The Facts of Fluoride – Something in the Water?

First Published: September 22, 2016 Last updated: July 5th, 2019 Written by: Marcus Lowth Estimated Reading Time: 9 minutes Posted in: Conspiracy
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For some time now, one of the most popular conspiracies has related to fluoride in water. It’s a common conspiracy because we know it’s true – it’s a fact. However, the problems arise when people start talking about why it’s there. Check the link above and it all sounds so harmless and fair. They even go into some of the popular myths about fluoride usage in water.

So, what’s the big problem? It’s all above board, right?

Well, sadly, that does not appear to be the case. It’s easy to see professional websites like the above, and see them as factual. They look smart, they quote from great sounding sources, and speak with authority. By contrast, when you go online to YouTube or to websites like this, that changes. We know that, by perception alone, we and other sites would be viewed as less credible on conspiracy.

But, perception is just that – a view. It’s how we see something, but you should never judge a book by its cover!

Image showing water and the Fluorine extract from the Periodic Table.

Image showing water and the Fluorine extract from the Periodic Table.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the major ideas about water fluoridation. We’ll try and work out what the main theories are, why you need to know them, and how truthful they may be. As ever, you should always keep an open mind regarding what may be going on here. There’s plenty of information for or against the idea of fluoride being dangerous to us, so it takes determination to find out.

We’ll do everything that we can to break down all of the information we can find on the topic. Hopefully then, you will have a clearer idea of what to expect. If fluoride in the water is a conspiracy that concerns you, hopefully this can help out.

What is Fluoride?

Basically, the process of fluoridation is making sure that the water we use to brush our teeth helps. The idea is that by converting the outer layer of tooth enamel from hydroxyapatite to fluoropatitite, the tooth will be protected. Fluoropatatite is a far less soluble chemical when placed into an acidic environment. Many studies have taken place over the years, with people looking into this since 1930s as a potential problem.

Since 1945 (and the old Nazi Germany study that people use as “fact”) studying has become more intense. The mid-40s seen an enhanced pace of fluoride introduction into the waters, especially in the United States. Indeed, the only part of the US to remain free of fluoride in their water is Portland, Oregon.

The arguments for fluoride is actually quite simple – it’s a good way to improve dental hygiene. We all know what it’s like talking to someone with dental hygiene issues – it’s horrible. But is it really worse than supposedly doing real harm and “controlling the mind”?

The main positive for this, then, is the cost. You know, because we’re all so cost-effective in this day and age. Anyway, fluoride means that for every $1 spent per city, $38 is saved per citizen on dental care. Naturally, that sounds like a good thing. Saving money, improving public health, and giving people money they would have spent on painful dental procedures.

Sorry, why is this a conspiracy again?

Because the majority of the problems around fluoride are ethical in nature. It’s medicating vast quantities of people across the world without them ever agreeing to it. If you are born outside of Portland, you’re getting fluoride. However, it might also have something to do with the idea that it plays tricks with our pineal gland, as well.

The Pineal Gland

If you have a spare ten minutes, then watch this brilliant video by Koi Fresco. It’s very interesting and does a good job of breaking down, in a balanced manner, the potential problems with fluoride.

A large part of this interesting section of the discussion tends to come from other sources, too. If the video above is not quite enough for you, we’ll try and break down some other information below.

Brain diagram showing the Pineal Gland.

Brain diagram showing the Pineal Gland.

For example, a large part of the action that comes against fluoride stems from the 1990s. Jennifer Luke, a British scientist, found that fluoride can accumulate to very high levels within the pineal gland. This might be getting a little spiritual for some people, but the real conspiracy is that fluoride can mess with the mind, essentially.

It’s not that it’s secretly killing us, or giving us cancer. Indeed, the majority of those claims have been refuted in the past. So, it’s easy to dismiss something when it breaks down into the idea that it messes with your head.

However, the idea this may mess with your pineal gland isn’t so strange. It’s part of the body that is responsible for the creation of hormonal melatonin. Melatonin is more or less the manager of our sleeping cycle, and also helps other parts of the body function. For example, it regulated puberty in females, and helps to give the body some help against various free radicals.

