The Amityville Horror house

The Amityville Horror Story – Truth vs Reality

July 1, 2016 7:27 pm

On UFO Insight, we love to take a look at different stories from across history with a particular twist to them. Recently, we were discussing the famous book and movie series, The Ammityville Horror and wanted to discuss it. With some of the UFOI team more convinced by its legitimacy than others, we set out with the determination to find out the facts. Let’s take a look at this famous story – what is it? And what basis does it have for being factual? The Amityville Horror The Amityville Horror…

Laser cloak protecting Earth

Could Planet Earth Be Protected from Aliens by a Laser Cloak?

July 1, 2016 6:46 pm 1 comment

Over the years, negative thinking within conspiracies has led to people worrying about disclosure. What if we actually meet aliens, and they turn out to be like the movies? What if they wipe out the White House? Can Jeff Goldblum remember the script from the first movie? Whatever the ideology of negative conspiracy thinking, it’s actually been discussed by experts. Indeed, a new study released recently suggests that Earth could be covered by a massive cloaking device. Presuming we aren’t already under the watchful eye from a pack of aliens…

Europe and GB Flags

Brexiteers Create Conspiracy – Win Referendum Anyway

June 25, 2016 3:57 pm

For anyone who watched the 2014 Scottish Referendum for Independence, there was something very similar about last nights 2016 EU Referendum. As the polls started to come close to shutting, social media was alight. People from both sides slinging mud, arrogant projections from “experts” and commentators, and lies left, right and centre. One thing that sprung up on the night of the vote, though, was a rather hilarious discussion of conspiracy. In the 2014 Scottish referendum, people started to scream conspiracy about everything from trucks going the wrong way with…

Saturn's Moon Enceladus

A Giant Ocean Is Found within Saturn’s Moon, Enceladus!

June 24, 2016 12:50 pm

For many people, the discovery of new scientific and astrological events is immensely exciting. When we hear of scientists coming across major changes, especially NASA, it gets our hearts racing. To a large number of people this is probably the most exciting thing that can happen in a year. As soon as something new is discovered, it lights up the internet like a torch. Experts start to discuss, and the media follows along. This is arguably one of the most engaging parts of science discovery and human advancement – what…

Tim Peake just after returning to Earth

The First Q&A With Major Tim Peake Since Returning to Earth: Ground Control to Major Tim

June 22, 2016 1:30 pm

For the last six months, we’ve been receiving many updates about the progress of popular astronaut Major Tim Peake. Peake has been involved in a wide range of space tests and experiments for the last six months as he spent time in the International Space Station. With Peake finally “back home”, he’s had a few questions to answer from assorted press and various other outlets. We’ve had a look around and have tried to get the best of the questions for you. Now, you can see how Peake thought of…

Elongated Skulls

Did We Really Just Find Terrifying Misshapen Skulls on Mars?

June 22, 2016 1:05 pm

When you read about aliens on the web, it’s easy to find stories that make the eyebrows arch throughout the duration of the reading. Just take a brief look at what kind of concoctions are floating around today based on aliens and UFOs. From reading about aliens abducting people in the night to whacky stories of alien interaction, it’s easy to find. What’s not easy to do, though, is believe these stories. It’s simply too common for alien-based stories and theories to be built on exceptionally contextual, rather rickety evidence.…

Galaxy in Space

“Experts” Say We’ll Not See Proven Alien Contact For Another 1,500 Years

June 21, 2016 12:52 pm 1 comment

For all of the people reading this article who are desperate for aliens to save us, sorry! At UFO Insight we’ve spoken to a fair amount of readers who are waiting for alien contact. Why? Because they believe that the current world system is so messed up, we need some assistance. Unfortunately, for anyone in this frame of mind, it looks like you won’t live to see the great change we all need. According to a new study, planet Earth is simply not as unique as we once thought. The…

Saffire Spacecraft

Incredible NASA Experiments Shows Largest Ever (Manmade) Fire in Space!

