How Electromagnetic Radiation Could Be Harming Your Health

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For many years, scientists have been warning us about our usage of computers and technology at home. From sitting too close to the screen right through to not taking enough breaks, technology has lots of rules. However, just like many other aspects of life, the majority of us don’t take any notice of the guidelines and the rules. What this usually results in, then, is a quality of life that is reduced through our own lack of action.

One major problem that exists today, is Electromagnetic Radiation. This is a term that sounds frightening, and when you find out what it does, you’ll see why. Electromagnetic Radiation is a radiant form of energy which is released via certain processes. Many of the forms of Electromagnetic Radiation that we deal with, though, are invisible. Radio waves, infrared lighting and X-Rays are all part of the Electromagnetic Radiation circuit.

Electromagnetic field around human head

Electromagnetic field around human head

For this reason, many experts are now warning us that this is actually a major health risk. Whilst the power and frequency have to be of a very high standard to hamper the quality of our lives, it can actually occur. Strong frequencies over a consistent period of time will begin to damage cells. This is usually caused by the heating effects of the photons transferring energy from one place to the next. For this reason, direct molecular damage of our bodies is a possibility.

In this article, we’ll take a look at just how likely coping with this is. We’ll take a look at signs, symptoms, ideas for prevention and various other aspects of Electromagnetic Radiation. If you are someone who spends a lot of time around computers and different pieces of digital technology, then this guide might help you to feel a bit healthier.

What is Electromagnetic Radiation

Of course, before we go any further, it helps to understand just what you should be keeping an eye out for. We’ll take a look at symptoms and the like in a minute, but first let’s consider the actual illness itself.

Computers, for a start, are likely to be the most common cause of Electromagnetic Radiation. Personally, I sit with a smartphone, a tablet, two TVs, a PC and a laptop around me most of the time. If there is someone on this planet who is likely to be exposed to this kind of situation, I might be one of them!

With that in mind, realizing that computers could be a major source of Electromagnetic Radiation is very important. if you work with computers and technology, though, there is nothing that you can really do to avoid it. Some have even started to call Electromagnetic Radiation the “Asbestos of our Day” – but that seems a little bit over the top. However, the major problem is that computers can create two forms of Electromagnetic Radiation.

VIDEO: The Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on Human Health

Low-frequency, and Radio-frequency. These waves, then, can mess around with our bodies and are – according to the World Health Organization – a potential carcinogen. We’ve all heard about phones in the pocket and laptops causing us problem “downstairs” – could this have been the reason?

Regardless, here are just some of the potential problems that you could suffer from in your life if you have Electromagnetic Radiation;

  • Asthma
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Heart Disease and Imbalances
  • Hormone Issues
  • Nervous system and immune system damage.

These effects, then, should be something that causes immediate concern. Whilst we don’t know for sure that these are sure-fire causes of using machine, it’s important that we find out, so we can try and prevent these problems from developing.

About Electromagnetic Radiation

Before knowing what kind of symptoms etc. to look out for, it helps to know what you are dealing with in the first place. The issue of Electromagnetic Radiation is one that causes a lot of strife for some people. They find it quite scary and believe we’re all being poisoned, so try and stop fighting it. What’s the point of trying to stop the unstoppable force, anyway?

Others decide it’s just too complex to understand and stop looking for it to understand. Some people that it’s an exercise in futility, that we cannot avoid being exposed to this kind of radiation on a regular basis. However, by understanding what Electromagnetic Radiation does it soon becomes very exciting, very engaging.

Any source that can produce Electromagnetic Radiation does so because it produces an Electromagnetic Field, or EMF. The field is naturally at its most powerful at the origin of the energy source, and gets weaker as we move away from the source. It’s like being near a fire – the further you move away, the less intense the heat and brightness will become.

However, with Electromagnetic Radiation it gets weaker VERY quickly. Even just a few feet away from the source, it can be more or less untraceable. This means that you can avoid low-frequency Electromagnetic Radiation which we will speak about later on. Just sitting a few feet away from a PC, for example, can be enough to get rid of the threat that it possesses.

However, radio frequency Electromagnetic Radiation gets weaker much slower. You can’t really just get away from an EMF source for radio frequency. This is not really possible, and it’s why you should look to use wired versions over wireless – they produce far less conflicting sources of radio-based Electromagnetic Radiation to “enjoy”.

Radiation warning sign on desktop computer.

Radiation warning sign on desktop computer.

