Conspiracies of the 9/11 Attacks

First Published: September 8, 2019 Last updated: August 27th, 2020 Written by: Marcus Lowth Estimated Reading Time: 28 minutes Posted in: Conspiracy Analysis, Government

The apparent conspiracies and unanswered questions of the events leading up to and on 11th September 2001 are without a doubt some of the darkest, disturbing, and grimly intriguing of the twenty-first century. An event that cost the lives of thousands of citizens on the day in question, and then hundreds of thousands, if not millions, more in the events that have followed since. Indeed, the attacks of that fateful day, unintentionally or not, have laid bare the apparent sickly inner workings of governments within governments, and how they spread their influence and control around the world.

Explosion of the second plane hitting the Twin Towers Sept. 11th 2001

Attack on the Twin Towers Sept. 11th 2001

And now, almost two decades removed from the incident that changed the world and marked a very distinctive change in the collective direction of humanity, those unanswered questions as well as those asking them, refuse to stand down and accept the official explanation for the events of that tragic day. Events that many people, from all walks of life, remain suspicious of at best.

It would appear that the incidents of 11th September 2001, unlike apparent similar suspicious events throughout much of the twentieth century, were subject to the intense scrutiny of the world’s population, in real-time, thanks to the Internet and wall-to-wall 24-hour news coverage. Because of this, it would appear that details that would have slipped through the cracks of time in previous years and be forgotten about or only come to light years later were instead seized upon and dissected while still fresh in the public consciousness.

Whether the genuine truth of the events of 11th September 2001 and the events and dealing that led to it ever come to light or not remains to be seen.

The Orchestrated Wars Of The Twentieth Century?

The events leading up the September 11th attacks would fill entire volumes of books in their own right. And like the attacks themselves, this build-up is surrounded in conspiracy and allegations. With that in mind, then, while we will not present a detailed backdrop here, we will go over the basics of some of the darker aspects of the twentieth century.

We have, for example, written in detail of how many conspiracies suggest that many aspects of the twentieth century, in particular, the many bloody conflicts that would scar the century, were if not stage-managed, then heavily coerced from the sidelines.

The Twin Towers site after the attacks

The site after the attacks

For example, why were the same people who were funding the allies in the Second World War also funding the Nazis? This was very much the same with World War One, and the Russian Revolution that occurred during it, which not only changed the course of history for the rest of the twentieth century and beyond but went, admittedly indirectly, toward creating the circumstances for the second bloody conflict in two decades to occur.

By the end of World War Two, with many of the finest German scientists now working for the United States through such resettlement programs as Operation Paperclip, the United States were in a position to not only “enjoy the spoils” through lucrative rebuilding contracts, but also by gaining control of many of the oil-rich nations which their presence in Europe gave a certain ease of access to.

Furthermore, given the amount of money to be made from the “war machine” – as many high-ranking military officers would attest to – conflict with American involvement was never far away.

A Blueprint For Control

As we examined in our look at the apparent conspiracies of the Petrodollar, approximately 90 % of all wars since the end of the Second World War begin as civil wars. Of those, two-thirds of these would see intervention from another country (usually involving the United States, directly or indirectly). Almost all of the wars that saw this intervention involved “oil-rich” nations or nations key to oil supplies to the west. When we begin to examine conspiracies of “forced regime change” involving western influence, this paragraph takes on a rather sobering feel.

If we look at recent years and the conflicts immediately following the September 11th attacks, not only were plans already in place – and in the case of the Afghanistan oil pipeline, postponed indefinitely due to the Taliban presence – but both Iraq and Libya were also looking to trade oil in Eurodollars as opposed to the Petrodollar. As we and others have asked before, perhaps it is coincidence that American-led forces invaded both countries in the name of regime change shortly after?

It would certainly appear, then, whether coincidentally or not, that a blueprint of sorts was adhered to in the years following the Second World War. Even if those conflicts, with the possible exception of the Vietnam War, were much more discreet and far removed from the everyday person on the American street. The signs, though, if only in retrospect, are all there.

A Cabal-Like Shadow Government

As far back as the early 1980s, it appeared that investigator, Danny Casolaro had uncovered some of the inner workings of this cabal-like network. He would call it The Octopus with reference to how it stretched in all directions. Part of his writings of this secretive and seemingly deadly group would read:

… (The Octopus are) a web of thugs and thieves who roam the earth, with their weapons and their murders, trading dope and dirty money for secrets of the temple!

While these writings were from the late-1980s or the very early-nineties, events since then make them sound rather prophetic. And, in the three decades since his death – officially suicide but many have their doubts – many other researchers and investigators have indeed uncovered accounts and claims that resonate in sympathy with the thrust of Casolaro’s assertions.

And what’s more, it had likely been happening for decades before Casolora began investigating such notions.

The Gemstone Files – The Real History Of The Twentieth Century?

We have also looked at the apparent Gemstone Files, which while controversial in their own right, present a picture of the inner workings of the United States that is not only far different from the one that is witnessed in the public arena, but one that would tie in very nicely with the conspiracies that would eventually come to apparent fruition in the early 2000s.

