5G – A “Massive Experiment On The Health Of All Species?”

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Most of us have probably heard of 5G, even if we don’t fully understand what it is. And, if the 200-plus strong group of scientists from nearly forty countries around the world are correct, it might be something that we need to familiarize ourselves with rather quickly. While there have been conspiracy rumors abounding around Internet forums and chat rooms for some time revolving around the distribution of 5G towers and the real reason for their installation being to “control the population”, there are increasingly alarmed voices from the mainstream scientific community that something genuinely could be amiss.

A picture of a cell tower with superimposed blood on the screen

Cell tower

While these concerned voices stop short of endorsing a purposefully planned rollout of mind-control-type equipment, they do state that the health implications of such “weapons grade frequency” technology could be devastating. Including the risk of raised intense depression and significantly increased suicides. Indeed, Dr. Joel Moskowitz from the University of California Berkeley would recently state that “the deployment of 5G, or fifth generation cellular technology, constitutes a massive experiment on the health of all species”.

In the United Kingdom, the regions of Cornwall and Cumbria have been selected as testing grounds for 5G technology which, like much of the United States, could soon expand to other parts of the country. However, at the University of Bristol, where their own 5G network runs on campus, several unfortunate and sudden suicides have occurred in a two-year period. Before we look at that, however, check out the short video below. It goes over the basics of 5G technology.

The University of Bristol Suicides

Between 2016 and 2018, ten students from Bristol University would take their own lives. Given the obvious connection of the university itself being the main link, it didn’t take long for some to look towards the new 5G network that resides on campus. The technology, as well as for all manner of Internet and WIFI devices, aides in the trials of driverless cars taking place there. For their part, Bristol University looks to dismiss these claims. Instead, they would insist that the students who committed suicide while studying at the university were already “suffering from mental health problems”.

Not everyone is as convinced as the school, however, pointing to the overall diversity of those affected. One student, for example, had only been on campus for three weeks before suddenly taking his own life. Others had been there for several years. That ten such students from all over the United Kingdom suddenly felt the desperate need to take their own lives around the same location and during the same window of time, is certainly something that requires investigation. And, as we will examine a little later, these “suicide clusters” are not at all uncommon, although they are, for the most part, unexplained.

Might the repeated exposure to the 5G technology – a technology more akin to military weapons testing than a place of learning for teenagers – be to blame for the sudden spate of suicides from students, who for all the pressures undoubtedly upon them, should have everything to live for? While there is no doubt of a “year-on-year” increase in such issues as mental health, self-harm, and in particular suicide, perhaps rather than using that as an explanation for such clusters, we should ask why this frame of mind is becoming more and more widespread? More on this later.

5G – A Military “Weapons Grade” Technology?

So, might the 5G network on Bristol University’s campus be to blame for the ten suicides in the last two years? As we mentioned in the opening paragraphs, research in the United States, where 5G technology is also being increasingly rolled out on a largely unsuspecting public, would suggest a very definite link?

For example, in the United States, in destinations where 5G networks are already prominent and in use, sudden “spikes” in depression, anxiety, and even suicides have been recorded. Furthermore, a whole host of other complaints, including links to certain cancers, also have connections to this new technology.

5G technology makes use of “millimeter waves” (MMWs), which are much smaller than the traditional microwaves of the last several decades. These MMWs don’t travel as far as microwaves. Consequently, should the roll-out of 5G continue as appears to be planned, an abundance of new and intrusive masts will be required in each town and village alone. Some estimates suggest that one mast will be required for every twenty homes as “closer connectivity” is required.

Of even more concern, though, is that because MMWs are much weaker than microwaves, the skin can, in theory, absorb these into the body. The aforementioned Dr. Moskowitz would state that because the “skin contains capillaries and nerve endings, MMW bio-effects may be transmitted through molecular mechanisms by the skin or through the nervous system”. What effects it might have on the body, both in the short and long-term, are unknown, at least to the general public. However, such is the concern of scientists like Dr. Moskowitz, that over 200 doctors are calling for an absolute end to the 5G roll-out until further, and more independent studies can go ahead.

Are “Suicide Clusters” The Result Of Secret Military Testing?

While there are undoubtedly legitimate health concerns over 5G, certainly with the current “delivery” system of it, might it be that the advancements in such things as broadband and WIFI and all manner of other wireless technologies are responsible for the apparent increase in suicide and severe states of depression suffered by many throughout the modern world? Might this technology be responsible for the recent “suicide clusters” that have broken out in various places throughout the planet? Or might it be, as speculative as it is, that these sudden groupings of suicides are the result of secret technological mind-control tests?

