Project Moon Dust – Just One Strand In The Spider’s Web!

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Black budget projects have been on the radars of conspiracy and UFO researchers for decades. And with good reason. It would appear, like many conspiracy researchers claim, these secret projects are each a single path that leads into many other dark areas of interest. Not least of which is the recovery of crashed UFOs and contact with intelligence from other worlds.

Top Secret

Many UFO researchers would zero in on Project Moon Dust, for example, for exactly that reason. In reality, however, and upon release of declassified government documents, it would appear that Moon Dust was using reports of “UFOs” from American civilians to recover Soviet satellites reentering Earth over American territory. However, in a world of secrets within secrets, it would also appear that while this is most likely very true, those “other” reports would certainly go somewhere. And the very few who might have access to each of these apparently unconnected departments and projects, and more importantly their findings and data, would very likely see the “dots”. And know how to connect them.

Project Moon Dust – Soviet, Or Alien Technology?

Of course, many researchers remain suspicious that the Moon Dust documents released to the public do not paint the full picture. In fact, they might suggest it paints a decisively false one. We know that disinformation is rampant in conspiracy, and especially, UFO circles. Most accept this as almost a necessary evil to try to get to the truth, which in itself often becomes subjective and a matter of perception.

Retired US Army Sergeant, Clifford Stone, would request several documents as part of the Freedom of Information Act. And although the releases would appear to suggest satellite recoveries, a little further study would suggest the “declassified files” are a cover-up in themselves. One of the incidents, for example, we have written of before when a strange object crashed in the woodlands of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania in September 1965. The case is one of the most well-known in UFO history and one very much open to debate regarding the official story.

The files also speak of a “recovered satellite” in Sudan in 1967 – a recovery that came under the Moon Dust umbrella. However, most other reports at the time and from investigations since, suggest that what crashed to the ground in August 1967 in Sudan was not a satellite.

On the evening of 17th August, according to local media at the time, came the recovery of a “cube-shaped satellite” in the desert around fifty miles from Kutum. The object was of unknown origin and made from “soft metal cubes” which themselves were wrapped in a “silky material”. Whatever material it was made from, it must have heat resistance to around 3,000 degrees to survive the reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere. Perhaps strangest of all was the report that the mystery object weighed three tons.


The 1968 UFO Recovery Missions In The Himalayas

There were several UFO sightings over the Himalayan Mountain region in early-1968, including some which crashed to the ground. According to the declassified files obtained by Stone, US authorities recovered four of them. All under the guise of Project Moon Dust.

On 19th February, at a little after 9 pm over north-eastern Nepal, came reports of a “bright object” moving with great speed across the sky. The object was a long oval shape and “rays of red and green” were clearly visible from it. Several seconds after the sighting, however, came a loud “thunder sound”, following which the object was no longer visible.

Two nights later on the 21st February, at a similar time, came a sighting over Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan. According to the report, the object was completely silent as it moved and glowed a “bluish” color. It appeared to have emerged from the mountainous regions of Tibet. On 4th March came a similar sighting of a glowing white object flying over an Indian Air Force Base in the Fukche and Koyul areas. The incident occurred in broad daylight at 1 pm. Shortly after the sighting, came “two blasting sounds” which were followed by the sight of white smoke.

Three weeks later, again over Nepal, in the Kaski district on 25th March, came the sighting of a “huge metallic disc”. It was around six feet across and four feet in height and was discovered in a small crater. Another witness would tell of seeing “white light” go streaking across the sky before hearing “two blasts” and “white smoke”. The details are almost a match of the apparent crash near the air force base.

UFO Mountains

Other “Satellite” Recoveries Under Project Moon Dust

Although the exact date is uncertain, sometime in 1968 came the recovery of a “dome-shaped object” from under the waters off the coast of Cape Town in South Africa. Despite the extreme heat, the metallic object was undoubtedly exposed to, there were no signs of damage to its exterior. Nor were there any signs of corrosion. According to the results of studies conducted by NASA, the mysterious object was constructed from “pure aluminum”. Furthermore, their ultimate findings were that their studies “provide no clue as to its origin or function”.

The recovery of a similar object from an unknown desert somewhere in South America occurred during 1970. According to the report, locals recalled seeing a “metal sphere” come falling out of the sky before vanishing from sight. There were then “three loud explosions”. Further still, by the time US authorities reached the wreckage five days later, it was still burning. They discovered several ports that had “melted shut” due to the intense heat.

In May 1970, in Bolivia, newspaper reports would tell of a “metal egg-shaped object” that fell out of the sky. US authorities would offer to “assist” Bolivian military in their recovery of the object. What the object actually was is not on record. Nor is where it would end up.

“We Were Telling The Public There Was Nothing To It!”

The person behind the release of the aforementioned documents, Clifford Stone, not only has a history in the United States Army, he claims to have been a part of several of these recovery missions. And what’s more, their findings, which often included the bodies of non-human entities, remained secret. He would state before his death in 2014, “While we were doing this, we were telling the American public there was nothing to it”. Not just the American public, but the rest of the world, whose own governments would act in kind.

Stone would claim he would receive training in a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Weapons Crisis Response Team. There was no mention of UFOs, when such “recovery missions” came up, however. The person would be “handpicked by somebody” to be a part of the team. And “that somebody wasn’t (an) army official”. Stone would further state that the debriefing to these missions was always along the lines of recovering a “Soviet spacecraft” or a “stealth aircraft”. On numerous occasions, it was perfectly obvious to Stone and every other member of the unit that what they were dealing with was not Soviet. Furthermore, it was most likely not terrestrial at all.

Stone would also state that it wasn’t the intention of Project Moon Dust to recover (alien) UFOs. However, as such vehicles would fall under its remit, they often did so. And carried out their work under the guise of recovering Soviet or their own secret technology. Stone would further state that anyone who “saw the crafts, knew better”.

The video below features an extended interview with Clifford Stone. In it, he goes into detail about how the military’s interest in UFOs and aliens goes back to the early-1940s.

Moon Dust Project Killed Two Birds With One Stone!

From the information volunteered by other whistleblowers, if we accept them as genuine, we know there are more “elite teams” of recovery units put together for that sole purpose. And ready to move at a moment’s notice regardless of their location. It would seem then that Project Moon Dust, which has its roots in the 1950s, served as a safety net.

During that time the UFO craze was just gaining ground throughout the American populace. The realities of the Cold War, on the other hand, were beginning to hit home solidly. It is highly likely that these projects genuinely began to seek out such Soviet technology. At the same time, however, they would manage to capture any other UFO debris. Such that might have otherwise remained unknown to them. They would use the public’s heightened fear of “aliens from outer space” to kill two birds with one stone.

It also perhaps allowed them to identify certain military personnel who would be of use for future projects. We will look at some of the many other secretive projects running in the shadows of government in future articles. As we do, we will be able to highlight the connections, crossovers, and indeed false trails. Trails that manage to hide the truth, sometimes in plain sight.

The video below features a talk regarding “the covert world of UFO crash retrievals. It is quite eye-opening to watch and listen to.


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