The conspiracy reaches back to the early-1930s, to Aristotle Onassis and Joseph Kennedy, whose offspring would, of course, marry years later.

Through such connections as the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and Roosevelts, this unofficial syndicate would take control of the inner workings of the United States. They would use the oil trade to build their wealth and influence. And then use both to literally buy large sections of the media. What’s more, whether the Gemstone Files are accurate or not, the notion that a tiny amount of people controlling the news in the United States is essentially, true.

As we wrote in our full article on the Gemstone Files:

…statistics from 2011 show that only six companies had control of 90% of all the media in the United States. Furthermore, for the 277 million Americans, the information they have access to is under the control of only 232 individuals. Broken down again, that means that one person decides what 850,000 people see!

That is truly a chilling statistic.

By the time of John Kennedy’s election victory in the 1960 US election – who was by all accounts, “their man” on the inside – and his subsequent assassination when he seemingly turned away from the behind-the-scenes plan, another powerful family was beginning to truly take control of power in the United States. And what’s more, they would retain it for almost half a century.

The Bush “Dynasty” Of Almost 50 Years?

What is perhaps interesting regarding the claims of Casolaro and The Gemstone Files is the apparent heavy involvement in such events by George Bush Snr and, in turn, the Bush family and its close associates. And this was years before he was President of the United States for four years, after having been Vice President for eight years prior to that.

In fact, as we have examined before, when you factor in Bush Snr’s high-ranking standing in the intelligence services – coincidentally or not during the assassination of John and Robert Kennedy, no less – and his apparent connections to Bill Clinton who served as President of the United States for eight years following him, and before his son, Bush Jr, who was President from 2000 (in controversial circumstances which we will look at shortly) and remained there for another eight years, the influence Bush Snr had on the affairs of the United States for close to half a century was almost unprecedented.

American military personnel boarding a helicopter in the middle east

American military personnel

And, at least to some, suspicious. Perhaps not least, as we will examine shortly, when it would come to light that one of the close associates of the Bush family was the Bin Laden family, with one Osama Bin Laden spending considerable time on the payroll of United States’ intelligence services.

While such assertions are easily washed away with claims of coincidence, the fact is, such connections are very real. Given the amount of money to be made as a result of the fall out of the Twin Tower attacks, and more specifically who was “awarded” such money through industrial and military contracts, an eyebrow or two would raise, both inside and outside of the conspiracy world.

Reagan – A President In Name Only?

By the time of Casolaro’s investigation, in part to the murky goings-on in the run-up to and following the 1980 US election that saw Ronald Reagan secure victory with George Bush (Snr) as his Vice President, the Bush regime would seemingly have full control of the White House.

Many researchers, both on the fringe and in the mainstream, while perhaps having differing perspectives on it, agree that Reagan relied heavily on his Vice President and his staff. Perhaps more so than other presidents. This was especially so following the attempt on his life in the early-1980s by John Hinckley Jr.

Interestingly enough, as the Reagan era wore on, many of the types of conspiracies and claims would be dragged into the public arena. And, as we will examine shortly, many of those would involve another future US president, perhaps most notably the Iran-Contra scandal and more specifically the airstrip from which they left.

Of course, in the US election of 1988, George Bush would win the presidency outright in his own name. By the summer of 1990, US forces were preparing to invade Iraq. And as we have examined before, there are many conspiracies and false statements which led up to the first invasion attempt.

You could be forgiven, then, for imagining that as George Bush Jr. sat in the White House, those behind the scenes were looking to finish what was started a decade previously. They needed, however, a “justified reason” to launch such an invasion.

Our Friend And Yours, Bill Clinton!

In between the two Bush presidents, however, was Bill Clinton. And as we have examined before, there are several disturbing conspiracies that surround Clinton’s presidency. Perhaps one of the most unnerving was the fact that some of the same people who had backed Bush were seemingly also backing Clinton.

Furthermore, Bush Sr. had a rather dubious history with Clinton during his time as Governor of Arkansas. During the Iran-Contra scandal, many of the flights involved had used the Mena Airstrip, some say with the express permission and protection of the (then) governor, Bill Clinton.

Essentially, while it is pure speculation, there is ample reason to at least investigate further some of the claims that despite their being in opposing political parties, at least during the Bush/Clinton/Bush years, America was living under the rule of the same cabal of people, most often making decisions unseen from the shadows.

When the Oklahoma bombings brought America to a temporary standstill on the 18th April 1995, many would begin to question the real reason for the bombings. And the real perpetrator.

The Connections Of The Oklahoma Bombing

There were many who were immediately suspicious of the Oklahoma Bombings. And years later as the events surrounding the September 11th attacks were examined, many comparisons and connections were made.

The event took place exactly two years to the day following the events of the Waco Siege. A siege that would end in deadly gunfire and the killing of dozens of men, women, and children. While we will not go into the intricacies of the event here, following the incident a feeling of paranoia began to creep through the American populace. This was not lost on authorities, who began to issue warnings against its own citizens, many of which were openly “prepping” for civil war with the authorities.