At the University of York, for example, five students would commit suicide in a period of only six months in 2016. In Australia, there were several such clusters. Between 2010 and 2012, in a remote part of Queensland, 21 people would take their own lives. During the same two-year-period, in another remote location in the north-west of the country, another 15 people would commit suicide. More recently, in Canada, between late-2017 and early-2018, three students from the University of Waterloo would take their own lives. Another four students from the University of Guelph would do likewise during 2017. And between 2010-2011, six students from Queens University in Canada would also commit suicide.

The United States also has several such suicide-spates to its name. For example, so far throughout 2018, six teenagers from a high school in Ohio have died by their own hand. Equally as strange and harrowing were two suicides in a twenty-four-hour period in 2017 at Langley High School in Virginia. In the same county, this time at W.T. Woodson High School, seven students would commit suicide between 2014 and 2017.

X-ray image of two skeletal frames with a cell division image over the top

Are concerns over technology well-placed?

“It’s Happening In Every Country In The World!”

Perhaps one of the most famous and well-known suicide locations and clusters occurred in Bridgend in Wales. In this otherwise quiet Welsh town, between January 2007 and February 2009, 25 people would take their own lives. What was particularly interesting was the age group of all those affected were between 15 and 28-years-old. Furthermore, many of them would take their own lives in the desolate woodlands around the area.

In fact, one of the people who voiced concerns over the Bridgend suicides was Barrie Trower. A former employee with the Ministry of Defense he would suggest the problem is more widespread than we might think. And he believes “low microwave technology” is responsible for it. He would state, in response to the surge of suicides in Bridgend that “the increase in suicides does match the speed of low-level microwaves”. He would continue that “it’s happening in every country in the world. Not just Bridgend (in Wales)”.

In 2008, Trower would highlight how the new UK police communications system (TETRA) would likely “create anxiety leading to suicide”. Indeed, suicide rates in the United Kingdom, as they are around the world, continue to increase.

Perhaps also of interest, is Palo Alto, California. In 2009, for example, six high school students would take their own lives there. Even more alarming, figures show that in Santa Clare County between 2010 and 2014, “an average of 20 children and young adults” would commit suicide each year. Given the connections between such advanced technology and these apparent states of suicide-inducing despair, is it purely coincidence that Santa Clara County is otherwise known as “Silicon Valley”? The heart of such technological advances and undoubted experimentation.

The documentary below looks at the Bridgend suicides.

Brussels Halts 5G Rollout Amid “Radiation Safety Concerns!”

Of course, there are many, despite the genuine growing body of evidence of the very real safety issues with 5G, that simply dismiss such concerns as “conspiracy theories” and other such “crackpot” claims.

In April 2019, however, Brussels in Belgium officially halted all roll-outs of 5G amid concerns that it was “not compatible with radiation safety standard”. Addressing the media, the Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, Celine Fremault would state:

I cannot welcome such technology if the radiation standards, which must protect the citizen, are not respected, 5G or not. The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit. We cannot leave anything to doubt!

Many who had been voicing concerns of the safety issues with 5G, not least the very real affects on mental health, took the move by the Belgian authorities of at least a partial vindication of their cause. And while it perhaps falls short of the claims of some that the real reasons for such concerns are to do with population monitoring or for mental influence, it does support the argument that the technology is being rolled out against the interests of the general population.

Celine Fremault

Celine Fremault

Fremault, who is responsible for “Housing, Quality of Life, Environment and Energy” as part of her ministerial position, went on to state that the perceived 9 volts per meter was way above the recommended safe levels of such technology.

Perhaps because of her position as well as Brussels itself being at the heart of the European Union decision making process, this decision is a huge boost for the major 5G appeals that are working their way through the court systems of the EU.

A 5G World Could Place Humanity Under “Unprecedented Levels Of Surveillance And Control!”

Should any of these appeals prove successful, in theory, we could see a forced rethink on 5G technology in countries who are member of the European Union that is.

This would undoubtedly be a huge win for general populace. Aside from health concerns – which in themselves are enough to halt such mass rollouts in any reasonable person’s mind – there are genuine concerns of who such technology can be used. Whether now or in the future, either intentionally of through the hijacking of such widespread technology.

As one media platform would state, a “5G world would place us all under the unprecedented level of surveillance and control”. It would further state that these powers would be at the mercy of “soulless corporate algorithms”.

