Pokémon GO Draining Your Battery? Top Tips That Will Keep you Playing Longer!

First Published: July 30, 2016 Last updated: November 26th, 2017 Written by Ian Stephens Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes

For many “millennials” there is a propensity to enjoy nostalgia and reboots. Major TV shows and movies when we were kids all seem to be getting reboots at the moment, and people are loving it. From Ghostbusters to Kickboxer, classics and jokes alike are being seen by a whole new audience.

Gone are the days of grainy VHS sets of Jean Claude van Damme dismissing bad guys.

Pokemon GO battery life

Pokemon GO battery life

Welcome, the era of reboots using everyone you can possibly think of – good or bad – as the main replacement!

Well, for everyone who is into this kind of reboots, what are you making of Pokémon Go?

If you have somehow managed to avoid at least one child frothing at the mouth talking about this, well done. Pokémon Go has quickly become one of the most powerful apps on the planet, with downloads well into the millions. It’s already arguably the most successful mobile-platform exclusive game of all time.

However, just like everything else, even Pokémon Go has its limitations. Whilst spending the day running around catching Bulbasaur and beating up your friends Ratatta again and again might sound cool, you need a battery pack to do it.

Should you have used the app yourself for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed the drain on your battery. I left the house this morning on a relatively basic and quite new Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone. My intention was to walk for 3 miles and back, and catch what I could. Well, using Pokémon Go along the way meant that by my first mile returning, it was dead.

So what does this mean?


Pokémon Go and Battery Life

Aside from the conspiracy theories saying that Pokémon Go is actually just a mega data mining system, it has a major effect on your battery. If you are finding that your time out and about in the wilderness catching Pokémon means having to stop and go home for a charge every few hours, it’ll soon grow tiresome.

There is only so many times a good walk can be ruined by a flashing battery sign. After a while even the wonderful novelty of Pokémon Go will begin to wear off. I know I found that myself; it just got to become quite irritating. To make sure I could get even just a few hours, I needed to be at 100%.

It’s a major problem and one that I have a serious gripe with. Thankfully, lots of other people have the same gripe. You can save battery life when out and about, though, by making some general adjustments to the battery usage of your system. Knowing how to go about this can help to make sure that your days spent out looking for new Pokémon can last a little longer.

You should never have to call it early due to a poor battery life, so let’s explore the best ways to make sure that battery can last on you.

Dead battery on iPhone

Dead battery on iPhone

With some simple changes and adjustments, it’s actually very easy to make sure that your smartphone won’t die out on you just yet. Also we’ll take a look at some other issues and systems that you can try to see what response you get.

Not every smartphone will see a major difference in performance, but it is worth checking it out to see what level of performance you will get. Play around with the following ideas and settings, and see how you can improve battery life.

Solving Battery Problems with Pokémon Go

One of the first solutions that I found to be extremely useful in Pokémon Go was to turn off some of the other settings in Pokémon Go. With the Battery Saving Mode within the game, you can limit and adjust certain elements of the Pokémon Go experience for next time.

All you need to do is open up Pokémon Go, and then go to the Settings button at the top-right corner. Once in there, you will have access to go to the Battery Saver function. Once in here you can quickly start to adjust what needs changed to try and improve your performance.

Select this option and then you will instantly see a small improvement. The battery saver gets rid of lots of the little ambience features and outside influences to make the app use less battery life.

Another great solution that I found was to get involved with turning off the extras. I don’t need the sound, the vibration or the music so I turned them all off. It might only help me save another couple of percentage points, but every little helps when trying to get my smartphone to run Pokémon Go at a level that’s not excruciating.

One smart trick I did see but don’t use myself is to forego the Pokémon Go maps and use Google Maps, instead. It uses less data life and since Pokémon Go uses Google Maps, anyway, it makes sense.

Just go to Google Maps and choose ‘Offline Areas’ and from there, draw a circle around where you’ll be today. This is pretty useful and can be a good way to reduce the sheer amount of data usage that your phone is going to be going through.

Even at this, though, Pokémon Go is still a battery hogger – what else can work?

All of the different Pokemon

All of the different Pokemon

General Battery Savers

Since Pokémon Go can use up to 15% of your battery life for just half an hour of play, you can find it rips through your phone. However, a good way to reduce usage is to turn off apps in the background. Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and various other little apps many of us are running in the background.

These will be hoovering up data and battery life, too. Turning them off when you play can reduce the level of battery usage. Another great way to do this is to get rid of your fancy wallpapers. A simple black wallpaper is enough to reduce battery usage by a small amount.  This is because AMOLED screens illuminate the colored pixels only, meaning if you have less colored pixels it is using less screen power up.

If you use an Android device, you can use the ‘Doze’ feature as well. This is useful for looking after your battery life on the go and is normally enabled. It allows you to just tap the device and it enters into hibernation mode, when it has gone for a period of no use.

VIDEO: 4 Pokemon Go tricks that will save your battery life (CNET)

When your phone sleeps in hibernation mode it can reduce battery usage by up to one fifth. Whilst other apps running in the background will tamper with this, you do have solutions to get by that problem.

Lastly, try and update all of your apps. There is a reason why developers update apps – they find better ways to utilize memory and look after the product. If you want to make sure you can enjoy a comfortable and engaging process with your Pokémon Go experience, then update all of your apps.  As time goes on even Pokémon Go will get optimized so be sure to keep that updated at the time, as well!

The Perfect Solution to Pokémon Go Woe

Another – and final – solution that you can use to improve your Pokémon Go experience is to buy a battery back. If all else fails, you can carry this around with you in a backpack and use it when you notice your battery is close to death. This can be very useful for making sure that you can have power even when it’s getting low.

Let’s say you forget to charge your phone to 100% and when you are out playing Pokémon Go with friends, you are close to death. Normally you just need to give up, but with a battery pack you avoid this entirely. A portable power pack can be easily and effectively charged, and then plugged into your USB and/or Lightning port to charge the battery on the go.

Now, you can get out there and at least have a chance of catching some Pokémon rather than hating your phone!

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