Searching for an alien signal.

Has SETI Found an Extraterrestrial Signal From Deep Space?

September 1, 2016 5:14 pm

One thing we love to read about at UFO Insight is the (credible) theories about alien lifeforms. Recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of stuff in the news about aliens, and potential alien lifeforms. From the Dyson Sphere star to the discovery of ancient fossils, we seem to be moving quickly in our research. However, a recent mention from the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence really caught our eye. Otherwise known as SETI, this international science team spend their time investigating quirky signs. Well, the latest sign is one that has…

Medicine in planner container.

VIDEO: Big Pharma and Their De-Population Agenda

August 30, 2016 11:57 am 1 comment

At UFO Insight, one of the most commonly visited topics is that of the role of big pharmaceutical firms. Naturally, the way that we live and the way we look after our bodies is of huge importance to us. Without knowing how to look after ourselves, naturally, we’d all die! Just as well we have all of these experts to tell us what to do, right? But what happens when the experts are driven by nefarious purposes? When they sell us solutions that kill us? And all for money, too.…

Artist's impression of an alien build Dyson Sphere.

Are Aliens Harvesting Stars for Energy (KIC 8462852)?

August 28, 2016 5:13 pm

At UFO Insight, we recently covered a story regarding the unique discovery of an odd star. This star behaved in a different manner to anything else we have found in the universe. Indeed, it kind of breaks typical protocol – and this has people talking about what the cause may be. From a misreading to a phenomenon right through to alien activity, every theory has been investigated. However, the most exciting theory is the idea that an alien species is harvesting the star. They could be taking energy they need…

Picture of Earth from the Moon.

Aliens on the Moon: Why we Never Returned and What it Means for us now

August 28, 2016 12:15 pm

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far…….actually it was only around 65 years ago that the biggest cover up in human history took place. Early morning in Palm Springs, California (February 21st ­ 1954) was the day when President Dwight Eisenhower was visited by not one, but TWO alien lifeforms in what would change the path of the human race that we were never intended to go down. Eisenhower received message from his advisors that a first contact meeting was agreed between the United States and an unidentified…

Jill Stein and Julian Assange.

Jill Stein Marches to the Defence of WikiLeaks

August 28, 2016 11:21 am

For the vast majority of 2016, American politics has gone completely insane. We’ve had chatter about Donald Trump being a sideshow who’s going to step down so that Hillary Clinton wins. We’ve seen claims that Clinton herself might be suffering from health issues. There’s been lots of information regarding her e-mail scandals, and then the Democratic scandal regarding the treatment of Bernie Sanders. It’s safe to say that, so far, we’ve had just about the kind of year you’d expect with such candidates. Smears, half-truths and agenda-driven discussions are the…

Trump black voters

Donald Trump Continues to Impress With His Crassness: Ignorant Pitch to Black Voters

August 25, 2016 11:04 am

Ever since Donald Trump entered into the “contest” to become the next President of the United States, or POTUS, he’s been nuts. Trump is one of the most forward individuals in business and, now, in politics. However, that forward nature might be applauded from time to time, it’s never a good look for The Donald. Rather than spending most of his time talking policy, he’s ratcheting up tensions. He “says it as it is”, apparently, by creating thinly veiled assaults on millions of Americans. He’s threatened to build walls and…

Tim Kaine capture.

Did Tim Kaine Just Admit A White Minority Agenda?

August 24, 2016 3:04 pm

In the last few decades, it appears that politics has gone from being a real thing to some odd sideshow. Now, we spend most of our time wondering what someone really meant rather than listening to what they say. The press and the media snipe and shoot, trying to find crucial little dents in the words politicians say. One of the most examples of this has come from Tim Kaine, the Democrats Vice-Presidential Nominee. The Democrats – much like the Republicans – have been under fire for producing such an…

Russian missile launch.

