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If you have read our recent and evolving article on the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, then you will be aware of just some of the many outlandish and mostly without foundation conspiracy theories swirling around it. As we stated in that piece, such conditions are a breeding ground in themselves for such conspiracies. And that has very much been the case throughout history also.

A blend of germs falling to Earth from space and person in a biosuit

Do germs and bacteria fall to Earth from space?

What’s more, from a UFO or ancient astronaut perspective, many of history’s deadliest outbreaks of disease are often accompanied by an increase of strange objects or lights in the skies overhead. Perhaps like in times of war, the sheer pressure of such horrific situations causes the brain to see things that aren’t there, to hallucinate. However, that wouldn’t perhaps explain many such cases that had multiple witnesses to the same events.

Or perhaps, certainly in the eras of the past where the Church had such huge influence, people looked to such explanations regularly spoken of by these religious organizations such as a “curse” or “vengeance” of God, or The Gods in ancient times. Indeed, while it is a question of perspective, we can find accounts that could be interpreted in such a way in most cultures’ creation stories and legends.

So, while we are not at all suggesting anything along the lines that the recent outbreak is connected to the virus arriving here from outer space, we will look at some the research that suggests they indeed can, at least in theory. We will also look, to begin with, at least one of the accounts to circulate around media platforms in the initial days of the recent outbreak.

The Claims Of Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe

An article appeared on various media platforms reporting the claims of astrobiologist and astronomer, Professor, Chandra Wickramasinghe of the Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology, that the new coronavirus strain, or what was responsible for causing the mutation in the strain may have traveled to Earth on the back of a comet or meteorite. And what’s more, he would even point to a recent comet event over China as late as October 2019.

Further still, he would report his belief that the virus then likely become caught in “stratospheric air current” where it eventually infected members of the population of China, and then began to spread outwards. He would even point to the wind direction and comet event as being around to 40 to 60-degree latitude, where he claims a majority of the initial cases occurred.

Perhaps to be expected, his claims were shunned by the majority of the medical and scientific world. And they could very well be right to do so. And while they would state that the claims were “bad science” without evidence, astrobiologist, Graham Lau did state that should such claims be proven to be true, they would “groundbreaking”. Lau would continue that the fact that there was not a “different kind of biomolecule” within the COVID-19 strain makes it almost certain that we can disregard Wickramasinghe’s claims.

Indeed, it is hard to disagree that without further proof the arrival of the coronavirus surely can not be put at the doorstep of a comet that might have entered our atmosphere over the effected region. However, research and previous accounts by NASA, for example, at least suggest the possibility of such claims.

It is there we will turn our attention next.

Discover Of “Plankton” Living In Space?

NASA scientists and those on the International Space Station have been examining and experimenting with the notion that microbial life might be able to survive in the harsh atmosphere of space. In fact, the aspect of “killer bugs” from outer space all of us should take seriously, though, is the notion that some viruses may indeed be able to not only survive in such conditions but also thrive.

We need only to turn our attention to the Salmonella incident of 2006 in which NASA discovered that not only did the strain survive the journey into outer space, but it appeared to grow stronger and more potent in such conditions.

For example, during a planned spacewalk in August 2014, Russian astronauts would discover the presence of “organisms” that were seemingly on the exterior surface of the space station. The samples were examined and found to be “plankton”. However, they were baffled as to how the organisms could have survived the journey into space. Furthermore, the type of organism discovered was not present anywhere near the launch sites.

It was theorized that the organisms must have been caught in atmospheric currents which then transplanted them onto the space station, possibly through supply drops or possibly directly. We should note that the International Space Station is over 200 miles above the Earth’s surface. This surely forces us to reconsider just what can survive in space. And for how long.

The short video below looks at the discover a little further.

The Salmonella Findings On Board The International Space Station

Several years before the discoveries of the Russian astronauts, NASA would make some intriguing discoveries during experiments with Salmonella in 2006 and 2008. The experiments would make their journeys to the space station onboard missions STS-115 and STS-123 in September 2006 and March 2008 respectively.

What was discovered was that the strain was “3 to 7 times more virulent” than the same strain that remained on Earth. Scientists believed that the salmonella on board the space station was “tricked” by its change of environment to believing it was inside the human gut. It is thought by scientists that the microbes in the strain believed it was entering the human body, which it does by detecting the “force of fluid past their outer surfaces”.

Once inside the intestines, these microbes then move away from the fluids of food and settle into the microvilli that cover the intestinal walls. From here, they “ramp up” and enter the bloodstream causing infection. That this strain became so aggressive outside of the human gut, however, suggests that not only would it have been more powerful had it entered (and survived) the Earth’s atmosphere, but that such cells and organisms can indeed survive in a space environment, albeit, in this case, in a controlled one.

