“Experts” Say We’ll Not See Proven Alien Contact For Another 1,500 Years

First Published: June 21, 2016 Last updated: July 5th, 2019 Written by: Marcus Lowth Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes Posted in: Aliens

For all of the people reading this article who are desperate for aliens to save us, sorry!

At UFO Insight we’ve spoken to a fair amount of readers who are waiting for alien contact. Why? Because they believe that the current world system is so messed up, we need some assistance. Unfortunately, for anyone in this frame of mind, it looks like you won’t live to see the great change we all need.

According to a new study, planet Earth is simply not as unique as we once thought. The attributes of the planet are not nearly unique enough for us to be considered worth locating, apparently. Depressing to read, sure, but is it not a little reassuring that Earth isn’t unique?

Galaxy in Space

After all, that just boosts the chance of sentient life being out there. However, it is interesting to note that Earth is nowhere near as unique as we once imagined. The speculation always was that, if we were to be discovered by another species, it would be because of the unique nature of Earth.

Unfortunately, the planet is so dull and generic that any alien life-forms would find us almost by accident. There is no real reason for an alien race to come and check out Earth, if they already haven’t.

Let’s just hope that the next people due to “rule the world” like Donald Trump are kind enough not to wipe us out before then, huh?

The Latest Claims

It’s important to understand what we’re being told here. According to the Cornell University in the United States’ Evan Solomonides, we’ll be waiting some time for another lifeform to pick up the phone.

After all, space is a pretty big place. It would take any lifeform – even one far more advanced than ours – a major time to inspect every planet. For that reason, many experts now believe on pure probability alone, it might take some time for us to be discovered. However, that does not mean that humans should stop looking for alien lifeforms. Just because it might take a long time to actually reach us does not mean that it should not be looked out for.

Just like any other form of education and learning, it will take time. It seems that this study was concocted as a means of letting people know that the famed “Disclosure” bid isn’t on the horizon. It’s a common online warcry – “Disclosure is just around the corner!” – Yet nothing has ever happened. As more studies and people involved in the research of alien discovery tell us it’s far off, disclosure seems less likely.

It would appear that this latest message from the scientific community is not to keep refreshing Reddit. We aren’t about to see the late, great unveiling of another species. In fact, judging from the way that discussions seem to be framed at the moment, it’s further away than it’s ever been.

Why 1,500 Years?

The actual number itself – that it could take 1,500 years to be found – is quite an interesting choice. The number was the result of various Cornell University astronomers running two tests. One is known as the “Fermi Paradox” and the other is known as the “Mediocrity Principle”.

The Fermi Paradox states that billions of plants, just like our own, already exist out there. However, no aliens have ever come to see us so humans can’t be the only other show in town. With plenty of other planets well capable of handling human life – not to mention species different to our own – we aren’t the big-dog.

This means that, given we’ve not been visited according to these experts, possibilities are massive. Are aliens just too busy meeting other species on other plants? Are they too busy to get to us?

When teamed up with the Mediocrity Principle, it would appear so. This theory was proposed by 16th Century mathematician Copernicus. Copernicus stated that the physical attributes of Earth were not unique, as natural events are likely quite common across the universe. Therefore, aliens are simply too enthralled and busy with more exciting events elsewhere.

Alien face

That Same Old Sound…

Rather than being unique, we’re the same as the other planets that could potentially host human life. The interesting prospect, though, comes from what Solomindes notes about the potential for being found.

We try and contact alien species by sending out television and radio signals into space. This happens as a by-product from broadcasting. So, for all we know, some aliens are trying to decode the episode of The Simpsons where Maggie shot Mr. Burns.

This means, though, that aliens who do come across our signals would need to try and parse through 3,000 potential languages. This would have to be translated and understood in their own tongue. Also, it means that an alien would need to be able to decode the light waves broadcast out into sounds.

According to researchers, we’ve reached around 8,351 stars and 3,555 planets like Earth since broadcasts were into space. Given that our own galaxy, the Milky Way, contains more than 200 billion stars, we’re a while away.

When combining the Fermi Paradox with the Mediocrity Principle in line with these numbers, it’s estimated it would take until around the half-way point. On current volumes this would take around 1,500 years.

So, it would appear unlikely that we’ll be saved by any futuristic species anytime soon. Sadly, it looks like we might need to try and sort out our affairs on our own. No aliens are coming to stop us electing terrible people or giving way to a deadly war. It means that, as a species, we have to be vigilant and accountable for ourselves.

We need to be putting the right people in charge so that, when aliens do arrive in 1,500 years, they don’t find a ruin. It would be nice to leave a diplomatic happy civilization for them to meet instead of the smouldering ruins of a species that ate itself up!


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  • Skylark says:

    Now is a volatile time to have any sort of formal contact with an alien species. The media keeps touting that something major is about to happen in the next few years. Unlikely. In fact, the sentiment speaks volumes about the psychological unrest in western society. People need an outlet. I hate to break it to you all but it won’t be happening anytime soon. The closest that the world has actually come into formal contact in the past few thousand years was 500 hundred years ago. Obviously there’s been little to show for it since then.

  • Charmaine Alita says:

    Don’t you get tired of science? I do! The Phoenix Lights UFO incident occurred in 1997. I believe they were real ET’s. Was that 1,500 years in the future?
    I mean it I am tired of science and the government when it come to Alien life. Both fields make me ill.

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