Certainly not a cheery thought. Suddenly, such fictional futuristic settings of a civilization turned completely into consumers, obtaining the limits of their mindset through their television sets, and their desire firmly in tune with the next “must have”, “must see”, or “must visit” is not so outlandish.

As we have asked before, how much do we really know our own minds? How many of our thoughts are truly our own? Should we, for example, look at the many aspects of modern life that are truly unique to our own era, and ask why that might be?

The video below looks at the recent news coming out of Brussels, and why it is, if discreetly, quite a huge step forward for those who wish to curb such mass rollouts of what is, essentially, unproven technology in terms of wider public safety.

Mind Control – It’s Everywhere! Everyday!

We have written on several occasions of mind control and the various delivery methods of such technology or techniques. And we will very likely continue to do so. There are many reasons to believe that, at one level or another, such programs go ahead on a daily basis. For example, think about every time a round of television or radio advertisements hits your eyes and ears. They are, at its most basic level, a form of mind control. Simple repetition and a connection to one feeling of well-being or acceptance. “Buy ‘this product’ and ‘take control’ of your life”. Or “make sure you ‘subscribe to this’ and ‘join millions’ of others…”, and so on. And so on.

Then, there is the form of mind control interwoven into television programs and films. Be it a promoted “social acceptance or non-acceptance”, or a perceived “social goal” that all of us should stick to.

In many ways, these mind control methods, on one level, are essential. For example, even a parent “indoctrinates” their child not to kill, steal, or hurt others. And that is a good thing. As the child grows, this direct influence on their personality morphs into understanding and insight. Reason on why such behavior is not at all good for a civilized, fair, and prosperous society. However, the more-subtle suggestive forms hidden within media narrative and idealistic scenarios go challenge free. And what’s more, for the vast majority of us, such suggestions bypass even the conscious mind. Instead, the subconscious files it away. Quite possibly for use in a reactionary (and subconsciously remembered, “socially acceptable”) way at some stage in the future.

Again, like the parent-and-child example, this isn’t always a bad thing. However, like most things, it depends on the intent and desired result.

The COVID-19 Conspiracy Claims

While there is most certainly a debate to be had regarding the overall safety of such technologies as 5G, during the initial months of the coronavirus outbreak those claims began to spill over into absurdity. So much so, that many who perhaps had questioned the safety of the rollouts began to distance themselves from the debate.

As far back as February 2020, many online researchers and conspiracy speakers began to claim there was a link between the outbreak of the new killer disease and the new networks beginning to spring up around the world. The main area of interest behind these outlandish claims revolved around two early locations of the outbreak – the Diamond Princess cruise ship, and Wuhan itself.

A depiction of a post-apocalyptic 5G world

A depiction of a post-apocalyptic 5G world

According to news reports by the BBC which were subsequently reported around the world, many members of these online communities were claiming that in both Wuhan and the Diamond Princess the recent rollout of 5G. This was caused by the electromagnetic waves. Even more, they claimed that the coronavirus outbreak was something quickly “invented” that would cover-up the apparent unintended reactions.

These comments were not simply limited to the often-faceless talkers on social media. For example, a holistic medical practitioner, Thomas Cowan, from California would make similar claims of a connection between the coronavirus outbreak and the 5G rollouts. He would point to the fact that many African nations – who did not have 5G networks – had suffered almost insignificant numbers of coronavirus cases.

Conspiracies Spread Far And Wide (And Fast!)

However, he would go further, claiming that the peoples’ cells had essentially been “poisoned” by electromagnetic fields and the waste that was produced is viruses. What’s more, despite offering no actual proof of the claim, he would continue that throughout history, outbreaks of viruses coincided with similar technological rollouts and developments.

While many would step forward to refute the claims, many others would share his talk online and it quickly went viral. Furthermore, many celebrities would also share the content, which consequently increased the exposure and resulted in even further sharing. Compounding the problem even further was the fact that many organized disinformation groups – similar to those who spread misinformation “from Moscow” – jumped on the claims and began circulating them even further.

A depiction of radiowaves over a modern city

A depiction of radiowaves over a modern city

Several weeks after Cowan’s claims, another relatively well-known conspiracy theorist, Mark Steele, echoed similar theories. He would even state that he knew for certain that the coronavirus symptoms were exactly the same to those that authorities knew would likely be caused by the 5G networks. He would even describe it as a “weapons system”.