Signs and Symptoms

Like any other illness around, hardware and computer tech that cause Electromagnetic Radiation gives off signals. Each of these signs and ideas should go some way to finding out just how damaged or affected your body may be.

Regular, consistent and prolonged exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation can be bunged in with other illnesses.

From being tired and stressed out to having being overworked, you might mistake the symptoms of Electromagnetic Radiation for something else. The most common symptoms in this illness tend to be;

  • Regular headaches that come back each day, making it harder to concentrate.
  • A perpetual feeling of tiredness – from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, you feel zapped.
  • Disturbed sleep that means you aren’t getting the full array that you should be. This will contribute to both of the above symptoms as well, making it harder to define.
  • Problems concentrating and staying alert during the day. If you find that for no reason at all you have no concentration ability, this could be a potential cause.
  • Regular spells of dizziness that leave you feeling ill and having to sit down.
  • Constant prickling skin, burning or itching sensations on the face or anywhere else around you.
  • Uncomfortable, dry or swollen mucous in the ears, throat or sinuses that takes a while to shift.
  • Muscle and joint pains that seem to be lasting forever.
  • Heart palpitations or strange skipped beats.

These problems, then, are a major part of Electromagnetic Radiation. They tend to be the most likely signs that you could be suffering from this condition.

However, it is important to continually remind yourself that these symptoms – even all together – are not guarantees of Electromagnetic Radiation. For that, we need to consider certain elements of what Electromagnetic Radiation entails.

VIDEO: Olle Johansson “Health effects of electromagnetic fields”

Electromagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity

All of the ideas that we just spoke about above in terms of symptoms of Electromagnetic Radiation can be quite common. Therefore, it’s quite easy to just dismiss these potential problems – it’s just a cold, a hard day, something in the air etc.

Noticing the symptoms above on a regular basis, though, could be a sign that you have developed a situation called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, or EHS. EHS means that when the person is around specific forms of Electromagnetic Radiation, they feel these symptoms in a pretty major way. For those who feel discomfort around even just a few machines, this can greatly hamper their quality of life.

This means that lots of people have to try and avoid all interaction with electromagnetic activity. Basically, they can’t use any kind of technology. This is majorly limiting in the modern world, where so much is managed through this kind of frequency. Therefore, many people live quiet and “dull” lives as they simply cannot be around this kind of hardware without feeling the effects majorly.

The problem is that EHS is becoming more common at this moment in time. It’s estimated that around 3% of the populace may have this, and that this is only going to increase as time goes on. Either massive exposure in a single incident causing the illness or regular and continuous exposure to a mild source seems to be the most common reason for this explosion in numbers.

However, the big problem is that since the advent of Wi-Fi, this has all got so much worse. Electromagnetic Radiation levels are much higher than they were even just a few years ago. When using wireless connections we can create this problem for ourselves, limiting our ability to make the most of our avoidance of Electromagnetic Radiation.

Basic Hints & Tips

The easiest way to try and know if you are dealing with Electromagnetic Radiation, or indeed how to handle it, is to try some of the ideas in here. These tips should be good for helping you to avoid as much Electromagnetic Radiation as you can. Whilst it’s quite hard to avoid it altogether these days, it can be majorly reduced if you just simply make some concessions and adjustments along the way.

Sources of EMF image. Image Source and copyright Hesse Project.

Sources of EMF image. Image Source and copyright Hesse Project.

Most people find that by turning to the following, they can make a big difference to their quality of life;

  • Avoid low-frequency sources as much as you can. Low frequency Electromagnetic Radiation is the most dangerous form and is likely to cause us major problems. Anything that would fall under low frequency would typically be anything with a frequency from 0-100Hz.
  • We should try and avoid anything that falls into this number as it can cause major changes to our body, from sperm count reduction to genuine skin burns. For this reason it pays to try and avoid using these kinds of products as much as you can. It can take some time to get used to avoiding products like this, but it’s worth it if you suffer from Electromagnetic Radiation.
  • Avoid using any kind of traditional radio communication facility in your computer or your networking equipment. This simply creates too much of a contrast and begins to slowly skyrocket the potential damage of what Electromagnetic Radiation can bring to the table to you.

By doing this, you will make sure that you reduce the level of Electromagnetic Radiation taken in. however, we’ll also take a closer look at some of the best ways you can ideally protect yourself from this problem. Doing so can greatly improve your consistency, your productivity and life quality.

