The Still Unanswered Questions Of The 1995 Oklahoma Bombing

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Despite happening over two decades ago, the execution of the perpetrator long since been and gone, the 1995 Oklahoma Bombing still holds many unresolved answers. To say there are some quite legitimate conspiracy theories surrounding the events would be an understatement.

In a possible foreshadowing of the 9/11 attacks six years later, there is much to suggest “higher” involvement in the 1995 bombing than merely a “lone wolf”, who had a personal grudge against the ATF.

The destruction of the Oklahoma bombing

The destruction of the Oklahoma bombing

In fact, depending on what theories and accounts you choose to believe, connections appear in the procedures, response, and endgame. As wild and outrageous an accusation as it is, there is ample reason to believe that both the Oklahoma Bombing and 9/11 might have been “an inside job!”

Before we look at events and how they would unfold that morning, check out the short video below. It is one of the many live news reports that would go out in the immediate hours following the explosion.

A Build-Up Of Paranoia

In the build up to these events, there was an increasing feeling of unease among the general US population. The cause of this unease was primarily the US government, and in particular, the intelligence and federal law enforcement agencies. Out of this environment, although many writers had been writing about it for many years, came the certainty to some, that the claims of a “New World Order” were very real, and that events were moving at an alarming rate.

The American public had been witness to some dramatic and bloody stand-offs between small groups – labeled as extremists by intelligence agencies – and federal law enforcement. Perhaps most recently (at the time) was the Waco Incident in Texas of 1993.

Most people would see events unfold on live television. Many were sickened at the apparent brute force on display from the supposed “good guys” of the FBI. They stormed the premises and burned the building to the ground. When the “siege” was over, more than seventy people (including children) were dead.

One person who would witness these events, was former soldier, Timothy McVeigh. According to his words following the bombing of the FBI building in Oklahoma, what he saw would leave a lasting and deadly impression on him.

To some people, however, as we shall see a little later, his reasoning was very convenient. Especially given the government’s response to the attacks.

The video below looks at the Waco Incident several years after it happened.

The Explosion and The Aftermath

On 19th April 1995, an explosion would tear through the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The explosion killed one-hundred and sixty-eight people and injured over six-hundred others.

The blast itself would cause considerable damage to over 300 buildings in a sixteen-block radius. Almost one-hundred vehicles parked within this blast zone would be all but incinerated. One-third of the target building would fall instantly due to the blast. In its place was now a thirty-foot wide crater, measuring eight feet in depth.

The apparent culprit, Timothy McVeigh would be in police custody within ninety minutes. We will look at McVeigh shortly. As we will see, the scene itself, which according to anyone who had a chance to see it before its destruction, would not at all correspond to the eventual official reports.

Perhaps more suspicious, at least to those in the conspiracy fields, were the measures announced to combat and prevent such an atrocity from happening again. President Clinton – then coming to the end of his first term in office – would announce to combat these extremist groups operating in the United States. The restrictions concerning “the involvement of the military in domestic law!”

This was even more strange when considering that according to the official story, McVeigh had acted alone and without assistance. Neither was he part of any known group. In fact, the media would portray him following the attacks as very much a loner.

For those who kept a suspicious eye on government activities, this was a measure put in place not so much to “protect the people”, but to protect those in power from the people who didn’t trust them and questioned their activities.

The video below apparently shows alternative angles of the blast.

Questions, Coincidences, and Cover-Ups?

Given events that have followed since it is perhaps a little easier to see why these thought processes would take place. There are many reasons for suggesting there is more to the Oklahoma Bombing. Not least are the activities and military training of McVeigh himself.

Then there was the scene and the damage to the building, the result of an apparent home-made “fertilizer and fuel” concoction. Independent expertise would suggest otherwise. Ted Gunderson, an expert in such matters with (at the time) nearly three decades worth of experience, is just one of many to voice concern about the assumption of the bomb being homemade.