Consequently, many researchers believed that Timothy McVeigh was set-up to take the fall for the attacks as a dangerous “lone wolf” which would allow them to “alter laws” that would essentially allow Martial Law to begin any moment. While such assertions are most likely a little hyperbolic, the fact the laws were brought in that would allow the military to “police the streets” if necessary, did little to quash such paranoid notions.

Were the Oklahoma Bombings another stage-managed incident? And more bluntly, were they a “forerunner” of sorts to the September 11th attacks six years later? There are some intriguing connections. For example, in both cases, the rubble and debris was gathered extremely quickly and then discarded in a secretive manner. And what’s more, the Controlled Demolition Group Ltd. would perform both operations.

Of course, the second half of Clinton’s presidency was marred by sexual liaison scandals which, conveniently or not, would soak up most people’s attention away from other matters.

That 2000 Election, Florida

Less than a year before the September 11th attacks, during the United States election of 2000, although no one could have dreamt such an incident was hurtling toward humanity, the way in which George Bush Jr. came to power should perhaps have alerted many people of something untoward unfolding right under their collective noses. Interestingly or not, the state where this controversy arose, Florida, just happened to be governed by Jeb Bush, the brother of George Jr, the would-be President.

What perhaps made the incident even more suspicious was the fact that on the night in question, 7th November 2000, television stations around America were all but announcing that Al Gore was about to be named President of the United States. According to exit polls, he had taken the key state of Florida, right from under the nose of Jeb Bush, no less. As the night wore on, however, it became obvious that something was amiss.

Then, counts for Bush came in, seemingly out of nowhere. At one stage, Gore would concede defeat to Bush. However, that lead practically disappeared a short time later, and Gore would withdraw his submission. Before anyone knew what was happening, recounts of recounts were taking place. Furthermore, courts were bursting with sudden cases of voter fraud and other unwelcome charges in an apparently open democratic vote.

Eventually, the Supreme Court gave the state to Bush, causing one of the trial lawyers taking the action to call it a “judicial coup d’etat”. As more and more investigations went ahead, however, it became increasingly obvious that something wasn’t quite right about the vote counts in Florida in November 2000.

Serious Areas For Concern

Everything from spoiled papers to voting cards being “misread” would come to light. And what’s more, these cases only appeared to happen in predominantly black areas (which interestingly were also usually Democrat – Gore – voters).

Furthermore, and perhaps of more concern, were the accusations of “scrubbing”. This was upon the orders of Jeb Bush that would essentially strike off any “convicted felons” of the right to vote. However, the system was “flawed” and case after case of “mistaken identity” would remove thousands of voters, many of whom in such a genuinely tight contest, would have voted for Al Gore.

Even more suspicious, the person in charge of the vote count in Florida was also connected to the Bush-Cheney campaign, the actions of whom would also be brought into question.

Interestingly, during the 2004 presidential vote, similar claims would arise in the equally key state of Ohio. A member of the Republican party, Michael Collins had allegedly uncovered evidence of such tampering. With many people expecting him to go public with his findings, he would die in a sudden plane crash. A crash that many would claim was due to an “electromagnetic pulse” that caused the plane’s systems to fail. Make of those claims what you will.

At the end of January 2001, though, George Bush Jr. was sworn in as US President. A little under nine months later, the entire world changed.

Dawn, 11th September 2001

Around dawn on the 11th September in the northeastern United States, as hundreds of thousands of people were going about their usual daily business unaware, events that would alter the course of history were discreetly unfolding right under their noses.

Four specific planes from three different airports, according to the official story, would be hijacked shortly after taking off on their respective long-haul flights (so selected due to the high amount of fuel onboard). Two of them would purposely fly into the Twin Towers of the International Trade Center, a third would do the same at the Pentagon, and the fourth plane would hit the ground in a field in Pennsylvania.

By the time the carnage was over, 2,977 people were dead and over 6,000 injured. Furthermore, and remarkably quickly, information surfaced that 19 hijackers had carried out the attacks, all of whom were obviously now dead (this takes the official total of deaths to 2,996).

Some people, however, were immediately suspicious of the events. Not least the naming of the hijackers and the apparent uncovering of the timeline so quickly after having apparently been blindsided by the attack. So much so, as we will explore shortly, their state-of-the-art air defense systems had failed to react.

Indeed, once the horror had turned to outrage and simmered for a while on the details, many people began to question the events of that now-infamous morning.

The videos below are two of the many news segments that picked up the incident as it was happening.


The “Hijackings”

According to official records, American Airlines Flight 11 left Logan Airport in Boston at 7:59 am destined for Los Angeles. Onboard were 11 crew and 81 passengers, including, of course, the five apparent hijackers. Just over three-quarters of an hour later, however, it would fly straight into the North Tower of World Trade Center.

32 minutes earlier at 8:14 am, and a quarter of an hour after Flight 11, United Airlines Flight 175 also took off from Boston’s Logan Airport also bound for Los Angeles. Onboard were nine crew and 56 passengers including another five hijackers. 17 minutes after the first plane hit, and now with the entire world watching via their television sets or media outlets online, it would fly straight into the South Tower at 9:03 am.

