celebrity victims of MK ULTRA is interesting at the very least.

The video below shows Kanye and Donald Trump in the lobby of Trump Towers.

VIDEO: TRUMP meets Kanye WEST but did you Notice this BIZARRE Strange Behaviour? BUSTED!

The Fort Lauderdale Airport Incident

More recently in January 2017, with this article written only twenty-four hours removed from the events, a gunman entered Fort Lauderdale International Airport in Florida, and opened fire, killing five people. He had apparently taken a gun that was in his packed luggage, and calmly began firing the weapon.

One of the first reports that seemed to surface about the gunman, once his identity had been released to the media as twenty-six year old Esteban Santiago, was that he had complained to the FBI only two months earlier that he had been a victim of mind-control at the hands of the CIA.

Santiago, who had recently served as a National Guardsman, made the announcement after arriving at the Alaskan FBI offices in Anchorage, according to witnesses in a state of distress. Not only did he inform agents who spoke with him that his mind had been infiltrated somewhat, but that the agency had seemingly “urged him” to fight for terror organisations against the United States. They did this, he said, by way of subjecting him to constant propaganda-type footage (something that is a known mind-control technique).

The FBI, at least officially, determined that Santiago was essentially crying out for help and medical attention, and did not put any stock in his claims. He was soon transferred to a nearby medical facility for treatment.

Whether Santiago’s claims have any truth to them, or whether he was another “victim” of the time he spent in the war in Iraq, time that perhaps weakened an already troubled mind to breaking point is something that will be debated for some time yet.

The video below looks into these tragic events and theories in a little more detail.

VIDEO: MK Ultra Mind Control Victim Esteban Santiago Ft. Lauderdale New Witness say’s 3 Sleepers with AR15

The Assassination Of Robert Kennedy

Perhaps the most high-profile murder connected to mind control is that of Robert Kennedy, only months before, at least according to most opinion polls at the time, he would become President of the United States.

After speaking at an event at the Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles, California, to accept being made the Democratic candidate for the upcoming 1968 election, an apparent crazed and lone gunman stepped from the crowd of supporters, and shot Kennedy several times at point blank range.

The gunman, named as Sirhan Sirhan, was caught in the seconds following the shots he had fired, the gun wrestled out of his hand by those that tackled him to the ground. By the time he appeared in court charged with Robert Kennedy’s murder, it seemed the evidence against him was overwhelming.

He admitted to the killing, claiming he had carried out the act due to Kennedy’s proposal to send the US Air Force on missions that targeted Palestine. Notebooks of Sirhan’s appeared to back this up, as his writings spoke extensively about his desire to kill Kennedy, and why. A witness was even found by the prosecution – Alvin Clark, Sirhan’s garbage collector – who said that Sirhan had confided in him of his plans to kill the Democratic nominee.

While the defense pleaded with the jury that the killing was carried out by a “mentally ill man”, he was predictably convicted of Kennedy’s murder. He was sentenced to life in prison after his original death sentence was commuted on appeal.

However, since then, apparent new evidence has come to light, not least of which statements made by Sirhan himself. Although he accepts that he did physically pull the trigger that evening, he has no memory of doing it. In fact not only does Sirhan claim not to remember the shooting, he claims not to remember his trial either. The reason, he and others believe, is because he had been programmed to carry out the killing.

Before we look at those claims, the footage below shows Robert Kennedy speaking in the moments before the assassination – as well as the chaos that followed in the aftermath of the incident.

VIDEO: Rare quality UNRELEASED RAW colour footage of the Robert F Kennedy assassination

A Real Life Manchurian Candidate?

Sirhan soon claimed that he had no memory of his actions that evening. What’s more, there began to be a suspicion among investigators and researchers, that the young Palestinian was the victim of mind control.

Many sighted a strange woman in a polka-dot dress who was clearly seen in photos and video footage of that evening, before seemingly disappearing in the moments following Siran discharging the weapon into the would-be president’s chest. During questioning under hypnosis, Sirhan responded when asked who he was with when he shot Kennedy, “Girl! The girl, the girl…!” Was this mystery lady Siran’s handler, in charge of “activating” him into a predetermined action by a keyword or signal – one that his brain had no choice but to obey?

There were also claims that there was a strong CIA presence at the Ambassador Hotel that evening, despite the fact that the agency had no jurisdiction or reason to be there. One of these agents was named on the BBC “Newsnight” show in 2006 as David Morales. It is claimed that Morales was known to have hated the Kennedy brothers due to what he saw as the betrayal of John Kennedy over the planned “Bay of Pigs” operation. A former attorney of Morales, Robert Walton, spoke on the show, claiming his one-time client had admitted to him that he had indeed been present at both of the brother’s deaths.

Given that the CIA are known to have conducted extensive research at the very least into the concept of mind control, it is at least a little suspicious that they are now known to have been present at two of the most controversial assassinations of the twentieth century.

When the conspiracies that surround John Kennedy’s death are taken into account, particularly that a lot of those are all but proven to be true, it is not at all beyond the realms of possibility that the claims and conspiracies surrounding his younger brother Robert are not also grounded in truth.

The video below looks at the assassination of Robert Kennedy and whether there was more behind his death than a lone gunman with a political axe to grind.

Who Killed Bobby: The Assassination of Robert Kennedy

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