Are “Celebrity Assassinations” Real?

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It is almost inevitable that as soon as a celebrity dies, particularly one who is young, conspiracies of their death circulate. These conspiracies are even more intriguing when there are connections to “shadow governments”, “influential” people, and even claims of mind-control. We have written before, for example, of claims of many “celebrities” being nothing more than a way to assert mental control over the world’s populace. According to such claims, these celebrities’ minds become ravaged by MKUltra-style programming, leading to very public breakdowns. And on occasion even suicide.

A sketch of Marilyn Monroe with blood superimposed over the top

Marilyn Monroe

As outlandish as these claims are, there are very definite links between intelligence agencies and the entertainments industries. As much as asking questions about some of those questionable celebrity deaths, we should ask why intelligence agencies are looking to assert such control in the first place. Maybe it is worth remembering that the radio waves coming through your television are essentially the same as the electrical waves in our brains that decodes them. Maybe, such claims of mental manipulation through entertainment aren’t as bizarre as some would suggest.

Perhaps of more interest are those celebrities who assert an influence that goes against the status quo. Those who force people to think about things they might otherwise readily, and blindly, accept. When we look at such cases, not only are there suggestions that some individuals may have met ends far different than the official version, but connections behind the scenes reveal agendas most people would find disturbing, to say the least.

The Murder Of John Lennon

Perhaps one of the most darkly intriguing of such affairs is the murder of John Lennon. The former Beatle was gunned down as he entered his apartment building (the Dakota) in New York on 8th December 1980. His assassin was an apparently obsessed fan, Mark Chapman, who shot him four times in the back. He was immediately rushed to hospital but died shortly after. At the time of his death, Lennon was one of the most famous and revered people on the planet. He was also about to come back into the limelight with new music recordings, and undoubtedly something to say on the world around us. To some, it was this “influence” that signed his death warrant.

Lennon died at a little after 11 pm. His death was first announced in the middle of a live ABC Monday Night Football broadcast to a television audience of millions. You can view that clip below.

Some people firmly believe that Lennon’s death was not simply the work of a crazed fan, but of the shadow government of the United States. Before dismissing these claims as nonsense, we should perhaps take note of the intense interest US agencies had in Lennon. His outspoken criticism of the Vietnam War had put him on such agency’s radars as far back as the late-1960s. He was viewed as an “extremist” and, like Jim Morrison who we will look at shortly, had a file dedicated to him by the FBI. According to one note on his file, “all extremists should be considered dangerous”.

Such was the genuine animosity between Lennon and the US authorities they would refuse his right to permanent residency in the country.  The short video below features Lennon speaking on such issues.

The Reach Of The Reagan-Bush Administration? (Again!)

Lennon could remain in the United States on a rolling temporary basis (officially to work), but consecutive administrations would seek various ways to deport him. As far back as the early-1970s, he was under surveillance around the clock. He would even speak publically about “fearing for his life”. Whether such attention was part of the reason he retired from public life for a time is open for debate. As the late-1970s unfolded, this surveillance decreased considerably. The Carter administration would show even less interest and it appeared the artist would be able to continue to work and live in the country as normal.

However, upon the election of Ronald Reagan in November 1980, this position suddenly changed, and Lennon was again a person of intense interest. A month or so later, he was dead. Given what we know of the Reagan-Bush administration, and the first Bush administration that followed, it is not a complete stretch of the imagination that Lennon would become a thorn in the sides of those behind such actions. And a very influential one at that. For example, what might the rock star have said about the Iran-Contra scandal, the programs of “regime change” through the South Americas, and the eventual first Gulf War? And more importantly, what might people’s reaction have been?

Conspiracies began to form claiming that Mark Chapman was not a lone-assassin, but himself a victim of mind-control at the behest of the intelligence agencies. And the message implanted in his already unstable mind, according to such claims, was for him to kill John Lennon. While there is no evidence to back-up these claims, it is interesting that the murder of Robert Kennedy is shrouded in similar mysterious assertions. The connection between the two is George Bush Snr.