Photo of the second plane hitting the tower

Photo of the second plane hitting the tower

Meanwhile, at Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C., American Airlines Flight 77, also destined for Los Angeles would depart the runway at 8:20 am. 34 minutes after the second strike at the World Trade Center, it would come hurtling out of the skies at the western side of the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia. All six of the crew and 58 passengers, including five more of the hijackers were on board.

Four minutes before the first plane struck the North Tower, at New Jersey’s Newark International Airport at 8:20 am, the fourth plane, United Airlines Flight 93 would leave the runway on its way to San Francisco. Severn crew were on board, along with 37 passengers, four of which were the final hijackers from the group of 19. While there is much debate and discrepancy as to the circumstances around it, Flight 93 would crash into a field near Shanskville, Pennsylvania at 10:03 am.

Four minutes previously, the South Tower, the second one hit, would collapse.

The Twin Towers Collapse (And The Suspicious Collapse Of Building 7)

Perhaps more than anything else, the collapse of the Twin Towers would alert conspiracy theorists and scientifically minded experts in various fields of construction that something highly unusual had just taken place.

The collapse of the South Tower at 9:59 am, 56 minutes after being struck, was followed by the North Tower collapse at 10:28 am, 1 hour and 42 minutes after the first plane hit.

Interestingly, and again according to some most suspiciously, Building 7 (7 WTC) would also collapse at 5:21 pm that afternoon. Officially, this was due to the debris and burning material from the collapse of the Twin Towers. For many, however, this collapse just heightened their concerns that something wasn’t right about the way the scenario had unfolded.

Claims from multiple people would begin to surface claiming that they could see evidence of “bombs” going off inside the buildings. Perhaps more damning, though, were the many professional opinions from the construction industries and physics experts who would begin to question increasingly loudly that the Twin Towers had all the hallmarks of a “controlled explosion”.

We will come back to some of these theories a little later. First, though, we will turn our attention to one of the most bizarre, but intriguing theories regarding the planes over New York that fateful morning in the Big Apple.

The CGI “Plane” Theories

Although it does sound truly bizarre, the idea of CGI technology being used as opposed to real planes is an intriguing one. Not least because, at least in theory, the technology is available to achieve such a concept.

According to some, there were no planes flying over New York that morning. Nor did anything crash into the Twin Towers. According to some theories, what the people of New York witnessed was CGI technology, including sound, that made it appear for all intents and purposes as though a real plane was flying overhead. Then, at the moment of “impact”, a timed explosion went off giving the illusion of a real plane crash.

What’s more, some of those behind such claims have an experienced background in such matters. One of the loudest voices, for example, is ex-CIA operative, John Lear. He firmly believes what took place that morning in September 2001 was a CGI technology, likely (then) years in advance of anything the public was aware of.

Needless to say many people, even some who firmly believe the official explanation of the September 11th attacks to be inaccurate would distance themselves from such claims. And while they do indeed sound outrageous, we have highlighted before how the military and the intelligence services, usually through “black budget” programs, are quite often 20 or 30 years in front of where the public thinks they are.

We will come back to another intriguing if admittedly outlandish theory regarding the planes and the real events taking place onboard them shortly. First, however, we will look at the destination of the third plane, Flight 77. Before we do, though, check out the video below. It examined the CGI theory in a little more detail.

The Destruction Of The Pentagon And Flight 77

If there was debate as to the real cause of the collapse of the Twin Towers, that debate was just as lively regarding the true fate of the Pentagon and the claims of Flight 77 crashing into the western side at 9:37 am, 23 minutes before the collapse of the first building.

For example, as we will examine shortly, many witnesses on the ground and in the vicinity in the moments before and after the incident would all claim to have not seen a plane strike the building at all. Furthermore, of all of the targets, this one, in particular, was regarded as the most difficult to aim for, even for experienced pilots, which the alleged pilot of Flight 77 simply wasn’t.

What’s more, although people are not expecting a “cartoon cut-out” of the shape of a plane, many refused to believe the aftermath had any resemblance to a crashed plane at all. Many witnesses would state the lack of debris and even the bodies of the passengers on board as all being at odds with what they would expect to find at the location of such a crash.

Perhaps most suspicious, though, was the lack of footage available for public consumption. Despite the Pentagon being one of the most protected and security-conscious locations on the planet, only five frames of footage, from one angle – conveniently enough at the side of the alleged crash site – were released. This alone is a red flag to many people of something being covered up. We will return to some of the other claims of what might have struck the Pentagon shortly.

First, though, we should perhaps look at the flying ability of the alleged hijacker pilots. Or, as would soon come to light, the lack of such ability.

The Pilots Experience And Ability (Or Lack Thereof)

Aside from the discrepancies above, many people would question whether the pilots would even have been able to fly the planes. And once the names were (quickly) released to the public, some people who had direct experience with these apparent hijackers would come forward to express their doubts. And perhaps not least the alleged pilot of Flight 77, who we will come back to in a moment.