According to Gunderson, the scene and the destruction it caused was more reminiscent of a barometric bomb. This is an electrohydrodynamic gaseous fuel device, and realistically, only those at high levels of the military would have knowledge – or materials – to construct such a device. Not only that, there appeared to be evidence from how the building crumbled, that some of the explosive material had detonated from inside the building, on its internal pillars. Suddenly, McVeigh’s military background, and more importantly, his claims of being “microchipped” would seem more telling than before.

Incidentally, tests would find traces of the substance PDTN on the McVeigh’s clothing he wore the day of the bombing. PDTN is one of the main substances used in such a bomb.

Further Areas Of Suspicion

The quickness with which the area went under demolition following the attack also now appeared to be more than suspicious. Regardless of expert testimony, there was now no crime scene to examine. To some, this was almost too convenient for words.

The quick apprehension of McVeigh, not to mention his military connections raised an eyebrow or two. A few more joined them when McVeigh would make apparently nonsensical comments such as “he was microchipped” during his time in the military. To some in conspiracy fields, this was a nod to the fact that McVeigh, like many, believes to be the case with Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan, was the victim of a set up by one organization or another, and further to that, could have been under remote mind control.

The video below explores this theory a little further.

Signs Of “High Level” Military Training?

There were also some quite bizarre circumstances surrounding the events. Such as, given that the target was the ATF, and given the planning that McVeigh had allegedly put in, it was perhaps slightly too lucky that almost all ATF staff were out of the building that morning before there was even a notion (at least officially) that anything was afoot.

According to reports, he had also planned to attack the office at 11 am, when in theory, it would have been at its fullest. Instead, on the morning of the attack, for no reason whatsoever, he would change plans. He would decide to detonate the bomb at just after 9 am.

Also puzzling was the fact that McVeigh, again, would state his target was the ATF specifically. This was due to their brutal behavior at the Waco incident he said. Strange then, given the public’s perception that McVeigh knew the building following his detailed planning, that he would park the truck – essentially, the bomb – completely around the other side of the building. In the words of David Icke, “about as far away from the ATF offices as possible!”

CCTV Tapes – Or Lack Thereof…

Even more puzzling still perhaps, is the fact he stopped at a gas station to ask for directions to the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building that morning. Again, the official story is that he had conducted extensive and detailed research of the area.

Furthermore, all the CCTV tapes of the morning of the attack became the property of US Intelligence. And have since vanished. Researchers claim this is due to the number of times a second attacker is visible with McVeigh in the truck as they drove to their target. If assertions of mind control are correct, might this person by his handler?

Further to this, a full ninety minutes before the explosion, reports of police in full combat attire, from multiple residents surfaced. This was denied initially, but eventually, the number of witnesses was so great, it was something that could not escape admission. That is not to say an adequate explanation ever surfaced for why the state police were “ready for action” on an otherwise normal and uneventful day.

The video below looks at the Oklahoma bombing. And compares it to an event that would have chillingly similar echoes years later.

Connection to 9/11?

Six years later, on 11th September 2001, came the turning point from which so many conflicts still rage today. To some, it would appear, that not only is there a connection between the two events, their goal appeared part a sinister plan. One where removal of freedoms of the public goes almost unnoticed.

As Clinton allowed military units to become involved in domestic law – essentially allowing martial law to begin at any moment – in the wake of 9/11 would come The Patriot Act.

Much in the same way as the ruins of the Oklahoma building was subject to a quick removal, there would be very little to examine of the Twin Towers, given that they collapsed to the ground. Not only that but the same company who had demolished and removed the rubble of the Oklahoma building – The Controlled Demolition Group Ltd. – would receive the contract to do the same with the remains of the Twin Towers.


Incidentally, the ruins and materials of the Twin Towers were “sold off” privately and quickly. The rubble of the Oklahoma building, meanwhile, found it’s way to the desert. It supposedly remains under armed guard.

Check out the video below. Regardless of what some think of David Icke’s theories, he has a remarkable talent for “connecting the dots”. Something he does a lot of here in this talk. It concentrates mainly on the Twin Tower attacks but features some in-depth analysis of the Oklahoma Bombing. It paints very well how connections between events and people, are stronger and more obvious than we think.


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