Across the Atlantic in the United Kingdom, a struck-off nurse, Kate Shemirani made extremely similar claims to those of Cowan and Steele, claiming that the electromagnetic fields were the cause of the coronavirus, again likening the symptoms to those alleged to come from 5G.

In response to the rapidly spreading claims, the national medical director of NHS England, Professor Steve Powis, would dismiss such talk, even calling it the “worst kind of fake news”.

Attacks On Telecommunication Towers

While authorities did their best to quash such rumors of a connection between 5G and the coronavirus outbreak – as did many others within the conspiracy community – the idea began to escalate somewhat as arson attacks on telecommunication towers began to happen around the United Kingdom.

According to reports from early April 2020, there were significant attacks on Belfast, Birmingham, and Liverpool. What’s more, many of the attacks were filmed and quickly uploaded and circulated online. Even more concerning, many commentators would share the footage themselves, sometimes encouraging other such attacks.

Authorities and those concerned with the attacks were quick to recognize that while most people dismissed the claims and condemned the action, there was a need “not (to) underestimate public worry” about any unknown implications of the 5G rollout.

A telecommunications tower with the words 5G over the top

Telecommunications tower

Another report in The Guardian even claimed that some telecoms engineers were facing physical threats and abuse. In fact, some of the engineers attempted to take matters into their own hands by appearing on anti-5G Facebook pages and basically asking people to stop making such threats. The pleas, however, did little to stop such sentiment from those who harbored such thoughts.

And furthermore, the destruction of the towers often resulted in a sudden lack of internet in the affected regions. While annoying at the best of times, given that the UK was right in the middle of its pandemic lockdown at the time, a sudden lack of Internet had a much more severe impact on those affected. Particularly those who were working from home at the time.

If nothing else, it is perhaps interesting to note how people were not only believed such claims to be absolute truth but that they were so easily led into such action.

Claims Begin To Surface On Mainstream Media

The attacks on telecommunication towers continued, with the Easter weekend alone seeing over 20 such fires. Two of these were particularly damaging (and dangerous) for authorities was that two of the towers affected were used by emergency services.

When claims began to find their way on to otherwise respected media platforms – including mainstream television on the ITV morning show This Morning when Eammon Holmes made claims that viewers believed were in support of anti-5G protestors – authorities began to take more active action against those spreading such “dangerous views”.

A depiction of mind control through 5G

A depiction of mind control through 5G

Things took an even stranger turn several days after Easter when it came to light that one of the voices used on an anti-5G recording was actually that of an evangelical pastor named Jonathon Jones. According to Jones, he was aware of the 5G conspiracy following his team working with Vodaphone. However, when asked about his apparent involvement with the company, Vodaphone stated that was with the company for no more than a year and was purely involved in sales.

While the attacks on telecommunication towers did eventually ease, and the claims themselves of a connection between 5G and the coronavirus have quieted a little. However, they remain lurking in the background.

Of course, what is the real shame here is the fact that if there was something to be concerned about regarding 5G, the actions of those looking to connect the coronavirus outbreak to it have seemingly made getting to those potential truths much harder. And we should perhaps be concerned that this could cross over into other murky areas.

An Interest By Academics Regarding The 5G Conspiracy Claims

With the above in mind, we should perhaps stay with the attempts to connect the coronavirus outbreak of the 5G rollout. While academics have studied conspiracies and conspiracy theorists for decades in an order to better understand both, there was seemingly a particular interest paid to those claiming the coronavirus was caused by 5G.

In truth, there have been conspiracies surrounding telecommunications towers for decades. In fact, we can go all the way back to the start of the twentieth century in 1903. During that time there was a genuine fear swept much of the world’s populace known as “radiophobia”. We might also recall there were similar concerns when microwaves and powerlines spread around the world’s respective nations. And once again, this was much the same in the 1990s when 2G technology entered the public arena.

A depiction of a microwave with a skull inside

People used to believe microwaves caused cancer

And while many conspiracies revolved around mind control and the recording of information (essentially, spying on the population – some of which are more credible than we might think), some of the conspiracies involving power lines and telecommunications towers also draw a connection to ill-health.

This is much the same as the 5G conspiracies connected to the coronavirus outbreak. And what perhaps makes them a little more serious is they came at a time when scientists and medical experts had very little understanding about the virus as they do, cancer, for example. Consequently, there was little official information to give to the general public. And because of this, some people would look elsewhere for such information.