VIDEO: WiFi Radiation – Dangers of WiFi – See It Measured

Computer Screens

Let’s face it, hardware won the war long ago. Whether it’s for entertainment or for education, we use computer screens. When we work today, we tend to use them too. Even industries that were never truly computer-compatible use screens now. A conspiracy theorist would say that they want us to get Electromagnetic Radiation, such is the volume and power that computing holds in modern society.

However, this means that we’re all around Electromagnetic Radiation more often than we ever thought possible. Whilst the low-frequency radiation tends to stay within the computer case itself, some does come out of that screen we spend all day looking at.

Whilst Electromagnetic Radiation is far reduced in a flat LCD screen compared to the old cathode ray tube CT models of the past, it still exists. If you stay 12” back from the screen at all times then you are out of the “grasp” of the power that it produces. A good rule of thumb is to stay back roughly half the size of the screen. So for a 30” screen you would stay 15” back.

Obviously, this makes it quite tough for you to try and keep yourself truly protected from the power of Electromagnetic Radiation in tight spaces. So long as the screen was built after 2010, you should have no problems dealing with an Electromagnetic Radiation free screen. It’s actually very easy to look around and find screens that can help you avoid this issue.

For those who are dealing with vision impairment and the like, though, you’ll have to accept that this is something that will be produced. You should just try and sit as far back from the screen as you can if you do any visibility issues to try and at least limit the damage.

Computer screen with EMF field displayed

Computer screen with EMF field displayed

Low-Frequency Avoidance

Another big problem with managing your use of hardware is dealing with these low frequency problems. After all, they reside in more than just the screen- they emit from the machine itself as well. If you are like me, and you see the constant emission of these products time and time again, you might want to look at this section. I spend way too much time around this kind of frequency, so make sure you don’t!

The most likely enemies that we need to look out or within the PC, though, is typically going to be the power supply and the disk drive motors. Giving that some people don’t even bother with a disk drive anymore, you might already have cut out one of the major issues that you need to look out for. The power supply, though, is always going to be around – we kinda need it!

This generates a near-constant EMF, and is therefore the piece that we need to look out for the most. You want to try and avoid the power supply for about 18-20” just to be safe. Whilst development to other forms of hardware is making this less powerful and less likely to expand out, you should still be vigilant about what you are dealing with.

At the source, though, it can be as much as 50mG. Given the safe level is 1mG, it certainly helps to move that tower away from you as much as you can. If a part of your body is touching the laptop, the tower box or any other part of the computer you are seeing some very high levels enter your system.

Keep the computer case away from you, and make sure it stretches as far as the cables will allow.

What about Electromagnetic Radiation with laptops, though?

VIDEO: The Dangers of Wi Fi Wireless Radiation

Safe Electromagnetic Radiation Laptop Management

Whilst the ideas we just looked at above should work for most households, they aren’t universal by any stretch of the imagination – not at all. Instead, if you work on a laptop, then you have to push it away from you as much as you can. Your hands are still resting on the keyboard so are taking in lots of Electromagnetic Radiation, but there is only so much that you can do.

It’s a natural disposition that working with computers means having fair levels of Electromagnetic Radiation being exposed to you on more or less a constant basis.

However, many of us work with the laptop on our laps, and the PC on as our reference. In our offices, we all work like this. This means that exposure to the thighs, head and trunk is all happening. For years, though, it was the standard way to work – it’s hard to break such a long-term habit.

You could use a USB keyboard and mouse but this kills the speed and efficiency that many are looking for. Therefore, the Catch-22 arrives.

If fingers rest on the laptop keyboard they get the full 50mG we spoke of earlier. The main problem here comes from your reproductive quality – many studies over the years point to the idea that fertility is damaged by using laptops in such a manner. This can cause defects in male sperm count and also the viability of the embryo within the female.

If you are concerned about this, you would do well to start moving that laptop to somewhere else instead.

You can counter some of this by making sure that you aren’t using wireless internet with your laptop. This at least mitigates some of the problem. For those too used to working from the lap, though, this problem will continue.

As you can see there is plenty of things to take into account when looking at the power of Electromagnetic Radiation. It can affect the quality of our lives and is linked to poor quality of health for many people. Naturally, this should be a cause of serious concern for most people who work within the industry.

Whilst it can be hard to make the changes needed – specifically those who are part of the “Laptop Loyal” like we are – but it should be considered. At least now, we know it can potentially cause issues. Stay vigilant and you can reduce the chances of becoming part of that 3% in the future.

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