Generally speaking, however, it is the opinion of numerous professional pilots that the alleged pilots of the planes that struck the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were simply not experienced or talented enough to have done so. Furthermore, when various experiments have been conducted using experienced pilots on Flight Simulators – an accepted method of training – almost all of them would struggle to emulate the course of the terrorist pilots that morning. Not least the course of Flight 77.

The aftermath of the attack on the Pentagon

The aftermath of the attack on the Pentagon

The pilot of Flight 77, who the report states were Hani Hanjour in the official records, was described by teachers and students who had witnessed him in training programs as practically useless. And certainly not capable of crashing the plane at the very precise angle that the record suggests.

Perhaps even more damning for the claims that Hanjour was the pilot of Flight 77 were the instructors at Maryland airfield who would insist that he take a test-flight, with an instructor, only a week before the attacks when he attempted to rent a single-engine Cessna plane. His request was refused due to genuine concerns that he couldn’t fly the vehicle. Hardly descriptions of someone who could take charge of a huge commercial airliner, then, and target the Pentagon, no less.

Claims Of Missiles Hitting The Pentagon

While many claimed to have witnessed explosions in New York just before the Twin Towers collapsed, just as many claims of people witnessing “a missile” striking the Pentagon would surface.

Perhaps one of the loudest voices making such claims would come from April Gallop. She was working at the Pentagon that day. And what’s more, she had her young son with her. While there, at a little after 9:30 am, a sudden sound like an explosion shook the building. The first thought that crossed her mind was that a bomb had gone off.

However, after gathering her son in the moments following the apparent blast, she would find herself walking from the Pentagon through the huge gaping hole in the western wall, supposedly made by Flight 77. Interestingly, Gallop would state the same as many people who claimed to be at the location that morning. Not only was there little evidence of plane debris. There was little evidence of hardly anything, including the bodies of passengers or their luggage.

Incidentally, April Gallop would attempt to take the United States government to court over the incident in the Gallop vs Cheney case. She would essentially claim that the United States government and/or military had staged the attacks at the Pentagon. The case was ultimately dismissed.

Another Case Of Security Cameras NOT Capturing Footage

What’s more, Gallop was far from the only person to cast their doubts on the official version of events at the Virginia location that morning. Perhaps one of the most intriguing claims, and perhaps credible, would come from former Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III. He would claim bluntly that he could “prove it was not an airplane” that hit the Pentagon that morning. According to Stubblebine, the only footage ever released to the public didn’t show a plane striking the Pentagon, but a military-grade missile.

We should also perhaps mention the claims from those who indulge in listening in to emergency radio frequencies. According to many who were listening that morning, several claims of the Pentagon being “hit by a missile” were clearly audible.

The footage in question is interesting. And, as in similar controversial cases, perhaps the death of Princess Diana is one of the best examples, what was available was extremely limited due to cameras “pointing the wrong way” or simply “nor working”.

Needless to say, and as we mentioned above, such dismissal of requests only breeds suspicion. And ultimately, contempt.

Remote Control Planes?

Perhaps one of the most controversial claims is that while the planes were indeed in the air screaming through the skies of New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, they were not piloted by terrorists. In fact, according to some theories, they were not piloted by anyone.

Whether the planes were sent up via automatic pilot, or the pilot and crew were somehow incapacitated shortly after takeoff, some theories suggest that the planes were essentially controlled from a secret location on the ground. They were then intentionally flown into their destinations. And what’s more, given the technology and matching knowledge in using it, it would have to come from a military-type operation. This is another accusation that suggests some kind of “inside job” aspect to the tragic events of 11th September 2001.

As outlandish as this perhaps sounds to many, it is not that unrealistic a possibility, if only in theory. And what’s more the technology exists to do so and has done for some time.

View of the second plane strike from the ground

View of the second plane strike from the ground

Many detractors from the theory question if any American service person would intentionally remote control a plane into American buildings and so killing thousands of people. And, they would by and large be correct. However, such missions could be achieved using just one or two “bought off” recruits. Even more likely, such an operation could be achieved under the pretense of a training operation.

Again, the notion is pure speculation. However, in a case as murky as the September 11th attacks, all speculation should be played out and examined. Could the planes have been controlled remotely and flown into their destinations? Yes. Yes, they could.

Flight 77 Voice Conspiracies

Perhaps some of the most controversial conspiracies were those that suggested some of the phone calls made from Flight 77 in the moments before it crashed into the Pentagon were not real. They were, according to some researchers, the result of advanced “voice-morphing” technology. With this in mind, it is perhaps interesting that one of the most detailed and played calls (on television reports) was that of Barbara Olson.

Olson was the wife of US Solicitor-General Theodore Olson, which in part may account for the publicity. To others, however, the fact that the wife of such a high-ranking person was involved was evidence of a cover-up. Needless to say, most people would distance themselves from these particular accusations. As they would the claims of just what happened to the passengers on Flight 77 if their plane didn’t crash into the Pentagon as reported.