Cheryl Nickerson of Arizona State University would state that “cells are funny things” and that depending on different variables, “they’ll surprise you with how they respond”. What’s more, as we will examine a little later, it is far from the first time that life has been found in such extreme and inhospitable environments. She would add that “whenever scientists study microbes under extreme conditions, we have found amazing new insights into how they function”.

The video below examines the experiment a little further.

“Infected” Meteorite Falls In Peru, 2007

In September 2007 in Peru perhaps came further evidence of the possibility of the danger of deadly and contagious germs falling to Earth after traveling here from the far reaches of space. The cosmic fireball would “streak across the Andean sky” before landing in a field in Carancas near the ancient Lake Titicaca (itself awash with legends from antiquity) near the border with Bolivia.

It would leave a huge 5 meter-deep and 10 meters across crater where it landed. Of more concern, though, were the “noxious odors” that many believed were “making villagers ill”. Jorge Lopez from the country’s health department would state that over 500 families were thought to be suffering illness as a result of the meteorite crash, including “nausea, vomiting, digestive problems, and general sickness”.

What is perhaps also interesting is that 19 of those people required urgent medical attention – including access to oxygen masks and forced rehydration – seven of whom were police officers investigating the crash.

Even more intriguing, many locals – including farmers who know the land back to front – would report evidence of “lead and silver” near the impact site. And what’s more, they were concerned that this presence would contaminate the land.

Whatever the reasons for the outbreak of sickness in the same location of the meteorite crash, Modesto Montoya of the National Academy of Sciences would stat that “a fallen meteorite does not present any danger unless it hit some structure on impact”.

It is perhaps worth noting that no satisfactory explanation for the outbreak of illness was issued.

The short video below looks at the incident a little further.

A Need To Take Asteroid and Meteorite Defense More Seriously

Before we turn our attention to what is perhaps one of the deadliest outbreak of the last 100 years in the Spanish Flu, we should perhaps examine the fact that while mainstream scientists insist that bacteria or viruses can not be brought to Earth in comets or meteors, NASA is still throwing ample money at protecting the planet from such approaching cosmic bodies.

And while the thrust of such research will be around avoiding a direct strike from such an asteroid, as well as other defense measures, part of the research will also involve noting and examining any forms of life that may have survived the entry through the atmosphere and ultimately to the Earth’s surface.

While it sounds like the stuff of science-fiction, as we have mentioned above, life has been discovered in all types of extreme conditions. Whether at the bottom of a dark, freezing ocean, buried within blocks of ice, or even within the lava-like conditions of volcanoes of Earth. What these discoveries tend to make many scientists think – even those in the mainstream – is that such life may also be found throughout the universe.

And along with that possibility of life, comes the possibility of a disease or virus that we have not encountered before. Or that might cause a known virus on Earth to mutate.

The Spanish Flu – The “Most Deadly Recorded” Outbreak In History

Although the Black Death is likely the most violent and deadly outbreak to have struck humanity, records of it are sparse in comparison to the meticulous archives maintained during the Spanish Flu which began in 1918.

Historians and scientists are completely sure or agreed on exactly how or why the Spanish Flu outbreak began. Or why it was as deadly as it was or why it vanished as quickly as it did.

One of the many makeshift hospitals of the Spanish Flu

One of the many makeshift hospitals of the Spanish Flu

Despite popular belief, the Spanish Flu is not thought to have been the origin of the epidemic. Because the First World War was still very much being fought, and with morale on all sides already low, reports of initial cases of the flu were limited to cases in Spain only. This was because Spain was neutral in the global conflict and so reports of cases there gave the impression that they were the epicenter of the disease, and so ultimately leading to the name still used today. Even reports in Germany were not included so as to avoid Allied soldiers’ concerns of an epidemic. Of course, by the time the war had come to an end in November 1918, the epidemic was gaining a strong foothold, and had, in fact, been running rampant for months since January of that year.

What was particularly strange to doctors at the time, was that the H1N1 influenza virus (the same as the 2009 Swine Flu outbreak) would attack otherwise healthy young adults as opposed to young children or the elderly. The reasons for this are still not known. However, many researchers believe that the squalid conditions of the many makeshift hospitals were the real cause of death following initial infection.

Spanish Flu That Likely Didn’t Start In Spain!

Incidentally, three main locations appear to have been identified as most likely to be the “ground zero” point of the Spanish Flu outbreak. Some researchers point to the United Kingdom, who had many soldiers in the cold, damp conditions of trench warfare in France, and in particular, a hospital camp in Etaples. Thousands of wounded and dying soldiers went through the camp on their way back to Britain or to other fronts, as did supplies, including live animals for food.

Other researchers look to the United States, and specifically the military facilities of the United States Army in Kansas. The assertion is still disputed by researchers.