June 19, 2016 11:25 am

Over the years, we’ve grown accustomed to getting plenty of cool videos from NASA. These videos tend to be showing us what they are supposedly up to in the sky. They also tend to go from being logical and pretty awesome to watch, to just…strange! One of the recent experiments that has been uploaded to the web has been the “largest ever fire in space”. Obviously, the largest ever fire in space that we are talking about here is man-made fire. We doubt we’ll ever see us getting to sun-like…

Trump and Obama

The Donald is at it Again – Accused Obama of ISIS Support, Uses Dead Theory as Proof

June 17, 2016 8:30 pm

Over the last few years, we’ve all “enjoyed” listening to Donald Trump. The man who’s going to lead the Republican charge to the White House in November is, without a doubt, entertaining. However, the problem with entertainment is that it can too far – and start to cause real problems for society in the future. The problem with Mr. Trump, then, is that his own brand of entertainment is now becoming quite dangerous. Whilst he played to the masses with his rhetoric, Trump started to turn up the heat on…

UFO near Jupiter

Did an Amateur Astronomer Just Find A UFO Passing Jupiter?

June 14, 2016 3:34 pm

Recently, we’ve been taking a real liking to the amateur images that you find a lot online – the ones that apparently show a UFO or otherwise otherworldly object flying around in space. Many of them are obviously nonsense but sometimes you come along one that makes the eyebrows raise and the heart rate jump. It offers a fairly different and extensive system that changes the usual protocols of discussing UFO interaction and videos, as it tends to come from some form of image shooting that’s complete with amateur commentary,…

Star dimming NASA illustration

The KIC 8462852 Dimming – What Does It Mean?

June 14, 2016 10:41 am

We try and break down the reasons why the famous KIC 8462852 star may be changing, and the background to the overall star itself. For many years now, Tabby’s Star – or KIC 8462852 – has been relatively well-known by the public. Its other name, the WTF Star, drew lots of comical appreciation at the time, but outside of its comical name this is a very important discovery. As part of a project in 2015 known as “Planet Hunters” a group of astrologers were looking to see why some very…

Ex-NASA Engineer Opens The Door On Shocking UFO Cases

June 11, 2016 1:05 pm

Look around the web enough, and you should find it fairly easy to find a story from an ‘ex-NASA’ employee or someone else of high-up authority breaking news and giving insight into events. However, sometimes these people come across with information that is so explosive, so exciting, that it creates a massive wave of excitement across the web. One person who has managed to do this as the moment, is James Oberg. Oberg worked at NASA Mission Control in the 1990s. After his time with NASA he moved into becoming…


Did Just One Strain of Bacteria Nearly Wipe Out The World?

June 10, 2016 1:21 pm

Recent scientific discoveries have shown a rather horrifying trend – that the infamous Black Plague was spawned by just one strain or plague bacterium. Over the course of recent history, it’s been suggested on more than one occasion that the Black Plague, one of the worst pandemics of all-time, was perhaps caused by something innocuous. People always put this theory down to pure conjecture – as if something so horrible could be formed by just one condition. However, it would appear that this theory was right all along – according…

Cloud computing in space

The ACTUAL Cloud Computing System That’s On Its Way

June 10, 2016 10:24 am

Over the last few years, frustrated IT staff have spent their afternoons banging their heads against the desk. “No, it’s not an actual cloud…” they repeat, time and time again, as they explain to clients about the power of cloud technology. Just in case you are new to the world of cloud technology, this is a fancy name for storing large amounts of data which is accessible from multiple locations on a specific server. It’s called “the cloud” to most people, but in reality it’s for all intents and purposes…

The Lisa Pathfinder ESA artistic image

Lisa Pathfinder Satellite Completes the Job

June 9, 2016 10:48 am

Usually, when we hear of a specific scientific breakthrough – especially in astronomy – we prepare ourselves for things being quite slow, and taking a while to heat up. With the recent Lisa Pathfinder satellite, though, things moved a whole lot quicker than expected! The idea of this mission was to test out what kind of hardware would be needed for gravitational waves to be discovered in space. The satellite was sent up into the sky to be used as a tester for a laser measurement system that could, in…