Russian Forces Fight Back Against Terrorists in Aleppo

August 24, 2016 2:55 pm

For some time now, the situation in Syria has felt like a ticking time bomb. With so many interests and oppositions in the one place, all striving to make their own solutions work and seen as the successor that “saved Syria”, it’s hard to know what to believe. However, one force that has come under incredible scrutiny for their actions in Syria has been the Russians. Forever the bad guy of the international scene (in the West, anyway) Russia is seen as an aggressor. The fact that Russia has been…

Planet near Sun

“Niku” Backward Orbiting Planet Beyond Neptune: Did our Solar System Just Get a Little More Crowded?

August 24, 2016 2:44 pm

As one of the most exciting mysteries known to man, space travel and the solar system in general tends to be hugely exciting to us all. We aren’t just one floating piece of magic – we are a part of millions of other entities in the universe. Our plan, although immense, is just one planet. Therefore, whenever we learn of anything potentially new that has been found in our solar system, it becomes very easy to get incredibly excited. As we continue to unfurl the jigsaw, amazing new information comes…

Maury Island with UFO

The Maury Island Incident – The Real Men in Black?

August 19, 2016 2:18 pm

Should you take even the slightest peak across the internet these days, you can find a conspiracy. Some are plausible, others terrifyingly so…some, though, are just ridiculous. It’s very easy to find a conspiracy theory that, today, would be an article found on some of satire. One incident that we came across recently that just jumped out was the Maury Island Incident. Never heard of it before? We’re going to take at this short-lived incident. We’ll also take a look at some of the other interesting ideas out there that…

Rudolf Hess

Rudolf Hess: Tortured For Trying to Bring Peace?

August 16, 2016 5:46 pm

When you hear the name Rudolf Hess, there is only word that can come to mind; monster. As a prominent part of the Nazi party, Hess is one of the most infamous names from the Second World War. He was appointed Deputy Fuhrer in 1933, and served until 1941. In 1941, he was captured and tortured after flying – alone – to Scotland. His intention was to try and negotiate a peace treaty with the British during the Second World War. Instead, Hess was flown into a trap, taken prisoner…

Pokemon GO battery life

Pokémon GO Draining Your Battery? Top Tips That Will Keep you Playing Longer!

July 30, 2016 2:21 pm

For many “millennials” there is a propensity to enjoy nostalgia and reboots. Major TV shows and movies when we were kids all seem to be getting reboots at the moment, and people are loving it. From Ghostbusters to Kickboxer, classics and jokes alike are being seen by a whole new audience. Gone are the days of grainy VHS sets of Jean Claude van Damme dismissing bad guys. Welcome, the era of reboots using everyone you can possibly think of – good or bad – as the main replacement! Well, for…

Contrail from a 777

Chemtrails in 2016: Analyzing Some of the Theories

July 27, 2016 12:14 pm

Over the years, we’ve heard some pretty crazy theories about what goes in the world. From what they “really” put in our water to the Earth being flat, theories exist about just about everything you can imagine. Give someone enough time, and they’ll (try to) convince you that literally anything is possible. However, one of the most consistently exciting/terrifying conspiracy theories has been that of Chemtrails. The idea is that aircraft across the world is secretly spreading chemicals into the air. Some say it’s for population control, others say that…

Electromagnetic field around human head

How Electromagnetic Radiation Could Be Harming Your Health

July 22, 2016 11:20 am 1 comment

For many years, scientists have been warning us about our usage of computers and technology at home. From sitting too close to the screen right through to not taking enough breaks, technology has lots of rules. However, just like many other aspects of life, the majority of us don’t take any notice of the guidelines and the rules. What this usually results in, then, is a quality of life that is reduced through our own lack of action. One major problem that exists today, is Electromagnetic Radiation. This is a…

Third Reich flag with alien face on flag

Just How Into Alien Tech Was The Third Reich?

July 21, 2016 12:57 pm

Over the years, the brutal acts of the Nazi party of Germany has been the subject of much debate. Every year it seems, new discoveries are found about the rank ideology of the government of the era. Not only was the Nazi party – and Adolf Hitler, of course – involved in horrible crimes, it was a fan of the occult. Many entertaining elements exist involving the history of the occult loving of the party itself. Within the ranks of the Nazis were people who had engaged with multiple otherworldly…