The Bizarre Encounter Of Benedito Campos And Silvia Marie

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Cases of temporary paralysis are extremely widespread among the plethora of UFO encounters over the decades and across the globe. We have written before, for example, of the extraordinary case of Denise Bishop who experienced paralysis after being hit by a green laser beam outside her home in Plymouth, England in September 1981. We have also examined several similar accounts from France during a wave of UFO activity in 1954.

UFO Green

These apparent corroborative details not only lend credibility to such sightings but also suggests a very specific technology far advanced from our own. For example, reports suggest that every muscle in the body becomes useless, even vocal chords, but at the same time, whatever is responsible for the paralysis allows the subject to breathe normally throughout.

Two particularly interesting encounters occurred in South America during the 1970s. Before we look at those, however, check out the video below. It looks at paralysis in UFO encounters in general.

Benedito Campos and Silvia Marie

Following a day at work on 29th October 1977, Benedito Campos, along with his pregnant wife, Silvia Marie sat in the living room of the shared family home in the small town of Mosqueiro, Brazil. It was normally a house rampant with people and activity. On this particular evening, however, at a little past 6 pm, only the two of them were home.

The serene and relaxing mood would be broken suddenly with the arrival of a large, oval object appearing out of the sky. The pair viewed the craft through the window of the living room. A green laser-type beam shined down to the ground from its underside. The pair continued to watch until suddenly the beam shot in their direction. It pierced the window without breaking the glass and hit Silvia head on. She would go into a trance as if frozen in time.

Benedito was so focused on his wife he hardly noticed the two strange creatures enter the house. Each had something in their hands, from which a similar green laser emerged and hit Silvia once more.

It was only when a concerned neighbor rushed into the room with a shotgun in his hand that Benedito realized he was screaming aloud for help. The neighbor’s sudden appearance seemingly scared the creatures away and he helped the pair out of the house.

Just One Of Many “Chupa-Chupa” Sightings!

They would make the short walk next door where Silvia slowly came out of her trance and regained movement of her limbs. When she did, however, she was frantic with concern as to what had happened.

This concern increased somewhat when the object arrived back in the skies over their neighbor’s house. Again, the green laser beam penetrated the house, this time striking Benedito, paralyzing him in the same manner it had his wife.

A huge sound then rumbled overhead and with a crash, the object vanished.

The sighting was just one of a wave of in the Colares area, which would draw the interest of journalists worldwide. They began around ten days prior to Benedito and Silvia’s account and would continue into early-1978. All were similar in nature – an oval or cylindrical object that fired green laser beams. These would paralyze and even cause burns to some unfortunate townsfolk.

Locals would nickname them “Chupa-Chupas” (sucker-sucker), and local media would call them “vampire lights” or “extra-terrestrial vampires!” Residents would even have all-night vigils, lighting fires and even setting off fireworks in the hope of keeping the airborne terrors away.

So concerned were the Brazilian government, that a special unit would investigate under “Operation Plate” (Operaco Prato). They would remain for four months until suddenly pulling out of the area and classifying their findings.

Incidentally, two decades later, one of the commanding officers of the operation, Captain Uyrange would grant an interview to Brazilian UFO researchers, Ademar Jose Gevaerd and Marco Antonio Petit. He would speak candidly about what he saw, and what was covered up. Three months later, Uyrange, who had no history of suicidal tendencies, was discovered dead in his home “after he seemingly hung himself using the belt of his bathrobe!”

The video below delves further.

Dionisio Llanca’s Roadside Encounter

A similar incident occurred in Argentina four years earlier, almost to the day, on 27th October 1973. Experienced long-distant truck driver, Dionisio Llanca, was on his way to Rio Gallegos when he noticed a problem with his rear tires. It was 1 am and it was quiet. He pulled over to the side of the road, exiting the cabin to inspect the problem.

As he made his way to the rear of the vehicle a sudden flash would envelop him. Confused and alarmed, it took him a moment to realize he couldn’t move. Not only that, he couldn’t even call out, as if his vocal chords were also locked.

