Did a NASA Photo Really Just Show Us An Alien Mothership?

First Published: July 1, 2016 Last updated: July 5th, 2019 Written by: Marcus Lowth Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes Posted in: Aliens
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Over the years at UFO Insight, we’ve grown accustomed to seeing crazy photos. One of the main perks of seeing such interesting detail is the theories it creates. Before long, what is a simple image that is poorly mastered can look like the beginning of the rapture.

All it takes is some interesting pixel placings, and you are left with an image that has the potential to blow the mind. One photo that we recently seen was pretty interesting – it appeared to show a massive UFO spacecraft taking off.

Sounds terrifying, right? Well, let’s have a look. Is everything as it appears to be here?

Saturn F-Ring showing anomaly

Saturn F-Ring showing anomaly

The Story So Far

At the time of writing, the story is quite easy to showcase. A recent NASA expedition using a Cassini spacecraft was taking photos of Saturn. The outer ring of Saturn is indeed something we all love looking at, and something people see as a major feature in our galaxy. Over time we’ve managed to snap plenty of photos of what Saturn is supposed to look like. These images have always been fascinating to look at, but never really shown anything we didn’t already see before.

Until, of course, a conspiracy theorist found this image. The image itself is quite simplistic and it actually took a few moments for us to notice what we were supposed to be seeing. Call it poor eyesight, but when we did spot it we struggled to “unsee” it!

This image allegedly shows a major UFO spacecraft flying off from the ring itself. Many believe that it has awoken from some form of slumber and taken off to do…whatever. Unfortunately, since there’s no proof it’s even real, it’s hard to tell what aims it may have had.

Hopefully it’s coming here to sort out this whole Brexit vacuum. It might actually be where old Boris has escaped to!

The photos were taken by NASA, and snapped using the narrow-angle camera on the Cassini. This camera took the shots at around 1.4m miles on the 8th April, 2016. The photos were released in early June and, as ever, people started to go nuts about what they had discovered.

These Cassini mission photos show the “disruption” that NASA mentioned. Is this just something in space getting involved? Or is it actually a decent image of potential UFO life?

Arrow showing the anomaly on Saturn's rings

Arrow showing the anomaly on Saturn’s rings

Conspiracies to the Rescue!

As ever, it did not take long for the conspiracies to roar into life. Prolific theorist Scott Waring was one of the first to get involved. He, and others, have made the claim that the disruption is a dormant aircraft boosting off. They claim it may have been lying dormant for years – maybe even millennia – and has now awoken. Just why it would conveniently awake as photos were taken of it, we don’t know.

Already, talk of drones and the like are being thrown around the internet. Whilst it’s easy to believe that some of these people simply played too much Mass Effect in the past, it’s a pretty cool photo. Could this actually be the entrance of a new space life? Have we actually just snapped alien life boosting off Saturn?

If it is, let’s hope they aren’t in the same frame of mind as the popular EA series’ Reapers!

Professional Explanations

As ever, NASA has come to the defence of the images saying that it’s nothing of the sort. And it’s easy to see why; if they had just snapped alien life they’d hardly go

“Oh, yeah – about that…”

Instead, the official line is that this disruption was likely caused by a small body of the ring which has misplaced itself. Since the interaction of the body and material of the core interact regularly, it *could* cause discrepancies to appear. This can lead to the ring then ejecting material, according o the guys who know about these things.

They also claimed that due to the quality of the image that it would be hard to spot small bodies that make up the rings. Interaction between material and these bodies, though, can create something known as a jet. These jets are what NASA claim have been spotted on camera here. Nothing to see here etc.

What it does prove, though, is that if this is real then the ring is made up of tiny bodies. This could include anything from tiny grains to massive orbital rocks the size of a skyscraper, according to one NASA theorist. Every so often, something will move along the ring space and cause a minor blowout to occur. Typically, these tend to be covered by dust so we don’t see them happen down here on Earth. Sound convincing?

The Counter Debate

As ever, conspiracy theorists had a counter-argument prepared. According to many theorists, the misleading information from NASA (and they do love a birds and the bees, simple as that conclusion) is deliberately out there to put people off. Just like any other form of private policy, people believe that NASA hides all evidence of extra-terrestrial life to avoid panic. People claim these explanations mislead to people to sound obvious, but don’t really add up to what ‘the facts’ tell us.

Going back to the thoughts of Mr. Waring for a moment, he stated that aliens leave UFO aircraft in dormancy. They could be leaving them behind as a kind of drone that comes alive after a fixed time span, to return back home. Why they would do that obviously nobody knows, but this is the theory put forward by Waring and others.

Waring also claims they might be leaving behind hybrid organics and cyborgs to survey the worlds around them. They could be held in a cryo status – a method we know works, but we can’t do ourselves yet, not properly – until they are re-activated. Why you would do that nobody knows, but it’s a major part of the conspiracy at the moment.

Further defending the idea, Waring states that a dormant alien aircraft was allegedly found by Apollo 20 (we know) in the Delporte Crater on the Moon. Theories of dormant space craft has been a pretty common theme for a long time now, so it’s hardly ground-breaking stuff.

Apollo What?

Conspiracy theorists out there claim that Apollo 17-20 was done in secret, away from the public. These originated on the William Rutledge YouTube channel in 2007, and was very popular. Rutledge claimed to have taken part in USAF and NASA missions, and that he took part in Apollo 20.

This mission was supposed to have taken place in 1976, and was a major success. He also claims that US-Soviet collabs have happened with Apollo 18, and that 19 was a failure. The drone ship they were supposed to have found on 20 was an alien space craft shaped like a cigar. It was about 4km in length and was found on the Delporte crater.

The terrifying videos that were released at the time showed you humanoid “corpses” inside the aircraft. One even had a third eye on her forehead, and six fingers. Given that this imagery was once shot down by the “creator” – French artist Theirry Speth – as a hoax, it’s hard to know what to think.

This all ties in with the big theory that drone aircraft dot around our solar system, and could even be on this planet. What do you think? Does this sound like a likely event to have occurred? Or just more hopeful findings?


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