Studies in the past have found that it messes with these readings. For one, it was found to potentially cause reduced melatonin levels and also causing de-calcification. Naturally, this is a very dangerous problem.

So, what does this mean? Should you get the toothpaste in the bin and go back to letting your teeth rot?

The Pineal Gland and Fluoride

Now, the issue is that fluoride is a major target for this calcifying process. This is because our pineal gland is exposed to major blood flow volumes as well as a lot of calcifying tissue. So, when the fluoride works its magic, it interferes with the gland itself. In fact, the highest fluoride concentrations in our body can be found within the gland itself.

Whilst the soft tissue may take in less of the calcification than other parts, it still takes it in. it’s found in higher concentration than other parts of the body, too, and this means that any interference can slow down your system. It can reduce melatonin production, damage your sleeping cycle and – worryingly – mess with the puberty cycle for females.

This page, Fluoride Free NZ, is a New Zealand-based organization combatting this. They have produced some excellent information on the potential problems this can cause here. Take a look and you can quickly see why there is so much concern about what work fluoride does to the pineal gland. Likewise, many people are put off by the idea that this can cause serious problems with our health. If you lack the vigilance to look into this, it could cause you problems in the future.

But, is this really enough to mean we go back to old-school forms of dental care?

Quality tooth care is so important in the modern world, and is a major part of health care. To make sure that the growing human populace can sustain good quality dental care, we need help in doing so.

Again, this does reduce the cost of dental treatment by a large margin for many people. But, if what is being discussed above has any truth, don’t we have a duty to try and stop what is going on here?

The Conspiracy

The main conspiracy, then, is outlined above. Basically, “they” look to weaken the masses with fluoridation. By making us less active and more tired physically, as well as messing with the biological process of puberty, it causes havoc. The other conspiracy is that it makes us stupid.

Given that it plays such a ridiculous level of havoc with our pineal gland, it’s easy to see why you might see it in that way. If it makes us ill in mental terms, it’s technically making us thicker at the same time. So, what’s the prevailing theory about fluoride?

Well, the problem is that when people hear the term fluoridation, they immediately think bad. But, the process of fluoridation works both ways. It can be used to increase the amount found in water and other natural circumstances. Crucially, though, it can be used to reduce the content within any part of the world.

After all, fluoride is found in water naturally. It occurs naturally, but in varying amounts. Sometimes it has to be reduced, other times it’s boosted. Apparently, the ideal amount of fluoride is one part per million. This offers a high level of protection from damaged, weakened teeth, whilst avoiding the potential for fluorosis to kick in.

Since this was agreed upon as a fact, it has been standard practice. Now, the problem is that these two ideas conflate and jar together. How can it be safe for us, and good for our teeth, but bad for our pineal gland?

fluorosis example

fluorosis example

The problem is that the two biggest authorities on this subject, the Centre for Disease Control, and the National Health Service, are not trusted. They have carried out major studies and tests on the idea of fluoride being a problem, and have found the risks don’t exist.

Is It Possible?

The problem with this theory is that, to most rational minds, it sounds so implausible. The Governments around the world can barely pull up their trousers most of the time. Do we really expect that they are finding the time to control every scientist who has ever talked about fluoride, every website that promotes its usage, and keep every bad word about the product down?

All the while poisoning us using this product?

It’s a hard one to look at and feel comfortable saying you believe it’s the truth. The challenge, though, comes from the abuse all naysayers get for arguing back.

Many people claim that only “fringe” scientists and lunatics still go on about this theory. To mainstream science, it’s dead, and anyone who dares question it is a fool. The only problem is that this kind of dogmatic “it’s a fact!” thinking is what poisons many against religion. The idea of science is that everything can be challenged, and that new evidence can be found at any time.

However, the moment someone tries to look into this further, they get abused online by trolls.

It is hard to argue, though, with the positives of fluoride. The only issue is that we do believe that the ideas – and the good evidence, not crazy videos with no sources – about pineal gland problems are something that has to be confronted.

The only positive we can spin is that, if this is indeed all a big conspiracy and is to harm us, at least it saves us money. The vast majority of the time, a conspiracy costs us our health our happiness and our money. At least this apparently just plays magic tricks with the latter.