Finally, some researchers have turned their attention to China. This mainly seems to be that the Chinese population appeared to be one of the less-hit from the sudden flu outbreak which, in turn, led to some theorizing that the virus could have started there and so leading to a higher immunity of the population.

Regardless of where it started, figures vary from around 17 million on one end of the scale to 100 million on the other.

Although most mainstream academics will scoff at such a notion, an incident witnessed by multiple people the previous year in Portugal is pointed to as some to be of importance. And while we stress again, we do not necessarily endorse such views, and certainly are not attempting to draw a comparison between the outbreak of 1918 and what is happening today, we will still turn our attention to those claims next.

The Secrets Of Fatima Incident

Although the alleged Secrets of Fatima incident began in May 1917, it was the events of 13th October 1917 – sometimes referred to as the Miracle of the Sun that concerns us here. On that day, a large crowd eagerly awaited the appearance of “Our Lady Of Fatima” who had, according to their claims, appeared before three local children.

The children had stated there were several secrets given to them by the “Lady of the Rosary” (these would prove to be the prediction of the end of the First World War and the beginning of World War Two. However, the third secret, known only to the Catholic Church but still not made public despite promises to do so in 1960.

Cowds gather at the Fatima Incident, 1917

The Fatima Incident, 1917

Also according to the children, the entity claimed that she would appear before a great crowd if they were to go and gather them, so that “all may believe”. This they did. And as well as around 40,000 people gathering near the small town of Fatima, many of the newspapers would also gather and report on the event – some of them international, leading to “pilgrims” making their way to the location.

Indeed, while we might have to be lenient with some of the finer details from the multitude of reports available in the press, the fact that they covered it shows us how unique it truly was. As does the tens of thousands of people who attended the event – all on the say-so of three young children. As it happens, all were right to attend. At least in terms that “something” did indeed happen.

The Sun Appeared As “An Opaque, Spinning Disc!”

Reports differ, but it appears that the morning of 13th October 1917 near Fatima in Portugal was a bright sunny one. That is until a sudden cover of darkness appeared out of nowhere followed by a shower of rain.

Then, following this, the clouds suddenly cleared. Here, however, is where things begin to become particularly strange. The Sun appeared out of the darkness of the clouds as “an opaque, spinning disc”. Although it was still bright, many would describe it as “duller” than it usually was. What’s more, as opposed to the white-yellow glow, multicolored lights emanated from it which would reflect on the many thousands of people gathered below.

As if events couldn’t get any stranger, the “Sun” then appeared to descend to the ground before making its way back into the sky in a “zig-zag” manner. Some would describe this motion as watching the sun “dance”.

Even stranger, despite the downpour of rain only minutes earlier, both the crowd and the ground upon which they stood were “suddenly and completely dry”.

How true such claims might be are perhaps open to debate. But once again, these kinds of comments were featured in many leading newspapers of the time, and several photographs exist to show the extent of the gathering.

Of course, the insinuation of those who subscribe to extraterrestrial intervention in human affairs throughout history question whether that many people were brought there not to witness the dancing of the “sun”, but to be showered with the rain that appeared just prior to that. As we know, three months later, the Spanish Flu began appearing. And while we can not know for sure where the start of the epidemic was, it is perhaps interesting that such a bizarre and never repeated mass-gathering multi-witness event occurred.

The Black Death – Hallucinations Or Accounts Of Strange, Cloaked Men!

Perhaps most well-known among the deadly diseases that have overrun our planet during the history of human civilization is the Black Death. And as we might expect, there are certainly some intriguing accounts to examine from what little still survives of the era.

What is interesting, at least according to some ancient astronaut researchers, are reports of “bronze shields” or “ship” in the skies overhead. What’s more, reports state that a mist would come from these strange, glowing aerial vehicles.

Even more bizarre were reports of strange, black-cloaked men spraying mist on the ground or in wheat fields. According to Chris Pittman, witnesses would report seeing such strangely clad men “mowing down wheat” in a field. However, their “scythes”, although making a “swooshing” sound, did not manage to cut down any wheat at all. This has led Pittman to speculate that the scythes were, in fact, some kind of device to spray the fields as opposed to cut them, and ultimately to infect them with the plague.

A Medieval depiction of past epidemics

A Medieval depiction of past epidemics

Another researcher, Philip Imbrogno would also state that several records tell of “strange beings that would spray (something) onto the wheat”.

It is widely accepted that these types of accounts are hallucinations of delirious and disease-ridden minds. And perhaps they are. It is certainly the most likely explanation. Unless, of course, we take into account the multiple witnesses in many such accounts. As well as the fact that, as we will examine shortly, very similar details are present in other outbreaks throughout history.

Incidentally, it is thought that the descriptions of these mysterious and black-cloaked figures during this time resulted in the eventual legends, tales, and physical descriptions of The Grim Reaper.

