Encounter In The Jungle – The Luis Carlos Serra Abduction

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The alleged alien abduction of Luis Carlos Serra in 1978 is an interesting case, not least due to the particularly violent nature of the encounter. What’s more, aside from the initial details – which would never alter despite the many decades since – the bulk of the encounter remains a mystery. Both to Serra and to the wider public. Even the several independent and specialist doctors who would examine Serra in the days following the incident couldn’t even begin to fathom what had happened to this most unfortunate teenager.

Luis Carlis Serra UFO

Luis Carlos Serra

Many UFO researchers and investigators would examine the case over the years. And for good reason. It offers details such as paralysis, mystery liquid that wipes memory, as well as descriptions of the craft itself. All of which appear repeatedly in other cases. The first to really take hold of it, though, was ufologist, Bob Pratt, who would not only speak directly with Serra on several occasions but also with several of the doctors involved with his case. It is a case that is one of the most remarkable abduction accounts on record. And one that UFO researchers continue to look at. Perhaps in the hope that something might leap out at them they had previously missed. Or that details in another case will suddenly offer them an insight into what has until now eluded all who have previously looked at it.

Sudden Paralysis On The Jungle Floor

At a little after noon on the 24th March 1978, 16-year-old Luis Carlos Serra was making his way through the jungle near the village of Penalva in Maranhao, Brazil in search of guava fruit. Suddenly, the tranquility of his surrounding was interrupted by a huge bang. He moved his attention upwards and witnessed a bright light above. He would later recall the intensity of the light was such that it made his eyes ache.

Then, he fell to the floor, flat on his back as if pushed by a pair of invisible hands. Try as he might, he was unable to move. He was paralyzed. He remained on the floor of the jungle for a moment or so before he began to feel his body rising in the air. Serra remained flat in a horizontal position. He was heading towards the light. The closer he got, he could make out a “round object” which was the obvious source of the glow. As he got closer still, he could see a dome on the upper side of the craft. In this dome were three windows, one of which was open. Moments later, he realized he was heading towards this open window.

He would “float” inside before finding himself descending to the floor. He immediately noticed three figures stood around him. They were around three feet tall and each donned “metallic suits with visors”. He would recall that they were talking to each other, although he didn’t understand what they were saying. Or what language it might have been. Then, he would feel movement. The craft was in transit.

A “Transparent Ball” Full Of “Strange Liquid!

After a short time, the craft came to a sudden stop. Once more, Serra, still paralyzed, would find himself floating upwards and out of the craft. He would move through the air for several moments before descending towards a huge, flat rock. Around him was tall grass, but that was it. There were not even any stars in what he presumed was the sky – just “solid blackness”. Then, he noticed the figures around him again. Before he could react, one of the strange creatures forced a “strange liquid” in a “transparent ball” into his mouth. It was then he passed out.

The next thing he knew, he was back in the jungle near his home. It was dark and felt like night. Although he wasn’t aware of it then, three days had passed. It was now early evening on the 27th March. He attempted to cry for help, but he was barely able to speak, and still paralyzed. Eventually, a fisherman passing nearby would find the crippled and confused teenager. He would take the young boy to the local hospital. However, it was only small and limited in the services they could provide.

They did, though, reveal some chilling injuries and markings about his body. His head, for example, which at first appeared to have been shaved, was, in fact, burned or singed off. The tops of his ears also displayed burn markings. Even more unsettling, four of Serra’s teeth had been broken off. This appeared to have taken place relatively recently as fresh blood was still in his mouth.

After two days in the local hospital, and still with no feeling in his limbs, he was moved to one of the major city hospitals.

Luis Carlos Serra Alien

Serra (left) demonstrating the size of the creatures

The Same Details, But Still No Answers!

Although he was awake during his initial stay at the local hospital, and during the first several days at the city hospital, he was essentially catatonic. He would simply stare ahead with no reaction regardless of what people around him said and did. However, a total of ten days after the bizarre incident in the jungle near his home, he would suddenly regain his senses. He still, though, didn’t have full control over his body. Serra would, for example, require intravenous feeding for some time. He would also require a temporary catheter.

Furthermore, he faced a barrage of extensive and intrusive examinations from no less than eight doctors. All of whom, incidentally, were equally as perplexed as the next as to just what happened to this young boy from an otherwise sleepy village. Although he wouldn’t remember any further details of the incident, when he eventually did regain the ability to speak and essentially return to “normal life”, he would tell the account in the same way repeatedly. Not once would he deviate from the version of events.

Given Brazil’s long history of UFO incidents, which include several prominent cases of alien abduction, as well as the genuine confusion of the eight doctors who examined him, the claims of Luis Carlos Serra should perhaps be subject to further investigation. Something certainly appeared to have taken place in the otherwise quiet and serene jungle that Serra knew so well. Just what that “something” might be, remains open to debate.

Check out the video below. It features UFO researcher, Brent Raynes, speaking about some of Brazil’s most interesting encounters with strange aerial phenomenon.

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