Other People Of “Popular” Influence

The death of rapper Tupac Shakur is a conspiracy in its own right. Some believe that the rapper was simply worth more to his record label dead than he was alive. Others even believe the star faked his own death so he could disappear. While there is little in the way of solid proof of these claims, there are many mysterious circumstances surrounding his death. And like Lennon, Shakur was a highly influential person, particularly among young black Americans who he implored to “think” and take control of their lives.

Another person of huge influence during the late-1960s and the Vietnam years was Jim Morrison, frontman for The Doors. Like Lennon, Morrison had an FBI file listing their “concerns” about the rock star. His death is also shrouded in murkiness. For example, no autopsy ever went ahead on his body. More recently Marianne Faithful would claim her (then) boyfriend, Jean de Breiteuil, gave Morrison a lethal shot of heroin while he was in his bathtub in Paris. Other sources claim this lethal shot came in the toilets of a Paris club resulting in Morrison’s death – unknown people would move him to his apartment to disassociate the club (Rock n Roll Circus) from the incident.

While most of the conspiracies surrounding Morrison’s death suggests a cover-up of tragic accidental circumstances, some believe his death was one of opportunism of killing the star while he was out of the United States. It is interesting to note that the French intelligence services have a long history with the United States and the United Kingdom in claims of assassinations. Perhaps most famous of these are claims of their involvement in the death of Dr. David Kelly in 2003.

The short video below looks at these CIA connections in a little more detail.

The Death (Assassination?) Of Marilyn Monroe

Maybe one of the most famous celebrity deaths is that of Marilyn Monroe in August 1962. The actress had connections to the Kennedy brothers (she had affairs with both Robert and John) which leads, albeit indirectly and only if we believe the conspiracies to be accurate, to George Bush Snr.  Officially, Monroe’s death was an overdose of sleeping pills, perhaps accidentally, but widely thought to be suicide.

However, there are a number of interesting details to examine. For example, there was a considerable delay in phoning for an ambulance upon the discovery of her body. The was she lay in the bed seemed to suggest a “purposeful positioning” of her body. There was also no glass of water anywhere near the bed or in the room. While this last point is minor, it is a detail perhaps overlooked by whoever may be behind her demise.

Then there are the sightings of Robert Kennedy allegedly driving from her home on the night of her death. Furthermore, Monroe had placed a phone call to a mutual friend of Monroe and Kennedy, Peter Lawford the same night. Details of the content of that phone call have not gone out to the public. Some believe the actress was about to reveal secrets of the US government. Secrets she had obtained through her close relationship with the Kennedy brothers. Recently there appeared stories which suggested part of those secrets were the US government’s involvement in UFO recoveries and meetings with extra-terrestrial races.

The short video below looks at some of these connections further.

Purposely Creatively Crazy Plots?

Other, more conservative but no less intriguing claims suggest the involvement of well-known Mafia man, Sam Giancana. Many believe Giancana murdered Monroe, either himself or via his “soldiers”, with a lethal suppository. There would be no evidence of this suppository after a certain length of time, perhaps explaining the delay. Giancana had connections to the Kennedy brothers. Some even believe he played a huge role in the 1960 US election victory of John Kennedy. He also had connections to the CIA, and there are claims of his involvement in the John Kennedy assassination.

The suggestion of Giancana’s involvement in not only the death of Monroe and Kennedy, but also his connections to the intelligence agencies is an interesting, but not surprising one. Many clandestine operations seek the aid of organizations that officially they oppose. The reasons are many, not least so they can distance themselves from any involvement should they need to. What it also suggests is the involvement of several “permanent” influences that stretch across decades and apparently unconnected presidential administrations. In short, claims of a “shadow government” answerable only to themselves might not be as far-fetched as people may think. And what’s more, their methods of influence are as creative and purposely “crazy” as they are brutal.

Incidentally, Giancana would be murdered himself in 1975. Shortly before he was to appear before the ‘Church Committee’ investigating the death of John Kennedy. Make of that what you will. Perhaps the words of Chicago capo, Salvatore Bastone are accurate when he stated, “There’s never just one reason for shit like what happened to Sam. There’s a million of ’em!”

The short video below looks at ten of the most intriguing conspiracies to arise from such celebrity deaths.


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