A Need To Find Satisfactory Explanations

Of course, the insinuation is that these cloaked “men” were, in fact, extraterrestrial visitors spreading what we know as The Black Death or Black Plague. While this is perhaps a suggestion too far for most – and understandably so – from an ancient astronaut perspective, if we believe that we are some kind of real-life, live laboratory experiment to these apparent extraterrestrial visitors, such claims would make sense.

As we are well into speculation territory here, might we even consider that these cloaked individuals were not alien visitors at all, but perhaps very human members of an elite? Might there have been a conspiracy, even in the mid-1400s to “thin out” the population of Europe?

Skull and bones cemented in a wall

Skull and bones

Admittedly this is a bordering on absurd suggestion, and one that we ourselves do not necessarily lend a lot of credence to if any. However, if we accept that there is even the slightest possibility that such accounts of these cloaked individuals are correct, then we must search for satisfactory explanations for them. And certainly not rely so heavily on the notion that they were “hallucinations”.

A History Of UFO Sightings And Outbreaks Of Disease?

In ancient times, as we might expect, there was almost always a connection among the respective general populations and sudden outbreaks of disease. And while it is perhaps understandable in certain eras that members of a populace living under the heavy hand of the Church and accusations of heresy to those who refused to submit to them, that such horrors as a deadly disease were thought to be the acts of a vengeful God not happy with the subjects of the planet.

However, what is also interesting is that there are plenty of accounts of “strange aerial sightings” around the same time as many such outbreaks.

Germs, bacteria, blood cells

Germs, bacteria, blood cells

For example, in the book The Ancient Alien Question: The Lost Civilization Enigma, Philip Coppens states that several prominent UFO sightings were placed on official records in 1731 in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Romania. This was only 12 months before the “worldwide flu epidemic of 1732” took hold of the planet, particularly the “thirteen colonies” of the United Kingdom.

Perhaps we should also look to the Justinian plague of 541 to 542. Much like the claims of people caught in the Black Death spread almost 800 years later, many people would report – at least according to one researcher, Philip Imbrogno – “strange bronze ship” in the skies overhead.

Again, mainstream scientists and historians would likely argue that such claims were the result of mass-hysteria and hallucinations. And they well may be right. However, rather than explain such sightings it really raises the question of how multiple people can hallucinate the same thing at once? And if they can, does this perhaps suggest a legitimate manifestation caused by the unknown powers of the human mind?

Bacteria From Outer Space

What should we make, then, of the notion – however outlandish and science-fiction-like it might sound – of an extraterrestrial presence using a virus to if not wipe out the human race, to severely weaken it? Although there is perhaps little evidence to endorse such a theory if we accept that alien life does exist for a moment, and that alien life was hostile, it would certainly be a cold, calculated, and a very effective move on their part.

However, what is most likely – at least as far as “alien viruses” are concerned – is that if such an extraterrestrial element be introduced to the Earth’s ecosystem resulting in a sudden mysterious outbreak, it is likely to arrive here hitching off the back of natural bodies such as a comet or meteorite.

After all, we know that alien bacteria have arrived on Earth from outer space. We only need to turn our attention to the Allan Hills 84001 meteorite. Although it wasn’t announced until 1996 – 12 years after its discovery in Antarctica – the meteorite was claimed to contain “Martian bacteria”. Not only would this indicate that such bacteria can survive the vast and brutal environment of space, but that Mars may have at one point in time – maybe even still – contained “life”.

The More We Explore The Cosmos, The More Questions Arise!

Whether there is a genuine connection between outbreaks of disease and alien visitation – even in microbial form – is perhaps open to debate. At least to some. And while there is no solid proof that such an extraterrestrial virus has been responsible for one or several such outbreaks in the past – or indeed the one that is sweeping the planet at the moment – the concern that such an incident could one day happen remains real.

Indeed, the more scientists explore the potential for life in outer space (or in extreme conditions on Earth) the more possibilities arise, and the more studies and research need to be carried out. In short, while there is not near enough evidence to suggest even the likeliness of such things now, the possibilities are very real.

And, while we would stress again that the current coronavirus outbreak has no real signs of such a cosmic connection, we might ask where such viruses first originate from in terms of history. We might also recall the words of Delores Cannon, who claims to have accessed past memories through regression. One of the things she would state is that human beings we indeed brought to Earth, and were “supposed to be a race that would not get sick and die”. However, millions of years ago bacteria was brought to Earth which “contaminated” the planet. It is an interesting notion, as bacteria, at least some forms, make life possible. However, Delores claims that “man, animals, and plants are all related in some way” and that bacteria is “totally separate”.

The more we explore space and the cosmos, the more questions of “life” in the great beyond might be.

The video below examined some of the possible links between bacteria from space and events here on Earth.


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