Is Lithium in Chemtrails Being Used to Dumb Us Down?

First Published: September 22, 2016 Last updated: July 5th, 2019 Written by: Marcus Lowth Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes Posted in: Conspiracy

Recently, we’ve been covering a lot about chemtrails and various other “treatments” we supposedly receive. However, as ever, the idea of chemtrails is consistently “proven” and then debunked. So, it’s hard to get a reading on the topic as a whole and make definitive statements about it. However, we recently noticed a very interesting tidbit of information appearing on the web.

It came in the form of a supposed admission from a NASA Heliophysicist, Douglas E. Rowland. Rowland apparently served as part of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and claims that chemtrails ARE real after all. Here is a video from July 2013, where he actually brings up the idea quite clearly.

The video makes the rather startling claim that we are being sprayed, by NASA, with lithium. He admits in the video that they are using this to try and see what way the wind blows when in the upper atmosphere. The admission came after, as the video above shows, a concerned citizen called in for information.

More terrifying, though, Rowland claims that the Lithium was being sprayed in experiments before. Seemingly these occurred in the 1970s as well as the 1990s, and has been happening for some time. So, why would spraying us with lithium be a bad thing?

Aside from the fact we don’t want sprayed with anything, lithium is a “mood stabilizer”. Now, that might sound like a good thing, but it’s not. Lithium is used to help combat a vast array of disorders. In fact, according to Before It’s News, it can be used to successfully combat;

  • Metal illnesses and disorders such as Bipolar Disorder.
  • Depression and manic episodes.
  • Various mental disorders and breakdowns.

Lithium – Not for Us

It’s used to try and slow down manic minds, apparently, to help them manage the day easier. That sounds good, though, right? Putting stuff in the air to limit depression sounds like a wonderful idea.

Lithium and Chemtrails

Lithium and Chemtrails

Why are we criticizing this then?

Because, according to some, it’s being used to dumb us down. By making chemical changes in the minds that help to ‘manage the brain’ everyone receives this “benefit”. It does not just target those who have depression nor other emotional issues. It targets everyone, meaning that those who don’t need lithium are being given a nice helping hand of the product without even asking for it – lovely!

As ever, though, people are looking to discount the story. Some are even claiming that Mr. Rowland isn’t even real. Well, we done a quick search on the NASA People website and found that Douglas E. Rowland DOES exist. So, unlike many “experts” you read, this one can be verified by NASA themselves.

If you are reading this and are sceptical about Mr. Rowland being a genuine expert, you can relay your fears. We’ve done some looking around and found that, for once, the experts’ existence can be verified.

So, why are using a metal to try and manage the populations mental state?

This substance is a mood stabilizer, so it should be used for those who need to stabilize their mood. Now, you might disagree, but I like to think I’m a fairly stable individual. I don’t want to have lithium bled into my system without knowing about it. I want my brain to work faster, not slower, and I’m sure that everyone reading this would feel the same.

Therefore, if this is true, something has to be done. Experiments or not, we don’t all deserve to become thick just because of some crazy NASA experiments in the atmosphere.

Why Lithium?

According to Rowland, there are numerous reasons why this is being carried out in the first place. Seemingly, they don’t understand how the upper atmosphere moves when related to wind. So, they want to throw a bunch of lithium up there and try to use variables in the atmosphere to see what changes.

That’s fine. He also claims that ‘chemtrails’ are used as a means of validating and knowing what is going on with the atmosphere high up. Since the trails glow using sunlight and/or when photographed, they are easy to follow along with.

Then, Rowland claims, they can see a whole lot easier how the wind moves the trail. He claims that chemical trails are done at a much lower height than the Lithium ones, also. Rowland isn’t your classic “whistleblower” type, though. He isn’t here to tell us “the truth” in that they are trying to poison/control us or whatever.

Nope, this time Mr. Rowland concentrates on the reason for doing these tests. To be fair to him, they are pretty legitimate reasons. To understand the sky better we need to use props, and trails are a good prop to work with.

However, the eyebrow becomes permanently fixed when he claims that Lithium is harmless to the environment. Given we know what it does to us, how can it possibly be safe to the environment?

We would love someone to explain that to us, because we are genuinely stumped. How can putting something in the air that alters the mind potentially have no effects on us? Is that even possible?

The Danger of Lithium

One thing we do know, though, is that lithium is withheld by many doctors and professionals. For anyone who is potentially already ill, it’s dangerous to give them lithium. It interacts with many medicines that people can take, and can spike lithium levels to dangerous heights. For this reason, doctors and professionals are very careful about the volume of lithium that they give to patients.

So, why is it in the air? Can something that we’re so considerate about in medical practices really be a good thing to have floating in the air?

The big conspiracy is that it makes us all dumber, and likely to just put up with what we are told by the government. Ignoring the “sheeple” line for a minute (because it feels endlessly patronizing and elitist) it has a valid existence when used in wartime.

It could be used to make the opposition a little slower, for example. We don’t necessarily agree with or believe in that side of things, but it’s a bit easier to swallow than “we’re all just sheep!”.

Avoiding Hard Sells

Although we aren’t quite sure what to think of all of this, we know one thing; the miracle cures on the market are just as bogus. Anyone advertising some kind of magical assistant cure to dealing with lithium in the air is likely to be as big a conman as the people invested in putting it in the air in the first place.

From magnetic fields to air purifier masks, these gadgets aren’t what we need. What we need is an upfront, mainstream acceptance that lithium is a bad thing to be putting into our bodies. Before that can happen, though, a mature discussion needs to be had where people can be informed.

So, with that in mind, we can look forward to decades to come of lithium poisoning. If this is true then we can begin to see why the generations appear to be getting dumber as time keeps moving forward, at least!


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