The rubble and ruins after the collapse of the Twin Towers

After the collapse of the Twin Towers

Most claims suggest that the passengers were discreetly filmed arriving for their flight (so at to provide authenticity to the later news reports). Then, however, theories differ. Some suggest that the passengers were given new identities and distributed around the United States. Unless they had all been briefed beforehand, however, it is hard to imagine that people would simply accept a completely “new life” somewhere.

However, maybe that might be dependent on “pressure” and threats of doing so. Or, perhaps the claims that the passengers were simply outright murdered, as brutal as they are, are the most likely, if some kind of conspiracy was afoot.

The Mysterious Fate Of Flight 93

Of course, we haven’t mentioned the fourth plane, Flight 93, which eventually crashed into a field in nearby Pennsylvania. There have been many discrepancies as to whether the plane was intentionally targeted and fired upon by an American military fighter jet, or whether the passengers on board the plane overpowered those in the cockpit and, intentionally or not, crashed the plane into a field in the small town of Stonycreek Township near Shanksville.

These rumors and conspiracy theories went into overdrive when Donald Rumsfeld appeared to claim in 2004 that American fighters had indeed shot down the passenger plane. The “admission” came while the Secretary of Defense was speaking to a unit of American soldiers stationed in Baghdad on Christmas Eve. The Pentagon would later claim that Rumsfeld had “misspoken”.

Perhaps interestingly, and certainly lending credibility to the idea that the Flight 93 was intentionally shot down, are the sightings of a white plane that was seen circling around the Virginia airspace over the Pentagon throughout the attacks on the morning in question. A CNN reporter, John King, even made the announcement live on air that the secret service was “very concerned” by the presence of the mystery aircraft.

If we accept there was some kind of cover-up and conspiracy in motion, might this white plane have been the conspirators’ “eyes” in the sky? And perhaps more importantly, were they responsible for the apparent shooting down of Flight 93?

Just What Was NORAD Doing That Fateful Morning?

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is, without doubt, one of the most technically advanced air defense systems in the world. Their response to threats to the air space over the entire North American continent is second to none. It was strange, then, at least to some, that no apparent action was taken, despite their seemingly being aware that something very much out of the ordinary was taking place over the United States.

For example, despite having scrambled fighter jets a total of 129 times during 2000, and a further 67 times the previous 12 months, it was inconceivable that no jets were scrambled on the morning in question. It certainly would go against not only standard procedure, but what had, until that morning, very much been the norm.

Furthermore, Andrews Air Force Base was, relatively speaking, right on the doorstep of the unfolding events. Given that only a slight change of course from a plane’s planned route is enough to have jets scrambled, once again, we have to ask why there was no response when four commercial jet airliners not only changed course but turned back and headed straight to the heart of one of the biggest and most populated cities in the United States.

Attacks That Were Allowed To Happen?

As we will examine later, this lack of action is even more suspicious when we learn that there were very specific prior warnings of the attacks in the months leading up to them. Suddenly, seemingly ludicrous claims of the incident being an “inside job”, while still outlandish, were a little more concerning to many people.

As well as NORAD, the Federal Aviation Administration would also come under intense scrutiny for the actions or more to the point their apparent paralysis and lack of action on the morning in question.

Crash site of Flight 93, a field in Pennsylvania

Crash site of Flight 93

Perhaps even more interesting, on the morning of 11th September 2001, the person whose responsibility it was to oversee communications between planes, airports, and air defense, was suddenly replaced and was literally starting in the position that morning as the attacks were already underway. Was this a purposeful choice so as to aid the confusion and delay any reaction?

It would certainly appear that the September 11th attacks, while maybe not being a case of “inside planning” were very much allowed to take place. This type of operation, at least according to conspiracy theorists, would be a standard false flag operation.

Of course, if they were allowed to happen, even if only through orders to stand down or not to respond, does that mean there was prior knowledge of the incident? And if so, just who might have had such prior knowledge?

Did Authorities Know Of The Impending Attacks?

Like other attacks in history, most predominantly Pearl Harbor, there were soon claims that the 9/11 attacks, if not planned and carried out by the authorities involved, had received ample intelligence, from various sources of the impending atrocity. Intelligence that some people firmly believe was simply ignored. In short, the attacks were allowed to happen. And given the lack of response or action from NORAD and the FAA, this notion is at least understandable.

The remains of one of the Twin Towers from ground level

The remains of one of the Twin Towers

There were several interesting cases where an apparent warning was received. For example, the San Francisco mayor, Willie Brown Jr. is claimed to have canceled his flight plans for the 11th September after receiving a “warning” the previous day. Brown, incidentally, would call the rumor nothing more than a myth.

Perhaps a more serious warning came from the Odigo Messenger office in Israel, who would receive an electronic voice message on the day of the attacks warning of an incident to America that day. Due to the lack of detail on the message, however, this was put down to a coincidence.

Maybe one of the most intriguing, and unsettling claims of such prior knowledge can be found in the account and apparent attempts to silence Susan Lindauer.