It was then he noticed a bright “saucer-shaped” object hovering in front of him. He could also see “three persons on my shoulder, looking at me!”

Each was around five feet in height and appeared human aside from a larger forehead. All adorned tight-fitting, one-piece coveralls, a “smoky grey” in color. Each also had on a pair of yellow boots and long, yellow gloves. Two of the humanoids were male and the other, female.

The small group approached, and one of them placed a hand on him, lifting him to his feet. Although he still couldn’t move he felt no fear or under any threat. The humanoid placed a strange object to his head for several seconds.

Then he lost consciousness.

Confusion and Regression

Llanca awoke in between two parked cars around five-and-a-half miles away in the city of Bahia Blanca. He had no memory of what had happened. He raised himself to his feet and began to walk along the road, attempting to figure out exactly where he was.

Llanca would be picked up by local police and hospitalized. They would locate his vehicle on the roadside shortly after. Upon waking the next day, he would recall his meeting with the three humanoids, even submitting himself to truth serum (pentothal) so as to convince the police of his authenticity.

Upon his release, he would travel to his uncle’s home which was nearby. However, he suffered intense nightmares every time he would fall asleep. Increasingly frustrated and worn down, he would seek the help of psychiatrist, Eduardo Mata.

After initial meetings, Llanca would undergo hypnotic regression. Over the course of three sessions, he revealed the events by the roadside that night.

A small piece of skin had been removed as a sample before he was led on board the saucer-like craft. He could recall the floor was a lead-silver color, while the exterior of the room was round. One window was present as well as “many devices” and screens – on one of which he “could see stars!”

Suddenly a voice – in his native Spanish – spoke to him from the wall. He could see what appeared to be a kind of radio where the sound emerged. According to the voice, they had interacted with humans “since the year 1950!”

There were further examinations of his head and body, during which he again became disorientated before he was returned to the ground where he eventually awoke.

Black Globe

Paralyzing Drones In Alaska?

Although they differ in content, another pair of encounters involving strange aerial crafts and projected laser beams are on record in Alaska, which is a place full of intrigue and UFO sightings in general.

In December 1968, a strange blue glow would suddenly light up the bedroom of the (then) five-year-old anonymous witness. Immediately interested and with no fear, he stepped from his bed and walked into the light. Upon doing so, he was unable to move. Looking upwards, the young boy could see a “half-moon” shaped object which he would later describe as similar to a probe or a drone.

He would not report the event until 1999 and was unsure of how long the paralysis went on, but as soon as the light went out, his movement returned. The witness, however, experience bizarre and intense dreams following the encounter, often involving bright lights and his inability to move.

He doesn’t rule out the notion that these dreams might actually be further “contact experiences!” And furthermore, it is likely, if his experience is indeed real and not imagined, that other people will have also been subject to such paralyzing experiences. Whether they remember them or simply choose not to report them is up for debate.

The Deep Black Globe Incident

Fourteen years later in the summer of 1982 in Juneau in the town’s receiving home, an unnamed man witnessed another strange event. The witness wished to remain anonymous but would still make a report of the incident.

While smoking a cigarette on the back porch of the receiving home, the witness noticed a three-foot wide “deep black globe” hovering in the sky. The object was around three-hundred-feet away from the man, who would later tell investigators that he first believed he was looking at a “hole in space” such was the absolute blackness of the object.

Suddenly a low humming sound was in the air, and the witness realized the globe was heading in his direction. Before he could react, it was almost directly over him. From its underside, a “fan-shaped orange beam” emanated towards the ground. It would make sweeping movements as it moved. Anything that came under the light’s glare would glow a bright orange, as if red hot.

He began to run but before he could reach the door of the building, the light fell upon him. As it did, his entire body locked down and he was unable to move. He later assumed he had blacked out as his next memory was of lying in his room. About twenty minutes had passed and the black globe was no longer in sight. He also had no idea how he arrived there.

Check out the video below. It looks at just one of the recent UFO sightings from Alaska.



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