Is Alternative Medicine Being Brutally Suppressed?

First Published: April 11, 2018 Last updated: November 12th, 2018 Written by Marcus Lowth Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

In our article concerning Orgone Energy and the work of Wilhelm Reich, we pondered the question as to whether the action taken against him and his work was excessive. More to the point was the destroying of his equipment and notes of research carried out to protect the public or to protect the profits of those connected to so-called ‘Big Pharma’.

Big Pharma

As we move forward into the twenty-first century, there is an abundance of alternative options available to us. However, it would appear those that offer these alternative therapies, practices, and medicines are falling victim to strange and often brutal deaths. While it is unlikely there is a conspiracy concerning those making money from the sale of “legitimate” medicines and these mysterious and untimely deaths, it is certainly not beyond the realm of possibility. And there is most definitely enough murkiness to examine some of these tragic and unfortunate cases.

Before we move on, however, check out the short video below. It looks at the basics of this alternative medicine conspiracy.

The “Cull” of 2015?

The death of 67-year-old private chiropractor, Bruce Hedendal in the early summer of 2015 in Florida, appeared to be an unfortunate case of heart failure. Hedendal, who also served as a nutritional advisor utilizing his Ph.D. from Harvard in the subject, had taken part in a competitive race on the day of his death. To all who knew him, he remained fit and healthy. The official cause of death on the autopsy report is “natural causes”. His family, however, would openly state to the media that they were “suspicious of his death and want answers!”

When the deaths of other alternative doctors began leaking out over the following weeks, perhaps it is easy to understand the family’s suspicions.

Only weeks later, in Bonita Springs, Florida, Dr. Teresa Sievers’ battered and bloodied body was found in her home. Sievers was often a speaker on local television and a regular contributor to alternative medicine literature. There is no doubt of murder. Her injuries were extensive. So bad, in fact, that the back of her head was almost completely caved in. The police would eventually arrest the doctor’s husband, Mark Sievers. He had hired two men, Curtis Wayne Wright and Jimmy Rodgers to commit the murder. The motive appeared to be so he could collect millions on his wife’s life insurance policy. Whether that is all that is behind her death is open to debate.

Mere days later in North Carolina, the body of Jeff Bradstreet was discovered floating in a river. He had died of a gunshot wound to the chest – one the official records show as “self-inflicted”. Many of those close to Bradstreet thought otherwise and cited his very vocal opposition to vaccinations and his regular attacks on the pharmaceutical industry as reasons for his unexpected and sudden death.

Big Pharma Assassins?

Another alternative doctor who was at odds with the medical professions increasing “profit-before-patient” approach was alternative healer and chiropractor, Dr. Baron Holt. Holt, who had several UFC athletes as clients, had a habit of working with people who would otherwise not be able to afford their treatments. He would regularly accept payment in installments, and often after the treatment was over. During a trip to Jacksonville, Florida in July 2015, the 33-year old would literally drop dead. The cause of his death remains unknown and many feel, suspicious.

In New York the following week, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, who specialized in alternative treatments for cancer, would die suddenly of a heart attack. Gonzalez was also critical of “Big Pharma” and in particular their treatment of cancer victims. His colleagues would dismiss the official cause of death as a cover-up. Alternative doctor, Ty Bollinger, would even label his colleague’s death as “an apparent heart attack!” It was his belief of a connection between his colleague’s death and the “Pharma Assassins” due to his desire to “spread the truth about cancer!”

Several months later, in September 2015 also in New York, came the news of another “suicide” of a doctor specializing in alternative treatments for cancer. 59-year old, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, was discovered in woodland near his Manhattan home. No details were disclosed as to the specific cause of death other than it was suicide.

Alternative Medicine

The Death of Andrew Moulden – The Making of An Alternative Medical Martyr?

Dr. Andrew Moulden was for years one of the loudest voices of the anti-vaccination movement. The 49-year-old Canadian would state publicly and loudly that “every vaccination produces harm!” and would insist they were there for profit, and to spread illness that would turn into further profit. He would speak as often and publicly as he could, even presenting “proof” of his theories to anyone who would listen. This included the pharmaceutical industry themselves – who, incidentally, along with many others, would reject his proof as nonsense.

His sudden, and unexplained death in November 2013 was not surprisingly then, seen as an outright assassination of someone who would not “shut up!” Perhaps the industry’s very public rejection of his theories only increased interest in him, and to a lesser extent, his popularity. Many have certainly looked to carry on his work, and he remains a person of “high-regard” within the alternative medicine and “truth” circles, particularly in North America.

Many followers of his work believe his writings and findings will be “wiped” out of history. Furthermore, they see it as their mission to prevent this from happening. Many even describe Moulden as “courageous” and his death has given him martyr-like status in the alternative medicine community.

The video below looks at Andrew Moulten in a little more detail.

An Effort To Discredit?

It is an interesting, if morose concept, and although one that is probably a little off the mark, there is a lot to examine concerning the profits of the pharmaceutical industries and their true priorities. And while it is not necessarily what has happened here, make no mistake, killing to keep those profits coming in is not something unheard of. Nor is it off the table, officially or not.

That is not to say that every “alternative” theory or treatment is correct, or even truthful. There is no doubt a swell of people whose aim is purely to separate desperate people from their money. Those who are genuinely looking to benefit humanity through alternative fields have as much contempt for these charlatans as anyone. And it is important that, while we do not readily accept such alternatives over what are, by and large, tried and tested treatments, it is equally important that we don’t sweep all of them aside as the ravings of “quacks” or “snake-oil” sellers.

Other alternative approaches, be it in medicine or whatever field, are generally scorned and ridiculed by the modern mainstream. Such ancient arts as astrology and the true energies of the planets, for example, are now reduced to eccentric ramblings in the back pages of the newspapers. In ancient times, and perhaps with good reason, such knowledge and understanding of the planets and how their motion affected life here on Earth was rife, rich and utilized. Like everything else in life, and indeed the Universe, perhaps it is all about striking a balance.

Check out the video below. It looks at some of the conspiracies of “Big Pharma” in a little more detail.

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