A Meshing Of Conspiracies

Even the claims themselves are interesting when we break them down a little further. As well as the claims that there was a direct link between 5G technology and coronavirus, but some claimed that the technology actually weakened the immune systems of the world’s population. Once weakened, they were then susceptible to infection (and increased side effects) if new and existing diseases and outbreaks.

Others would insist that the coronavirus itself was overexaggerated or even completely faked so as to allow the rollout of the 5G networks around the world without hindrance or observation so of the general public. When lockdowns began happening around the world, it was seen by those who subscribed to the claims of a 5G connection to the coronavirus as adding credibility to their beliefs. In short, that the “New World Order” was about to take over control of every major country in the world. And they would use 5G technology in order to keep people weak, and submissive.

Depiction of 5G and the New World Order

Depiction of 5G and the New World Order

Indeed, we saw many anti-lockdown protestors, and while there are no official figures, it would appear from a brief examination of such groups, they often subscribe to each other’s theories.

What makes the situation even murkier is that many of these conspiracies often become meshed by those who subscribe to them, and then repackaged back online to circulate once more. While in this instance there genuinely appears to be no conspiracy involving 5G and the coronavirus, it is again easy to see how partial truths can become buried in a mass of misinformation, often misinformation given by those claiming to want to get to such truths.

Claims Of A Plan To Vaccinate With Tracking Devices

Conspiracies of forcing “tracking devices” into every individual on the planet have also been around for decades. And, with appropriate caveats, some moves in the name of technological progress are a little concerning. And we might have expected when the coronavirus outbreak first unleashed itself around the planet that some would make claims of an attempt to forcibly vaccinate members of the public.

However, in a twist of sorts, many people began to claim that these vaccinations would, in fact, contain microchipped tracking devices. In an even further twist, it is the beliefs of those who subscribe to the 5G coronavirus connections that these devices will then be activated by the many 5G network stations dotted around the planet.

Research carried out in the United Kingdom suggested that around 20 percent of people genuinely believed there was a connection between the 5G rollout and the coronavirus outbreak.

What Should We Take From This?

As we have noted throughout our examination of the conspiracies suggesting a connection between 5G technology and the coronavirus, many of the theories are ones that have been circulating around, even before the Internet. Essentially, they are urban-myth-like retellings of the same claims made about radios and microwaves, with several details changed to suit the conspiracy or the times.

What should we take from this? Should we label all conspiracies as “nonsense”, “anti-science”, or “fake news”? Such a move would surely be detrimental to our collective well-being. And would, potentially, allow us to be controlled much easier than many claim we already are.

We should also remember that while the vast majority of people – including many politicians – would not wish to harm anyone in society, we have seen in recent times how easy it is for political ideologies to infiltrate mainstream democracies. Armed with the notion that all conspiracies are nonsense and to be ignored, and even that those who examine them should be seen as “crazy” or even akin to a traitor, anyone who chose to take a stand to such unsavory leaders and administrations might just find themselves lumped in with those who spread such “dangerous ideas”.

The coronavirus was a unique situation. And in terms of 5G, was seemingly hijacked by those looking to promote their own agendas as opposed to reaching some finer or hidden truth.

The short video below looks at the conspiracies connecting the coronavirus and 5G technology a little further.

Why Are We Not All Affected?

Perhaps the key question in all of this is not whether mind control is “real” or not. Maybe it is why some people are apparently susceptible to it, while others appear unaffected? If, for the sake of argument, these unfortunate clusters and waves of suicides at very specific locations are the results of some technological interference, whether purposeful or an accidental consequence, why isn’t the rate of suicide (relatively speaking) much higher?

If we assume, for example, and as speculative as it is, that these waves of suicides in one remote location or another were the result of a military experiment, why were the entire populations not under control. Were those that did submit, intentional targets? Was there any prior “contact” so that results could be truly analyzed. Might it be that only certain people, for any manner of reasons too numerous to speculate over, mentally submit? Or indeed, remain unaffected by such low-wave technology?

Or, if we say for one moment that no technology, old, new, or otherwise is responsible for the apparent increase in depression, anxiety, and suicides, then what other mechanisms or cultural shift – itself, remember, driven by basic forms of mind control through advertising, “the media”, and popular culture – is responsible for such a shift in perception? It is certainly a question worth asking, and following up? However, it would be hard to go against the information. Information that is screaming for attention and showing, at the very least, a potential correlation. One between wave-technologies and a drastic change in mental perspective, often resulting in suicidal thoughts and even actions.

Check out the video below. It looks at these possible connections. Specifically, the 5G technology that would appear to be, at least on a large scale, just around the corner.


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