That’s, uh, something, I guess?

Did you know Fluoride fact sheet.

Did you know Fluoride fact sheet.

The Trap?

However, the main challenge with fluoride is that, as one of the main conspiracies, both sides sound quite rational. Well, depending on where you look obviously. You can read, say, this excellent blog piece by Kyle Hill. It does an excellent job of selling the idea of fluoride, and also puts some good arguments against the main theories.

However, it quotes websites such as Skeptoid. There are many theorists who won’t believe a word that is printed on there. It’s a MSM/Illuminati/whoever tool, and therefore it’s all lies. So, anyone who sees that Mr. Hill uses this as a good reference will then turn away from it. He’ll be, in their eyes, another idiot – a shill.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have this letter by Charles Perkins, a Chemist. Both give cohesive arguments, yes?

But, it mentions the old Nazi Germany fable. For many men of science and of facts, it’s immediately tosh. It’s another fantasy story created by someone who wants to see a negative in all the government does.

So, here are two very plausible and believable accounts. Both are trustworthy and from ethically driven, intelligent people. However, both cannot go hand-in-hand; you cannot have one, without the other.

The minute you mention it could hamper the pineal gland, too, people get suspicious. This has become an argument that is almost like a trap for conspiracy theorists. Not only do both sides encounter intelligent people who aren’t running agendas, but they both have sound arguments.

It’s rare that a conspiracy theory has such believable ends on both accounts. It is, then, hard to know what to think. Who here is providing facts?

Both can link to people who should be trustworthy individuals of repute and honesty. At the same time, though, both also use theories which credible people have utterly denounced.

Rat Poison in Our Water

Now, the last piece of information we wish to look at is why rat poison and fluoride are so similar. If you go to a hardware store, and take a glimpse at the rat poisons for sale, you’ll see one key ingredient – Sodium Fluoride. This is, apparently, a deeply toxic and ionic molecule and one of the most powerful out there. It’s apparently a bi-product of industrial activity, and is used in this way to get rid of the sheer volumes of it.

Watch this video – it shows a doctor more or less showcasing fluoride as a poison of sorts.

By the way, you can read more about what Dan Stockin thinks on his updated information here. He states that we’re in the middle of a ‘flouridegate’ style scenario, where a massively important public necessity gets outed as something we should never have been using.

Anyway, the reason this is interesting to so many is the links between rat poison, and fluoride. It’s also, apparently, found in Prozac. Also, according to Out of the Box Remedies, this is a slow form of poisoning. It’s a method that would be used to give our bodies small amounts, so that over time we’re slowly poisoned.

So, what the hell should we believe?

Both sides of the argument sound pretty decent. It’s shown that, yes, fluoride is used in rat poison. Yes, it calcifies the pineal gland.

But, as of yet, we’re yet to get any official links or proof to show us that this isn’t a bad thing. From what we can see, the majority of the official refutes to this story are built upon ignoring this. We aren’t yet 100% sure what the pineal gland does, apparently, so we should just ignore the fact it changes.

Our Take

Having weighed up all the information we’ve just provided, we do have to side with the ‘lunatics’ on this one. The pineal gland has been shown to be pretty damn important in the past, and any damage done it is not a good thing.

But, dental hygiene is a very important thing. Given that science is very skeptical of all things spiritual, we’re also inclined to believe this may be an unfortunate accident. A problem to dental issues was found, with very little belief or knowledge of things like pineal glands back then, and fluoride was produced.

Could it be that, given we let scientists more or less run everything today, they’ve ignored this potential issue?

The effects outside of pineal gland problems (which is basically all the bad stuff!) are minimal, if proven to be hokum. So, with a distinct lack of passion for spiritual debates, scientists can write off the fears of fluoride usage in good conscience.

However, given our own beliefs into the spiritual side of things, we think it may be an unintended but still very dangerous problem.


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    Significantly, you said nothing about the effect of fluoride on iodine levels in the body. Fluoride displaces iodine causing numerous and serious health effects. This is critical since people are already iodine deficient and Iodine is an essential nutrient for good health, for life.

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