The Disturbing Case Of Susan Lindauer

Perhaps one of the most intriguing claims of various authorities in the United States having prior knowledge of the September 11th attacks is those of Susan Lindauer. Lindauer was a one-time Congressional staffer who had connections to the staff of serving President George Bush (Jr).

Beginning in the early-1990s, Lindauer would begin networking in the relevant circles of counterterrorism in the nation’s capital. One of the most intriguing “contacts” she made during this time was with Dr. Richard Fuisz, who himself had numerous contacts in the intelligence and military communities, and who Lindauer would call “her contact in the CIA”.  Interestingly or not, when questioned about many of Lindauer’s claims following the September 11th attacks, Fuisz would neither confirm nor deny them.

Emergency workers go through the rubble of the collapsed tower

Emergency workers go through the rubble

It would later come to light that Fuisz, seemingly using Lindauer’s efforts to have sanctions lifted in Libya and Iraq, to enquire with Iraqi intelligence what they knew of an imminent attack on New York.

Perhaps adding slightly to Lindauer’s credibility was the fact that her cousin, Andrew Card, was White House Chief of Staff in George Bush Jr’s administration. She would seek to be a “backchannel” in negotiations with Iraq. Whether there was any type of secret communication with Lindauer remain open to debate. However, in 2008 during a hearing on the matter, a high-ranking associate would testify that she had warned him only months before the September 11th attacks of an upcoming terrorist incident in New York or Manhattan “using airplanes”.

Lindauer would later claim that her work prior to the attacks that morning, secretly and unofficially, was to act as a go-between from the White House to Iraqi intelligence.

Arrest, March 2004

On 11th March 2004, FBI agents would force their way into Lindauer’s home in Maryland, and she was arrested and charged with being an “unregistered agent for a foreign government”.

She would state outside the Baltimore FBI offices that:

I did more to stop terrorism in this country than anybody else. I have done good things for this country, I worked to get weapons inspectors back to Iraq when everyone else said it was impossible!

Whether Lindauer’s involvement in the weapons inspectors’ return to Iraq is as heavy as she believes is possibly up for debate. As, it would see, whether their return was actually what certain members of at least some of the western governments really wanted.

As well as her apparent work on behalf of the United States’ intelligence services she was later seeking to bring court cases to the both the US and UK governments over their – as she and millions of others saw it – illegal invasion of Iraq. With this in mind, then, it is not that much of a stretch of the imagination to think that not only would she be left “high and dry” by her apparent one-time employers, or that she would then face incarceration and, perhaps more importantly, public dismissal of her credibility.

For her part, Lindauer would continue to insist that she was a “CIA asset” and that she was, like others, being made a “scapegoat”.

The Use Of The PATRIOT To Silence “Free Thinking And Questioning Governments!”

Perhaps the fact Lindauer was charged under the PATRIOT act was almost ironic evidence of the credibility of her claims. That the 9/11 attacks were allowed to happen, in part, to bring in such an act. She would say of the situation:

The Patriot Act was used against me in total contradiction to its stated purpose. Or perhaps it was the most logical use of the law since it establishes a legal framework to crush free-thinking and interrupt individual questioning of the government. It is the beginning of all dictatorship in America!

While many would dismiss the above statement when she made it in March 2009 – and continue to do so today – generally speaking, both in American and in other countries around Europe, Lindauer was chilling, if indirectly prophetic.

Interestingly, Lindauer was found “mentally unfit” to stand trial in 2006, although she would dismiss this notion vehemently. She would, while incarcerated, refuse antipsychotic medication. This, the Department of Justice would claim, would allow her to stand trial as it would make her mentally competent. Ultimately, however, despite the prosecutions’ request, the judge in the case would not allow such forced medication.

By 2008, another evaluation of her mental state would again determine her to be mentally unfit to stand trial. She would continue to insist otherwise, however, as well as sticking to the same story as she had years earlier. This was used against her by the judge, however, stating that her belief in such matters was proof of her mental unsuitability for trial.

By 2009, and coincidentally or not with a change of administration in the White House, all charges were dropped against Lindauer. Authorities would claim it was “no longer in the interests of justice” to continue to prosecute her.

Lost Records, Rumsfeld’s Speech

While it is again the type of evidence that is circumstantial, a speech given by (then) Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, would state quite discreetly that there was a deficit of $2.3 trillion in the defense budget – a deficit that was “unaccounted for”. This announcement was made at the same time as those of major cuts in order to streamline operations.

This speech was given the day before the attacks on 10th September. By the time the attacks had been and gone, there was little interest from the media or the opposition to dissect and investigate the deficit. At least not immediately.

Perhaps of further interest is the fact that the side of the Pentagon that was destroyed was the side that stored all the records of Pentagon’s operations, including the budgets and spending. Essentially, all records of any spending and on what, were essentially gone. And given the gravity of the situation and the general feeling in the aftermath, no one was likely to question such an event.

Moments after the collapse of the towers dust clouds spreading outwards

Moments after the collapse of the towers

To many people in conspiracy circles, this missing money was now in the hands of America’s “black budget”.

Interestingly enough, it is the belief of many researchers and historians that the collapse of the Twin Towers had caused the loss of many invaluable documents. The amount of such documents is so large that it will leave significant gaps in the finer historical records. Even more sobering, the task of attempting to re-piece such information together again is almost impossible. In fact, it is impossible to say for sure what exactly has been lost or is missing.

In a rather unfortunate choice of words, Rumsfeld claimed on live television that rather than “attack” the Pentagon, he would liberate it. Was this some kind of coded message to specific and unknown people?

Discrepancy In Statements And Timelines!

In the aftermath of the incident, with the clamor for information from the media and citizens alike, many contradicting pieces of information would also come to light. Perhaps one of the most questioned, was just when did President Bush know of the attacks on the Twin Towers.

Official reports state that Bush was informed of the attacks just after the second plane hit the South Tower. However, Bush would state on the Ask The President show on CNN that he was standing in a corridor waiting to enter the classroom when he saw “an airplane hit the tower” on television.

We know that Bush couldn’t have been referring to the second plane hit which was broadcast live on television, as he was in the classroom at this point. And the first plane hitting the tower was shown much later once footage of it was retrieved.

The chances are, this was simply an error on Bush’s part. However, given the mammoth nature of the situation, it is a detail and a discrepancy that would be seized upon by those who doubt the official version of events. To them, the error by Bush was more a slip of the tongue than mere confusion.

There was also some discrepancy with the official security tape allegedly showing two of the attackers arriving at an airport in Maine on way to the attacks. While the clock in the corner of the footage showed 5:53 am (which would have meant they would have missed their plane and so thrown out the official timeline) another clock in the middle of the screen – somewhat suspiciously placed there – said 5:43 am, which would have given the pair ample time.

The Jet Fuel Thing, Planted Bombs, And Instructions To “Pull!”

Of course, above all else, one of the most persistent claims of the entire controversy is that the buildings simply shouldn’t have collapsed.

For example, it is often stated that burning jet fuel is simply not hot enough to melt the steel beams which make up the inner structure of the buildings. And this is true. However, skeptics of the conspiracy theories state that while the beams wouldn’t melt, they would be weakened to such a degree as to compromise the integrity of the building. In response to this, there are several examples of building that have been involved in fires that burnt far longer and far hotter yet did not collapse or even subside. This is a point that will likely continue to rage back and forth.

As is whether a command to “pull” actually meant to demolish the building (as it would in the demolition field) or whether to pull people back from the building due to it becoming visibly unsafe.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of the 9/11 conspiracy are the claims of significant activity in the Twin Tower buildings in the weeks leading up to the attacks. According to official statements, a contractor was performing work in the lower floors of the building, including the basement areas. To many, this was a sure sign of evidence of prepacked and preset explosives being planted.

A Truth So Blurred It Will Likely Never Clear!

Like such cases as the assassination of President John Kennedy, the truth of the September 11th Attacks is likely to remain blurred at best, and most likely, in part, buried completely for some time. Furthermore, such is the distrust that has grown around the incident any kind of disclosure will likely itself be subject to intense scrutiny and conspiracy. This, in part, is a situation entirely of the authorities making, and one that has been continually refined over the decades.

The truth of the matter will very likely reside between the official version and the most extreme accusations of those who refuse to accept it. The fact that such controversy over that fateful day continues almost 20 years later is perhaps a testament to the fact that certain aspects of the official explanation and timelines just don’t add up.

As we have examined in other articles, why were members of the Bin Laden family meeting with George Bush Snr as the attacks were unfolding? And why were they escorted out of the country when all other planes were grounded? Despite the apparent hijackers – according to official reports – being Saudi Arabian, why did the Americans target Afghanistan and then ultimately Iraq? Even after the incidents, many lucrative contracts for the building of American military bases, no less, were seemingly given to the Bin Laden family business after the attacks.

The attacks of 11th September 2001 were most certainly planned, and they most certainly changed the world. Where that planning took place, by what groups or individuals and for what ultimate purpose, are questions still desperate for answers.

Check out the video below. It looks at some of the details and connections of the September 11th attacks.


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  • Bear49 says:

    I was called in to do ordinance cleanup the night after the Oklahoma Bombing, and it was one of many False Flag setup events. Above the front entrance we removed tons of unexploded military ordnance. The truck explosion was just the basic ignition source, as the building was setup by other actors to explode on command.

    I was also one of the 15,000 engineers that cried foul over the obvious use of holographic (military not commercial) planes that could not harm the world trade center building other than knock in a few windows. The building along with three others in the section were rigged to blow up on command, and use of a Space Wars space weapon platform was also being used to beam and blast out the centers of the buildings. It was an orchestrated excuse and a coverup of the $17 trillion in missing Federal funds, etc. It was a conspiracy against the ignorance of modern mankind that couldn’t see through the illusions.

    • Marcus Lowth says:

      Really interesting stuff! Thanks for the information!

  • Wm J Granger says:

    Marcus, It’s “martial law” not “Marshall Law”

    • Marcus Lowth says:

      This is a silly error on my part that the brain simply skips over after too many hours of writing. I will change accordingly. Thanks for heads up 🙂

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